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Find the best restaurants in ahmedabad

Latest Buzz in ahmedabad - Food / drink / Events / Nightlife


10 Restaurants Featured in Bollywood Films

AUGUST 3, 2015

Rutu Shah
See if you can remember them all. Have you tried that spotting game where you spot familiar locations in Bollywood films? So we take a trip down memory lane and show you the restaurants which have bee...Read more


Trend Talk: Hopping Culture

AUGUST 2, 2015

Rutu Shah
People are visiting one bar and then another. Why’s everyone hopping around?  Remember Watson’s bachelor party in season three of Sherlock (in the Benedict Cumberbatch version)? Holmes planned a de...Read more


6 Must Try Hookah Bars In Ahmedabad

JULY 31, 2015

Aishwarya Iyer
As hookah bars get popular, we help you pick out of the best. With new lounges cropping up every day with their trendy interiors, eccentric atmosphere and new varieties of hookah, it’s no surprise t...Read more


Sweets of Gujarat

JULY 29, 2015

Rutu Shah
Take notes if you are planning to woo a Gujarati. Gujaratis are known for their sweet tooth and looking at the variety of sweets the state has to offer, we wouldn’t blame them. Right from a simple sh...Read more

Featured reviews of Restaurants in ahmedabad

Was hanging out in the alphaone mall as a newbie in town. Rushed up to the food court as I was really hungry. Noticed several... Read more

The wife was keen to meet her gang of gal pals after long. So the three of them decided to spend an evening over food at Mint... Read more

Went here on Saturday evening with family. it was completely occupied and we had to wait for ~15 mins. We utilized this time and... Read more