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Find the best restaurants in ahmedabad

Latest Buzz in ahmedabad - Food / drink / Events / Nightlife


Sweets of Gujarat

JULY 29, 2015

Rutu Shah
Take notes if you are planning to woo a Gujarati. Gujaratis are known for their sweet tooth and looking at the variety of sweets the state has to offer, we wouldn’t blame them. Right from a simple sh...Read more


In Conversation With Chef Vikas Seth

JULY 28, 2015

Vaishali Bhambri
Chef Vikas Seth loves Mexican food, says he’ll never serve a Cobra Stir-Fry and more. Hailing from Amritsar, Chef Vikas Seth heads the kitchen team at Sancho’s Restaurante & Cantina and Singkong...Read more


Trend Talk: Quirky Cutlery In Restaurants

JULY 26, 2015

Nascimento Pinto
Expect a screwdriver in your cocktail or eat out of an iron. Restaurants have found unexpected platters to serve their food in. Have you been served food on a clothes iron, in a tiffin-box or sipped o...Read more


Burrp Tales: Bun Maska Kalpu - The Whatsapp Burger Joint

JULY 25, 2015

Rutu Shah
Armed with a mobile phone and a bike, this burger guy will drive away your late night hunger pangs. “Non veg burger malshe?”(Will I get a non-veg burger?), asks a paunchy Gujarati guy as he approach...Read more

Featured reviews of Restaurants in ahmedabad



Dangee Dums happens to be very close to my place of work and yet I've never had the opportunity to visit this place. This Sunday... Read more

Was hanging out in the alphaone mall as a newbie in town. Rushed up to the food court as I was really hungry. Noticed several... Read more

This place is a hot. I mean seriously, you can see people hustling and pushing for food at the so-called stalls that they have.... Read more