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> > > > 9 Apple Cafe

9 Apple Cafe

Law GardenRest of Ahmedabad  

  • Behind GLS College, Law Garden, Ahmedabad
  • Cakes, Snacks

3 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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9 Apple Cafe Reviews

sohil7 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 26,2011


not bad at all.

its a nice place. good supportive staff. the quality of pizzas were really good. prices a bit high. but overall its nice experience. they are taking a little time to prepare food.but actually we were not in any hurry


Arjun Shiv - Burrp User

Arjun Shiv

47 Reviews

September 30,2011


Has potential. Hopefully better next time.

Reached on a day where it was raining quite a bit. The staff seemed reasonably helpful. The menu though seems to have quite an interesting range of delicacies. However, the items I ordered were quite disappointing. The Pasta's looked nice on the menu. When I ate it, I was really peeved. For 200+ rupees it was a waste. The cashier later asked me my feedback and he was quite receptive and offered to make me a fresh plate, but it was too late by then. Perhaps he should've asked as we ate it.

I'm going back once more. I have a coupon for the place. If it's not better and with the vast variety of good places to check out, unfortunately it might just be my last visit.


A wasted concept

This place, in my opinion, really seemed to have the potential to have been one of those cafes where one could go with college friends have a couple of nice dishes and kick back.
Unfortunately, the food left a lot to be desired. My friend and I ordered two dishes. We ordered bruschetta which traditionally is meant to be fresh chopped tomatoes gently brushed with olive oil, a classic italian starter. But here it turned out to be a overdone version of garlic bread with a lot of vegetables and for some reason kidney beans and cheese that was definitely not mozarella.
That aside we ordered a pasta in arabiatta sauce which fell flat on its face. it tasted like something out of a instant noodles packet, lacked zing, any flavour and most of all, lacked salt.
Not that the prices are friendly on the pocket either, especially for unimpressive food.