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> > > Aadhar Restaurant

Aadhar Restaurant

CG Road  

  • 26461021
  • 401, Iskcon Arcade, Opposite Bodyline, CG Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
  • Gujarati

7 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Aadhar Restaurant Reviews

Less impressive to competition...

Aadhar is very low profile joint and does not have much buzz around...still it is good and classy. The location like C.G. Road adds to the merits since you can have good Gujarat lunch while you are on your work schedule..

But not actually much impressed with Aadhar. While had been here now thrice...still it fails to deliver to the expectations when you talk about Swati, Aagashiye, Vishalla, Green House so on so forth...on taste...comparatively...

The place is too good and has been made with very thoughtful bent which indeed gives overall good feel...

While with such a wonderful set up if the taste is been worked out by the team, it will make more of foodie place...

Personally I love Gujarati food and a big fan of all Gujarati Varieties...Aadhar does not have punch comparatively.

Compliment to service with smile...and indeed makes your experience little better...

Also found it little not so Value For Money kinds...

3/5 for some great feel and service.


RJK47 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

September 17,2012


Good Gujarati Thali

Gujarati thali at Aadhar was a classapart experience altogether.
We loved the quality of food.
Aadhar was not like the usual thali place where food is not served but thrown onto ur plates. Food is presented in a nice manner, and most items are freshly prepared once order is place (thats y takes a lil more time).
there is an option of Prasad and Mahaprasad thali. Some items differ here and there.
Aadhar is a must visit place.


Group mein Masti

Wifey's cousin was about to leave for the US for further studies. So the family got together for a treat. Venue: Aadahr Restaurant on CG Road.

Although a friday evening, the place was not much crowded. In fact, unless you know the place before hand, you would not even realise that there is such a restaurant there. Our group of 10 was seated on 2 tables and were given the choice of 3 different thalis. Me: 'Who's treat is this?' Uncle: 'Obviously mine' Me: 'Let's pick the most expensive one then!!!' :P

Anyway, the meal started with a fruit juice, panipuris (yes, it was part of the thali), some sizzler (did not taste as wanted to go completely Gujju) and papad. The thali had the usual bunch of veggies and daals accompanies by various rotis - theplas - bhakris et. al. Unlike some places where each person is served individually, here (in a group), the stuff is given to you on a large plate/bowl and the diners can pick n eat what they like. Srikhand, Mal pua, Some type of kachori, two types of kadhi (rajasthani / gujju), two kinds of khichdi.... OMG... my stomach was ready to explode.

I wish they had smaller portions so that we could avoid wasting some food. The price is definitely way above what other thali places charge. But the ambience and quality of food may somewhat redeem the cost.

Definitely worth visiting as a group (provided somebody else agrees to foot the bill :) )


Not so good

Good ambiance, but worst food. Not value for money...


Aadhar - A fresh green and tasty place.

We(Me, My wife and My brother) went to there in evening, very comfortable sitting, we surfed a place for it's botanic collections, We liked sugarcane trees. Around center. So ambiance was good, open sky roof.
One thing i gotta Say is, for gujrati dishes it's damn costly, really very much. But once you will taste it's food, Sure you will like it, nice preparations, and offcourse really good quality, But prices for gujrati cuisine ohhhh damn. Any ways.. Sweet they offer in unlimited is so delicious, and regular gujarati homei dishes like khichadi, khichu, thepla, rotla can't be such a costly . Sorry i come to rupees every time though i liked dishes thr, but nearly 500 of unlimited gujarati dish OMG. Khichdi was utterly delicious, And bhajri ka rotla with makhan (Yummy) lup lup slurpy ... C.G road's view from it's roof ... Maja padi gai ti ho Bhai ...

If any one from out of gujarat who really wanna try gujarati itemsm must Go , if any foreigner to your house for gujju items, don't miss a chance to give them real gujju taste .. You will surely Enjoy a place and food at best.



We hogged food like there's no tomorrow

We were in a mood to try out Gujarati Thali. Our options - Gordhan Thaal, Vintage or Aadhar. Since I've been to Gordhan Thaal and Vintage is located impossibly far, we headed out for Aadhar.

It's located on the top floor of the Iskcon mall on CG Road. The mall was like a ghost town as we went through it to take the elevator to the top floor.

But what a pleasant surprise once we reached the top floor. They ambiance takes you in as soon as you reach there. They have both an indoor and an outdoor seating area. Since it was too hot (about 2.30 in the afternoon), we settled indoors in the cool comforts of the air-conditioner.

We opted for the Maha-Prasad Thali. For the uninitiated it simply translates to - "eat till you're just about to die" thali.

As a part of the Thali we were offered the following items (I'm trying remember from memory, so might be off by an item or two) - chas, mal pua, dhokla, srikhand, paneer subzi, gujarati daal, tauri sabzi, some aloo sabzi and one or two other things that I cannot remember. As an appetizer we were served Bela juice, which was just outstanding.

The service was really good. They kept replenishing the food items as and when we finished it and that might've contributed to our overeating :-)

The food, service and ambiance was really good.

Highly recommended.


nishidh - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 02,2010


Aadhar- Good ambiance with worst food

Adhar – Very authentic ambiance, with peacock & all, but food was pathetic.
Udhiyu was watery ( Rassawalu Udhiyu !!) & Batata nu raswallu shak was actually potatoes in Tomato & carrot soup! Jalebi was pathetic. Only good things were puri & Chass (Which does not need any preparation)