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> > > > Bikanervala


SatelliteRest of Ahmedabad  


10 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Bikanervala Reviews

very nice and tasty punjabi food

i am the regular customer of this restaurant ,i know this chain of restorant from karolbagh new delhi as i frequently go delhi for my business and genrally take all this meals in that restorant only. in ahmedabad the same stuff is maintained. i like chole bhature,rajma chawal,panipuri and pista milk very much. in winter kesar jalebi is my first choice. all delhi varietes i can get in this restorant my favorate dishes of this restaurants are
chole bhature
rajma and kadi chawal
punjabi thali
stuffed paratha with raita

i feel its one of its kind restaurant in the city and it is cheaper that other this level restaurants.



Good food, hygenic, great taste... cheap
nice place
fast service
known for its sweets and snacks...
Variety in sweets are huge..
Fresh food and sweets..
been here many times...
nice air conditioned place to sit and enjoy the food...


A Sweet-and-Snack Sojourn!

A good place to have some nice north indian sweets and chaat, this place offers quality hygienic food at reasonable prices and a decent ambiance. It's mostly self-service based in the snacks section while there is a restaurant on the first floor. I discovered this place a few months back and had already visited it thrice in the week following the discovery. I tried most of the snacks and sweets it has to offer and I also took many of my friends along with me to the place and we have become regular visitors to this place now.
But not all is hunky dory about this place. You may find the service not very forthcoming during times of rush. Also not all the offerings are good. If you stick to the traditional offerings you are sure to have a good time. Do not miss the Kalakand once you visit.
The restaurant on the first floor is a decent one with happy hour prices (20% discount) during 12 - 6. The thalis are good while the rest is more or less average.
All-in-all a good place if you want a break from the typical Gujarati Thali or the Punjabi meal. I'd recommend the place to all those seeking to try variety of north Indian snacks and sweets.



Sweets Galore :)

Hardly have seen so many sweet options in a sweet shop ... This place is always packed ... apart from sweets ... u will find lots of chats ... south indian and Chinese food too ... But i strongly recommend to stick to Sweets and Chats ... The surprise element for me was the Bengali sweets ... which tasted very Authentic ... parceled a lot of them ...
Great job done by the management when it comes to the quality and the hygiene level ... Cheers :)



Standard fare

Nothing which stands out to be fair, but nothing to complain about too - Go if you are in the area and if you fancy a pau bhaji or chole bhatturre or chaats. Went there last week to get some hot nashto but there wasnt much available. Could do much better


Horrible food

We had visited this place and had some pav bhaji and pizza. The food was outright horrible. The service was lousy and the everyone was ready to argue over everything. Finally we left the place frustrated. Do not visit with your family as it can spoil the mood.



good buffet

Unlimited Buffet Dinner on Saturday & Sunday is yummy
One can relish a yummy meal at a very very reasonable rate.
Though its very very crowed but its a Must Try..


pepsi - Burrp User


4 Reviews

July 29,2008


pichak place

It is a good place but you should be prepared to do some good exercise. So good for those who wants to burn some calories and then have food. A perfect place for those who are dating as girl will get impressed by services offered to her by her partner. Another way to impress is get the sweets for her which are really mouthwatering........So guys wish you good luck. Also be prepared to raise your voice as the place is very noisy.....



The Taj of Sweets

An amazing place for the sweets lovers. It specializes in its variety of sweets, south indian food. The Chana puri is really awesome but with an exception of chinese food. I would never advice anyone two go for such a tasteless chinese food. Parking troubles play havoc even in routine days. Children would enjoy garam garam jalebis over there. Chatpata is also mind blowing. Interior is quite remarkable.


Its truely Bikaneri

This place is a paradise for all you chatpatta lovers. Chaat, Pani puri, Khaman, Fried Idli, and a million more options for all you foodies.
Good hygienic levels are maintained in preparation of all the delicacies. The service is quite efficient.
Just a caution for the parents to let the attendant know about keeping the level of spices low if you are there along with your kids.
Its pain to find an empty parking slot especially during the weekends or even otherwise for that matter.