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> > > > Cafe Upper Crust

Cafe Upper Crust

NavrangpuraRest of Ahmedabad    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Cafe Upper Crust Reviews







Go-To Place

There are very few places in town which you can call your own. For me Upper Crust in amongst them. Every time I am in the mood for some comfort food, I go to Upper Crust, Good quality food, decent prices and consistent taste.

My favourite is the Big Moose Sizzler and the Burmese Spaghetti. But the desserts are not quite up to the mark. In my experience I haven't found the Tiramisu up to the mark and the cheese cakes have a varied taste.

Next time you are in the area and wondering where to eat, think no more. Pop into Cafe Upper Crust and you wont regret the decision for a second.


scotia - Burrp User


21 Reviews

August 21,2011


Upper Crust

Of all the places in Ahmedabad I've eaten - Upper Crust is by FAR the best! No idea why there are so few reviews, it is well worth a visit.

Have to recommend the tangy chicken bites, moussaka and 'Chef Recommends' dishes (regular options when I go there!)

The prices have gone up a bit over the 3 years I've been a fairly regular customer but the atmosphere is good (if a little dark) and quality of food is well worth the money.

A 'must-visit' place to go if you're into eating out!



one of my Fav Place

I tried almost all Baked Dishes out of which i liked Baked Pot Pouri, Florentine, Upper crust special,,, those were really yummy and i never have these kind of varieties at other places...

They have wide varieties of Veg Sizzlers, hardly only sizzler restaurants have this kind of ranges,,,

and ofcourse Deserts,,, dont miss to try Black Forest Fantacy..

I also like the songs they play there,,, and the ambiance


February 2, 2012response from management at Cafe Upper Crust:

Thank u Vikas ... Your suggestions & opinions matters a lot



I have been hearing about this place since the day i came to live in this city. Upper crust is easily one of ahmedabad's most over-rated joints.

Having lived my whole life in Mumbai, i am used to eating cuisines from different parts of the world; but UC was an experience! Every dish on the menu, be it italian, chinese or mexican, has been so totally indianised that it looses its very roots.

While the ambience is a redeeming factor for the cozy little joint, the chair is so uncomfortable that for the first tie in my life i was glad to be short...atleast i got more back support than the 3 other people who accompanied me for dinner.

The quantities are meagre and most of the dishes are a mix and match of world cuisines like i have never seen before.


February 2, 2012response from management at Cafe Upper Crust:

We sorry u didn't ve pleasant experience. we never claim to be authentic and we try to match up local taste ... I guess everyone has likes & dislikes one man"s food is other man's poison.

zonked - Burrp User


5 Reviews

April 30,2009


best in ahmedabad

The best baked goodies you can get are here! Very reasonable priced for the quality you get which is great. Very authentic desserts and am repeating myself here..very reasonably priced. So that means more people can enjoy these authentic desserts and indulge themselves into the kind of stuff which is usually available in very expensive places. cheers to that! Thats called real "comfort food", don't you think! I have a personal fascination with the way Mr. Lester D'Souza runs show here and all the branches of this bakery come food joint, as the quality is very well-sustained. Even though there have been a few ignorable ups and downs with my experiences here, am an understanding customer and one cannot expect staff to always be as dedicated. But I have still never been disappointed as the primary vision behind this place is a sensitive one and thats what makes me go back here all the time.


February 2, 2012response from management at Cafe Upper Crust:

Thanks a lot Zonked ... yeah we do believe in personal touch i hope u continue enjoying it