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> > > > Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

SG RoadRest of Ahmedabad  

  • 08980006060
  • Behind Big Bazaar, SG Road, Ahmedabad
  • Rajasthani

7 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Chokhi Dhani Reviews








POOR QUALITY - There is no indoor waiting area open garden is pathetic not safe and uses child labour.

UN-HYGIENIC : The Street dog was cleaning the Plates by licking it .the utensils were oily and you can see the white detergent / Cleaning soap in with the naked eye. there was food under and on the table.
when asked to clean never got the clean plates the answer was "Sir, Please Adjust" .
The waiter's hands were so dirty when he give the bottle of water i see the Durt on the bottle which the restaurant manager was not able to see the BLACK HAND IMPRESSION.

RUDE STAFF: The staff is very rude when I complaint about it he said take your money back and asked us the clear the area and paid on 50% of what we paid initially.

I will suggest please do not GO there its pathetic place but still if you want to experience a worst restaurant in AHMEDABAD- Go Ahead



Just for AMBIENCE and the village feel!

Too much hyped place and truly serves you if you are going just for the feel and experience!! Talking about the food, I dint really liked the quality also it was not even served proper hot and the managemnt wasnt proper as well! But USP is its various village traditions and specially the dance!!



Disappointed.... Pathetic...

We a group of about 30 - 35 persons went to Chokhi Dhani for dinner. The experience I would say was pathetic.

The Place is quite huge and initially all the kids in the group had good time exploring all was spread out for them. As an adult enjoyed the camel ride and pottery the most.

The ambiance of the place is not atall good / interesting. there is huge place where village type of structures have been built. but instead of giving you the cozy feeling it makes you feel as if you are standing somewhere in the middle of the road /.street if try to sit on the khatlas spread out still lots of people are walking by and u felt you are not talking to your group but are somewhere on the road and people are passing by.

Finally when it was our turn to go for dinner we were asked to remove our shoes (understandable) but from there on once we removed the shoes the floor was too sticky. we were to take our seats and the gadi that was spread out was so dirty looking that dint feel like sitting down but there was no other option. the worst part was...that we were to be served food in paper plates & bowls and plastic spoon.

The waiters serving food were wearing dirty clothes and dirty plastic gloves. The service was soooooooo slow that things came one by one and not at a single time was plate full.... once we were thru with our meal we ware asked to wipe our hands with paper napkins and only once we reached where we had removed our shoes there was a person with water for washing hands.

Taste wise too that food was not great and no where near the authentic rajasthani cuisine but still the choice of taste may defer from person to person and so wont put much of negative emphasis on it..

After Paying Rs.450/- per adult & Rs.250/- per child eating is disposables is not wht makes me happy.

they are ZERO in service. there is a hut kind of place where they have written welcome drink so u need to go there and stand and wait if you want a welcome drink. they wont come and welcome you with a drink. same goes for the ice cream.

i will definitely never ever visit this place even if someone else is paying and will not even recommend it to anyone. Rather i will spread a negative word of mouth for them.

i will rate them at 0.5 on a scale of 10.



Place surprised me...

Its located just near by iskon temple... so i went in thr and realised it was a big place... before going for dinner me n frnds were just looking around playing games, watching dance, magic and monkeys, a little shopping stuff, tarrot and astrologer so indeed the ambience was so so good... as it was all lighten up with the lamps... went in at 8 they ask u the time u d go for dinner... i was like why were thy asking... its cause thr r things to do in thr... so take 1.5 or 2 hrs roam around and then go for dinner... again i thought this to be place whr u d just get a normal thali... as in in ahmedabad u say thali n u think its gujarati thali... this folks have rajastani thali which was very very good... it was pure rajasthani food... things like kadi n all r similar in how it looks and sounds bt thy ve a diff taste... SERIOUSLY IF UR READIND THIS... TRUST ME... U GOTTA GO THR... 450RS PER PERSON... a good place to go with ur wife or date or with ur frnds... worth it...



Great Experience

Chokhi Dhani is such a great place to visit, it's the same as visiting the village in Rajasthan. A must visit. Just love this place



Ambiance is excellent but the quality of food is pathetic.
The menu is pathetic and price is very high compare to food.
sorry i'll never visit again this chokidhani. :-(


A Fabulous place to be visited

Chokhi Dhani is national wide Rajasthani Village culture restaurant. Its not just a restaurant but very much more than that. You enter with paying the Rs in advance and then it has everything in it, magic show, Rajasthani dance, pupet show, play ground for kids and lots of other thing. You need 3-4 hours to fully enjoy every entertainment meant for you. Do go with family its the best place every1 will enjoy it. Its rate is 450 for adult and 250 kids.. So go for it...