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KalupurOld City  


3 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Comesum Reviews






Worst Place , Don't Dare to Try

Very Poor Quality of Service, Staff Behaviour, Management.
1. Rates displayed on board and charged in real are different, saying - those are old rates ! What a management !
2. Check out first Image, instead of plastic sticks straws are cut in to pieces and given to mix sugar.
3.Weird ,screaming staff , delay in service.
4. Displayed food is good, But served Food is not. Check image of Aloo Parathas(75 Rupess ) - Pickle Pouch Worth 50 Paisa and poor quality Riata.
I am a frequent visitor of Comesum in Pune after which Ahmedabad Comesum experience is very very disappointing. Food not worth the prices at Ahmedabad Comesum


Anjali Jain - Burrp User

Anjali Jain

75 Reviews

September 20,2008


Stale Food

I have tried this place twice.. and both times I was served with stale food..

They have a lot of options right from south indian to punbjai mini meals.. but the problem is that they cannot maintain the quality of the food they serve.. So most of the commuters who buy food and don't check it in a hurry end up with stale food on hand.
Once they served me with stale sandwiches.. can u believe it stale sandwiches??? They second time they served me a aloo tikki burger with a stale aloo tikki...

Thats it.. wont try this place ever again.


Commuters Nightmare

Ahmedabad a very important commercial Railway junction on the western belt of India. The fast growing Gujarati economy and the acclaimed Globe trotter Gujarati. Keeping these facts in mind we would expect descent food availability at the Kalupur Railway station - Ahmedabad. Comesum seems to be quite an attractive food joint on the face of it with the decent interiors visible from outside capable to lure the foodies especially with all those nicely made preparations kept on the display. Your high hopes shatter into pieces the moment you enter into it. The AC is there for the existence sake, not to work. The food is stale and rotten, even the taste is awful, probably the food is kept there for days together till they manage to find someone to consume it.. The attitude of the service staff is no good than the guy at the inquiry counter of the Railway station. The prices are as good as the rates prevailing at the cafes at the 4 star hotels near by.
I am sure the Global Gujarati deserves to get much better.