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20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Delizio Reviews





Food, Service Ambience... All Ranked High

After an intense round of shopping for groceries, it took us quite some time to find a place on a busy Friday evening, where we could peacefully park our car and have a decent dinner.

Delizio turned out to be the place where the weary duo (the wife and I) finally managed to land up.

The two of us were under the impression (mistaken, apparently) that this was a college hangout kind of place which served sandwiches and wraps. To our pleasant surprise, the restaurant was good for Mexican and Italian food.

We quickly ordered for potato skins and assorted platter of bruschetta and crostini. The potato skins (which we would always read on the menu but never order) turned out to be a delight! The platter of bruschetta and crostini had 2 hot topping versions and two with cold toppings. Both the pairs of topped up breads were amazingly good.

For mains, we went in for the Linguini Aglio Olio (which the captain helpfully pointed out - would be dry... exactly what we wanted... but thanks for the tip... better to warn the patron on what to expect than to simply serve something which turns out contrary to the expectation of the less-informed guest) and a Mexican Bell Pepper Skillet.

The huge portions and the fantastic taste of both the mains left us satiated - both gastronomically and in our hearts :)

The Linguine was cooked al-dente (as it must be) and was well spiced. With no gravy to over power it, the pasta and the herbs were the main heroes of the dish. The big chunks of veggies in the Mexican dish were just to my liking. The garlic in the dish was so well used that one could easily sense the huge bold flavor of the cloves and yet not be overpowered by its strong taste.

The huge size of the servings left no room for any dessert. However, the quality of every dish, the attentive nature of the captain and waiters and the pleasant ambiance left us with very high opinions of this lovely place.

Head out to this place if you are in mood for some honest, hearty Italian-mexican stuff.



January 30, 2014response from management at Delizio:

Thank you very much for appreciating Delizio and it's team members.your comments means us lot,it encourage us to do better work for our guests.keep coming and give us chance to serve you better and better every time.

pathetic food ever

ordered 4 dishes.
gave up after trying the first 3 ... crispy veg, some pasta and paneer delizio were simply baddddd. looked like they used some awkward oil. crispy veg and delizio paneer had same flavor. we didn't even wait for the fourth dish to arrive and left at one. never ever try here plsss


liked it...

"Foil Cooked Mexican Hot Pot" was well served and taste was out of the world. Service was fast and Ambiance was Ok...


October 12, 2012response from management at Delizio:

Thank you sir for visiting DELIZIO and appreciateing our food and services.your comments matters a lot to us and we hope to see you at our restaurant soon .Thanks for giving us chance to serve you.good day

Great palce

We were there at lunch time and we had a Mexican dish named - bean burrito. It was very huge in portion and priced only at Rs230. According to me it was totally worth it.


October 12, 2012response from management at Delizio:

First of all sorry for late response. Thanks for your appreciation and we welcome you again for delicious food. Give us chance to serve you soon.welcome and good day

Aastha  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 06,2011


Love this place

Awesome tortilla tortes and Sin by Chocolate cake. The ravioli is also superb. Jain options are available in plenty. Ambience is pretty innovative with the spoon chair and concept of lights in mugs.
It is undoubtedly my most favourite restaurant in Ahmedabad.


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

first of all thank you very much. we do appericiate your comments for delizio.we will try to serve you tasty and delicious food and fulfill your hunger.good day


obviously not VFM if u looking for italian

Ambiance was nice and so was service......but the food is not real Italian... had ordered Buffet....of which risotto was good, but other items were cooked in home made tomato gravy....ACs were real nice . it was needed....its peak summer..they need to take some inspiration for italian from their neighbors...


:-( dnt like it

The ambiance was not good...
and plz try to improve food quality.... the quality is really down....
its a regular taste... sorry m not impressed.... :-(


Terrible pasta

Feel sad for the reviewer's below.. thinking this place serves authentic pasta! Ordered their home made tagliatelle, it was over boiled and tasted just like chinese hakka noodles. I have no idea how it's possible to fail with some spinach, garlic, salt and pepper.. The most easiest dish to make! They are not using olive oil, that's for sure. Left the place hungry. Entering the restaurant, the place also stinks. Also using some cheap unknown brand for mineral water. Will definitely never come back!


malavn - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 19,2011


Truely delightful!

The first thing that strikes you about this restaurant is that it is refreshingly unique.

delizio mainly serves scrumptious italin and mexican cuisine with a hint of lebanese, specially in the starters (pita with humus). The Pastas served here are, by far, one of the most authentic pasta that i have had in ahemadabad. very subtle. Go for the Ravioli and the Linguini aglio olio.

Delizio also has its own rendition of pizza prepared on a very thin base with cheese and herbs that literally melt in your mouth.

for the mexican, i would suggest Tortilla torte in the starters section, and the mexican hot pot, a rice based dish for the main course.

The restaurant does not serve non veg which is a bit of dissapointment. the ambience is toned down and simple with interesting lighting. although i felt that the premises is a little less spacious.

On the whole, Delizio truely wins your heart over with, as the restaurant's tagline suggests, 'mom approved food'. Go for it!!


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

Thank you sir for visiting our delizio and appericiating our food for your information we already started outdoor catering also where we serve non veg food also.we truly waiting for your visit at delizio again.good day sir


Around the world in 80 minutes !!!! what you feel if you go for the unlimited lunch....The ambience is pretty cool. Its almost sad that they don't serve non-veg. It made more sense in going for the unlimited lunch since there was more variety on offer....

There were dishes from quite a few different regions ; pita with hummus , pasta, garlic bread and tiramisu. There also was a soup known as Australian Garlic Bread (imagine our confusion :D), a Mexican Pot Rice and Crispy Veg on fire....

The soup's name was more fancy than its taste, the crispy veg ok and the hummus good. They made the pasta in a red and white sauce base and it was passable. The pot rice was pretty good and the dessert supreme but sadly limited (1 serving). Particularly liked the garlic bread: laced with a liberal dose of garlic and served piping hot....

Overall a pretty decent meal. Gets pretty crowded in the afternoons as people from nearby offices come down. It is advised to reach a little early...

Definitely going back but with a greater focus towards the desserts !!!!


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

thanks sir we are coming with some new edition in our menu within 2 months so again you will have some new dishes to taste so we welcome you to visit delizio again and have delicious food there.good day


Had Fixed Menu Saturday Lunch. Shall go again.

I'd visited this place on a Saturday and upon coming here I was told that they have a fixed menu lunch for Rs 245 per head. I didn't mind the options so I figured why not since it included an interesting sounding soup and dessert as well.

The good thing was, the place wasn't crowded and I got to sit and eat over some time. The soup was very very good and the starters were well made as well. The service was very good and we were brought what we wanted. The food is vegetarian and that is the only drawback in my book. The pasta was well made. The mexican potrice was quite interesting although after a point its not something you want to keep eating. The pita bread, as I recall, was served hot with hummus on the side and that was quite good as were the stir fried vegetable starters.

The only suggestion I'd have like to put across was that I hope that next time they serve everything hot, rather than preparing it, keeping it aside, and serving me the same thing cold when I ask for it again.

All in all a good experience. Shall revisit when I find time and the right people to bring along.


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

Thank you sir for your suggestions.we will take care of your request of serving hot food so do visit Delizio again.waiting for your visit.good day


Exorbitantly priced surprises

When the display counter shows you a brownie for 70 bucks, you expect adding a scoop of ice cream shall be something they wouldn't charge much for. When the bill arrived, it was for Rs. 170 - a scoop of ice cream for 100 bucks!!!! this is not something put on the menu, and i am sure many unsuspecting customers fall into the trap. Besides, the brownie tasted under baked, and was not much of a delight either. All in all, a nasty surprise.



Best Restaurant

"DELIZIO" is the truly best restaurant of Ahmedabad today. I have been to this place more than 10 times and ooh man they are real consistent. Their deaserts are tooo good. I havnt come across the deaserts like what they serve.

I must tell you the owner himself serves you like a house guest. Their Italian, Mexican and lebenese all items are really worth trying.

My GOD..Indian food is also too good. I dint find oil in my plate nor on my hands. Thats called understanding of food.

Please don't miss this place, its truly mom approved.

forgot to say they have valet parking facility.

I must say that one should visit this place to believe that we are in Europe and not Ahmedabad. They have truly left and amazing impression on my mind.

Go ahead you will not regret. Call for owner who is tall guy and food recommended by him is the best. believe me.


mir... - Burrp User


8 Reviews

January 18,2011


Good One For Light Lunch

I do visit this place may be once in two months specially for lunch.
Food quality is good and so is the taste.

They have few items on menu from middle east which are good on taste and definitely better than Souq.

The pizzas and mediterranean stuff also is good.

The only issue is this is a bit high on pocket.

One may feel as if one paid a bit more for what he ate.

And yes this place is not for PUNJABI. So pls if you have Punjabi in mind try avoiding this one.
I would also never suggest this place for large groups of family eat out programs.
Go in small group of may be 5 at the max. Reason is the place will not allow loud conversations.


very dissappointing

i dined on saturday evening at this place.a word of advice to the owner. if u r a speciality restaurant, do not serve other cuisines.we deliberately chose the indian food,sad to say ,it was pathetic,the rotis were kaccha,the vegetables were quite a ledown,also ,all of us got a stomach upset! this place is oof my list:-(



below average punjabi

We wne there a couple of weeks ago.. Din find the food very appealing, although the staff n service was good.
The most noticeable & remarkable thing abt the restaurant were the creatively done interiors.
The look of the restaurant is very upscale & creative.
We tried the regular punjabi stuff, which was not very impressive.


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

Thank you mem but now we have punjabi dishes also so you can visit it again and we appericiate your visit at delizio.good day

corish - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 20,2010


Nice Italian

Superb ambiance ...
Nice locality....

Good Food ... but can improvise on the quantity ....
Overall a wonderful place to hang around with family...
The Pene is worth trying out...


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

Thank you sir, we have already change many things which our guests recomemded so we welcome you again and have wonderful dinner or lunch at delizio.good day

saket8 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 03,2010


Only if The Decor could fill my stomach...

The place is nicely decorated with water sprinklers outside. but the inside of the restaurant is too congested. lighting is also nice. But the food is pathetic. the chef doesn't seem to know what he's cooking. simply a Money and time waste. Decor did not fill my stomach!


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

We are really sorry sir. we really want you to come again and taste our food may be that day was bad for us.give us one more chance to serve you good food.good day


Great food

The first thing you notice abt the place is the tag line.. Mom approved food! As u enter the place u notice a small counter that serves bakery products - cakes, pastries and other good looking things.. i saw good looking as i did not get a chance to taste them.. the restaurant in itself is a small cozy place with a close setting.. the interiors r decently done with a few flashes of gaudiness.. Overall appealing.. then comes the service which was quite good as v were the only ones there.. But the fancy pointed-bottomed glasses that roll all over the place didn't make the waiter too comfortable.. i suggest a little more practice while filling the glasses.. the best part comes next. the FOOD.. it has a good menu.. things u rarely find here in ahmedabad.. For example a soup named Australian Garlic Bread. i ordered some stuffed mushrooms which were great! rich in taste and nicely done.. I absolutely loved them and am surely going to go back to grab some more of Delizio! After all it is mum approved! ;)


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

Thank you sir, you are truly right about water glasses we already change it. we are waiting for your next visit and your inputs gives us boost so thanks again.good day


Excellent decor.

i loved the place, the glass, the lights, everything. food was good, though not grt. outside place is also good with some deserts.


November 9, 2011response from management at Delizio:

Thanks we started dairyden icecreams out side so you will love to have it so do visit delizio for desert and lovely food.good day