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> > > > Havmor Hav Funn Eatery & Ice Cream Parlour

Havmor Hav Funn Eatery & Ice Cream Parlour

Relief RoadOld City    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 07925357373, 07925357374, 09099068994
  • Main Road, Relief Road, Ahmedabad
  • Ice-cream, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 150

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Havmor Hav Funn Eatery & Ice Cream Parlour Reviews


Balti Paneer

Used to frequent the Bopal Havmor a lot. Its perfect for a typical punjabi meal. papad, pickle, starters, roti, sabji, dal.
The food is good. love their balti paneer!
they try and innovate with their mocktails, like virgin Mojitos (once it almost seemed like they were serving alco!)
The ice cream stall outside is good, a wide variety.


foodies delight

Its got d best ice creams around, and its quality reflects in its ambiance, n wot more, its popped up at evry nook n corner of d city, n I guess its not at all expensive, like its mentioned in odr reviews.



I always used to Consider a price and than with reference to that price, I like to review the quality, may be thats y i feel so, that quality is should not be da only concern for any food, coz Ahmedabad is not meant to Upper middle class of rich class ppl.


Good Food

I Agree with you k.viral, Havmor always serves quality food, my experience at havmor have always been great.

My personal favorite are the Cholle Bhature.
Also the food they serve during the Monsoon Makai Festival is great. ( The Makai Festival is on right now too)

Also try Chocolate Cookies ice cream its too good!!

The ambiance and the service is good too. weekdays or weekends I have never had mediocre or bad food at havmor.


not enough

Food quality is good, but never according to the price Havmor offering.
May be i m baniya thats y feelings that much concern, but at the same time i am fond of Quality food


ice cream hi ice cream

I know that they serve a wide variety of food also, but unfortunately my only experience with them has always been a wide variety of ice creams they serve.

Once upon a time, they signified only ice creams!!!