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SG RoadRest of Ahmedabad  


7 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Hijackk Reviews


Run By A Group Of Conmen In Ahmedabad

Very disgusting that the promoters of hijack have been cheating the public as well as the caterer. A senior citizen who has not been paid his dues. This site also fails to check the truth before posting the advertisement of the same. Sad that our country is full of cheats and conmen who claim to be great minded businessmen. They are running hijack and fending their families by cheating the public as well as the caterers who have been supplying food for the same.


A must go

The experience was really good. Two hours passes by so quickly and its fun having food on wheels. The food quality can still improve but overall a perfect date spot and fun guaranteed. Try once !!



Good for surprise

Dinner in open air bus is quite exiting and surprising, but I must say the the food quality is normal. You can enjoy the ride and atmosphere not the food quality.
The timing of ride should be increased. (normally it have 60 minutes)


Hem_Purvi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 10,2011


Must one time visit!

Hijackk is a soft adventurous, romantic and mesmerizing experience which is recommended for a couple to small family of four!
Concept- Great! Out of the league! The time spent in bus is also satisfactory!
Staff- Except for the irate counter manger, the staff is good and polite.
Food-Averagely good likable food served at warm temperature.
Service- Again except for the waiting lounge, service is nicely timed and prompt.
Ambiance-Beautiful, quite romantic, music band is good, although speakers are loud!
Value-It is expensive for the value of food & quality of services it offers!
Considering it is a unique concept & different experience, although priced high, it is definitely a -must one time visit!


Sona  - Burrp User


59 Reviews

November 30,2010


New New!

I liked this new concept of food on busride, its one of a kind & quite a novel concept.
The starters are good, main course is okayish
Overall the food is mediocre but could be worked upon..
The staff should be more polite & well informed about whats happening around them.


Anuraag  - Burrp User


70 Reviews

October 25,2010


Don't miss the bus !!!!!!!

....And I rush to write this review as soon as I'm off the bus and back home..... The concept is great - pretty obvious by the number of eyeballs that start rolling as soon as the bus comes in sight.

The ambience is top notch, the two decks provide two totally different experiences. The lower deck is air-conditioned and done up quite snazzily.... The upper deck is more for the couples - quaint with a never-seen-before view of Ahmedabad. The playlist is pretty 90's-ish and one is a little confused as to how border can play after saajan.., anyways, groups of more than 4 can face problems, since the max seating capacity on a table is 4 !!!! The glasses and the lanterns are a nice touch

Coming to the food, the soups were forgettable. Starters were okayish and the German potatoes would have put most Germans to shame. The main course is relatively better, roomalis extremely soft and spaghetti good. THe icecream was in a semi-solid state but still very eatable. Overall 2.5 for the food.

The service was very good - extremely prompt , though the maitre'd had this habit of getting onto the phone every other minute....

Overall, a very very good thing for Ahmedabad and definately undermines the metro-status...Kudos to the management,,,, One suggestion though would be to revamp the menu, cut down on the intl cuisine and Indianise the food a little......


A Must Try!

Hijackk has come up with an excitingly novel concept: the restaurant is a double decker bus that is not static but mobile. The lower deck of the bus is air conditioned and the upper deck being open air and we chose to sit on the upper deck. Turned out to be a good choice! The bus ride begins at Fun Republic and since we had made bookings in advance it was easier for us to get the desired seats. After the billing process we went to the bar (non-alcoholic) counter where we were welcomed with Ginger Ale. (What we didn't like was that the bartender did not use fresh glasses or wash the glasses before refilling them for other guests)

Soon the bus started off and we were rolling down SG Road. On board they played some amazing romantic Kishore Kumar songs, which set the mood just right.

To start with we were given a choice of Veg Wonton soup or Creme of Tomato; we tried both and would rate them as average. Then we were served the starters, Vegetable Lollipop and Cheese and Sesame Bread. Both the starters were simply delicious and because they were unlimited servings we ended up polishing off quite a bit. Then came the Potato and Penne Pasta salad. After the salad our ears were treated to some live music with a guitarist who invited us to join in the singing. Even though most of us were not so good at singing we gave it a shot just for the fun of it. Finally we were served the main course: Paneer Sabzi with Rumali Rotis, some Thai noodles (not phad thai) and Veg Pulav with Cucumber Raita, all of which was good. The dessert was Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate sauce, can’t go wrong with that.

All in all it’s a fun experience, so we’d recommend you go there with family or friends as it will certainly be enjoyable. It’s also a good place to go on a date.

Average meal for two would be Rs.750


Angel  - Burrp User


44 Reviews

October 13,2010


Enjoyed The Late Night Ride

They have this special one hour night ride @ 11:30
Went to hijackk for this ride after enjoying Garba @ a party plot!
It was really a lot of fun with friends!
The food was average, but the experience was good!