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> > > > I M Natural Pani Puri Wala

I M Natural Pani Puri Wala

NavrangpuraRest of Ahmedabad  

  • 09909708674
  • Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
  • Snacks

21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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I M Natural Pani Puri Wala Reviews

manishdms - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 02,2012


Must Avoid place

This guy think that if he prices his products expensive and boast about himself, people will feel he is clean, hygienic and yummy. But he food is very Ok, make fusion food so he can charge more & not at all clean. He is just average guys who's prices his food expensive considering he is a road side vendor serving chat food. I guess he thinks he is some swati snacks. JUST AVOID THIS PLACE



good test

good test and good places
I like this test
my fevret panipuri
in minral water good for me
my fist visit is to good
good good n good.........

try 1 time


Angel  - Burrp User


44 Reviews

December 27,2010



Wow Wow Wow...
Being a true foodie I keep trying n experimenting with new places for some yum food.
I had seen good reviews abt this place on burrp & decided to try it out on Christmas eve.
The owner of this stall vishnu bhai boasted of introducing abt 30 new flavours than the usual basic ones at his panipuri n sandwich stall.
Impressed with his confidence I decided to try his sandwiches.
I asked him to make whatever he wished to for me.
I & my friend ended up eating 4 multilayed sandwiches.
Tawa Veg Sandwich, Paneer Lasaniya Sandwich, Masala Khicdi Sandwich & a Maggi masala sandwich!!
Everything was good quality & clean the owner down-to-earth & humble, open for suggestions too.

A super Innovative treat!


Sona  - Burrp User


59 Reviews

November 30,2010


Monaco Toppings!!

I agree with anjali innovation is the key ingredient in everything that happens at I M Natural Pani Puri Wala...
I like the masala maggi, khichdi sandwich & Pizza too.
My all tym fav is the monaco toppings he serves...



Innovative best!!!

I went to this place yederday night in a hurry to grab something quick!
was getting really late.. so din have much tym for any experiment which I usually like to do when I visit this place..
So I asked him to make something yummy but quick
he made my my usual fav 3IN1 Sandwich which was as always terrific
And then he made me a nice & new veg tawa fry sandwich..
The Veg tawa fry sandwich was exceptionally good!
I must try.. and because the true blue foodie in me wanted to hog on more, I took another dabeli wich was good too.
Every time I visit this place the stall owner has something new n innovative to offer & thats what I like most abt it.
Too good one of the best roadside stalls to have quick yummy & hygenic food!!


Too Good!

I agree with vikas. everything he serves is very very yummy!
Even if i pass by his food stall my mouth starts watering to have his 3-in-1 sandwich, or monaco toppings!
He uses quality products and his stall is very hygiene.
also the pani puri is serves is lip-smacking, if you want to have pani puri at his stall after 8pm, u better book it on phone, or he will be out of stock when u reach there!


The Best Quality Provider

I had almost everything he Serves....
the quality is the best one and the way of serving is superb.
i liked masala maggi, monaco toppings, and three in one sandwich and the best one pizza...

this is the only one road side stall who makes big business in Ahmedabad may be in India...

its very costly, say for example rs.60 to 80 for everything, but best for the guys like me who never sees the price against Quality.

and the place where he is selling is near bus stand, opposite side of HL colelge, most happening college... one can enjoy food in own car and on bike...

i miss this kind of road side stalls in all other places in India other than Ahmedabad...!



The best roadside place

I had been to this food stall few months back. Although i was a HL student i never came across this place during my college days and found it lately just when my fiance and me were having coffee at some other stall and this guy came upto us and just asked if we would like to taste his speciality i.e. alu mutter grill. We were running out of time so dint go for it. But one late night while we were passing by the place, we remembered this humble and simple man and just went there...we had alu mutter and a was simply was also fun talking to the person and his to know about him a lot during that and my fiance left the place feeling very happy as it felt as if we ate the stuff at home....

It was simply the best. Although the price of the food is on par with those in closed restaurants like choise and was a very good experience...

We wish to visit this place again n again once he is in Ahmedabad...!!




When I had been there i did not try a lot of stuff.. but yes i did try the pani puri..

Very tasty, hygienically made n fresh pani puri is what this guy at commerce 6 roads serves..

After reading all the good reviews on burrp, I went there to try their pani puri n It was totally worth every penny...
I enjoyed every bit of it..
A worth try...



The best sandwiches ever!

This guy who runs his operations from a make-shift place near the University six-roads is a blessing for the city foodies who like their food hygienically and tastefully prepared.

Very honestly, the Pani Puris that I had were not too great, but sandwiches steal the show hands down. Boy, what a treat! Just pure bliss. We had a grilled three-in-one sandwich, a grilled aloo-mutter and a one with the Monaco base. Yes the same Monaco biscuit that we've relished since ages.

Not only were the sandwiches very tasty, they scored full marks in the way they were served.

The guy that runs the show is very humble and polite. It seems as if you are enjoying the food at his home.

This has clearly become one of my favourite spots in Ahmedabad now.


bhukkhad - Burrp User


5 Reviews

August 02,2008


Probably a bad day for this guy

I would like to give him the benefit of doubt after reading all the reviews about this place on burrp.
A couple of days back I went to this place with some of my college mates.
Since we were in a group of 6, we could order more varieties and taste them all.
The pizza and chaat were not as good as I expected them to be as compared to the sandwich and the monaco topping.
Since the monsoon has set in, we avoided the pani puri but I am looking forward to have them asap since I have heard a lot about them from my friends.



best hygenic pani puri

we had recently visitd iim pani puri wala , and tasted mostof the items served there.

Pani puri was great , so was the MONACO TOPPING,PIZZA,AND SANDWICHES.
The chutneys added flavour to dishes ,.
we are from visakhapatnam and hope this guy opens an outlet here.



Hygenic Junk

The name itself suggests, this guy believes in hygiene. He makes Pani Puri from packaged drinking water and even makes it a point to wear disposable gloves while in direct contact with the masala and the Puri. You generally don't find this at any other road side stalls.
I am looking forward to try the Monaco Topping, since I have come across lot of appreciation about it in every other review. The Alu Mutter sandwich is just too good.



give a try

visited this place after going through reviews on burrp... although i could not try the panipuri, i was a late by 15 min... anyways the place is good... do give a try to aloo muttar sandwhich its really different from any aloo muttar u would have ever tried. the owner of the place claims that all his ingrediants are natural and organice, well i dont mind even if they are not... the food quality and variety both are good.

the setback of the place is the owner is too intruding... he will go on blabbering about the greatness of the place... well agreed its a nice place but give me a teaser and i ll find out the rest.

my rating 3.5 of 5.
i think i ll go there again



mind blowing

i thimk that the panipuri is the best and safest too.i think its the best panipuri or any item in ahmedabad.he make panipuri un mineral water and also using hand gloove.uncle who is making these items is very good will shocked at once when you see his speed in making sandwhiches.he garnished sandwhich with 18 items but he can make it in just a seconds.he can make 40 types of dabeli.its a god place for youngsters as well as children or oldern people who love food.must visit a time and you will visit often.


Jhinchaak Junk

I have generally been to this place late evenings, the ideal time for a true blue Gujju foodie to go for an head on with all the trans fats one can think about. When I was here for the first time the owner Mr. Sanjay came up to me very courteously and gave me a brief about the specialties they have on their menu.
It was my first encounter with the delicious Alu mutter sandwich made up of six different types of special chutneys. It was indeed lip smacking. I just could not resist myself from indulging deeper into the menu. Time for the monaco topping; monaco biscuit with veggies loaded with tons of cheese.
Even the pizza is a must try.
Caution foodies: This place is addictive.




hi........!! to everyone . i am anil bhai nihalani i am here giving the review about iim bisleri panipuriwala stall that it's a wonderful place to go and see how the owner of this stall is giving 6 types of chutneys and "NEW TYPE OF DISH WHICH IS NAMED AS MONACO-TOPPING" which is said to be a home made dish and he means the owner is introducing to us that how we also can be the part of the world and express that every indian is to be dependable on its own and be like owner and show and say that every dish is a sweet dish and every man is an real man. ok thanks this was my review about iim bisleri panipuriwala and last but not the least that i know this person willingly and i see him everyday so, please come and try once his dishes &remember him always. and and and, after eating any dish from you should only say "I I M KI PAKODI DUNIYA BHAR MEIN MASHHOOR"


Junk joint you can bet your last buck on

The moment you think about Pani puri, the sweating Bhaiyaji mixing his sour sweat along with the spicy pani is what immediately comes to your mind. Contrary to this, as the name itself suggests, here they use processed packaged drinking water to serve you an hygienic Pani puri for all the fussy kinds. They say, in order to make sure that you don't encounter a stock out status, better to book your lust for this lip smacking Pani puri well in advance on their contact numbers.
I personally vouch for the soft bread, they get customised to prepare the sandwiches. Although its difficult for a layman of my likes to differentiate between the six chutneys they proclaim to have used in the making of the Alu mutter sandwich. End of the day, it hardly matters since it tastes amazing.
They serve this unique Monaco topping preparation which till now I have not found elsewhere on the menu of any other junk food joint. Its nicely made, topped with loads of cheese along with a fine blend of other ingredients like tomatoes and other veggies.
The service is quite efficient and well behaved. The owners are courteous to personally supervise the execution of all the orders.
The exorbitant pricing could be the only point of refrain for people from coming here often. After all, you don't expect people (especially Amdavadis) to shell out more than 100 bucks for an Alu mutter sandwich and a Monaco toping preparation, not on the road side at least. More over this place is situated in a typical students hangout zone.
Despite of both the sides of the coin, A MUST GO



Good quality,service,nature of owner,cleanliness

Every thing of this shop is perfectly matched with its name (IIM), this shop will not disappoint you.


I try all items of this stall and all are great

Good thing about this stall is the respect, which they give to the customer, the food quality is the best but nature of owner is great, monaco-topping pani-puri aloo-mutter 3-in-1-sandwich bhel delhi-chaat are wonderful


excellent stall for pani puri, sandwich

I have not expected this quality in stall, but when i test it i found that even in 3 star or 5 star hotels are not serving this type of food quality.