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> > > Ice Cream on the Rock

Ice Cream on the Rock

Commerce Six Roads  

  • 26403317, 9913400200
  • 1, Nehal Building, Near Honest Restaurant, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
  • Ice-cream

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Ice Cream on the Rock Reviews


Icecream Pleasure.

Ice-cream on the rock is not a new concept in town. But then its ice-cream and you get an inner urge to try it :)
It's good. You get to see how your icecream is being made, loads of toppings to enjoy and nice varieties.
Unfortunately we went there around 3pm and they were out of chocolate brownie. So no chocolate based ice-cream to try.
We had world peace, which was vanilla mixed with crushed ferrero rocher and almonds. I am a huge chocolate afficianado so missed chocolate in the icecream but it was good.
Small place but i think sufficient for an icecream parlour I guess. Prices are within range.



Rocks - Great value for money!

Cold Stone ice creams that are well created!

I went there with a friend after dinner. The place was full with young crowd! It took some time to get our ice creams and it was little chaos. They can use some more help during weekends and should have been managed better!

I ordered Strawberry Chessecake and TDH. Both were prepared well. TDH is popular and was very well prepared. You have to be true chocolate lover to finish it! The cheese cake was not as fresh as I would have loved it. The marsh mellows were fresh and made up a bit for cake. The flavors are good and they have good suggestions on customizing the icecream. I had a portion of dark chocolate substituted with white chocolates in TDH and it went really well for my taste.

All in all decent experience, but what they lack is options to add fresh fruits in icecream. It is good value for money.



Simply awesome

It's undoubtedly one of the best ice-cream parlors I have ever been to. Their ice-cream creations are well researched and incredibly delicious. Its a good value for money too as you get a lot of ice-cream for a mere 70 bucks. My favorites are tall dark and handsome and berry nice.