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> > > > Jasuben's Old Pizzas

Jasuben's Old Pizzas

AmbawadiRest of Ahmedabad  

  • 26407525
  • Century Bazaar, Ambawadi,
  • Fastfood

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Jasuben's Old Pizzas Reviews



Tried the Italian (Rs. 60/-) and double cheese pizza (Rs. 70/-) . Totally average in taste. Couldn't figure out what was so great about it or was I at the wrong place??


kaveriie - Burrp User


17 Reviews

September 05,2012



this is one really good place for pizzas!
and infact.. it is very pocket friendly too!
i love jasuben na pizza's and so do all my friends! its classic.


Sona  - Burrp User


59 Reviews

March 14,2011


Yumm Pizza's

The pizza's at Jasu'ben are really very tasty..
but i don understand the price hike.. from 25 to 45..
45rs for a pizza.. thats a lot for a roadside pizza.
But anyway the taste is very good


Jasuben jo jawaab nathi

I remember this place from the late 1980's but somehow missed visiting her even when I was based out of Ahmedabad, and on subsequent regular visits.

A couple of months ago, on a visit for a friend's daughter's wedding committed myself to trying out the pizzas.

So one evening pushed my friends to visit the place. Hordes & hordes of Amdavadi's were gorging away as if it was already 2012.

Keeping in mind there were 25+ people at home for which we had to pack, we decided to partake one on the spot, whilst the packing was happening.

Biscuit bhakri, soft with veggie toppings, cheese and in less time than Domino or Pizza Hut can roll out the dough, we were biting into it.

The Italians, and so called connoisseurs would never understand - the gravy/sauce; toppings; cheese but then Hey, what do they know about life!

A full value for money place and must visit, if you are in Ahmedabad.


better than other street pizza's

actually one of the best pizza's in town and cheap tooo!
go and taste once I am sure you will love it!
good gravy as well as toppings (only in italian)!


Angel  - Burrp User


44 Reviews

October 13,2010


Late Night Grub!!

Tried the pizza's & sandwiches one late night after a long garba session with friends!!
We had the cheeze grill sandwiches, Italian Pizza's & veggitable sandwiches!!
Quite a yummy tummy full!


Simplicity at its best!!!

I have always wondered who this lady “Jasuben” is????

If you happen to visit Ambawadi area of Abad and see a number of cars outside Havmor don’t get mistaken for a high end restaurant… People turn up in hoards for Jassuben Pizza in the eve…

Its quite interesting the way these guys make pizzas…just apply a red sauce with onions, cheese & bake it in a huge dilapidated owen….quite simple yet unique….the USP is definitely the super crispy base….

Think the place is always crowded (or atleast whenever I have been) . Be prepared for some waiting, Once the guy told me “There are 25 pizzas I have to make b4 I serve your order” Pheww!!! Now that’s sales….

So whatever Pizza you order the tangy & sweet taste of a gujju Italian pizza is intriguing and for all this 35 bucks is not bad at all.


Delicious gujju pizza

I finally got the chance to try out the famed Jasuben's Pizza. So this just some roadside stall with a couple of guys at the counter serving up delicious pizzas. Jasuben, was nowhere in sight. I didn't expect to see her there anyways.

So I tried their Italian Pizza. It was the farthest thing that I've ever had from Italian food. Even the cheese was the Amul variety. But it was truly finger licking delicious. There was some ketchupy paste on a bakhri sized "thin crust" base with plenty of cheese, onions and tomato.

The stuff was just too good. Really, you got to taste it to believe me. Just don't go expecting a real pizza or anything even remotely Italian.



We go to Jasuben's Pizza very often because it serves the yummiest pizza in town. One can have as much as he wants as the pizza is just the size of a saucer..
They have the conventional varieties like italian, jain & cheese baked pizza!!!

Not at all taxing on the pocket...In just about 20 to 30 Rs.
You can have a delicious experience!!



Jasuben's Pizzas is capable of giving the original Italian version a run for its money. The concept of BHAKHRI PIJJA has been thriving on the minds of Ahmedavadis since the days when Manekchowk was on a full throttle.

They are even getting into the science of franchising now by opening up joints in every other neighbourhood.

You ought to find a traffic jam near this outlet every weekend and parking your car becomes a pain in the a__e.

I would rather blame the close vicinity of this outlet responsible for my over weight status.

With the price range of 25-35 for good pizzas and sandwiches, its quite wallet friendly also.


Deepa Shah - Burrp User

Deepa Shah

42 Reviews

December 13,2007


traditional oven baked pizza

Jasuben's pizza are famous since the time the 'khau gali' at law garden used to be the thriving and favorite of most people. After the municipality decided to destroy it, many good joints moved out. These pizzas are still loved and savored and are truly amdavadi.

The pizza comes in one size and very few variations like the regular (with onions & capcicums), jain and double cheese. Regular one is priced at Rs 25.