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> > > La Feasta

La Feasta

CG Road  

  • 30083024, 30083025, 180030001660
  • 401, Crystal Arcade, CG Road, CG Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
  • Mexican, Italian

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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La Feasta Reviews

chrisdumas - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 01,2012



I am based in Pune but whenever in Ahmadabad enjoy food at La Feasta....good serice ......Keep it up Alpesh...



bad food

recent visit to this place.. we were really disappointed..
food quality has really gone bad..
service was very bad also.. our order took ages to come..
something needs to be done..



Truly Italian

This place serves really authentic thin crust wood fired pizza,I am a regular visitor since this place has been opened and it's a real credit that every time I eat the taste is the same and the best of the menu is TOBASCO PIZZA.must try for everyone.


Angel  - Burrp User


44 Reviews

November 26,2010


feast on...

I love the italian food @ la feasta.
The best things I like are the wood burnt thin crust pizza's
Also they the Ravioli in cheese sauce. The spinach filling in the ravioli pasta was just yumm..
Just right white & woody interiors & ambiance.
Too Good!


saket8 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 03,2010


Best Italian Food in the town!!

The best place to go out for experiencing the Delightful taste of Italian food. The ambiance is very subtle and gives a Feeling of Exclusivity. The staff is Well-mannered and prompt in service. The food is Delicious. Specially, the mushrooms, They have six types of them, with different cooking method and stuffing. Tastes awesome. Other than that, pizzas are the authentic Italian type and taste good. The only disappointment was about the Lasagna as it did not seem to be properly. but other than that, everything in this place is PERFECT!



The ambience is perfect but the service as well as food is not up to the mark & the prices are too high.Waiters are even not able to understand simple ENGLISH.I had ordered tomato soup which was awesome as well as i had also ordered 1 paneer thin crust pizza which was very good & 1 tomato thin crust pizza was not at all good.I think this place is worth of visiting only once.Even i don't know that on what basis this place was given best italian food award.



Authentic Italian Cuisine

After a very long period of time, we finally have an authentic Italian food place in Ahmedabad. With its minimalistic decor and central location (on CG road). La Feasta lives up to its reputation.

While the soup was not much to my liking, I really enjoyed their anti pasti, the lasagna and especially their Tiramisu.

Although expensive as compared to other Ahmedabadi joint, the place is definitely worth a visit (if money is not an issue)


one of the horrible food in life

the new La Feasta place is done up very badly.....the food served is not authentic.....why they are charging so much for the Pizzaaaaa........when they dont even serve the right cheese....and the mushrooms they are just horrible.....



Good food, bad ambience

The food at La fiesta is delicious to say the least and the menu is rather interesting. However, the ambience is that of local fast food restaurant and not int he least bit in keeping with the cuisine they serve.

This becomes all the more disappointing factor as the prices are rather steep and the least one expects when shelling out a bomb for a dinner, is a nice inviting atmosphere to relish the meal in. The place is neither extravagant nor like a cafe...its the experience of having good italian food at you local honest (maybe the latter has better interiors)

But no complaints as far as the food is concerned.


Decent Italian aura

La Feasta is an average kinda place, focussing on Italian Food, but definitely not the best place u can bet on in Ahemedabad.




this is the best italian food in town.

ive heard new sg highway joint is not good...

cg road joint is my fav..



Pathetic!!! is not the best word!!

Have lived in Bombay for 8 years... come here world talks about this place i visit ofcourse....

these guys dont how to prepare Soup, prawns i called for ....Felt as if it was never fed food...... and a both had very strange stink...
absoutely sad!!! place ...
How can if forget the SERVICE STAFF... waiters were giggling as i pulled chair for my wife because i asked twice for the same, while they were standing watching...
Rates Approx 1500/- for four people


Can`t Go Wrong!!

This place has gone places from the day it has opened up in Ahd, The quality of the food is ultra supreme and no one can challenge its consistency for probably all the dishes i have had in the past....
My last visit i had a Mista Green Salad which had cucumber, tomato, capsicums and cheese along side lettuce and fresh bread. Main course i had Ravioli with Arabiatta Sauce and a Tobassco Pizza...
The food is super classy with around 2 tables for lunch. I had a nice time eating it and still remains my favourite place for Italian food.

Hope you guys enjoy it!!



Probably i am quite frequent to La Feasta, only because the food is of extremely good quality and consistent all the time.

Definitely their crostini`s, and arabiatta sauce were consistent and quite rich in taste.

Not to forget the woodfired pizzas!

Keep it up!



Okay italian food

Went to this place to try out this "Top rated Italian place by TOI food guide". The place turned out to be okayish. Nothing too great.

The Ceasar salad was a hotch-potch and was not even close to the original thing. It had pieces of cucumber. C'mon, where are my shaved pieces of parmesan, or the lettuce?

The service was lousy too. We struggled to draw the waiters attention several times. Shouldn't your service be a notch higher than usual on a busy Sunday?

The only saving grace for them was their Milano pizza. Thin crust, crisp and perfectly done with pieces of Pineapple and Mushrooms. The Alio Oglio pasta was better than average too. The bruschetta was good (we had it minus the garlic).

Being a lover of Italian food, I need to find something better than this in Ahmedabad. In Mumbai my choice would've been Don Giovanni's. I need to find something comparable here.

The place can be considered a bit expensive from the Ahmedabad perspective. The average price for pasta is about Rs. 200 plus.

The interiors could've been done better as well.