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> > > > Not Just Grill

Not Just Grill

Sarkhej-Gandhinagar HighwayRest of Ahmedabad  

  • 07940323000
  • 103, Pushpak, 100 Feet Prahladnagar Road, Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 600

18 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Not Just Grill Reviews

I Love The Place More For The Ambiance

I love the place more for the ambiance and food is also awesome and its good for dinner.



Very fabulous food , awesome place

Very interesting décor and equally lip smacking Teppanyaki food, a combination hard to resist for long. In food, their special grilled dishes and also pastas are worth giving a try. A unique must visit restaurant. Very fabulous food , the peanut sauce is awesome


dash17 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 11,2012


a definate visit

great ambience, quality food at a moderate price, good for friends and bday parties, something unique , and diffrent,and This place superb mocktails place have a good live kitchen , I loved it ever time 1 visited it.


Must Try!

Okay, I liked their decor and seating arrangements, people-friendly staff and lovely sandwiches. Wanna try other dishes too. Will return for sure :)


Thai food is delicious!

We have ordered Thai & Maxican food, and sizzling paneer sizzlers.

I really liked Thai food.

Maxican wrap and Sizzling Paneer was Ok (Not bad, but not too good)

Amewsome ambience! (5 Out of 5) Really a nice place to hangout with friends.

If you love to eat Thai food then you should definitely go there.


waiting to there again

On a cool summer evening, we set out for a long ride on the bike. We had not decided where we would be going to have our dinner. We thought we would just stop by at any place that catches our fancy on the way. And that’s how we landed up at NOT JUST GRILL, a very swanky place near Prahaladnagar Garden. The board read that they served Teppanyaki.

The interior is very good, elegant yet comfortable. The food was very tasty, to say the least. Now let my ratings say the rest.

Taste- 10/10

Ambience- 9/10

Service- 9/10

Value for money- 9/10


scotia - Burrp User


21 Reviews

February 15,2012


Poor service

Not sure how this place got some award for their food. The food is nothing special and the service is below what I was expecting based on the reviews.
We started our evening with a waiter who tipped the cutlery off the plates (wrapped in a cloth napkin) with considerable noise and no care whatsoever. Some training is seriously required for the waiting staff here!
For starters the 'glass noodles' were very poor - like chewing rubber bands. Admittedly we were advised to change those for something else but surely if some dish is not up to standard it should not be on the menu? Any reasonable chef who is not confident of his/her recipes should not serve poor quality food!
The falafels were poor - more like pakoras or similar with strangely 'chemical' tasting sides of what I can only assume was hummus etc.
The only 'shining light' for our meal was chow mein which as a relatively simple dish can't really be messed up. The bok-choi was tasty, but the dish was let down by a rather 'watery' sauce.
The veg sizzler comprising rice, veggies and some 'hockey-puck' patties (chewing an old boot comes to mind) in a bitter tomato sauce was also a let-down.
To top it all - our table was totally ignored and only after 10 minutes of waving arms around at the end of the meal did one waiter signal 2-fingers (wait 2 minutes?!). The 'captain' was more interested in his notebook at the door, sadly understaffed and/or waiters not trained. NO waiting staff bothered to ask how the food was for the entire meal.
Not worth a repeat visit.



An exceptional experience

fabulous food and great service. We group of eight had the lunch on my birthday last week and were delighted with the whole experience as to my surprise the restaurant was running Global Grill Fest to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary and have to say that it was fabulous... Recommend highly to anyone who loves good food. Great consistency - a truly enjoyable meal each time I visit. Particularly enjoyed the Grill Festival .... Made my this birthday a memorable one with good food and on that we were given discount because of Grill fest


Eraditya - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 03,2011


perfect food with perfect sporting environment

We had dinner in March 2011 at Not just Grill during Cricket world cup 2011 and the environment was perfect much sporting at restaurant and its the place you want to come back to again and again. The food is excellent especially Teppanyaki style and the service is perfect. It is an experience, don't come when you have any time restrictions take the time, enjoy the food and the mocktails, experience the flavors Like it !!!!!!!!! i am sure i would visit it again when i am in Ahmadabad to my home town


Loved it !!!

Not Just Grill indeed offers a different dining experience. We went there for the first time and must say we were not disappointed. We ordered Cottage cheese starters which was served with awesome dip. Also the oriental sizzler was a nice try. The best thing was the "Teppanyaki" which is indeed toothsome. The ambience added a perfect weekend setting to unwind with friends and family. I only wish the service was little better. Nevertheless a very different dining experience !!!



Good ambience's But Poor Food ,Service

we went to this place, was impressed by the ambience's and Open kitchen concept, the Lights, the Mock tail bar, being Sunday it was reservation had to me made, the arrangement for reservation was not manged accordingly. less staff persons so they could not mange the guests, After waiting for long time we finally Got out table, order took long time again, crossing the fingers for food would be worth the Hassles, we ordered the Platters, Pasta, and some starters the JNG Platter just messed up the taste... highly disappointed.. :(



U must have a visit

some ppl seem to have a lil problem with their first experience itself where as even on my 4th visit to the place has not disappointed me yet...

the food is very good... u gotta try Mongolian platter if u like spicy stuff and even the panner ones were good enchiladas were awesome. i was not pleased with mocktails and beverages will be a much better option. for some ppl over here who may ve concerned about the innovativeness of cooking the food... i must say tht it would be inappropriate to say anything against it unless u ve visited japan and had teppanyaki urself :) come on for japanese food this restaurant is a kick start... so hey be happy tht ur having japanese in abad :D



What a Great Suggestion about what to eat

I visited this place and when the guy came to us for taking order, my wife wanted to have kiwi mock-tail and the guy was telling to try some orange one,, woow

in my opinion if we ask for some opinion than only some can share there own ones...
for example if i wanted to order some Paneer sabzi tehn i can ask for best one they can make..
but if i have some own order then how can that guy can suggest something that is totally diff...

Cheers to this kind of Guys... :(



Pissed me off...

I visited this place for their Sizzler Festival, All the four of us were avid sizzler fans.
So Sizzler festival was just the right tym for us to visit NJG.
So we ordered a Grilled Cottage Cheeze Sizzler, another with potatoe smiles & Cheeze balls & Mumbai Salsa (Mexican) Sizzler, With a Teppanyakki Platter of Grilled Cottage Cheeze.

Just when we had made up our mind as to what we wanted to eat, a over-smart captain came to each of us, & tried to suggest things, althought we never asked him for suggestions.
His suggestions were more like dictates & all of us were pretty pissed off. It just to a a very firm statement & arrogant look from my significant other to shut his mouth & bring what we wanted to order.

Just as we assumed, He messed up the order, got us two teppanyakki platters the one that I wanted & the other one that the caption was trying to impose on me.
The food however was decent, butas far as I know
Teppanyaki is a way of cooking as teppan means iron pan and yaki indicates grilling in Japanese. The best part of teppanyaki is that cooking and eating can be done in the same place.
My platter was cooked on an iron pan but in a extremely ordinary fashion, did not seem very innovative to me at all.

To mess it all up further more, The sizzler & mocktail platter that should have costed only 275 Rs. (according to whant was mentioned in the sizzler festival menu card) They added 75rs extra per sizzler for the mocktail's & adamently refused to return the 130rs that they had charged extra...

What a stupid bunch of morons...


saket8 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 03,2010


Good Decor but not too good food.

The place seems to be constructed with precision. Its a very exclusive interior. but i wish the food was made with the same precision. The menu seemed very mouth watering but disappointment in the end. As for Pricing, people wont mind paying that much had the taste been better.



Nice Interior Good Food

we just went on Sunday there, the food is good, service is also good. Their mocktails are very very good just try the Riverside one too good.

Yes the rates are toooooooooooo high.



Not Just Food

The most confused Restaurant of all times.
Fabulous interiors, Huge depth and inviting colors.
But very very very disappointing Food , they have been promoting their restaurant as Japanese tepyanki food... EEKkks....
I think the chef should know or learn something about tepyanki food and sauce....... Very Much Disappointed


not worth it

I went to this place a week before.
The interiors are nice and well made.

they have open kitchen facing towards customers. you can ask the manager to cook whatever you want in front of you.

Food is average. But the rates they are charging is very high.

I would advice them to decrease their rates by 20% if they want the customers.
I think its the most expensive restaurant on the Prahladnagar road. but still not the best one.