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> > > Sam's Pizza

Sam's Pizza

Commerce Six Roads    & IN 8 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 07926444555, 07926444666, 07926861700, 07926861111
  • Vraj Avenue , Near Liberty Petrol Pump, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
  • Fastfood, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 300

2 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Sam's Pizza Reviews

Not recommended

US Pizza, then became Uncle Sam’s Pizza and now it is Sam’s Pizza. Whatever the name be but it has been one of the favourite place with family and friends. Mom-in-law loves the salad bar and that is the main attraction for her. And the brownie ice-cream would be the perfect ending to a perfect dinner.
So, we headed to this place with family on Saturday evening. There were many people waiting for table but thankfully we got a table in 5 minutes.
They have changed the interiors. So the familiar murals of Mount Rushmore have given way to wall lightings and red décor.
Now comes the first of the few shocks - ‘Price’. It has increased by leaps and bounds. Agreed that inflation affects everyone and so they have to increase the price. But we wouldn’t have bothered much if the quality and quantity was maintained. Unfortunately that was not the case. The quantity of soup has become half- well, you can get a second helping though. The salad bar now seems to have less variety- corn with capsicum, corn with chat masala, spicy aloo, out-of-season watermelons, sprouts, pasta, spaghetti, lettuce, apple and coconut etc.
The pizzas were doughy, sticky and hardly had any toppings. Two pieces of the pizza and you are stuffed (very unsatisfactorily). The brownie seems to keep getting smaller and smaller in size day-by-day. Guess, by the next time we visit this place (after this experience, I doubt we would) the brownie would be like a cherry on the ice-cream.


Angel  - Burrp User


44 Reviews

October 07,2010


Great deal

They have this unlimited deal of soup salad, pizza garlic breads & dessert @ rs 150
Big Eaters like me always enjoy a tummy full at Uncle's sam's Pizza because of this deal

P.S they have a wonderful salad spread!
I love it!