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> > > > Shambhu's Coffee Bar

Shambhu's Coffee Bar

Sarkhej-Gandhinagar HighwayRest of Ahmedabad    & IN 15 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 9979546996, 9979543373, 9825651673
  • Outside Grand Bhagwati, Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway, Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad
  • Fastfood, Juice, Snacks, Tea and Coffee

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Shambhu's Coffee Bar Reviews



SHAMBHUS! my favourite favourite absolutely favourite place! this is so near to my place and all my classes and institutes that i land up there everyday! i used to go there absolutely everyday till last month! and shambhus, is just one real good place. i love the coffee(they make it a lil strong ,just the way i LOVE) and the sandwiches too ! and what i love the most is the crowd is also amazing and so is the place! i love how it is on the highway and i dont know why but i absolutely love the way shambhus is put up! i always park my car first in the line!!


Best hangout for late night coffee/tea/snacks

I am a frequent goer to this coffee bar. It remains open till 12-12.30 in the night. Nice tea and open place to sit at with friends.

Service of the bar is descent and I never had issues with that.



Superb location & good prices

Even writing a review about this place makes me smile. It has never failed us. Has been our consistent night time buddy be it before exams or presentations. The cold coffee and cold coco taste absolutely the same every time (read wonderful). They have a Jasuben (OLD PIZZA) franchisee so you get to taste the true Ahmedabadi pizza here...The sandwiches are also good. Other than that, any other stuff you order is at your own risk. Rates are pretty moderate, in line with the other coffee bars. Service can be on and off but thats probably because the guys there have started taking us for granted :P ...But a must visit..P.S. food is also served to your cars if you prefer it that way.



Cold Coffee is best...!!!

I go to Shambhu's Coffee Bar often... And i like its Cold Coffee very much... Once i had burger of Shambhu's... It was quite tasty but not very much and was quite expensive... It's Cold Coffee is worth to taste....


Shambhu's best items

I had been there with my friends and husband for the first time. We had cold coffee, sandwich and Italian Pizza. I liked the coffee and sandwich. The service was good but could have been better.
We had to wait a lot after placing the order. Waiter had forgot the details of the order which caused confusion. One of our friend liked the masala used in the cheese sandwich and even asked for its ingredients from the shop.