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> > > > Sirkaa


Drive-In RoadRest of Ahmedabad  

  • 09687651616, 07927912626, 07927912323, 07940322626
  • 210-202, Sigma II, 2nd Floor, Drive-In Road, Ahmedabad
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 600

21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Sirkaa Reviews

poor service, bad test

Service was very pathetic. We had ordered "Paneer Lababdar" and we were surprised that it was sweet. Also quality of butter roti was not good.


August 31, 2013response from management at Sirkaa:

Dear Mr. Pratik, I hearty apologize for the bad experience and would like to thank you to let us know where we can improve our self, first of all would like to inform you that the management at Sirkaa has changed a month back and we "Sai krupa group" has took over the business,we respect your views and comments and in return would like to ask you to give us a chance to delight you and make your experience at Sirkaa a memorable one and so i would like to invite you at our Restaurant and offer you 15% discount and complimentary Paneer lababbadar

Think twice!

I would pick a road side 'Laari' versus this self proclaimed fine dining restaurant. I was there on a weekday for lunch. Although I had placed an order from the a 'a la carte' there was a group seated besides me who were there for the fixed meal. Their hue and cry filled up the place topped with pathetic music in the background. Slow service and bad food was icing on the cake. The basement parking gives you a feel of a dungeon straight from the Ramsay movies.



Choose Sirkaa after 10 options including BBQ, Ikobo etc. on friends birthday. They behaved very ordinarily with us, gave not satisfying answers, We had lunch for 9 people but none was satisfied. The whole birthday bash ruined instead of being YoYo.

Never waste your time and money here.

Oridnary Managers and not so good food.



Bad Food

Went to sirkaa for a family dinner that turned out to be a disaster. The staff was very very rude Felt as if we were having free food at some food for beggars type of place.
Food could hardly be termed as average. It just barely managed to be edible in nature.

Try sirkaa as your own risk,
Yuck is all I can call that experience.


Sona  - Burrp User


59 Reviews

July 16,2012



I had been to this place with my parents, the look and feel of the place was very impressive. we ordered mostly Mexican food and the food could be rated as above average but nothing very extraordinary.
Also the staff and service was not upto the mark, There is huge room for improvement.
Only fancy interiors do not make a good dining experience.


One of the good experiences

Food - 7/10
- They could've scored higher were it not for the uninspiring Pad Thai Noodles and the stone that mum got in her dip
Ambience - 7/10
- Again, they would've scored higher were it not for the slightly worn(?) looking seats
Service - 8/10
- Decent, but that stone killed them
Value for money - 5/10
- Over priced for the kind of taste offered... again that damn stone ruined everything

Loved their Soups (esp. the brocolli almond), their kabab platter was awesome, so was the italian sizzler (dude serving it was clumsy and did not apportion well)
Pad Thai Noodles was no better than stuff at CHINEES galla in Ahmedabad


Good Food but could improve on other aspects

Food - 7/10 (They could've scored higher were it not for the uninspiring Pad Thai Noodles and the stone that mum got in her dip)
Ambience - 7/10 (Again, they would've scored higher were it not for the slightly worn looking seats)
Service - 8/10 (Decent, but that stone killed them)
Value for money - 5/10 (Over priced for the kind of taste offered... again that damn stone ruined everything)

Loved their Soups (esp. the brocolli almond), their kabab platter was awesome, so was the italian sizzler (dude serving it was clumsy and did not apportion well)
Pad Thai Noodles was no better than stuff at CHINESE galla in Ahmedabad


ahmjaynath - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 13,2012


Good service...quite good food.

All right, so after reading all the review and article of I went on my first date after 3 years. It was empty when we went there and got to choose the table we wanted. Staff was polite and gave good service except the waiter poured water in glass to the extent that I had to call him and tell that please get me another glass before I spill it on table.

We ordered soup..something like Tix-Mix don't remember exact name but it was good. Nachos with Cheese sauce and to my surprise it was just Nachos with Cheese Topping and they mixed some vegetables in tomato sauce. Main course was Thai Curry and it was delicious. Not so expensive to the pocket.

Over all good experience and next time I am going there for sure to try other items on the menu.



vidhi13 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 11,2012


Its Just wooooooowwww!!!

Guys I have visited many restaurants in Ahmedabad but SIRKAA is something special I was there last weekend and had some awesome n lip smacking food after a long long time.....d soups were super n so were the starters...asked for something special n new so the owner was called n he gave us few options for d soups n starters out of d menu....we had Cheesy sheekh kebab n broccoli n cottage cheese was super yum..haven't had such grt n amazing starters before in Ahmedabad at least.....then we had a mix of the main course...Indian food was up to d mark with less oil n was not at all heavy. The best thing I liked was the burrito Del Casa, diced cottage cheese with corn rice, n the yummy pastas with garlic bread.....then had ordered for some mocktails n trust me i never had a mocktail named CACTUS, It was awesome.....guys u must visit this place....u cant afford to miss it by any chance



Finger Licking Good

Last Night's Dinner still Lingers on my taste Buds.. Sirkaa= Fine Dinning.. Amazing, delicious, yumylicious, mouth watering experience... Special Recommendations include Starters, Mocktails, Pasta's & Mexican Foil Rice.... I know the list is a lil long..but blame it on them for such good food ;) ?????? it totally


entree - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 16,2011


One of my favorite places to enjoy food

Plenty of options, Value for money, quality and tasty food.

We had Mexican food - Tacos and Burrito. It was lip smacking! I love to have Tacos and Burritos with little more quantity of salsa and sour cream and they were very generous to serve extra of both with no extra charge. Just keep this up Sirka!! I love this place for this reason too.

Wanted to have Sizzling Brownie but it was their closing time! Will come back for that Sirka!!


Come to Sirkaa!

A complete dining experience! As soon as u enter u are greeted and shown to your table. The menu is carefully thought over and consists of a range of items; from ur Indian Paneer to Lasagnas. A small but very good choice of menus. The Sizzling brownie is a delight!!. So basically u wouldnt be disappointed with the menu. The food too is very good and value for money. Ambience is great and perfect lighting for a nice peaceful dinner. The service is a bit slow on the weekends. I will definetly come here again.



amazing dinner

good food, eyecathing interior,wide selection,njoyed the sizzer....good unlimited offers....must visit once...



Mauja hi Mauja

Great ambience. I tried their fix MEXICAN LUNCH. Everything perfect. They served Spring rolls which I think are Chines not Mexican. But delicious. Pasta too good. Soup superb. That day they have Chines fix lunch but they served me Mexican as I prefer. Great staff.


awesome food

ambience is too good and the food even better ( it was little spicy but it all depends on your taste buds ) with a lot of options to chose from.
It's a little over budget, to go out with friends : P so go with your family to avoid paying the bill from your pocket money ; )


Good Good

A late friday evening when Ahmedabad was relieved from the insane summer heat for a few hours the first ever rain showers of the season... we got into the car for a drive..

Enjoyed the rain with a long drive some yumm roadside boiled corn, tea, vadapav and other junk.. when it was dinner time the kiddo's with us were super confused as to what to eat They wanted to have a lil bit of Chinese so we decided to freeze on to SIRKAA.
After looking at the menu we ordered Shanghai Paneer, Hakka Noodles, Shezwan vegetables & Penne Alfredo Bianco. The pasta would have been better with a few more veggies in it, only black olives were not enough.
The food was at our table in no time, it was well prepared, well presented n tasted good too..
service however could be better, we had to take second helpings on our own no one was there to attend too once food was served, the bill took a little long too.
Forgivable but a slightly more meticulous staff would make it a perfect 5 star experience...
Total damage: 745 rs



Naice !!!!

Not having a fixed unlimited dinner option made us all the more excited to check this new place out. The ambience, as every new Ahmedabad restaurant has, is super..... The menu card again has cuisines from around the world.

We started with cheesy jalapeno poppers, supreme nachos and fresh lime sodas... The nachos were okayish with the cheese a little too hard for my liking. I had a feeling the poppers were Mc'Cain but they were the melt-in-your-mouth type so I wasn't complaining...

We then ordered another couple of poppers, a sirkaa platter (poppers, onion rings, bruschetta et al), a tikka platter (paneer, corn, okra) and paneer chilly for starters.

The starters filled us up quite nicely and we ordered for a light main course. 2 paneer baltis, rotis and another plate of poppers :D

The paneer was super soft and succulent. Quantities were questionable but still not bad.

Total tab came to 2900 bucks for 8 people. Pretty good value for money. Oh and we were overbilled for a couple of rotis but that was a minor glitch.

Definitely another winner by the group that owns Bawarchi and definitely worth a re-visit !!!!



lip smacking delicacies

well my 4th visit in 1 month n for sure one of the best places in town...after a long long tyme njoyed the mexican food n also the pastas...simply fresh n also awesome taste...just makes u feel worth the money spent on food...

also d complimentry dessert which was a surprise n also mouth watering....definitely worth visiting the place guys....dnt miss it...


grt food

grt food awesome ambiance..throw in some suggestions and u can get complimentary thats what an amdavadi wants..:)))


Lots of options to choose from

It was a late Wednesday evening when we decided to try this newbie in town. The decor beautifully done with black and gold, looks quite grand. The tables were lit with scented candles we took a table that overlooked the road.

The captain brought us the menus and it took us about 20 minutes to make up our mind and to choose from the variety they offered. We decided to order bruschetta (they called it Italian bruschetta) for starters as well as a baked cannelloni with cheese sauce. The bruschetta and cannelloni both were above average but there should have been more cheese in the cannelloni and it should have been baked for a few more minutes. When I asked for some balsamic vinegar and olive oil for the bruschetta the staff looked shocked. Finally they got me only olive oil, they did not have any balsamic vinegar which was quite ironical considering their restaurant is named Sirkaa.

After 10 more minutes of discussion we decided not to have the regular Punjabi food. So we ordered the cheese enchilada with rice and cottage cheese San Margo. These preparations appealed to all my senses we enjoyed then thoroughly. I would highly recommend these dishes.

The staff was co-operative and polite, however they were not very well-informed.

This restaurant could turn into a very grand and classy looking banquet too.

To sum it up it was a good place.

Meal for two: Rs 875



beautiful experience!!!

wel well....a nice surprise in d city for every1...i was looking for bawarchee drive in rd branch bt found it to b changed to SIRKAA..just gave it a shot as was new restro in d city....guys trust me the place rocks...beautiful interiors n awesome n lavish menu...the faces are the same n so is the management...lively place n if u r a foodie a def visit to d place is needed......dnt miss out on it..


great food!!!

well amazing menu n awesome food.....grt variety of cuisines n well balanced.....a must visit to d restro specially to try out the mexican n indian delicacies...