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> > > > South Leaf

South Leaf

VastrapurRest of Ahmedabad  

  • 40007999
  • G1, Sigma Excellence, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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South Leaf Reviews


Does Not Exist Anymore

By following this page I went to the address given but nothing exists with this name. Even the phone number given for this place does not work [07940007999],
This is a very bad thing. I don't have any reasons to trust this site any more.


ABC XYZ - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2011



I am writing this review with whole heartedly as I still have the taste in my mouth though it has been 6 hrs past I had my lovely yet memorable dinner..

Me and wife visited this place yesterday night-Feb 14..
We both r big foodie and love to eat non veg specially..

After a sweet surprise of valentine cake from my wife... it was my turn to take out her for a good dinner..
We had been already to many restaurants from each corner of Ahmedabad and had enough varieties of buffets,sizzlers,salads,mexican from toprated places like Barbeque nation,Bawarchee,Wasterside,Ikobo,TBG,Courtyard mariott etc...

I had heard about 9Apple from a friend and wanted to try out 1 day but we had to compromise our mood to go for Veg for today..

Believe me 9Apple stands out to be simply awesome out of all my experiences..
Just 400/- bucks for two and you go mad starting with 2 grt appetizer soups, wonderul,tasty yet healthy varieties of many many salads, fruits, sauces, fruit custard(hmm yummy), shahi biryani, shahi rice,dal fry, paneer curries, paratha,chinese, pastas, thai,oh god.. I would keep on going..

n yeh banana custard with chocolate dressing was yet another lovely dish..

And yeh I understand some people might not like the concept of 'pay by weight' but still thats an option and I believe when you are foodie and love to have buffet, you would not go for ala carta.

Ambience was very good followed by some soft romantic instrumental music.. Neither crowdy nor boring..

Lovely food, lovely experience, grt place and worth spending time and money with your loved ones :)
Your loved ones will love you for that as we had our good time :)



Sona  - Burrp User


59 Reviews

December 23,2010



Wierd kind of pricing.. weight ur food & pay accordingly..
Self service, nothing special about the place setup
our family consists of big eaters.. so our meal for 4 costed us around Rs.1600
Too much for nothing very special they do... make u feel like JAIL KA QUAIDI waiting in que with plate in hand for food & then for getting in weighed...



Weird Pricing, Good Food, Average Ambiance

I & my wife went to 9apple yest after reading the reviews on burrp, & i wasn't completely satisfied.
The Ambiance is nice with a combination of red seats & white background, gives u an International Feel.
The sad part about the resto was that there was no music at all...They should at least be playing soft instrumentals in the background. This is was a turn off.

I liked the concept of order by weight, something unique!!
No doubt the foods good, you have a lot of varieties - truly multi-cuisine.

We not in a mood to have a full course meal, so we opted for snacks, ordering 2 mock tails (Evening in Paris & Strawberry Iced Tea) ,hara bara kebab, Cheese Chilly Toast & Paneer Chilly.
We also tried the weight your food offer by taking rice, dal fry & biryani from the 51 delicacies they offer.

We had almond ice cream as our desert.Yummy!

The mock tails here suck ! Evening in paris was pathetically sweet so was strawberry iced tea, a complete NO - NO for mock tails!!

The rest of the food was pretty good, proper taste of paneer was preserved in paneer chilly, & the chilly cheese toast was the best i have had till now ! Even the kebabs were good.
The ice creams were fabulous! A must try from my end.

Over all it is a good place to go, not too expensive (Rs. 400 for 2)

But not as hyped as the hoardings show!



Good Concept

For Foodies Who Loves Healthy n Light Lunches -

Fresh Salads
Delicious Chocolate Raviolli
Superb Hand Made Ice Cream
Loved The Food.

They could have avoided the "per gram pricing" policy.


khushboo.s - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 05,2010


Place needs to find USP

Tag line "Eat healthy, daily" does not go with menu and price list... too costly to eat daily... and not many healthy options...

new concept but needs bit of thinking.. what u say and what u offer.




9 Apple is a totally hopeless restaurant. The area is very less, food items are very less, it seems that u r in a vegetable market where u have to get the weight done of whatever u have on the plate...... And on top of it.......... SUPER EXPENSIVE


Confusing Billing and Calculative Food

Well on last Xmas we are at 9 Apple and found this confusing and complicated menu. I must say that the food is quite good but nobody wants to eat every morsel by measuring. Should have some Fix prices for every Item per Plate..


deepwithin - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 27,2009


Great variety to choose from

This is a new concept with everything at Rs 36 per 100 gms. (as on Nov 26)
The variety is very large. You can choose from (if i remember well) at least a dozen different kinds of sauce, and numerous salads. All tasted very good.
The best part is you can choose what you want to eat and how much.. you only have to weigh the plate before you take it to your table. They will serve the soup and the ice-cream to your table.
Go you will really like it.
A meal for two for us was for Rs 400.


Unique concept, Great Food

I ventured out to this place after seeing so many sign boards tempting me to go there.
First impression, very clean ambiance. A bit too white for my taste but good nonetheless.
The unique part about this place, is its pay by weight food. Soups and ice-creams are fixed price. The rest of the food, tons of salads, dressings, mix and match to your preference, plus a choice in mexican, chinese, thai and pasta all served up buffet style.
Take as much as you want, whatever you want, get the plate weighed and eat.

Me and my DH being buffet lovers ended up eating like we eat in a buffet, hog style. And our meal cost us around 500 bucks..with 2 soups.
The food was really tasty. lots of options for salad lovers, with lettuce, grapes, olives, corn salads, potatoes in cajun dressing, pesto dressing. On the main course side, mexican rice with hot salsa curry, thai rice, stir fried veggies, 4 types of pasta. Good choice.

Do not miss out on eating the salsa sauce with nachos. It is the best I've eaten so far. Also the toasted bread with 3 different types of herbed butter is also excellent, served with the soups.
Worth a visit, then form your own opinion.