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Home/ahmedabad/The Cooking Culture

The Cooking Culture

SG RoadRest of Ahmedabad  

  • +919016348830
  • Besides 9th Avenue, SG Road, Ahmedabad
  • Multi-cuisine

35 Reviews / 36 Ratings

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The Cooking Culture Reviews

rupesh4u - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 13,2013






Very Expensive

Prices are over rated. Food is good but not worth it for the prices.
Service is average. One cannot reach this restaurant easily as it is on the inner side of S.G.highway.


Lovely Place For A Date

We love this place. My wife and I go here whenever we want a peaceful date with good food and good service.

The ambience is also good, however since this is a family eating place, lots of kids come and keep running around which is annoying.

But the food is good, worth a visit, definitely.


June 7, 2013response from the mischievious:

Dear guest,

Thanks for the review. We do understand the kids running around and are taking care to make sure they maintain decorum but few kids dont listen at all..


Awesome paneer

Guys seems that owner wasn't in town while bad things happened with you. Few days ago i threw my b'day party there and it was amazing... everyone loved paneer and rumali roti.. it was really amazing food and service was pretty good... do visit again and contact the owner



I spoilt my birthday lunch.

Avoid this place. The ambience maybe the only thing you like.
The tomato basil soup took 30 mins to arrive. Was cold too... The Mediterranean platter had no taste and the chow mein noodles were tasteless. Inspite of complaining and even walking out, there was no courtesy or an apology shown by any staff.

Will never go back here. Take this warning seriously.



DO NOT GO To Cooking Culture

If you went to get abused, assaulted and thrown out.. You can happily go to COOKING CULTURE, behind RAJPATH CLUB !! They have guts to hit girls and abuse them. They don't have manners to talk to their customers! Please DONOT go there.. Or even the waiters, managers and chefs will come and assault you!! DARE to go there! I on an very very serious note want to suggest to my all mates that simply dont go to such an creepy place where the staff is * up and dont even have any sense to behave with customers!!


Can't go wrong with this one

If you are looking for authentic world cuisine, 'Cooking Culture' is the place to be. Its a five minutes drive from the hustle bustle of S G road. Comfortable seating, enough walking space between two tables, courteous and well trained service staff, amazing ambiance, lip smacking food, a see through kitchen with super hygiene standards, all make this fine dining place a must go! Must try the 'Shavarmas' here. Again a caution for the long wait list on weekends.




Been here once in 2010. Food was good, but I didn't find the service good enough. Please need to take care of this so that the good food is not brushed aside by the bad services. Best of luck !!!


Bad Service and Dissatisfaction

we had arranged lunch for our corporate and previous day inform them and confirm it.
When we went there not ready anything. There staff was deaf and not to serve in proper way. really we are stuck with there service. we ate some food then people standing and walk there and waiting for other food.

Naam bade or darshar chode.

Really never advise to other!!



Disappointed Service

Today we went for corporate group lunch, as we have very limited time in business hours; we booked in advance for lunch. But when we reach to there, no service is available and we need to call 2-3 times for a single dish.

Really a very bad service I have ever seen here!!




Highly unsatisfied, poor service, it was my frieds b'day party.. there was no management at all..everything was going un-managed... we required to ask for each and every thing at-least 2 times...



Very Bad

Bad and very poor service. No food quality. The worst place I visited. I will never go to this place again and I recommend others also not to go at this bad place and spoil your party



Very bad service

We have recently visited this restaurant for a team business lunch.

We had a very bad experience and highly disappointed

"SERVICE IS VERY VERY SLOW" Also food is below average quality for some dishes.


Very Poor Service and Food Quality

Very Poor Service and Food Quality. Infact Location of the restaurant is very good, but they could not make presence to people by its service and food quality.

Today we went to this restaurant for lunch party. But nobody was there to here us. We never recommend others to come here.

Sorry! I will never come to here and also never recommend others.


Nice experience

Visited there as a reunion with old friends. . its indeed group friendly.. and had a nice comfortable experience there.. :)


May 30, 2012response from the mischievious:

Dear Mr. Pavan,

Thank you for the comment. Hope to see you pretty soon.
Warm Regards,

Not at par

Yesterday, I was there to celebrate my son's birthday with in-laws. Everyone were very disappointed with food and service. There was no "culture" when it came to Mocktail, everyone(customers) there were drinking it on the mocktail on the table, but the management not interested in all this.


April 16, 2012response from the mischievious:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I guess you had this sour experience during the Brunch yesterday. We did make a note of the same and made sure mocktails to be served on tables itself as we used to keep mocktails on service tables itself since inception of our brunch but such incident never happened. I would request you to come to our restaurant once again and we will make you feel the real aura of our culture.
Feel free to contact me on 9825116480.
Sorry for such disappointment on your sons birthday..
Warm Regards,

Finger Licking Good.

I have been here twice and both the times I have been amazed with the tastiest food that I was served. Its the best place, if you want to have some really good food. They serve all kinds of cuisine's


February 28, 2012response from the mischievious:

Dear Mr. Bajaj,

Thanks for such good review. Its pleasure to serve you with new menu items on your every visit.
Warm Regards,


Great Ambiance..!!

Visiting CC is like we are at a farmhouse party, such a superb ambiance this place has, its sure to amaze you. Food quality, service and location is just perfect for a late night dinner.


February 28, 2012response from the mischievious:

Dear Krinal,
Thanks for the review. Really appreciate, hope to have you at TCC pretty soon.
Warm Regards,


Avoid going here on Sundays!!!

Food was okay, if you have not tasted authentic Mexican dishes you probably won't know the difference. If you have then you will be disappointed.

I think it probably was the Sunday rush that they were not able to manage customers well, we waited for 30 mins. to be seated, 20 mins. before someone took our order, 45 mins. before the soup was served and it was cold. Need I say anymore? I don't believe in necessarily giving bad reviews so I am being optimistic that they might be okay on weekdays but I would say avoid going here on Sundays.


January 3, 2012response from the mischievious:

Dear Tony,

Thanks for your valuable feedback.. We will certainly look into it. I would like you to come once again and try the Mexican Cuisine as we did modified it to the local palette. Do ask for chef and he will make sure you get an authentic taste for the Mexican or any other delicacies across the world from our menu.
Once again thanks for your valuable feedback.


gptantry - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 13,2011


Amazing Food..

I was there this sunday..Sumptuous Sunday brunch!!!..Enjoyed the pastas ..enjoyed everthing..A best way to lazy away your sunday afternoon..Go for the Sunday Brunch guys..i would rate it the best ..Good food..courtious managers and creams are a specical treat.. I'll be back..


December 16, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear gptantry,

Thanks for the feedback. We are also planning to introduce couple of Gujarati items in addition to the current brunch layout pretty soon. Also, Winter barbecue is on from Friday - Sunday. Hope to see you again.


maanchi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 03,2011


Should visit

I've been at Cooking Culture twice. And both the time I enjoyed the food. First time punjabi and second time Mexican and Italian.We just had an issue of billing but we rectified it on the spot, so there was no issue.
I just want to know about the voucher system. In case I want to gift a voucher of say Rs. 600, then where can I find voucher details. ie. what will be included n all?


December 4, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear Maanchi,

Thanks for your comments. For the voucher details please call me on 9825116480 and will get it sorted out for you.

Warm Regards,


Descent & Delecious

I visited to your place...Nice ambience and delicious food....
I am planning to celebrate by bros ring ceremony at this place.....


November 26, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear Mr. Jitesh,

Thanks for your feedback. We would be glad to be part of the celebration. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding banquet or any other details.

Warm Regards,



I walked in and fell in love with the ambience of the place. I got a table, ordered food and requested the person serving if he could tone down the music, since we were the only 2 ppl in the entire restaurant. The rude guy declined to do so, hence we cancelled order and walked out.


October 23, 2011response from the mischievious:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.. The music is operated from central office, so he would have been skeptic about it. Next time when you visit and if you have any queries or tiniest of the problem please ask for Mr. Gajendra the manager incharge. He will sort it out with a smile.

November 4, 2011response from the bumblebee29:

hey I appreciate your replying back. will try visiting again.

what's with the burrp team? Do you guys edit reviews? I thought this space was for writing food related reviews and not a portal for correcting people's grammar! This is what I wrote originally and I like it that way -

Walked in , fell in love with the ambience, got a table, ordered food, requested the person serving us if he could tone down the music (since we were the only 2 ppl in the entire restaurant) ,got declined by the rude guy, cancelled order, walked out.<

November 5, 2011response from the mischievious:

Thanks for the appreciation.. It would be our pleasure to have you at The Cooking Culture. Please feel free to contact Mr. Gajendra on 9016348830 or me on 9825116480.

Warm Regards,
Mrudang Jambusaria


Really average food

Well there is nothing really special about the place except for good ambiance. Normal panjabi food was good to eat but none different an overrated restaurant. Not going again.


Foddiie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 27,2011


Regarding Bill Issue

I visited the "The Cocking Culture" At SG Highway for the first time a few days ago. , The experience was good , the food was nice, the ambiance was awesome, but I found a mistake in my bill when I checked it closely at home. I found 1 item that I did not order mentioned in my bill, so my advice to all visitors is to check your bill, because they tend to charged for what you do not order.

PS : "Management Should Take Serious Action In This Matter".


September 27, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear Foddiie,

Sorry for the issue with billing. I will personally take this matter up with the floor manager and revert back. Thanks for the feedback and hope to see you again at The Cooking Culture.


September 28, 2011response from the Foddiie:

Thanks Mrudang,

Ok check 31/08/2011 all bills, after 10 pm.......:)

October 5, 2011response from the Foddiie:

i have invoice as well with me, for your convenience Invoice No-15310. Have a look and hoping that you will come back with better customer experience.

October 5, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear Foddie,
I did checked the invoice and there was an error in the table numbers from the cashiers end. Sorry for the inconvenience. You were charged for Mineral water instead of Paneer Chilly Dry and Fried Wanton is same as Chilly Wanton.

chiragip - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 11,2011


blend food

indian food served to us was blend.. there was no taste in it.. we had to send it back and tell them to make it tastier and keep salt in it.
risottos were served before our main course could come on the dinner table.
terrible experience!!


paragp - Burrp User


12 Reviews

August 14,2011


Bad; getting worst

My previous experiences with this place have been really good.. but my last couple of visits really makes me feel that i willnot go to this place..
the person who took our order not talk properly, server was eating gutka while we were served.. the taste of the food was horrible... manager was very rude to even take our feeedback..
will not visit again....


August 14, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear Parag,

Sorry for this kind of experience. If you can please provide me with more details then we can make sure such inappropriate behavior and service is not repeated to any of our valued guests. I possible help us by posting the details so an appropriate action can be taken.

Awaiting for your response.

Warm Regards,

August 15, 2011response from the paragp:

what sort of details you would like to know???? thr were no names written on any staff`s uniform... thr would be only one manager i suppose...
food order: paneer in red sauce - paneer was rock solid and gravy without salt, some handi subzi dont knw exact name- was full of red sauce n vegetables had some sort of smell..roti ordered was crispy but came soft which was sent back..
hope some action is taken..

August 15, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear Parag,

Thanks for your response. I just wanted to know the date and approximate time of your visit and rest all we would be able to track out. Already regarding the tobacco thing action has been taken today itself. I am glad that you replied to my queries. We trying to upgrade our standards and personal attention is paid. So a complain will be dealt seriously.
Thanks for your valued feedback once again. Also if you can provide me with your contact details would like to personally get in touch with you and make sure to r

August 18, 2011response from the paragp:

mrudang, i shall certainly drop down at the restaurant in one of these days to speak to you in detail.

August 18, 2011response from the mischievious:

Dear Parag,

It would be great and kind gesture by you. Please ask for me or call me on 9825116480. Also if am not around you can meet Chef Chandan. Hope to see you soon. Once again thank you very much for helping us out in making our systems and services more powerful to serve our guests in proper manner.

Warm Regards,

KunalGS - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 17,2011


Just Try It Out

Have been there a few times & am never let down by the food. Would recommend their Paneer Angaarey Starter & any of their soup. I just cant keep myself & my wife from not going there. Am planning to go again today itself.Ambience is soothing & service is good. So, dont wait, Just Try It Out for yourself.


January 17, 2011response from the sujit:

thanks for your feedback kunal..

paragp - Burrp User


12 Reviews

January 06,2011


Consistent, Excellent Service

Recently i planned to go to cooking culture and had such a wonderful time there.
Food served was superb as usual. the waiters and the captains treated us very well.
Quite a crowd on a regular day but the service was just flawfless.
Would def visit again!


January 7, 2011response from the sujit:

thanks a lot paragp... we constantly look on serving our guests better.
see u soon..

jn123 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

August 07,2010



i just went few times to this place, the food is superb, the ambience is great too. There is also an outside sitting arrangement which i quite like. but the waiters attitude is pathetic, even the staff managers are quite unfriendly and with lots of attitude i felt i am there to please them. They would talk in a tone which makes you question to really visit there again.we were a group of 12 people, we enjoyed the food but the waiters and the captains were a disaster.


August 7, 2010response from the sujit:

thanks for your opinion. We shall certainly look into your feedback and make sure that no guest is been treated in this manner.



I just had dinner in this restaurant before 2 days. Had punjabi. Everybody loved the food,service.
Ambiance was superb. Tables were well managed.
And the best part was desert that is served in the outside compound. Its of some italy brand...Try it...


May 8, 2010response from the sujit:

Thanks utsav.. Glad you like it.
Dessert served outside is an Italian Gelato which contains just 6% of Fat & some of the flavors are absolutely fat free.
Hope to see you again

divit - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 13,2010


Consistent Food & Service!

A lot has improved at this place since my last visit to cooking culture...
Service was top class, had to wait a bit for my table as the restaurant was full on a regular day...
We had some indian food n thin crust pizza`s..
They were excellent..
The place was a bit noisy but rest cant complain about.
keep it up!


Great food & nice place

I have visited on the occasion of my daughter's birthday, She loves this place with good food & nice service. My daughter is just 8 yrs old but she loves.
Try once u have so much fun


December 31, 2009response from the sujit:

Thank you so much.. Pl do keep visiting..


Great ambiance and good food

My brother-in-law and sister wanted to take me to this place since quite some time. So as soon as I set foot in Ahmedabad, they took me to this place straight from the airport.

The place oozes a grandeur look from the outside. The high ceilings, the extensive woodwork and the set up make it look larger than life.

The manager was very friendly and we were given a table in less than 15 minutes - keep in mind that we didn't have any prior reservation and the place was running packed.

They serve Oriental, Mediterranean, Italian and Indian food. We ordered for a clear soup with Broccoli, Zucchini and rice noodles. The soup was good.

Then we placed an order for the main course. We specifically advised them to stay clear of any onion or garlic in the food. This is where things went downhill. The food arrived in 15 minutes, but one of our vegetables had pieces of onion. When we called the attention of the server, he promptly agreed to take the food back and told us they'll prepare it all over again sans onion and garlic. This second round took about 30-35 minutes for them to serve. We were there with two kids and they kids lost their cool as they were very hungry. It was quite a challenge to keep the kids entertained while waiting for the food.

When the food arrived finally, we just hurriedly gobbled it all down. The kurkure paratha was too good. It was stuffed with a whole papad for the filling, this might've given it the kurkureness (read crunchiness).

The place is massive from inside and can easily take in large groups. The kitchen is kinda open (it's behind a transparent glass), so while you can see how the food is made, you cannot talk to the chefs.

They've got two large screen television sets. I guess it might be for the cricket crazy people.

Overall the experience was quite positive. I am deducting one star for the onion fiasco. I'll surely give them one more chance.


October 24, 2009response from the sujit:

hey anand,
Thanks for your review...
I am sure we will work on it to get that 5 star from you next time..
Please try our continental and moroccan food next time.. its really well made in an authentic manner.
hope to see you soon.


muke12 - Burrp User


19 Reviews

August 06,2009


Super food with amazing ambience!

Just behind Rajpath Club, this place is amazing... to start with go early to this place on a sunday.. its FULL..

I knew the food consultants (sujit & sharmila) over there who had booked a table for me.
Cottage Cheese Dumpling Soup & Mediterranean Platter were suggested to me and it was superb.
We went for a Doner Kebab & Paneer Shawarma which was out of the world. I dont think so anyone in ahmedabad gives this.
To end we had Thai green curry which was made with perfection.

overall an amazing experience.

wish to update more later on..



Excellent Food & Ambience

A new place just behind rajpath club serving every possible thing you would like to eat.

We had a Pizza Fondue which was absolutely new and innovative. Had some pastas with arabiatta sauce which were decent. Hummus and the other dip was classy.

Service was pretty fast and decent as compared to a new place.


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