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> > > > 100 FT Boutique Bar Restaurant

100 FT Boutique Bar Restaurant

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  


44 Reviews / 47 Ratings

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Mediterranean Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • The Mediterranean Sunday Brunch at 100ft, The Boutique Bar and Restaurant, offers an array of delicacies from the Mediterranean coast, complete with unlimited beverages. While the live salad and pasta counter is a refreshing treat to the taste buds, the desserts and unlimited beverages lift the guests' spirits. The Mediterranean aura of the restaurant takes one away from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. The restaurant offers three different ambiences -under the canopy, the courtyard and rooftop -that gives it a Mediterranean look and feel. The live music band performance adds to the dining experience.
    Day: Every Sunday
    Time: 12 noon - 4pm
    Price: Rs. 1099 + taxes

Cocktail Pitchers and Boozy Starters Aug 15

  • Planning to pep up your parties with some boozy starters and amazing cocktail pitchers. brings you an amazing opportunity to learn the tricks of the trait. Indulge in an amazing experience of making cocktail pitchers and boozy starters.

    Peach Basil Margarita
    Watermelon Mint lemonade
    Sailor's punch
    Fresh fruit sangria punch
    Spiced Toddy

    Boozy Starters:
    Boozy watermelon bites
    Tipsy Gummy bear

    Along with a choice of 3 Veg and 3 Non Veg starters

    Time: 7.30pm onwards
    Charges: 1200 AI per person

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100 FT Boutique Bar Restaurant Reviews






Weekend Brunch

100 ft is one among the beautiful restaurants I visited so far. I went here for a Sunday brunch which was started around 11.30 but due to Sunday traffic I reached late.
This is located diagonally opposite to New Horizon college and very easy to identify on busy 100 feet road.
Couple of friends said that 100ft was the first pub which opened in 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar.
Once I entered inside, I was totally impressed with the ambiance and this place looks like Bungalow converted to Beautiful restaurant. I could see live counters and open air outdoor seating with small fish pond.
I and my friends got our table in the first floor and 100 feet road view. Internal decor was just amazing with lot of painted frames on white walls.
They do sell antique products and noticed some coffee mugs and liquor glasses too.
Coming to Food, it was really good and impressed with lavish salads, dips, garlic bread and so on...
The spread was organized and showcased neatly.
1. Appletini (Cocktail) - Tried for the first time and impressed - made with apple syrup and martini with chunks of apple.
2. Red Wine Sangria - Tastes different from other drinks but I liked some extent. Looks great too!!
3. Whiskey Sour - Must try drink
4. Cosmopolitan - Similar to the one we get it in others pubs
5. Fresh Lime Soda - Prepared nicely with blend of sweet and salt.
Pizza & Pasta:
1. Grilled Veggies Pizza - it was served twice as per my request. First time they served it was very bad and tasteless. Second time it was with broccoli and bell peppers, tastes heaven.
2. Penne with white sauce (broccoli, roasted bell peppers and olives) - prepared as per my request with white sauce and combination of bell peppers and olives. Trust me it was just "awesome"
Main Course:
1. Baked corn & spinach casserole - honestly I did not liked at all and it was tasteless.
2. Veg Fricassee - Grilled vegetables in Barbecue sauce - Tastes great and will definitely recommend this.
3. Saffron & nuts rice - Tasteless again :(
Coming to Service:
It was really good and quick too. We should honestly appreciate them for a kind hospitality towards the guests. They were very much attentive in suggesting food and drinks too.
I strongly recommend this restaurant for Sunday brunch!!
Overall I would rate:
Taste: 3/5
Quality: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4.25/5
VFM: 4/5


Good ambiance, average food

Was there a few days back with a large group. Nice airy ambiance! A great place to sip on a drink and read a book.
The food was good, but nothing outstanding ... Decent Greek salad and a good cheesy pizza. Go there only if you have time, service is laid back.. :)


Worst Pizza..

A domino's pizza of Rs 150 would be better than your pizza which costed me 500 bucks.



Good ambiance

Love 100Ft for its Ambiance and Food. Also dont forget to check out their Store in Store. Wish they had more Veg Options too.




A brilliant place to go eat out with family or friends. Its a well maintained place, and I like the seating a lot. Their Hummus and Pita Bread is amazing. In main course, try the Tian of Vegetables as well as Mediterranean Pita Pockets. And for desserts, go for the Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake. The good thing about this place is that over the years, they have maintained the excellent quality of food. Keep it up!


zeroerrors - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 20,2012


Nice ambience, but very average food.

We were there on a Sunday evening. The place was not very crowded, but looked charming and busy. The ambience is very good, and the different seating areas each have their own individual charm.

But then the not so good part - we had an appetiser and two main dishes (both from the grill), and did not find the food anything to write home about. It was very average, and it this price, I am definitely not returning there.


anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 18,2012


nice place!!

This place is a bit costly affair but a decent choice when wish to eat good food..
Cheesy dishes are lovely here.. If you are with a girl who loves cheese take her to this place to ensure she is happy .

A good variety of liquor I like this place for the food basically..Prawns, Seafood Platter and Pastas are among my fav here..


Mixed bag

Great ambiance but not so great food. May not try again.


karanagrwl - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 19,2012


Dont try if u want to save your mood and money

I had Vegetarian food over here which is not at all good.
The Lasagna was good but everything else was lacking in taste and it is not at all worth of its price.
The only thing good was the Ambiance of the place(3.5/5).


heli64 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 25,2012


Unexpectedly bad Experience !

We are regulars at 100 ft restaurant and have always enjoyed the Mediterranean food and their sunday brunch.
Firstly they have a huge list of wines , and whichever name i asked for from that they didn't have it in stock except grover rose & grover white... Looks like now u guys hav tied up with grover wineries only ;-)
We ordered for chicken picante as appetiser and it was scrumptious with 3 dips.. The biggest disappointment was the entrée, I ordered for chicken steak and it had like 3 huge chunks of chicken with overly cooked veggies on the side and literally 2 table spoon of pepper sauce , which tasted awful like I have never tasted worst pepper sauce in life.. the whole dish was so dry that I couldn't even finish one piece of chicken..
My husband's all time favourite lamb with rosemary sauce was too a disappointment with bad sauce n dryness. 100 ft makes the best mash potatoes but to our bad luck that too wasn't great.
Overall a very unhappy experience. please improve to retain the old clients.



Sub-Standard food

Went to this restaurant after hearing rave reviews about it. The ambience was great, loved the store. But the food was not great, to say the least.

The pita pockets that we were served had COOKED VEGETABLES instead of the usual salad. I have eaten pita pockets around the world and this was an unfortunate surprise.

The chicken steak was tough and the the accompanying pepper sauce was bland.

The potato wedges were nice, but the chefs need to work on the main courses.

We went and ate at Sunny's next door the following day, just to convince ourselves that the international cuisine in Bangalore is not all below par.


Nothing Special but normal

This beautiful restaurant located in Indiranagar boasts of Mediterranean and Italian food. The taste is good and the ambiance is serene. Ideal for a date but generally suited for sophisticated people. The staffs are very helpful and friendly. Though we were served beef instead of chicken but the waiter was quick to recognize that and corrections were made immediately with apology. Overall a good experience with pretty good food.


Yummy salads....

Went for a social the other day and enjoyed the salads so much that I had a plate full of only salads and then got too full to have main course. Later on I had some dessert which was ok. Would love to go there again and enjoy some salads and probably some main course too.... :D
Ambiance was great but the stuff to buy was unnecessarily expensive.....


OH Please spare me

One of the most over hyped places I have been to in Bangalore. Add to that the price they charge you may feel cheated...The food is average and ambiance ok. The service is well below the normal standards. There is nothing here that you are missing in life and after i went there I had no idea why everyone is so ga-ga over this restaurant!!



good food and ambience

The out door ambience is very appealing and so is the food quality. The service is not up to the mark, but then sometimes you do get bad service on the weekends.
The sunday outing with friends was very satisfactory, the atmosphere was great as the crowd was lively.
Had a very good time with the one plus one very welcome.



Nothing special nothing bad

It was to be lunch for us friends. My experience was not a great one nor a bad one. Minor mistakes by the stewards as usual. But a good lunch overall. Love the interiors.


raj06l216 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 08,2012



Went for a birthday treat yesterday with my friends after i heard some good reviews from my office mates. But i should say i was not satisfied and its not a place woth visiting. Menu did not have so many options . Ambience was average. A loathsome odour when having food. Shocked to find a Mosquito coil under the table in one corner. The food was not worth the price.



gone way downhill

This used to one of our fav places. But have noticed as of late the quality has dropped off the radar. What happened to the great food here? The menu has been revampled along with focus. The menu is thick as a novel, of which 80% of it is dedicated to drinks. The food which seems to have been forgotten in the frenzy to sell drinks, is relegated to 2nd class citizen. The loss of focus on the menu is directly transalated into the quality of preperation. We had some appitizers, pasta and main dishes. All of them were highly disappointing. Lack of freshness was evident as the dishes were dull. I could barely put my chicken dish down, it was just plain awful. The rissoto was unpalatable, the only saving grace was the hummus, which is not saying much. If you are expecting the 100ft of old, forget it, this place is now just overpriced nad underwhelming. On the bright side the service was pretty snappy. There are much better choices at this price range.


rajnig - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 10,2011


Open one in RMV Ext...

Great ambiance.... The food is also good... I love their barbequed vegetables with herb rice... I only wish they speed up their service a little more....
I would give a 3.5 on 5 to 100 Ft.


A slice of Indiranagar, in Indiranagar :)

Every place has got a soul.

And at its soul, Indiranagar is known to be rich, classy and sophisticated. Indiranagar is one of the oldest and poshest places in Bangalore. And between three roads – 100 feet road, 80 feet road and CMH road - live a million souls, collectively making up the place that is Indiranagar.

Little wonder that when a restaurant is named after one of these three life veins of Indiranagar, you expect a slice of Indiranagar in it.

The First Impression: The 100 feet Boutique is located on the famous road of Indiranagar of the same name, opposite to the New Horizon College. The place offers valet parking and in the evenings, the blue neon lights outline the word ‘100ft’, which makes for a very classy entrance. However the construction work nearby takes away a little bit of this elegance. This is one place where you might need to dress up for; not exactly the joint where you can walk in with a night bermuda and tees (which is my preferred attire outside office :)). The crowd is almost always the up society types, peppered liberally with foreigners. As you walk in, you do feel nice to get soaked into the dim lit elegance.

The Parking: Parking can be a little bit of an issue for four wheelers, especially on the busy weekends but since there is valet parking, more often than not, the gentleman will ensure your car gets parked in the near vicinity. Two wheelers should not have that much of a problem.

The Ambiance: My friend and I always play this little game of finding the best seat in any restaurant we go to and we figured that the best seat on the ground floor at 100ft is one beneath the sun shade, with a small tank of water (you can kill time just looking at the fish). However since we had made our reservations late, we had to make do with the corner most seat to the left, which gave us a good view of the place (the LCD right above us did make it a tad uncomfortable.) But in a while, you just start absorbing the ambiance and get a good feeling about the place. The place resembles one of those old majestic residential houses, which Indiranagar is famous for, that has now been converted into a restaurant. The place also has a Boutique, where they house a lot of knick knacks, paintings and artifacts. All in all, it adds up to create a quaint, classy and charming ambiance – very candle light friendly- perfect for those romantic candle lit dinners.

The Service: The service is very good, with the waiters just around the corner but not in your face either.

The Food: And now for the main act – the food. In one word, the food is amazing. One thing I really like about 100ft is that they present your food in a very clean, classy and chic way. We started with a fruit punch and the glass had a slice of orange and a piece of strawberry perched on top of it -somebody really put in some effort to make sure that the two pieces of fruit do not fall off the glass as you drink it. The attention to detail is quite remarkable. And as for the punch, it tasted very fresh and was just right with no fruit flavor overwhelming your taste buds. There’s just a hint of a fruit favor but you get refreshed with the drink . My friend and I ordered pasta – me opting for an Arrabbiata (the Italian word for ‘angry’ – me didn’t know :)) – penne pasta in red sauce and my vegetarian friend ordered Genovese – penne pasta in white cream sauce. I also requested to have chicken sausage in mine. The food arrived in about the time that it takes for you to look around and soak in the ambience and also check out the boutique. The pasta was just as we had expected it to be - tasty, creamy and yummy. We didn’t have the time for dessert as we were fairly full in a light sort of way.

The Verdict: In conclusion, a great place for a classy night out. Excellent ambiance, excellent food and good service. Expensive on the wallet.

I would really recommend this place for impressing someone. Just remember to make reservations in advance, esp if it’s a Friday or Saturday. Yup, it is expensive – our bill for two pastas and a fruit punch came to Rs 844/-.

But for a slice of Indiranagar, in Indiranagar.

Its 100ft Boutique, Indiranagar.




Not Bad

My observations:
-Great location
-Efficient Valet
-Very good setting
-Pleasant service
-Good Food, but not awesome
-Not very expensive

Food gets an average


ved28 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 12,2011


80/100 for 100ft

My girlfriend and I hit 100 ft a few days back. We had finished a movie and it was already 3; with not many options around we secided t settle with 100 ft.

We tried their potato leek soup which was really creamy and rich. The squid rings were crispy and fresh. My GF ordered the pasta and the Arabiata sauce was bit of a letdown.
I tried their fish which was okayish; nothing to rave about.

The food all in all I would say is good for Bangalore standards; but do feel they can raise the bar on the speed of service



Good Food, Great Ambiance

Went there last week, overall a nice experience. Food was good also the ambiance. However felt a little over priced. But then it depends on what you are eating. Have other merchandises also within the restaurants displayed, don't know if they were for sale. So all in all a good one!!


Angeline - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 21,2011


great food

Was here with friends, the food, the ambience and the service are all good. And despite being on the snooty 100 ft road, they maintain reasonable prices.

Had a great time, and delicious food, The pastas were exceptional, the cocktails and starters very appetising. We did like this place a lot and enjoyed ourselves. Would recommend to anyone who would like to have a good time and food.


irfanali - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 24,2010


Food OK but Mightly Disappointed by the Service

My Review:
Food: Good
Ambience: OK
Service: Pathetic

Had heard a lot about this place, so went out with a client for dinner..

As we arrived, gave my car for valet parking and post-dinner as we walk out at 11:30, the valet counter is off and i had to spend the next 15 minutes running from one captain to another to find out where i could get my keys, so that i can pick up my OWN CAR..and the security guard said he couldnt go inside to find out where the keys were as he HAD to be at the entrance, manning it..

Even the service at the restaurant was below expectations. The waiters seemed to be lost and I personally had to walk up to the waiter to get them to my table..

A bad first experience..but its a sham that i had to cut such a sorry picture in front of my client, after having spoken such nice things about this place: Its food, ambience & service.


anilkarat - Burrp User


25 Reviews

September 30,2010


Nice Peaceful Place

I have had 2 nice lunches here and i must say that this is a nice place.
The food is good and so is the ambience. Its one of those old huge houses in indiranagar.
The first time i had a mutton dish with some khus-khus and the second time i had some fish preperation. Both were great



good experience

My trip to 100ft restaurant in Indiranagar on the weekend was quite satifying.
I was looking for some good continental food with a few beers to relax with friends.
The atmosphere in the recently done up roof top is quite nice, it is really good if the weather is cool, otherwise may become a dampner.
The food and the service were good. The pasta dishes were exceptional.
All in all a good experience.


Great food, excellent service!

It's very re-assuring to go back to a place and be greeted by service of the same standard as that when you first visited them, and be served with food that perhaps tastes better than the last time you ate it! This is the feeling I get every time I go to 100 ft, and last Tuesday was my umpteenth visit there. This is one of the few places which looks equally welcoming and relaxing during the day as well as in the evening - though I must say that the increased traffic on 100 ft. road sometimes makes the garden seating a little noisy (but that's not their fault!). The starters, main course and desserts - they're all amazing. The minestrone soup is perfect for someone who likes tangy food. For a vegetarian who loves vegetables, the main courses are an absolute delight - the pita pockets with veggies are literraly stuffed to the brim with exotic veggies, and the Italian barbequed vegetables come with a subtle taste and nicely grilled (their non-vegetarian food is also great, from what my husband says). The Mediterannean platter that they serve on Wednesdays is excellent, and unending! Among the desserts, the chololate mousse cake and the warm almond cake with vanilla ice cream are must-try items.
The service here deserves a special mention - the waiters are very polite, helpful with suggestions, and accommodating and patient with whatever customization you need (i don't want cream, i want more tomatoes, i want mushrooms etc.)
100 ft. is a highly recommended place, and I hope to have many more fulfilling meals there!
PS: they've renovated the garden area, and i must say the previous seating arrangement was more comfortable!


sh2010 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 11,2010


A nice place

Went to 100ft in Indiranagar, based on a few reviews before. I liked the look and feel of the place. The walkthrough to the terrace seating is good with curios to shop for. The service is pleasant and efficient. Tried 2 salads a grilled main course and a pan fried main course.You cant really tag it for its authenticity to any cuisine, but it was well presented and tasted good, for the price.The food, I felt was a fusion of French, Italian,Med and each customised to local taste, but in a good way. Overall a pleasant experience.


For a Peaceful Evening Meal

After some extra-long meeting in Indiranagar, which led to the cancellation of our plans of going to Hard Rock Café, we ended up at 100 Ft. After all, this place had some good reviews on burrp!

This restaurant is in a Beautiful Bunglow! Very well designed and structured. The portico is decorated with pebbles and plants. There were also some tables. Since it was cold and we wanted to sit in a place which was warmer, the staff who met us at the entrance suggested, we occupy the table inside. As we were going in, I noticed, the next section of the house had a wonderful boutique of some accessories, footwear, clothes and home décor stuff. As mentioned by one of the burrpers below, the tables are placed in a haphazard fashion, in all the possible corners. But, that’s the beauty of the place.

From the living room, there’s a small area (which otherwise would have been a balcony) which had 2 tables for 2 each. A Candle lit table with neat white serviette and comfortable chairs was already making us feel nice about this place!

Since it was too cold, we badly wanted to have something hot and we settled for minestrone soup. Neither of us was in mood of having any drinks. Hence, my friend settled with Fresh Lime soda Sweet. To munch along was the Potato Cheese Kibbe. The soup was extraordinarily excellent and perfect for the cold winter night. The kibbe was the fried round potato balls with cheese and this was slightly bland to my taste. But, this was well done too.

For main course, I had decided, I would surely take Pasta and suggested Italian Barbequed Vegetables with Herbed Rice. And when they got it, the presentation was so good of both, one would fall in love it the presentation itself. After we started digging into the food, I realized, my friend’s was much better than mine. Its not that my pasta was not good, since I like it slightly spicier, and my friend’s food was, I preferred that. Mine was Penne Pasta Primavera and the right amount cheese in it was smoothly sailing into my stomach.

We were too full and dint have any space left for the dessert! Rounded off our meal and a meal for 2 would approximately cost Rs.1000.

The décor, the ambiance and the food are all good but, definitely an expensive place!!!


Great food...great collection of drinks...

I had heard a lot about this place from my friend; so decided to give it a try one Sunday evening. The place is set inside, and outside, a small bunglow with a gift shop included in it. Actually the restaurant occupies the lawn and the terrace, and the rest of the place is occupied with the shop. The ambience is good; the service is good too, but not great. The drinks section is at the beginning of the menu card and seems to go on forever. I just had the Long Island, so cannot comment about the other drinks. But the regulars (I am guessing by the reaction of the waiters here) seemed to prefer the red wine. There is limited selection of food on the menu here (atleast for the veggies), but all of it looked delicious. I had the Penne Collo Picante - chicken pasta basically - and though a bit short in terms of quantity, it was great. I also managed to taste the grilled chicken (with cheese rice), another chicken dish (can't remember the name) which had cheese stuffed on the inside, and the standard cheese and macaroni; and they were absolutely fabulous. All in all a great place where you get good value for your money. I would probably give it 4.5/5


d2smile - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 08,2009


good food, ambience could be better

we went there for my bday based on a reco from a friend. honestly i wasnt very impressed with their decor, but gave it a pass. what really got me was that the chairs on the first floor were actually too small to hold anybody comfortably. the place could defly do with better and more comfy chairs.

i wasnt expecting much from the food - but i was thankfully wrong! they have a reasonably decent vegetarian selection - we ordered 3 different ones, one pasta and 2 other stuff and they were all good. the portions were extremely small - and we thought we would have to go for another round of main course :)

we dint order any alcohol - but they seemed to have a huuuge selection. it was bigger than their food menu. :)

i have to add here that the service was quite impressive. very polite staff and extremely helpful. they were average on timeliness too.

overall, i would say the place doesnt drive me to rush bk there for every time i want to have italian, but its not a place i would avoid either.


muster20 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 30,2009


Authentic Mediterranean Fare

100ft. has a few surprises up its sleeve. Let's just talk about the great stuff first. They have exclusive fare, authentic, including the tapas and the mezze platter. they also have a great serving of lamb chops and equally delicious select continental / mediterranean and even cyrillic and turkish fare..However, it is and will be a casual dining space with just 10-12 items on the menu ( each of which is worth a second helping) It has great impact on guests too. And the team at 100ft is courteous and superbly attired for the evenings. (and also, they do serve a great grilled / roast chicken breast)

That's it for the good stuff, You can manage that with some TV and some select alcohol to wash down the food.

After that, as with any urban chaos, you have to manage adroitly, the parking snafus, as it is on the 100 ft road, and maybe a wistful glance at your pocket as the Leela and Mainland China are also next door, for the same price.

Some surprises of course are nice and some irritating like the name? It used to have a great continental buffet breakfast on Sundays but that has somehow been stopped now, which is a shame. But then, they could start again as long as friends and family keep gracing the place. and of course, don't forget the delightful handcrafted cottons for shopping in the gallery to and from the eat in does add a distinct uniqueness to the place.


Okay at it's better

Decent, more to do with value and less to do with quality. Go ahead guys, try and put a few stellars on that list you so proudly call the menu, you'll be surprised that a few from Namma Bengaluru may cough up the extra 100, without lynching you.
The effort seems valiant though, keep at it.



Well, I love this place. I must've been here over a dozen times but I keep going back to this one for obvious reasons!...the decor is spartan yet chic and there are tables laid out at random in every imaginable corner of this plush bunglow which also houses a fab boutique of home decor stuff, funky accessories (@ levitate) and other riff raffs. There is lot of seating option, outdoor, indoor, terrace...service is decent and food is just awesome...the menu is exhaustive! You are assured to be spoilt for choices. Though the bill might pull your purse strings a little...I don't think you'll mind it much!



a decent place!

This place has decent ambiance to pay a visit to. Candle light tables on ground floor and nice terrace on 1st floor. Celebrated a bday party here, staff was courteous enough to get us the bday candles which we had forgotten and played the Happy Birthday song too.. Service is good, they serve food just in time before you start feeling that its getting delayed. :) Food is average, not some great awesome food.
Nice experience.


Super, they can make your day.

This is the first restaurant where they got my name correctly spelt at the first try. I was already liking it. Ever since this restaurant opened, I always thought of going here but on some special occasion. There was this perfect oppurtunity. My girlfriend's birthday. So, I called, they got my name right. They also asked me whether I wanted to do something for my girlfriend's birthday. I asked them what do they have in mind. They just had a cake and a flower in their mind. So the plan was to play a birthday song when they bring out the cake. So, all set. we walked in, selected a good table. It was the corner table. I ordered a rum and coke for myself and a fruit punch for her. And as soon as I was about to finish the first glass, the cake was on the table with the birthday song in the background. It was super. Lovely staff, super nice food and an excellent ambiance makes this restaurant one of the best for me.


aswin - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 13,2009


Great Service

I am very much satisfies with there service. They always deliver before time and food quality is also as per with there rate. Altogether very good experience. Keep up the good job!



loved it ! loved it! loved it! please try the baked cheese n macaroni!


Rachita  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

September 04,2008


Still consistent! No... its getting better!

This place has been around for quite some time and I went there recently after a very long gap! The restaurant has been expanded, the service felt better and the food which was good earlier, seemed like even that had gotten better. :) Happiness!

Its an expensive restaurant but the experience is great!The waiters really make it special by their service. They are always around but not too obtrusive.

The food was plated really beautifully and was a pleasure to dig into. Perfect for a special and relaxed continental lunch!


candygirl - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 20,2007


A Delightful Birthday Eve

Last Friday,when the rest of the "yap-yap sisterhood" conspired for a dining out,I never thought it would be this eventful..Ever since the 100ft Boutique was open( guess its been more than 8 years),yours
truly have been a regular at the Boutique side of the place,and not much of the Restaurant part.
They have something new on the shelf,that tugs at your creditcard,everytime I drop in,I can tell you that.
So,I was prodded and pushed with the rest of the "gang" for dinner to the same place,it was like "Yeah.Ok,whatever."As the rest of the gang dived into the Mediterranean fare,mine was Lamb Chops and Ceasers Salad for good measure.The Service was prompt and the food was excellent( I should know for a group whose claws come out in 10 mins)..What made it surprisingly warm and memorable was the cake that was placed in the middle of the table (Black Forest,thank you very much),and the whole staff and the gang started a rousing rendition of the birthday song that made my face red,and my eyes watery..Came to know later that it was a passing mention to the senior steward who was attending to our table by one of my friends.The gang got another surprise when they came to know the Birthday Cake was on the house..Maybe being regulars made it possible.Whatever it was,that moment will be cherished.Hence this note of thanks.For making it a Friday and a Birthday eve to remember.


Fourier - Burrp User


33 Reviews

December 15,2007


Used to be a regular-would NEVER go to 100ft again

I HATED (and hate is not a strong enough word to describe
my experience) HATED HATED 100ft in Indiranagar (Bangalore). I vouched myself to NEVER step into 100ft again or any of its sister restaurants run by the same owner (Bayleaf and F&B).

I used to be a pretty regular weekender at 100ft till this weekend. As usual, I "HIGHLY" recommended the restaurant to my friends and steered their opinions for a relaxing Friday night dinner; we went to 100ft instead of all the options the city had to offer. I ordered my usual dish (a pollo Mediterranean) and my friends experimented with their lasagna and cocktails. The lime margarita that we had ordered came without the tequilla and the waiter insisted that lime margaritas are made with vodka instead of tequilla. Even if I forget the fact of tequilla being a prime ingredient in margarita, I wonder WHY their menu read "tequilla" instead of vodka as being the prime ingredient. Surely there was a disconnect between what they wrote in the menu and what they served. Maybe they were out of tequilla (maybe?) but shouldn’t they tell the diners instead of experimenting on them?

A bad drink can’t be the sole reason for HATING a place to the point of DISGUST. The lasagna ordered by one of my friends had a HAIR in it - YES "H-A-I-R" and when it was pointed to the staff, they just sneered it off. I think even a local "SHANTI SAGAR" has better customer service than that!

The pollo mediterrenean I had ordered came with chicken that was WAY BEYOND ITS EXPIRY DATE. It was RIGID and DISTINCTLY V-E-R-Y V-E-RY OLD!

None of us could eat the DISGUSTING food - we asked for a restaurant review/feedback form and filled it out diligently - I doubt the owner would ever read it and if he does, he should just fire his staff and cook or just SHUT DOWN 100FT! We even tried talking to the supposed manager of the restaurant that night (Dec 7, 2007) - he was dressed like any other waiter to my surprise - the supposed manager without even listening to our HORRENDOUS EXPERIENCE with their meal and service staff blurted out "you have to pay for the meal". We were NEVER arguing about paying!

I REALLY REALLY wish some FDA (food and drug) administration came into action in Bangalore/India and shut down restaurants that serve expired and unhygienic food. My friends and I would NEVER go back to 100ft or any of its sister restaurants. I would any day pay at some 5star Hotel’s restaurant for their service and quality of food and if i can’t afford that, I’d go to a "Shanti Sagar" or Woodys.

Seems like anyone can run a restaurant in Bangalore by calling it a "BOUTIQUE RESTAURANT" nowadays! Are Bangaloreans BLIND? How can any restaurant operate after being so un-hygenic? Why are we consumers so downplayed in India?!


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September 15,2007


Sin has a new Home

I heard about this from another sinner:-P,and it was something too hard to resist,that too on a Saturday evening:-)100 ft,the boutique restaurant in upmarket Indiranagar,has another addition to its delectable array of multicuisine delicacies,its CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE.Its 3 layers of Heaven,served,with strawberry slices,can only be termed as your shortcut to Sinner's Paradise.Weak knees,ecstasy are side affects..Worth every bite of it,anyday,specially Summer days.Priced at Rs110,its guaranteed to nudge you to sin more.and more.and more.



Food + Shopping = Happy

Located in a remodeled villa in upmarket Indiranagar, 100 feet restaurant serves up food, as well some cool shopping. The boutique sells various artifacts such as wall décor, masks, nick-nacks and so forth and clothing including hip and funky party clothes, jewellery and scarves (and lovely beaded sandals – the kind that look good with a summery skirt – for Rs.600 – Rs.700); and the restaurant serves Mediterranean food.

The ambiance here is fantastic – you dine downstairs under the covered patio or up at the terrace, and it is an ideal place to catch up with friends. The terrace has a bar area as well. The food is not anything to rave about but is pleasant enough. The starters are quite good – try the garlic bread brushed with basil leaves or the bruschetta. Minestrone soup was passable. We went vegetarian that day – for the main course we tried lasagna and the spaghetti arabiatta (pasta in tangy tomato sauce). All in all, no negative notes in the food – it was ok.

Valet parking is available. Dinner for two with alcohol is approximately Rs.1100.