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> > > > 12th Main, Grand Mercure Hotel

12th Main, Grand Mercure Hotel

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


23 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Sparkling Sunday Brunch Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • The Sunday Brunch at Grand Mercure Bangalore is quickly becoming the talk of the town. Live barbecues and grills, fajitas, handmade pastas, antipasti, an array of delicious desserts and free flowing cocktails. All these things combine to create a memorable brunch that's perfect for celebrating a special occasion or just the fact that it's Sunday. Their kid's mascot Jaggu the Giraffe makes sure the children also have a wonderful time. By the Blue restaurant presents the perfect recipe to spend quality time with your family over a lavish Sunday brunch. Rejuvenate, Revel, Rejoice only at Grand Mercure's Sparkling Sunday Brunch!

    Day: Every Sunday

    Time: 12.30pm - 3.30pm

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12th Main, Grand Mercure Hotel Reviews

LeeniJoshua - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 29,2012


12th Main… go for it!

Came here for the “Chef’s table” by Burrp! Must say… it was an amazing experience.
The menu was of course customized for the evening, but going by variety of food right from the appetizer to the desserts, I’m definitely going back there!

Ambience is lovely, a quite place for dining. Staff is friendly and polite. Location could perhaps be a concern. The place not in the main road but this perhaps is good because you are away from the horrible traffic noise! And with all the map apps in everybody’s phone, getting there shouldn’t be a problem.

Now the about the food.. They have put together a variety of ingredients to get different flavors. My personal favorite was the main course which had salmon in carrot and basil puree garnished with bacon. For dessert, we had chocolate peanut butter cake..which was simply awesome, but this again may not be relished by someone who is not a peanut butter fan.

I’d give my thumps up for 12 th main!



great place great mediterrean food!

I had gone there for the "burrp event Chef's table" and my it was a treat. this place has got a very exquisite ambience and very friendly staff. the food was real good we had a sea foood inspired menu which was good. Please do try the choclate peanut butter cake. Although this place is neatly tucked in koramangla and difficult to find, i must say its worth a visit. Thanks burrp!


raraj74 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 21,2012


Sadly Dissappointed

Went here for a Sunday Brunch a while ago after hearing a lot of things about this place. They did not have any sparkling wine on offer but just the locally produced wines. Choice of items are rather limited for a Sunday Brunch and not so sure if the kitchen knows how to treat its meats which had to be sent back twice for being overdone & rubbery! The place was also rather empty. The only saving grace was the duets live performance. Costly Sunday Brunch in Koramangala with no value for money at all. Its sad that such a nice place cannot afford to have better kitchen staff :( Have given it 3 stars only because of the good service & attentive waiters - otherwise not worth even 2 stars for the food.


Lunch buffet

Good spread for a lunch buffet with a affordable price of 499+taxes. Ambience is good and staff courteous !




Had a surprise party planned for mom on her 50th birthday along with 16 other family members and was really disappointed to see the service offered. Though complaint twice to the manager and also his boss things never changed. They were just not ready to explain all the different counters they have as part of the buffet and all the guest were unaware of all the other counters they had. And i had to personally inform all the guest about the buffet and the extra counters they had and in doing all this I just did not enjoy myself in the party. Quality of the food was also very poor and not many starters for Veg and Non-Veg !!

Overall whom to blame, it should be MYSELF for deciding to host the party in 12th main restaurant!!!


fantastic buffets

finding this place has always been tricky (though worth it!) have been here for their regular as well as themed buffets and loved the spread. this is a nice place to relax as you take your time with the variety of dishes. one major drawback though is the fact that the waiters are hard to get across to and are woefully ignorant about the menu, which generally is ok for buffets but then we end up ordering only one beverage and give up making an effort post that.



Much Below Expectations

My friend and myself (along with our kids and spouses) were planning for a relaxing lazy and sumptous lunch somewhere in Bangalore. After some search here and there and on Burrp, we finalised on 12th Main as the restaurant where we'll have lunch on Saturday..

Decided to make the booking on the previous night as thought the place might be crowded. Requested for a table in their lawn as that seemed a place with nicer ambience. The guy taking our booking acted as of it is difficult to give place outside as that is always full. Anyways, he agreed.

Went to the restaurant the next day to find the the entire restaurant had ONLY 2 tables occupied when we landed. Throughout our meal also, not more than 3-4 tables were occupied at any point of time. So the entire attitude of the guy as if they are heavily booked was a false one.

Ambience of the place was simply too good. Very very nice and relaxing, especially in the lawns of the restuarant.

We settled down asking for a high chair for one kid with us. A dirty high chair was brought on which the tray won't fix only was brought. Since the tray could not be fixed, another high chair was brought which was again a dirty one, on which however the tray got fixed. Pretty disappointing for a high end restaurant.

Started with soup and starters. Starters had Pita Bread and Humus (was nice), some nice assorted breads (again nice) and salads (pretty average). Also they had a stall for Tacos (which were again average). Surprisingly, not even a single Indian starter was there. Soup was Rasam which was just OK. So not a very great start.

They give one drink (any soft drink or beer) complimentary which we ordered.There was also one pasta of your choice for everyone where there was a choice of only 2 pastas, one with the white sauce and another with a tomato sauce. We ordered 1 each. The one with white sauce was dripping with the white sauce and tasted horrible. The one with tomato sause ws still OK.

Anyways, finally we moved on to the main course. Firstly the variety in that was very very sad. Then the taste was even more pathetic. Pretty bad stuff I should say. Some of us were really put off by then with most of the things being below expectation.

Lastly the deserts, there were 5-6 of them. Except the Mousse, all of them were either average or below average. Be it the Firni, Apple Strudle or their cakes. All were pretty sad.

All and all, we were very disappointed. I got lot of cursing from everyone on having finalised the place and I was disappointed as well. There was nothing good at all in the place except the ambience. And for 500 bucks/person, this was a total non-starter.

My ratings on scale of 10 go as below.
Ambience - 10 (simply nice)
Soup - 4 (Rasam for a soup isn't a great idea)
Starters - 6 (Breads/Pita Bread only were nice)
Pasta - 4 (One was OK, other was horrible)
Main Course - 3 (Below expectations)
Desserts - 3 (Only Mousse was OK)

Ideally it deserves a 1 star, but I would want to give half a star extra for its ambience (which gets rounded to 2 star).

Will recommend if you want good and relaxing ambience and food doesn't matter. Else would advise a strict No for this place.


Disappointing, after the hype

After reading some of the glowing reviews of 12th Main, we decided to give it a shot.

The ambiance was exceptionally good - the poolside and the interiors, both were excellent, though the poolside chairs could have been more more comfortable (read, soft seats instead of hard ones). The soft lighting coupled with the foliage, canopies and brown earthy tones made for a very soft, luscious experience.

The service too wasn't bad. Most of the staff were courteous, smiling and friendly, with the exception of the floor manager/ captain who seemed to be rather aloof.

When we walked in, we noticed that the red wines were placed under hot lights. Any knowledgeable epicurean will tell you that that's a no-no. It should have been our first clue that the staff were not experienced.

The knowledgeableness of our server was questionable. When my friend, an epicurean, a connoisseur of good food and a restaurateur himself, told the server that he was a vegetarian, and asked her what she'd recommend, she said "it is your choice, what you want, how I know what you want?" (word for word). Call me old fashioned, but it's the role of the server or captain to recommend the chef's signature dishes, or what the restaurant thinks is best.

Our orders took a long time coming each time, to the point where we began losing our appetites in between courses. 15+ minutes between courses isn't a good idea because diners (a) begin to lose their pace & appetites, and (b) begin snacking on breads between delayed courses, and everyone loses.

We expected a dinner buffet, but our server told us, "sometimes we have it and sometimes not". Puzzled, we dug into her and asked her what that meant, and whether they'd run out of food or what. I'm still unclear, but her response seemed to be a combination of "the buffet's only between Monday and Friday" and "It's our wish".

The seafood minestrone, like a cioppino was pretty good.

The shawarmas were below average - I've eaten shawarmas around the world, and these were not. The chicken were thick strips instead of the traditional shavings, the meat was not seasoned, the bread was a pocket not a wrap, and the accompaniments definitely needed more taste.

The gram curry was pretty awful - not Indian, not Mediterranean, nothing. It had a peculiar unsavory taste that could be partially masked by a lot of lemon. The accompanying malabar parathas were pretty good though.

Finally, the desserts were a mix. The dark chocolate mousse was neither dark nor a mousse. Instead, it was a light chocolate, rubbery, gelatin-filled, semi-hardened... thing. Dessert is my forte, and I was quite disappointed with mine. The apple crumble, though, was very good.

We would've left comments if they'd provided a comment card. Sadly, it was in line with the evening - the restaurant not really caring for the whole experience of dining. The silver lining though was that one of the chefs came out to take our feedback on the dessert - he wasn't the dessert chef though.

With its lovely ambiance and friendly staff, 12th Main has potential, but it's being spoiled by an aloof captain, uninformed staff and below average food. Chalk it down to their inexperience? Perhaps we ordered the wrong food? In both cases, it is the captain's responsibility of recommending the right food, teaching the servers and driving the quality of the food.

We won't know, because first impressions are often the final ones in the restaurant business.


skmon666 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 25,2011


Excellent Place

Nicely tucked in a koramangala residential area.Very helpful and non-intrusive maitre'd.Good selection of wines & beer.Deserts are awesome.The main spread is alittle thin for a place this good , but for the price - 550, it's adequate.Nothing bad to say, really.


Best Mediterranean food in the city!!

Last week was my umpteenth visit to this Restaurant and the food is still lingering in my thoughts...there is just nothing to fault these guys on...the food is as delicious as it gets, infact, I think 12th Main serves the best Italian fare in the city, their pastas & risottos are just 'heavenly' and the variety on offer can overwhelm you a little as you wouldn't know what to pick
(I changed my order twice) ...finally went with shrimps and with every mouthful I was swooning!!! Service is impeccable, decor is classy with a Capital C...btw, don't leave the restaurant without trying their creme brulee, its really good! Kudos to the F&B team for making every dining experience at 12th Main truly fantastic!



Pasta Fiesta @ 12th Main

First & foremost, kudos to the team for being just fabulous with keeping consistency with your service!! A special thanks to Pradipta for making my experience a sheer pleasure.

The pastas are all 'home made' in-house which I must say has made a tremendous impact on the quality & flavour compared to others I have had. The garnishing, presentation, the varied flavours on the palettes is just perfect .. U clearly can know that great effort has been put to choosing the best ingredients to the selections.

I tried the shrimp (melts in your mouth), the chicken (tender, succulent .. mamamia !!).

Cannot wait to go back & try the rest.

The pasta items are MUST TRY to all Italian food enthusiasts .. Actually anyone who appreciates good food !!!


Overall a nice place for a relaxed evening

Went there just yesterday with a friend of mine.He was shifting from Bangalore so though of having a relaxed meal.
This place is inside the Grand Mercure Hotel in a very residential area of Koramangala .The place looks very well maintained from outside and the same standard continues everywhere.

The ambience is very warm and cozy and they also have an excellent al-fresco dining area.
We took the buffet which was prices at 550 + taxes.
They had a rather large spread of cold salads which were mostly great.There wasn't any other starters other than the
salads which was a little downer considering the other buffet spreads of similar price and nature.
The main course had a chicken /mutton/fish curry ,a baked chicken dish ,2 varieties of rice ,dal etc.
They also do serve you pizza and pasta from a live counter,but the choices of the sauce or the topping is rather limited.

They have a good array of deserts but the same cannot be said about the taste.The cheese cake didnt have any mascarpone cheese.The phirni was a cross between pudding and what not .
Liked the strong cinnamon flavored caramel custrad.

Last Words - For the price and the standard of the place ,i would say that the buffet is rather value for money and good if you want a long relaxed dinner.

Last Minute Update - The service is great and attentive without being obtrusive.


creme brulle!!!

great ambience and great food!...what more can one ask from a classy restaurant...their creme brulle was d best...its been a long time since i hav eaten there...can someone plz let me know the current prices of their lunch buffet?!


December 13, 2010response from management at 12th Main, Grand Mercure Hotel:

Dear Mr. Francis!!

Greetings from Grand Mercure Bangalore!!

We are delighted to receive pleasant comments from your dining experience at 12 Th Main.
My entire team joins me in thanking you for your patronage.
Our lunch buffet is priced at INR 499 inclusive of all taxes and it is a gourmet delight to savor our delicious food in a trendy ambience.
Warm Regards,
Director of Food & Beverage.

December 13, 2010response from management at 12th Main, Grand Mercure Hotel:

Thank u...keep doing d great work guys!


Great Food & Excellent Service

I have become a fan of this joint. Friendly & cosy, peaceful ambience with consistent great food & fabulous service!

This place is a hidden gem .. literally in a great private location; away from the hustle & bustle of everything.

There is a wide selection in the buffet & variety for all palettes. It even has an al-fresco area (my fav) with a garden & a fish pool .. cool.

12th Main is truly a great place & it even takes small private parties too.

Thumbs up on all counts from me ;-)


I want to rate this place even higher

I was in two minds whether to write a review for this place or not. Since this kind of gems when gets public attention and glare somwhere looses its shine and glory. In the quite and posh bylanes of Koramangala this resturant reminded me of the pizzas I had in Milan. I stayed at Mercure in Paris but the restaurant there was pretty ordinary. But 12th is sure to catch evrey foodies attetion by its immaculate service, value for money buffet, wonderfully thin crust pizzas and the five star like ambience. This is a place which we will pay many more visits till the time it maintains the same high standards.


grubby - Burrp User


6 Reviews

August 10,2010


Excellent Prawn & Saffron Risotto

Excellent Prawn & Saffron Risotto. Kudos to Chef Gaurav & his team. Lovely ambience, especially the outdoor section... it's a little closed in alcove where you dine on a deck with a small water body. Attentive service. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Really good Dinner Buffet

Not too many places in Bangalore serve dinner buffet. Before hopping into this place, neither did we knew this place serves dinner buffer. After reading some classy reviews on this on burrp!, my friend and I, made up our minds on this.

The best part of this restaurant is, its not on the main road, hidden from all the noise and pollution. Infact, the route we took also wasn’t so easy to figure out where we were going. The easiest route could be to take the road next to Utsav and turn right on the 2nd or the 3rd road. I’m not really sure if we took right on 2nd or the 3rd road from there.

It’s a hotel and has 2 restaurants. One is Indian and the other is Mediterranean. We chose the Mediterranean. As we entered the restaurant, we saw a large buffet spread. This restaurant had indoor and the outdoor section. We chose the outdoor section for obvious reasons. The Bangalore weather was lovely and this section had some water bodies and the crowd here was comparatively lesser compared to the indoor section.

We browsed through the menu card for the A-La-Carte only to realize they serve not just the Mediterranean but also some South-Indian stuffs like Appram, Idiappam etc.
After this, we also browsed through the buffet spread. And just a glance on it was sufficient for me to zero in on the Buffet.

The buffet had a long array of salads and everything in the list was superb! My favorite was the one with walnuts with a sweetish tinge to it. Starters were super good too. Some kebabs were extremely good! Next was the Pasta from the Live Counter and this was perfect! After this was the Pizza and this was too large for the 2 of us. There was no way we could complete this with so many more things to try after this. May be they should serve a smaller size and can serve more for those who have better appetite. I decided not to opt for Indian breads as there was hardly any space left and I had to keep it intact for the desserts. The Dal was extremely good and I had good yellow dal like this after a long time.

Desserts are something I cant miss out mentioning. There were more than 10 kinds of desserts and each one was extremely tempting. I told myself, “let this be one last time and I’ll try only a few in this large array of desserts”
As per the promise I made myself, I did try a few cakes / pastries and some chocolate based desserts. Yummilicious is the word!

12th Main is indeed a very good place if you are planning to take your partner out for some romantic meal. With the combination of pleasant weather of Bangalore and the outdoor seating of the restaurant, this makes an apt place for a date.


Mediocrity at its best!

It was my second visit to 12th main last night. The first visit - a couple of weeks ago was different. The first time, the food was very understated but tasty but the service was left wanting, even though there were barely 3 other tables occupied. Last night the food was appalling - the non veg crostini platter consisted of 2 different types of chicken kebabs cut into strips and placed on bread. Shocking! If I ever do go back, it will be for the service and the ambience - the food.... well, I'll eat at the roadside kebab joint!


April 23, 2010response from management at 12th Main, Grand Mercure Hotel:

Dear Ms. Gupta

We are very sorry that the crostini platter was disappointing to you. My self & Exec Chef have taken your feedback very seriously and reviewed & re introduced our crostini platter based on your feedback.(Image attached , please click on photos tab)
It will be our pleasure to welcome you back to Mercure Bangalore to try this new platter & give us your kind feedback. We sincerely appreciate your time and effort taken by you to give us your feedback. I hope this action of ours goes someway in restoring your confidence

Beautiful place.

I love the way this place has been done up. Casual. A little Maimi, Really good. The food is good. The service good, and the location superb. It is really quite and beautiful at night. Great place to take a girl.


That fish is fishy...

went here for a birthday celebration, turned out to be the wrong choice.

We were here on a week night and preferred to sit outside. I must say the settig is gorgeous with lots of space, not visible from outside.

We ordered asparagus risotto and pan fried fish among other things. I was asked if I wanted my risotto al-dente or well done. I referred to the former since I like my pasta that way.
Its an open kitchen so I had a good look at the way they cooked their pasta. Horror of horrors - no olive oil added to make it creamy and plain cold tap water added, not boiling stock to cooking. the result? uncooked grains of rice. i could tell from the time the chef spooned it on the plate that it was no good - turned out that way too.

The fish was placed in something resembling a steamer for a while and popped out. It looked more boiled than pan fried when it arrived, also half cooked, with pink insides and white exteriors. Apologies followed the reaction and was replaced with spaghetti, again al-dente with no salt, pepper just a few coloured peppers. Sorry, I make better fresh pasta from scratch - not acceptable.

A bad day for the chef? maybe, but spoilt my day. May give them another try another time, but this one stank.



Lovely Ambience & Excellent Service

Hidden in the heart of Koramangala's residential colony in the 4th Block, this restaurant is part of the Mercure Homestead Residences.

The first thing that will impress you about the place is the quality, professionalism and attitude of the staff. Always ready with a smile, genuinely interested to make your meal enjoyable and very knowledgeable about the items on their menu.

The place has two sections: A tastefully decorated indoor section with a counter/bar view of the chefs at work; and an outdoor terrace area among greenery and sleek goldfish ponds. The terrace looked very inviting and tranquil by the evening lights.

They have a good collection of imported wines and a range of cocktails. We ordered a Black Magic mocktail and a glass of domestic Sula wine.

The food was good. We tried the Crab Cakes as an appetizer, and for main course, we went with the Spaghetti Bolognese and the Stuffed Chicken Breast. Both main course dishes had an originality about them that you wouldn't find in a lot of places east of the Mediterranean. The Spaghetti sauce seemed to be tomato based though the flavors were so subtlety blended that it was difficult to ascertain. The Chicken was soft and full of flavor.

Though the Mercure website indicates that they serve child meals, it seems they have stopped doing that now. We ordered a Chicken Burger for our toddler served with French fries, salad and 3 kinds of dips. The burger was average, yet the fries were absolutely excellent - the kind that would probably still remain crispy even at freezing temperatures!

On the night we went, the place was relatively empty. A couple of foreigners glued to their phones and an NRI family loudly boasting about Bangalore's many new malls.Perhaps if I had reviewed this place on a full-house night, it would be different.

Overall, a great experience.


My absolute favourite!!

Its a pity that I don't see too many reviews on this restaurant..probably bcoz not many people know about it. 12th Main takes it name from the quiet little lane in the posh Koramangla area where Mercure Homestead is located. I came upon this place quite by chance some 6 months back and took an instant liking to this restaurant. So far, I've frequented this place on four occasions (all dinners) and have even entertained guests here and by far all the experiences have been superlative. The restaurant is tastefully done, the outdoor deck area is perfect for a romantic candle light dinner, there's plenty of greens all around and a faint gurgle of water makes for a very soothing experience!! Service is impeccable, the staff well versed with the wines and always ready with a suggestion if you need one. I dote on their Lebanese items, especially chicken shawarmas and a very interesting mezze with pickled vegetables, hummus, raw salads etc. Also, the non-veg platter (it has some lovely grilled seafood variations) is a must try. I'm dying to go there for the Sunday brunch soon.



Average Buffet

I tried the buffet at 12th Main over the weekend. Priced at Rs 600 per head, it is quite steep. The buffet comes with a pint of beer and unlimited soft drinks. We had Black Magic and Fruit Punch, both of which were quite nice.
There were four salads and two soups to start with. The chicken sausage and pineapple salad really stood out. The crabmeat and asaparagus soup was quite light and full of flavor.

The main course consisted of two non-vegetarian dishes - goan fish curry and roast chicken with rosemary. Both were passable. The vegetarian dishes included a spectacular Balinese vegetable curry, ghar ka khaana type alu capsicum and alu baingan, an interesting kamal khakdi (lotus stem) with dry fruits, polents, dal, corn pulao, and steamed rice.

The desserts were plenty and very yummy - apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocoalte mousse, mango cheesecake, gajar halwa with ice-cream and two others.

Except for the desserts and the Balinese veg curry, the buffet was quite average. They should definitely consider adding a biryani and a few starters to the buffet.