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13 Spices

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 80 ft Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Indian, Chinese

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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13 Spices Reviews

Foodie_101 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

December 04,2012


NIce Food and Ambience

The food here is real tasty and the continental section is a real delight however you will find better Chinese and Italian dishes some place else, the delight here is the chicken biryani which is very different from the traditional Hyderabadi Biryani available everywhere in bangalore its more like Lucknow style biryani , so if you wish to try something different than ordinary try chicken biryani here, its obviously less spicy than the hyderabadi biryani.
As for other items the starters are good however the curries served here are much less in quantity for a decent enough price and one curry is good for only one person.


Nice place for food post LOR

The place is an awesome small restaurant that we generally visit post LOR or drinking session else where. Its zillion times better than shaddy "Chandini Chowk". Chicken gravy and Indian bread are best. I prefer take away from this place and pricewise its pretty ok.




WORST 1st time experience... Irresponsible behaviour.. rowdy waiters. A NEVER TO VISIT PLACE.... they have a very small kitchen wherein every other person is trying to enter. And VEGGIES .. DON'T EVEN DARE GOING THERE.. I had ordered for Crispy honey chilly potato in the starters for which the order was taken by manager himself. Then a waiter turned up to reconfirm the order. I told him the starter order as well as for main menu.. Then this waiter comes and brings crispy honey chilly CHICKEN... I doubted if it's veg. I asked him and then told him again that please assure that no non-veg comes to this table. I'm a pure veg. He replied in affirmative and disappeared. Then when i ate it, I found it to be chicken. And when i called the rude waiter, he said you asked for Chicken and when i said No, he turned his face making Hmph sound... Then i turned up to the manager for the uncalled behaviour and he just said sorry turning away as the waiter did.
I can't ever think of going to this restaurant again. I STRONGLY advise all you people to NOT go there as if u face any adverse situation, TRUST me you'll be treated very very badly.


Vijay Bs - Burrp User

Vijay Bs

1 Reviews

January 31,2012


Nice hangout place :)

A cute little place. Ideal for groups of about 6 people. Great taste ( must try Dum Biriyani there ) , hygienic and very economical . What more can one ask for !


ragpicker1 - Burrp User


148 Reviews

September 11,2011


Lovely Place

A friend and I were actually en route to another restaurant when we spotted this and decided on a whim to have dinner here instead. We settled ourselves at a corner table and looked at the menus handed to us by a polite waiter. I chose a glass of buttermilk as my beverage and we chose a plate of Chicken Kebabs with Sauce as our starter and Jeera Rice and Chicken Curry as our main course. The food tasted good and we enjoyed a nice quiet meal as the restaurant was fairly empty (we were there quite early). The service is good and the ambience is nice. Definitely a place which I intend visiting again and recommending to friends.


Good, simple food.

Food: I went with a friend of mine for lunch this afternoon. We ordered Maa ki Daal, Nizami Handi (veg), roti and jeera rice. The food was good! The dal was served in a cute little 'balti'. It tasted just right. The consistency and the flavors were pretty good. The Nizami Handi was well flavored and had cauliflower, peas and paneer. The jeera rice had a hint of ghee in it and went very well with the Dal. The prices for both entrees were about Rs. 130. Overall, a pretty satisfying meal. i'd recommend the vegetarian stuff here.

Service: It's just the usual. nothing great but not bad either. The server checked with me every time i was about to serve myself and offered to serve the entree on to my plate. I thought that was pretty courteous. the ambiance is alright too.

Overall: If you're in for the food, do give this place a try. It's a cozy little place with good food.



unlucky 13

We went there on a sunday afternoon and we were the only people in the restaurant. On asking for hot water, we were initially served cold water and the waiter argued that it had been hot. Later, we were served lukewarm water. As we were very hungry, we went for the buffet, hoping it would be quick. They told us that they would serve us the starters and the soup in our table. Unfortunately, after a 15 minute wait, we did not get even one dish. We left the place deeply disappointed. I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone.


sd1407 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 17,2010


Awful Food and Average Service

Went there on 15.12.2010 for lunch. Around 1:45pm, we were the only people there. We ordered a-la-carte as the buffet spread didn't look fresh. With only 1 customer, they took about 25 mins to serve rotis and a main course, so I wonder how the service would be if there are more people. The rotis and naans were crispy and resembled papad. We returned these once and the second time it was no different. Gives me a feeling that the chef is totally inept, how can you trust anyone with food if the person can't even make proper rotis. The experience with both food and service were below par.

Another couple came in for the buffet and they were told that it would take them 10 mins to serve the soup that's included in the spread. They promptly walked off. Imagine someone offering such waiting periods in an empty restaurant that too for a buffet spread.

The ambiance is chic, though I hope the reason why anybody would go there - food and service quality improves by leaps and bounds.

Decision - not going back and would not recommend anyone to go here.



Nice place to visit

We went to this place on a thur evening... for once i found veg food betr than non veg. not very expensive. the service was good. overall it was a nice experience..
Food - 3/5nonveg 4/5veg
Ambience 3/5
price 3/5