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> > > > 20 Feet High

20 Feet High

Church StreetCentral Bangalore  

  • 25582122, 9902861115
  • 1st Floor, Amoeba Sports Bar, 22, M. G. Road, Church Street, Bangalore
  • Continental
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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20 Feet High Reviews


The perfect place to be on a cool evening. A table by the balcony. Good food.
No complaints :)



I was expecting a lot more from 20 feet high

20 feet high has a good laid back ambiance. We were a rather large group of guys on a reunion of sorts on a Sunday afternoon, many of us vegetarians. We ordered veg starters and a few bottles of beer to wash it down with. The panneer fingers seemed stale, so we ordered a veg quesidilla, even though the ingredients of which were fresh, was even more disappointing in terms of taste. Undeterred we ordered the main course consisting of a pasta with pesto sauce, veg lasagna and for the non vegetarians we ordered a pasta and a Monterrey jack BBQ chicken, all of which were of good portions and quality. The flavours and veggies in the pasta were just perfect. I would be rather wary of trying out this place again, since there are way too many nicer places on this stretch. If I do happen to come again it would be just for the simple beer and pasta and nothing elaborate.


Ripples - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 07,2011


High price, bad food

The wooden setting is something you would love, pick a table near the open space. Nice place for a beer, a smoke and some starters. Thats it!

Their main courses are overprice given the taste. Most pastas are just too full of flavour that you wont like it, too tomatoey, too saucy or too bland.

The manager will always come and chat with you for a minute or two and the staffs are attentive. But they charge exorbitant rates and taxes. And provide bad food!

Go there for an occasional quiet drink, thats what the place is good for.


Alcor - Burrp User


9 Reviews

August 14,2011


Not so high after all

Overall: 2.5
Food: 3
Ambience: 3
Service: 1.5

They may be riding high on their burrp! Certification, but 20 ft High is sure to send you crashing to the ground. The wooden interiors look nice and cozy, but I think it’s becoming an overdone concept for restaurants. My order of a Monterey Jack BBQ Chicken came within half an hour, and the manager came up to me and chatted while I waited. Nice, you’d say. Then the food came. The chicken was soft and well cooked, but I can’t say the same for the rest of the dish. The sauce was too sweet and tomatoey, overpowering all other tastes, and the vegetables were raw and rock hard. But the worst was the bill. The dish cost Rs 275, but I ended up with a bill for Rs 336. Well, in addition to VAT, there was something called SER, along with service tax. I don’t like paying tax, and more so when it comes up to 20% of my bill, for food that’s just average. Hmmm… not going back there again.


Nice place, mediocre food

I had lunch recently at 20 ft high and my impression after the meal was that they had wasted a great piece of real estate. What could have been a great open theme restaurant falls flat on account of it's food and service

1. The serving crew had no idea about the items on their own menu and sadly they lacked in communication skills also. When I am paying so much for my dish I expect my captain to be slightly knowledgeable and capable of making suggestions

2. I had a pepper steak which was passable but again not up-to standards. Washed it down with coke, but the portions were good.

3. The service staff kept hanging around the tables and since it was a lazy afternoon they were in a mood to gossip. Did not appreciate all the conversation that spilled over into my table

Price : Meal for 2- 1000 Rs ( with no alcohol, just two main courses)

I dont think I will ever be visiting this restaurant again and would advise the other to do the same. Hopefully the management does something about the image this place projects



when i think of this place only one thing spins around my head...their juicy delicious steaks which no man can finish it alone!


Taste  Bin - Burrp User

Taste Bin

8 Reviews

November 15,2010


what is with the attitude?

Don't know if i picked the wrong day to go there but boy they were understaffed. The orders & food were delivered on time day, they just didn't want to get paid! The chicken wings were very well marinated & the chicken steak though ordered to be 'well done' was quite below the expectations.
Crazy hip-hop music deafens your eyes while you can chill out with a mug of beer.
Don't order 'fresh fruit' juices from there :-P you are bound to get maaza in a glass & be charged 80 bucks for it!
Of course you don't need to leave a tip (maybe that why the waiters are bored) cause you need to pay a nominal service tax!!


Office party

quite nice...very nice seating and view; beer is all right, snacks are good...the steaks are delicious...but not a great deal of choice to eat really.


For some Beer and Finger Food!

My friend craving to have some beer, insisted I treat him on a weekday after work and we decided to meet on Church Street. Initial idea was to goto the Sports Bar but, unfortunately it was closed that day. When asked we were told, its closed for a week. Looking at my face, my friend knew I would not like to go too far from this place and he suggested we try 20 Feet High.

20 Feet High is in the same building as that of Amoeba and Three Quarter Chinese. My friend without wasting much time ordered a few pints of beer. I dint want to take any drinks including mocktails or softdrinks or fruit juice. To munch along, we ordered some Mushroom Caps. Since, there was no drink for me and I was hungry, most of it was consumed by me. My friend was just short of naming me a Glutton! After this, we ordered another thingy (I forgot the name) which had loads of vegetables and cheese in it. This was good but, I felt it was overloaded by cheese. I was getting too conscious about eating cheese along with the vegetables while my friend happily enjoyed it till the last bite. I did notice a few girls in the next table enjoy Blueberry Cheesecake but, my control over the temptation was the clear winner for the day!

The total damage for a couple of pints of beer and 2 mushrooms starters was around 1000 bucks! Service isn’t great. To refill the glasses with water, they need to be reminded multiple times and they take their own sweet time to serve water. but, if you ask for beer, they’d be very quick in serving the same!
So, if you looking for a place to have some chilled beer in an open space with some good finger food, 20 Feet High would do justice!



It was on the 10th of March 2010 that my girlfriend and I went to this restaurant. She had picked this place for my birthday lunch. I have heard a lot about this place. Anticipation was that it should be a nice place to be.
We reached the place by 1PM. The valet parking dude looked at me as if I can’t own a car. Whatever! This is the first restaurant where I saw a metal detector at the entrance. The climb up must be I think 20 ft or so, that’s why the name, 20ft.
The looks:
The overall look of the place is wooden with lots and lots of woodwork thrown in. Was there a theme? I don’t think so. The walls had posters of 70s and 80s rock bands. The bar did not look well stocked. The open kitchen did not appeal much. Some of the woods did not even have a varnish cover on it. You can make out the non varnished patches on the ceiling. The seating arrangement is quite comfortable with nice and comfy chairs. The table for four people is a bit bigger than the usual size. It is quite windy but dusty as well.
The staff:
Weird is the first word that I have for the staff of this place. The water was served by one waiter, then the spoon, napkins were placed by another, and the order was taken by another. Most of the waiters whom I saw were from the North East states I think coz they have the similar face cut as me. What think, they were, I know it, and they were from my state. So what? If someone walks in then he/she is your customer regardless of who they are. I think they surely need some training on customer service. My service is available any day. The steward was not able to suggest anything good in the restaurant where he works. He kept flipping the pages of the menu along with me. I could not understand anything that he was saying even though I was trying my best to make out the accent and the pronunciation. However, I just could not. None of them had any energy in them. The approach was lethargic. After ordering the food, no one came to our table for the next hour and half. Poor for the staff will be my rating.
For starters, we ordered Potato with skin stuffed with veggies and chicken wings with one large rum and coke along with it. The drink was served by one waiter. The chicken was served by another. The potato was served by yet another waiter. The chicken wings were nicely marinated and deep fried. It was a superb starter. The potato had too much cheese in the stuffing. Shredded lamb in rosemary sauce was my main course and Mexican veg delight was hers. The lamb was tender and was nicely done while the veg dish did not meet our expectations. Yet again, the two dishes were served by 2 different waiters. One of the waiters took 15 minutes to get me a lighter. Food wise, the place is good for non-vegetarian food that is how I can safely put. There is nothing much for the veggies. Good for non-veg and poor for veg will be my rating in terms of food.
It was a complete mismatch with the posters and the music that was being played. The posters were of hard core rock bands and the music was hip hop and electronic. It was too loud for a restaurant. Poor will be my rating for music.
The staff needs to be trained more on hospitality and customer service. A smile on the face makes a lot of difference. They should understand that they are there to serve and not to put up their egos. Cost wise, it is on the higher side. May be that is because it is right in the middle of the main business district of the city. However, a price revision can be really effective. Asking for what kind of water would you prefer is something that they missed! Overall, this place is no more than an average for me in terms of everything. The hype of this place has overtaken the reality of this place and the owners of this place seem to just bask in that glory.


The Joys of Exceptional Food!

A stroke of luck it must have been to have zeroed down on 20 Ft High as my choice of restaurant, one fine weekday evening. I was younger then and perhaps more willing to take risks. As I had climbed the wooden staircase leading up to this unassuming cracker of a place, I knew it was a chance of a lifetime. I am glad to say, I made good use of it.
It has been 3 years and counting still that my view of 20 Ft High remains unchanged. The place is as pretty as you can expect, though I miss the trees and the food top-notch.

Arabiatta pasta, Chicken Diana, Cottage Cheese & Corn Steak, Tequila Chicken something, Mediterranean Salad- all get a thumb's up. The sizzlers and steaks are worth every penny that you spend here. Expensive you may call it, but when you get your money's worth I doubt if you consider a bad bargain.

The service is exceptional. The waiters know their stuff. They don't hover making you uncomfortable. They leave you at peace with your food and friends.

I would recommend any kind of sizzler or steak or salad. Order pasta if you are okayish hungry. Avoid fajitas and the appetisers. The portions are kinda small with them. But the rest of the dishes will fill you up and yet, yet amigos, you won't have the heart to leave the stuff in your plate.

They serve their drinks how they should be. Beer is chilled; cocktails are great as well.

The meal for 2 with the drinks would cost you about Rs 1000. The steaks and sizzlers are about Rs 250 bucks, as is the pasta.

Hang out there on a Sunday noon with friends and I promise you it will be the most wonderful afternoon of your life. It will make you wonder, why you can't make it to 20 Ft High more often.


fame_throwa - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 22,2009



A friend of mine wanted to buy me dinner so he asked me to chose a restaurant.It so happened that we were in Church Street and since neither of us wanted to go anyplace far,I suggested 20 Feet High.I had dined there a couple of months back and had a relatively decent experience.When we took our seats,the waiters did not bother filling our glasses with water.When I asked for it,they took 15 minutes to get the water which had an extremely weird taste.We ordered starters-Mushroom caps which cost Rs. 140.Were we in for a surprise when they arrived!The 'mushroom caps' consisted of 6-7 tiny balls,each the size of a two rupee coin, fried with some batter and served with an array of all kinds of sauces ranging from ketchup to mustard sauce..,tabasco,capsico sauce...,you name it.

For the main course,I ordered Cottage Cheese and Corn Steak and my friend ordered Veg Stroganoff.Both the dishes were extremely hot and spicy,as a result of which I nearly burned my tongue and was compelled to gulp down the hardly-fit- for-consumption water that had been served to us.The vegetables on my food were not boiled properly;the carrots and beans were still raw and hard,there were just 2-3 pieces of cottage cheese which were sunk at the bottom and I neither saw nor tasted and evidence of corn on my food.The Veg Stroganoff was so spicy that it was inedible unless one could manage gulping down an entire glass of water after every spoonful.The only saving grace was the garlic bread.

I felt so guilty for having taken my friend to the restaurant that I had to 'compensate' him by buying him an ice cream sundae at Corner House after the meal.And oh,did I happen to mention that a huge rat was scurrying across the restaurant while we were having our meal?!


20ft high

The waiters there know me well!
it can only mean that am there every sunday...
its the perfect place to spend a sunday afternoon...
they don have much options in starters but wat eva they have is good enough...
very good service.... the waiters don lick er head every ten minutes to order somethin or get out...
i go there say by 2 in d noon n by the tym i drink n finish ma lunch its 6 in d evenin... drinks, starters, main course desserts... jus everythin... SIZZLERS r not bad


Ren-C  - Burrp User


33 Reviews

September 03,2008


Good Steaks

A totally unplanned rainy day led us to 20 feet High.

Being open air, you can imagine what the rains did to the restaurant. All the tables with the best view (the ones at the edges) had to shut off from service because 'it just rained on their parade'. We all ordered steaks which all came sizzling to the table and the heat stayed on till the end of the meal. Well, sad to say, but we drove off some of the customers to other tables because of the thick smoke from 7 sizzling steaks. We also ordered a bottle of Indian wine. They do have a moderate collection of wines stocked up.

The waiters did a good deed by helping us what to choose, steak-wise and wine-wise. The Tequila Steak tasted a little like Chicken Tikka Steak. Other than that everything else was pretty good. A good place to eat, but not when it's pouring.



A French Cafe 20 feet above

The place derives its name simply because of its altitude. It might be the unusual name that draws you to this place. But the food is bound to keep you coming back for more.
I had a seafood bisque, which was pleasant, without any overpowering taste. The stuffed mushrooms were a disappointment though. They were tasteless at best.
The stuffed steak I had came with a but salty, but fiery roasted potatoes. The steak itself was stuffed with cheese and salami and was very very filling.
The steward suggested the Treasure Bag, and I decided to trust his opinion and ordered it. It was your regular fried wontons filled with banana and candy and came on a bed of melted caramel. It was overtly sweet, and is only recommended for those with a mouth full of sweet teeth.
Overall a nice place. The ambience is very pleasant with the leafy plants all over the place. The service is very prompt and the stewards were very helpful. It beats the exorbitantly priced Ruby Tuesday which is situated in the next building, any day.