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> > > > 24/7, The Lalit Ashok

24/7, The Lalit Ashok

Kumara ParkEast Bangalore  

  • 30527777, 30523052
  • Ground Floor,The Lalit Ashok,Kumara Krupa High grounds,Kumara Park, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 3200

5 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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24/7, The Lalit Ashok Reviews


Took for ever for them to serve

AMbiance is okay. We went in late aroung 11:30 PM. SO the al fresco area was closed. We ordered out of the a la carte and they took forever to serve. Food tasted good thankfully.

we didn;t mind the wait as we were waiting for the clock to turn 12:00 to celebrate our 1st edding anniversary.

SO nothing really mattered. We just wanted to do something special.



Great Hospitality, Ambience & Food

There is something about 5 star hotels that make them different from one another. It could be the ambience, the food, the hospitality, or overall impression it creates on its guests. I happened to experience this when I visited Lalit Ashok earlier in the month for my husband’s birthday. Being in Bangalore for 8 years, i think I was one of the few people who were yet to visit this hotel. But I was happy to visit it on an auspicious day which made the visit more memorable.

There are several restaurants inside Lalit Ashok, but the one that caught my eye was 24x7 Coffee Shop near poolside. You can choose to sit at the tables set up near the pool in the lawn, or at the tables set outside with a roof in case you are worried about the scorching sun.

We were greeted by several people from the hotel which really made me feel that the environment at Lalit Ashok is really hospitable.

Once we sat down, a waiter came to greet us and brought a bread basket as well. It had about 3 kinds of rolls and breads to keep our stomachs satisfied until we ordered. Along with this, they gave a small tray of butter.

Appetizer 1: Crema Di Pomodoro – This means Cream of Tomato Soup. It was very rich and creamy with pieces of broccoli to add a bit more flavor. I normally don’t add salt or pepper to soups. So decided to dip the bread and eat and I must say it tasted delicious!

Appetizer 2: Bhatti Ka Paneer - Paneer marinated with fresh ginger and garlic and other ground spices which was cooked to perfection. The pieces were so soft that it would melt in your mouth. The spices were just right and complemented the paneer very well. The capsicum and tomato that accompanied the paneer were crisp and flavorful too.

Main Course 1: Pasta Alfredo – The birthday boy was in a mood for pasta and what better than to eat whole wheat pasta which tasted much lighter than the usual one made of maida. The pasta he chose was penne and it was accompanied with loads of cheese and garlic. Not only did it taste good, but the aroma of the garlic was heavenly.

Main Course 2: Pasta Primavera – Yours truly decided to try out the whole wheat spaghetti and unlike the one made with maida, this was much lighter and after eating it, I didn’t have a very heavy feeling. The pasta was loaded with carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and tomato. Pasta is one of my favorite dishes and I can eat just about any variety. This tasted really awesome that day.

As our stomachs were full from the appetizers and main course, we decided to skip dessert. However, the staff brought us a complimentary plate filled with four kinds of sweet which we just tasted as we could not finish it all.

The place where we sat was quite relaxing as we were the only guests who were sitting outside for lunch. We were happy with the hospitality of the staff as they were always ready to answer our questions and help us if we had any doubts about the menu.

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5

Do not miss their ever popular Sunday Brunch which has a variety of items to please everyone’s taste buds!



Tastes good but scope for improvement

The buffet spread is not all too great compared to other restaurants of similar quality.

Taste was good. The team can add some exquisite dishes to their buffet menu.


Sunday Brunch at the Lalit

The best part of Sunday brunch at The Lalit is use of the pool. The hotel has beautiful grounds, perfect for children to run around. Went with some friends to brunch and enjoyed sitting outside. Lots of Indian food options along with some western items on the buffet. Not as extensive (or as expensive) as some of the other 5 star brunches but perfectly lovely.



Poor choice of food for a heavy price

I went with my team to this place for a buffet dinner. The choice and variety of food was very very limited. there were two chinese and some vegetable curry, which were completely tasteless.

Very poor choice for an expensive restaurant. I had expected more from the Lalit Ashok name.