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> > > > 69 Seconds Restaurant

69 Seconds Restaurant

Sarjapur RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 07829696969
  • G.Y. R Chambers, 2nd Floor, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
  • Hyderabadi
  • Meal for 2 - 400

18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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69 Seconds Restaurant Reviews

Pathetic, Pathetic and Pathetic Home Delivery

I have never came across such pathetic and unprofessional home service in Bangalore. I ordered two dishes and breads around 8:30 PM today but when even after 1 hour the order did not came, I lost my patience. On follow up, manager told that they will send the order soon. I waited for another half an hour. On my second follow up, they told me that the guy has just started from the restaurant and food will reach in another 5 mins. Finally, I got a call from the delivery guy and out of my surprise he could not find the address, which is a prime address on Kasavanahalli road and everyday there guys are seen. I again told the manager how can they send someone who does not know the locality and did not confirm before starting. How can you simply not deliver food even after 2 hours and not follow up? You should stop phone delivery if you can't manage.

69, believe me this was your last attempt. I am never going to order again nor I am going to recommend you to anyone for such pathetic home delivery system. This is sheer moronic on your part.



4/5 - Heres why

hungry, I was looking for a vegetarian biryani this afternoon,

Cons and suggestions:
a. They have no family/value pricing/pack, people like me who own doggies, need a bulk purchase (x grams meat, y grams rice)
b. You cant get your girl friend here. - its bare bone as of now
c. Get rid of the packing costs ! and work on #1
d. Vegetables can be marinated too !

a. Feels light: The food digests really well, i did not feel the heaviness when i went for a run 4 hours later. and i actually over ate,
b. Food Presentation is cool. Love the roasted sliced onions
c. They got rid of the spice - quid pro quo for me in lieu of feeling light

I highly recommend this place AND I cant give 5 points because of price vs location and their inability to provide value
additions or customized solutions.


kalsu - Burrp User


2 Reviews

March 09,2012


69 seconds home delivery

called up someone took the phone after 8rings and they say 30mnts for delivery for a chicken is average but within what is available near Wipro much better in taste..overall can supplement your gastronomic needs :)



Good Food...Pathetic Service

Went to this place for a lunch with my office colleagues. The first thing that strikes you is that the whole ambience reminds you of a college canteen, not sure if that is ideal for a restaurant. It has one huge hall with tables scattered all across, exactly like what a college canteen looks like.

After placing the order, we kept waiting and waiting and waiting but our order just didnt come. Finally when it came, only our kulchas and one dish came. Those of us who were hungry started eating but the food kept coming in installments, so every 5 mins we were left either with no sabzi or no kulcha. By the time the sabzi would come, the kulcha would have gone cold and almost impossible to eat. And this was because of poor service as the waiters were thoroughly confused about the order placed and which order belonged to which table. There were only 6 tables occupied and even then there was such lacklustre service, wonder what happens when the place is full.

However i must give credit to the chef, the food was really good. We had chicken, dal and both were really awesome. Too bad that such good food has to be had cold because of poor service and mismanagement.



Not great but value for money

Went with based on Burrp's good reviews but came back with just above average experience. It look around 30mins to get the food on the table after an order even though there were very few people. I don't like to see starters and main course serving at the same time which happened here.. Ordered Tangdi Kabab (Good), Chicken kassa (Very Good) with Butter pulka (surprised to see pulka size) & Purdawala Nan (Good), later Chicken Biryani (Okay, Would have been better). Overall It was good considering the amount we spent but would have been even better..


Awesome Food @ Cheap Price

The 1st thing i loved about them is the menu. Following their naming convention they have priced everything ending with a 9 (69/79).

Coming to the point.

1. Food: 5/5 I tried veg biryani multiple times it was faboulos. Super good super reasonably priced. My buddies said even the non veg biryani was delicious. The quantity is good enough for 1 guy like me.

2. Hygiene: 5/5 Never been to the place to eat but the packing was perfect and pretty neat.

3. Pricing: 4/5 The prices are very decent for almost everything. I gave it 4 out of 5 because they charge 10 or 15 bucks extra for each item you ask them to deliver. I hope they make the delivery free.

4. Delivery Time: 4/5 Delivery may depend on the distance. But they take a decent 40 minutes to deliver at my place near Toyota showroom in Bellandur.

Overall i recommend this place to anyone who digs biryani. I guarantee you would satisfied to the fullest extent.


Dushie - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 15,2012


Good Food, Faster Service, Great Pricing

Went to 69 seconds, the food was awesome, service was fast,pricing was affordable,Would recommend for a visit any time.Few Menu items that were good : - Chicken Casa,Chicken Saagwala,Paneer Kulcha,Pardawala Naan,Afghani Kabab. Overall a great experience.


Good enough for regular visits

Went there yesterday during lunch time. The place has acceptable ambiance and a decent menu. We ordered Boneless Chicken Biryani, Mutton Kassa, Butter Chicken, Purdawala Nan and Paneer Kulcha. All were prepared well and tasted very nice indeed. The rates are also quite economical. Overall a good experience and we will surely visit the place again.


November 1, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Thanks Pranabesh, we are glad that you like the taste of our food. Do try some Kebabs and vegetarian dishes the next time. We hope that food continue to appeal to your taste buds.
You can follow us in Facebook at 69 Seconds Restaurant:


Veg Biryani!

I am a ardent meat lover, unfortunately my wife isn't. Been scouring for a good veg biryani in Bangalore. Disappointed with most of the places which pass a stuff like tomato rice in the name of Veg biryani.
Pleasantly surprised with the lip-smacking Veg biryani. will have there again and again provided the quality remains the same :)
PS: I believe that Veg and biryani is not meant to be together and never will be :) . But at 69 sec its different


November 1, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Thanks Prabul. We certainly got encouraged with your kind words and liked the statement that "at 69 sec it's different" :). Do keep visiting us and provide us feedback about our rest of the menu in this forum.

Nice Biriyani!

Ordered in today and got it delivered pretty fast. The Biriyani was very tasty and well priced though I prefer a better blend of meat and rice in the biriyani.

Will order again...


November 1, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:


We are glad that we delivered your order quick. But that is also a function of time of the day and day of the week when you ordered the food. Sometimes during the peak hours we do get delayed, although the intention is to get it faster :)
Biryani is our flagship product and hence we have tried to make it best w.r.t taste and cost keeping the quality un-compromised. Do try our rest of the items and keep enjoying the biryani hangover!!

hermao1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 14,2011



Food is great . Delivery was on time. Personal favourites Parda Wala Naan and Mutton Kasa...Keep up the good work and please please don't compromise with the taste of the food.


September 15, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Hello Hermao1, Thanks for your encouraging words. Cost and Quality are two most important pillars of 69 Seconds, so rest assured we won't be compromising on quality and taste of food. As far as delivering on time is concerned, there are multiple factors which play while delivering food, so despite our earnest effort there could be some delay as we have seen in past. Hopefully we will continue to bring food and trying to justify our name :)

rrbFoodie - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 11,2011


Good Biriyani

Finally a great value for money biryani place that serves Hyderabadi biryani the way it was meant to be made - subtle, light, non-greasy, easy on spices with a nice aroma. This place was apparently started by a couple of techies from Hyderabad with a passion for biryani and they can surely teach a thing or two to all the outlets having Hyderabad or Biryani in their name. The kebabs were also pretty decent. Keep it up guys.



September 15, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Hello rrbFoodie,

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Keep visiting us and try out our other dishes too. We are opening up a new outlet too in Bangalore central in outer ring road, so next time you visit Bangalore Central do visit our counter. You can follow us @ Facebook - 69 Seconds Restaurant

Once again thanks for the encouraging words.



I visited this place 3 days ago ,ordered roti ,tandoori chicken and kadai chicken and they were yummy.
best part they have portion for a single person....
planning to have biriyani nxt time..
Keep up the gud standard


September 15, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Hello Samson,

Appreciate you taking out time to provide us the feedback. Please do visit us the next time and try our other menu items. Also do follow us in Facebook - "69 Seconds Restaurant" for latest updates from our team.


Should change the name to 169 minutes!

Having read the other few reviews we decided to order from 69 seconds. Placed the order at 12:05 PM and got an estimate of 1245 PM. After waiting for am hour I decided to call and check only to discover that the order had not been placed. After a few minutes of explanation they found the order in a diff book and promised to get this over within 15 mins. After waiting for another 30 mins I decided to call again, the only problem was that the restaurant wouldn't pick my calls. This is probably when I stopped giving them a benefit of doubt and gave up on them. Everyone is permitted a few mistakes and managing a restaurant is a tough, they are warranted their odd bad days but such unprofessional handling tells me this would be a norm there. Anyway, a few mins later the delivery guy came and confirmed my suspicion by bringing in someone else's order. This on a day when the person taking the order himself mentioned that they had only 5 orders (while trying to convince me that they could not have misplaced my order), so 2 out of 6 orders botched, another soul must have been waiting for his Biryani, hopefully not as long as we did. Anyway, We politely asked him return and not bother coming back. I think am happy waiting much longer for 69 seconds Biryani, definitely not anytime soon.


July 16, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Thanks for your feedback.
We sincerely apologize for the complete mess of the delivery order placed by you today. We have started this restaurant 16 days ago, and have been grappling with resourcing and operational issues. We are trying our best to take the challenges head on , and as a result we have added few more workforce today and added few checkpoints within the logistical process to address the issues such as the one you faced today. Your frustration is completely understandable and rightly so, however we would request you not to b

Good Biryani...

We went there last Sunday and had a good experience with food.

The food was tasty though menu was very limited. I liked the 'Boneless Chicken Biryani' and 'Malai Kabab'. The biryani was not overflowing with masala. So, it's light & good. Also prices are moderate, good value for money. I cannot say it's the best biryani I ever had. But certainly more than good and the restaurant has good potential.

Service has few issues. When we went there, there was only one person managing taking dine-in orders and also home deliveries. He was literally struggling and so there was delay in order taking. (Once order was taken, they served it very fast though)

I guess this is their first venture. I have few suggestions if the management wants to improve for their good :
1) Separate persons should handle the process of home-delivery order-taking & dine-in order-taking.
2) For dine-in, most people don't like the 'food-court' type pre-ordering (paying before eating). Let the waiter take the order and give the bill at the end. Because it's very inconvenient to order some other items in middle of meal.
3) Biryani should always be served 'piping hot'. The Biryani served by you was just warm.
4) Make the prices 'inclusive of tax'.
5) Menu can do with some more items to increase options.


July 16, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Thanks for your feedback.

You are spot on in identifying this is our first venture:). We will make an attempt to respond to each of your feedback:

We are currently working on getting more workforce on-board that's been one of the biggest challenge in Bangalore, particularly to novice like us. That will also resolve couple of other issues of serving biryani quicker and 'piping hot' and also taking the order from the tables during the course of meal, although would like to continue with the food-court type pre-ordering. We belie


i m loving it :)

This is first time Im writng a review about a restaurant nd very much excited to share my views...been there last week with my friend.I just loved thr food & service...Specially Hyderabad Biryani was awseome :)


July 16, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Thanks Soumya for visiting us and we are glad you liked the food. Please do try our other dishes too, each of the dish we have hand picked after lot of trials.


As my title suggests.....the food at this restaurant was totally n my colleague went there to hav lunch last week and ordered Paneer Butter masala, Naan and Chicken Biryani...and we also had special 'PARDA WALI NAAN' on the owner's suggestion and believe me that Parda Wali Naan was just we would highly recommend this place for a simple though lipsmacking food...:)


July 16, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Thanks Parul for visiting us and providing your feedback. Do visit us again and try few other Hyderabad trade mark foods.


Good Biryani

I visited this place couple of days ago , its a nice place. I generally try new places and I am a dam biryani fan so i went for it. I really luved the Chicken Biryani served in a white bowl , its first time i am eating a biryani in a white bowl instead of a heavy copper bowl :). It was really good. The ambiance was good and i especially liked the front view as they have the high rise chairs which gives a good view of the long road.

I have spent only a year in Hyderabad but i have developed a taste for Biryani and some special Hyd dishes during this one year. And i hardly found a couple of restaurants in B'Lore matching upto the taste of true HYD biryani, I would add this one to that small list. You wont believe it i discovered Double Ka Meetha and Kubani Ka Meetha ,looking forward to Haleem :D

I truly enjoyed it and if you are a HYD food lover then its a must visit place ;)


July 16, 2011response from management at 69 Seconds Restaurant:

Thanks Ravi. We are thankful that you have highlighted some of our USP's in your review. We will certainly have Haleem during the month of Ramadan. Do visit us again.