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> > > > Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

BTM LayoutSouth Bangalore  


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Adyar Ananda Bhavan Reviews





Been There 100 times, Never Failed My Expectations

I live pretty close to this outlet, so weekly 3/4 times we hop in there to buy snacks and eat tiffins... I used to be in Chennai and I love their sambhar.. Consistency is the key ... You cannot expect an elaborate menu or extra courteous service..

But what is in the menu is worth trying, especially south Indian.
Try north Indian at your own risk... It is still ok, but not authentic north Indian



Pathetic Customer Service

Food in Adayar Ananda Bhavan is good. But they should show some courtesy to customers. Food is a little over priced, but for the quality it could be bit tolerated. Customer satisfaction comes first though, quality next.

The amount of sambar they give for a dosa or sagu for poori is really a meager quantity. I don't know where they find those tiny vessels which carry drops of sambhar and chutney. For the sambar they give for a dosa only a quarter of dosa can be completed. And that's that. You can't ask for more sambhar. The person at the self delivery counter will straight away say NO. He won't give that extra sambhar even if God tells him so. You know it is the agreement between this restaurant and customers that once given cannot be extended. Rules! One who does not abide to the rules will be punished.! Grr..! . Come on guys, grow up! You should not treat customers like a road side dog.! We are not asking you to share your wealth. Show some respect for the money we pay for each of the overpriced items.

A2B Rules - Sambar is Gold and Sagu is Diamond !

Please break these rules and provide some customer courtesy !



A2B in the Ganganagar mainroad

I had been to this place on a Sunday morning for a take away. Idly was over and was asked to wait for half hour. Hence parcelled vada and pongal. Came home, when started to eat, chutney was totally spoilt, looks like it was stale one and was refrigerated. Vada was a bit salty, no taste at all. Only the pongal was good. It does not nowadays look hygienic as well. Its so messy, the service guys blame each other if something gets wrong.
Overall: Not a place to recommend . If you want to dine in A2B, Chennai is the best place


A2B or B2A

I am not a South Indian food lover but whenever I have tasted any south indian food, I am never disappointed. Price is not too high but that compensates for tasty food. Its very crowded on Sunday. Finding a place can be a difficulty initially but people come, eat and go. Mind it - Its a self service restaurant.



Jayanagar Branch - Not good

We have visited both Jayanagar and the BTM layout branch.. The taste is not good ... Avoid the Chat section, they are not hygenic. If you are feeling very hungry, its a good place to have something to stay alive.


prabhu006 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 12,2011


Worst Service and Overpriced

Tried their BTM outlet and the food was not that great for the price we pay. The service in sweet counter is also too bad and I had to wait for 15-20 mins and still no one attended us after repeat pleas. Finally left without buying sweets, I swear i will never return to this place again...


resrev - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 12,2011


Avoid it.s It's Overpriced

Looks clean, quality is ok. but would not visit again. It's overpriced.

First of all, paying Rs 15 for standard size self service coffee is expensive.

Took a self service mini meal (lunch) last week. For Rs 60, quantity is too less
to be considered a mini-meal. which had the following components:

2 spoons kesaribath
1 thin small chapathi
2-3 spoons avial
4 teaspoon bisi -bele -bath
4-5 spoon tasteless saltless mint color rice (not sure what it is)
4- spoon curd rice

South Indian mini meals should mandatorily have plain rice and sambar
..both were missing.

I would pay not more than Rs 30 for above meal as of year 2011

Try Adiga's South Indian meals nearby. For 40+, it's Value for money
or see my other reviews for better options than either of them.



Food Poisoned

A2B BTM, used to be an excellent place for food...till few months ago... but the quality has hit a rock bottom these days. I went to the place on 25th Feb, 2011. and ordered Sambhar vada and basundi...and they had this from the previous day, and I got food poisoning. Please beware, what you order at this place. I am still nursing my food poisoning