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Alila Bangalore

WhitefieldEast Bangalore  


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Alila Bangalore Reviews


Save Your Appetite And Money - Stay Away

We chose this place for a team lunch because of a Groupon deal that offered the lunch buffet at Rs. 399.00 instead of the usual Rs. 650.00. The experience can be summarized by the following conversation between two of my colleagues:

Person A (to B): "How was the food?"
Person B: : "What food?"

This was the menu on offer (on July 18, 2013):
1. Tomato with Basil Soup
2. Cut carrot slivers, beans, Onions and cabbage leaves.
3. Soft and (really)hard mini buns.
4. Dry Fruits (Pista, Badam, Cashew) with a choice of oils and vinegar.
5. Boiled peas and corn
6. Veg and Non Veg Momos
7. Potu (A Karnataka dish)
8. A single non-veg item.

Main Course:
1. Naan and Roti
2. Dal (plain)
3. Paneer Masala
4. Pumpkin Kootu Curry (sorry folks.. Thats how they called it!)
5. White Rice.
6. Curd Rice.
7. Two non-veg items.
8. Papad board. (The papads were not there usually).

1. Semiya Payasam.
2. Gulab Jamoon
3. An assortment of pastries (all with egg).

Thats it folks!
Most of us felt that the spread was designed for the unsuspecting folks who fall for Groupon offers. The restaurant manager accepted that the spread (for lack of a better word) was "scaled down" for the Groupon offer. It must have been a long journey down.

None of the items were exceptional in taste. Most of the items tasted okay with notable exceptions. The momos were bland and they were not cooked fully. So was the Payasam. The dal was also a bit bland. My colleagues who tasted the non-vegetarian fare on offer were also deeply unsatisfied with the experience. The Gulab Jamuns were dry and it was obvious that the cook wanted to save on the sugar syrup needed to soak them.

There were other problems apart from the food. You are not allowed to park your two wheelers inside the premises though they have a basement parking lot for two-wheelers. You would also have to walk out of the restaurant, through the bar and a lobby to wash your hands. They do not serve finger bowls either. Finger bowls are too expensive to offer for Rs. 400.

Save your appetite and your money. Stay away from this place.