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> > > > Ambrosia


KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 9886330277, 40940101
  • 52/B, 100 Feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Ambrosia Reviews

mystere - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 24,2011


Awful. NEVER again

We went there for a weekday lunch (not even Friday). It wasn't busy (and now I know why). We were the first group to arrive.
The service was *** awful ***. The food and ambience were average. On top of that they lie (no multi-cuisine, no options for buffet as mention on website, ...). And they cheat (they had a big banner at the entrance announcing discount for Citibank cards, they refused to honor that).
NEVER again!


chai14 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 06,2011



AMBROSIA, amiable restaurant which served the best sheekh kebab and threaded baby corn for appetisers but, all that starts well doesn't end well..the main course was below average but the desert was a total disaster! x-(


Needs to be spruced up

Went to this place almost buoyed by the reviews with the flambe thingy providing fuel to the curiosity.First and foremost they need to brighten up their facade ,remove the dark glass and give it a more airy roomy look.
Coming to the food
Their variety is good with a few unusual choices.orders were
a)Cajun chicken salad - Best part were the cajun chicken strips ,loved them.The overdose of lettuce was irritating though.
b)A prawn flambe - this thing was good with generous quantities of prawn in a herb-ed gravy ,served along-with rice and veggies.Now the rice was outrightly bad and dry.
c)chicken and mushroom on skewers - Chicken was nice and tender but too bland for my tastes ,was very low on flavor.
Overall this place can do a lot better by changing its disposition and clevere marketing.



Ambrosia Sucks!

I bought this SnapDeal voucher valid from 13 till 20 Feb 2011, however when I called Ambrosia on 14th Feba nd 16 Feb 2011, for booking and mentioned about the deal, they were reluctant in entertaining and said we are full the first time on 14 feb, however my friend book a seat after me and on the second time they said the deal is off now as it is valid for 13 Feb and 14 Feb 2011 only. I dont know why then they have mentioned for 13 till 20 Feb 2011. Food may be good but these people sucks.... I would never ever go in there... What if they put something bad in my food when I go there....




A refreshing change from the standard joints in Kormangala. This place is a classic flambe joint which gives you an introductory flavour into the world from Flambe. Whats good - Decent food and quantities...whats not too good - Vegetarians wont really find too many options and the bigger issue of some items being on the menu but not actually available. Ambience is good, food decent to average, one time visit!


Fun 'Flambe' style!!

Ambrosia on the 100ft Road on Koramangala is probably Bangalore's only authentic 'Flambe' restaurant with an interactive kitchen and global you have Greek, Mexican, Spanish and even the obscure Brazilian cuisine amongst the other popular cones from around the globe right on your menu. Plenty of choices for those who like experimenting. I settled for a flambe dish while my colleague had a lasagna... 'Flambe' dish basically means glazing the dish in fire and its done right on your table...this experience is truly fun and the food tastes quite amazing too. The staff is courteous without being obtrusive and the ambiance is pleasant and ideal for a fine dine experience. My first time at Ambrosia was perfect so it'll definitely see more of me in days to come as I am excited about trying out the Greek and Brazilian items on their menu.



Just loved it!!

Truly an amazing place. Was such a nice experience. Food, ambiance, service, everything was awesome. Specially the dessert, it was prepared right in front of our eyes. :) Highly recommended



Awesome Place!!!

I never write reviews, but after visiting this place i felt compelled to do so! I started off with the "Buffalo wings" which were made just right and had an amazing flavour to it! For my main course I had the "Chicken Diane" which is a Flambe dish and really enjoyed the spectacle of the flames leaping out which left me very excited to taste the food. I was not disappointed! the thought of the sauce and the chicken served with rice still makes my mouth water. For dessert i had the "Drunken Banana" which was unbelievable!!
I recommend this restaurant to even the most fussy and cynical eaters!!


teju666 - Burrp User


36 Reviews

August 17,2010


Need to maintain standards

I have frequented Ambrosia a few times before though its only now that I am writing this review.

As a concept, Ambrosia is a good place. Mash up of dishes from around the globe. Good opportunity to experiment. Good ambience and good food. But in every visit, I feel Ambrosia is struggling to maintain the fine standards they started with.

Firstly, I have never noticed the place really occupied. I consider that as Koramangala's best kept open secret. But as a result lighting and air conditioning is turned down. For a fine dining place, we need a little more light. Also with the Flambe options, they need to ensure that the smoke is quickly vented out so that a new diner entering the place doesnt feel that the kitchen just belw up.

The table linen seemed spotted and dirty. Not something one expects in a fine dine place. Also I dont understand this obsession in Bangalore to force diners to reuse their cutlery between courses. It is easier to replace forks and spoons rather than place them back on the table (my waiter actually attempted that).

The menu card seems to have been changed from a more formal card to a more casual Sukh Sagar kind of booklet. Again doesnt go with the ambience.

I am not sure how the mgmt is handling low occupancy esp. on weekends but hope that this is not a cause for declining standards.

The food is really the trip driver. They have maintained their high standards. But my enchiladas seemed a little dubious. I was not sure if the oil was bad or the flour was spoilt. But the wrap was not good.
I highly recommend the mezze platter and the red snapper pan seared fish.

Go for the food. I hope the standards catch up.



Close to authentic... Close!

I recently went with my friend (who I should thank profusely for researching and finding this gem of a place) to Ambrosia on a weekday for lunch. The place was empty except for us, most likely because we arrived there early. I cannot comment on the staff, as they were attentive, with us being the only ones there.

The 'Cream of chicken', to quote my friend, was the best soup we had in quite a while. The 'Greek Salad' was also very tasty with fresh and crisp lettuce. The chicken starter (I forgot the name) we had was okayish, partly because it was slightly sweet.

I then had a 'Veg enchilada', which was close to authentic mexican, but lacked its zing. But this is by far the best mexican I had tasted in B'lore. But the 'Lasangna' that my friend had was simply delicious. If I had not been already full, I wouldve gobbled up the whole thing. Plus I also missed out on dessert having already binged on everything else. I may go back out there soon, just to taste their 'Tiramisu'.

All in all, this is a really good place. It barely costed us 500 bucks each. The only thing is, some of the items that we wanted to order, like the Greek hummus platter or the beef fillet mignon, were not available, most likely due to the weekday lunch timing that we chose.

Other than that, if you crave for variety and quality food, this is a must visit place!



truely heaven


A pleasant fine-dining restaurant with friendly staff, excellent menu and finger licking food-what more can one ask for! Yes, we were blessed with a very satisfying lunch on our very first visit to Ambrosia, a relatively new joint in Koramangala.

Their website boasts that they have the finest and the most comprehensive representation of cuisines from Mexico to Texas, from Greece to the middle east, from Italy to Great Britain, and of course, from India to Malaysia. They could not have been more honest....their menu is a treat! If one goes back satisfied the first time there is enough in the menu to make them come back again and again and still get a new experience every time.

We tried a dish from Brazil called Xinxim (a chicken and shrimp stew with coconut and peanut sauce) and another wonder from Greece which was chicken breast filled with herbs, served with pasta and salad. The portions are big and the flavors are just out of this world!The place was not very crowded so our son had lot of fun running around. The staff attended to him while we ate and overall it was a nice experience.

Differentiators for Ambrosia:
Ample choice for Non-vegetarians as well as vegetarians and also special dishes for the calorie conscious!
Flambé styled cooking with an Interactive Kitchen that comes right to your table!

A must visit for those with a taste for global food and those who are ready to experiment!

Ambrosia official website:


Aantan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 06,2010


Expatriates will love it

As an expatriate now living in Bangalore, i think Ambrosia is fantastic place to eat great international food. They impress me everytime. I usually take my new expat friends to Ambrosia for an ice-breaker to city of Bangalore.



Flame December

My experiences with food had been restricted to flavours and textures felt on the palette. It’s only after witnessing ‘A flambé December’ at Ambrosia did I realises that the visual experience of food is as important, if not equally as essential as the taste.

Situated on 100 Ft road Koramangala, Ambrosia is not hard to miss. This newly opened restaurant offers the Bangalorean Italian, Mexican, Spanish and selective Indian dishes. But their specialty is the Flambé technique of cooking which means ‘flamed’ in French. It’s a cooking procedure where alcohol mainly rum, cognac and brandy are added to create a visually dramatic effect and also slightly flavoring food.

When you enter Ambrosia, you can’t help but notice the slight smoke filled scent that lingers in the restaurant. This sets the hunger tone for the evening which you surely won’t be disappointed about. With fuss free interiors, warm lighting and spaced table setting you are immediately at ease and warm up to enjoy the dining experience.

A special menu was planned especially for the flambé festival and we were also informed that a complimentary glass of wine would be served along with every dish we ordered. Before we ordered our first dish, the friendly waiter suggested we start with one of the most ordered dish at the restaurant – The Threaded Chicken. As the name suggests, it’s a piece of chicken threaded with noodles deep fried and served with a tangy sauce. Though not on the flambé menu, we were glad to bite into the crunchy noodles and the soft juicy chicken, combined with the flavorful sauce.

My flambé experience started with Mushroom Al Ajilo – where mushrooms, coloured peppers, assorted herbs met with garlic onions and white wine. Though the wine didn’t alter the taste of the dish much, assorted herbs and garlic over powered the taste of this dish. We also tried Gambaroni Al Ajino, which is similar to the Mushroom Al Ajilo except it’s substituted with prawns. Being a seafood fan my vote went to the Gambaroni Al Ajino for its succulent fresh king prawns and herbs that complimented the dish.

For the main course we were spoilt for choice between beef, chicken and seafood items on the menu. For e.g. we read- Beef Burgundy (a beef fillet steak flamed in brandy, finished in a crushed black & green pepper corn sauce with double cream), Chicken Chesseure (marinated boneless leg pieces of chicken flamed with brandy sautéed with onion, garlic, mushroom, green peppercorn , tomato and touch of demi glaze), and Peri Peri Seafood (tiger prawns sautéed with garlic, onion ,lime and hot and fragrant chilli flamed with brandy finished with tomato gravy). At Ambrosia all the flambé dishes are prepared on a mobile flambé cart which is set next to your table. The most interesting part is that you can actually witness the flames leaping up and gently flavoring your food.

Ordering a beef burgundy will thoroughly satisfy red meat lovers who like their meat cooked just right. The beef was chewy and tender to slice into and the gravy was aromatic and accompanied the meat well. This was served with the flavorful herb rice. I suggest you specially ask for the herb rice as its wonderfully scented herbs are a treat with any flambé main course.

For dessert though tempted between drunken banana (slices of banana tossed with butter and brown sugar flambeed with dark rum) and chocolate brownie (chocolate brownie flamed with dark rum, served with vanila icecream), I opted for the fuss free drunken banana and was not one bit disappointed. The fruity taste of the fruit is a perfect match for the caramalised sugar and rum topped with ice cream.

Your experience at Ambrosia will be worth every rupee spent as the quantity is generous, the food is fresh and tasty, the staff friendly and warm and the flambé a visual treat to the senses.



Not worth a visit

I visited Ambrosia recently..heard a lot about the Flambe specials on Radio city..the deco was ok..could feel congested if's multi-cuisine..the menu haphazardly put..flambe dishes with which u get 1 glass wine free was very it the flavour/presentation or quality...did try cheese potato fries..chicken wings etc...nothing memorable and considering the price..i will not recommend anybody to go there..Ambrosia means "Food of God"....least to say misled by the name and on-air jingles...Dine at your own risk!!




Ambrosia's a neat, little place; as clean and well-maintained as you'd expect a decent restaurant to be. The decor is tasteful and tables are set far enough from each other that you don't hear stray conversation unless it's obnoxiously loud. As it should be, the music is delegated to the background. Service, well, a bit too eager at times, but i've visited similarly upscale places where i've had to wait for ages before getting the waiter's attention.

Most importantly, the Food: It is excellent. For a place that offers multi cuisines - Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, not sure if there aren't others - surprisingly, each one is as good as the other. For a vegetarian (like me) the variety on offer is not the greatest, but the quality of the food more than makes up for it.

The presentation, too, is alluring. And while the prices are not cheap (already said it's an upscale place), it won't burn a hole in your pocket and is usually matched by the taste of the food. The servings are pretty generous too so that a single dish for the main course is enough to satisfy a normal appetite. I was also impressed by the consistency of the cooking. Been there 5-6 times and each time the standard was more or less maintained.

Also, in a gesture of commendable self-assurance, the kitchen is visible across a wide glass parting!



Great Place

I've been to Ambrosia twice already, and I simply love the place. The decor and interiors are good and the lighting is adequate. The food is amazing. I'm a foodie myself and I rate this restaurant as one of the best. It's a multi-cuisine restaurant specialising in flambee dishes which they cook in front of you. They have a good choice for both non-veggies and veggies. I had the enchiladas (mexican) and they were delicious. For desert, I had banane flambee (a french desert) and since I was brought up in an ex-french colony, it gave me memories of back home. I would seriously recommend this restaurant!


anna62 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 17,2009


Good things come in small packages

If you are looking for value for money, then Ambrosia is worth a shot. I went with friends & we had a lovely time & rocking food!! I am now a fan of Flambe! Good choices for vegetarians too. Been there 3 times already! :-)


mayareiss - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 07,2009


Not much..

The ambiance and the deco had us expecting a lot more than we got. The waiter ended up forgetting what we'd ordered and our order got delayed. There're a couple of different cuisines to select from on the menu. They seemed keen to push their flambe dishes.. but it was nothing exceptional..


pavi77 - Burrp User


31 Reviews

September 09,2009


Decent Place

Went with a lot of expectations of this place after seeing their website but the reality was something else.Dont get me wrong, It is not a bad place but just not that great too or exceptional. The ambiance is quite nice enough though the place seemed quite small. Since we went for lunch they had a lunch buffet and all of us elected to go for the same. The food was pretty nice without being exceptional. There was not one dish that stands out or makes me go back for. It is a muti-cuisine place with a mixture of all dishes from indian, thai, mexican and italian.The drinks were okay ..
Their specialty is Flambe dishes it seems , but we did not have a opportunity to try out the same.
If you are in Kormanagala and looking out for a decent mail you can visit this place.
Definitely not the food of Gods though as the name suggests.