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> > > > Ambur Dum Biryani

Ambur Dum Biryani

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 09739374751
  • 901, 1st Block, 1st Main, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Biryani
  • Meal for 2 - 200

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Ambur Dum Biryani Reviews

Cow Fat Used For The Biryani

I don't have a problem with them using cow-pig-goat-common FAT. But, the public deserves to know the secret of the OIL used to cook anything and everything - SO, now that you know, you can have a clear conscience and go eat !! Bon Apetit !!


rahulbirla - Burrp User


12 Reviews

September 10,2012


Amazing food..value for money..

Tried the Chicken Biryani & Kabab here..both costing total of 100 bucks(50 each) it is a steal..!! Add the quantity and the aroma of the food..yummy..Dont remember when was i able to finish one plate of Biryani and Kababs on my own..!!! :D
Dont go by the looks of the place or people eating there..the food is definitely worth its salt..!!
Note: Ensure you go by 12.30-1ish, if you wanna beat the mad rush and grab your food.



this rockz

this biryani costs just 40 bucks a plate.
beleive me you will stand in a long queue to get it packed.
this is more like a take away joint in koramangla
jus top buy and pack a biryani and some kabab- costs 25 bucks.
i hv eaten here several times- no food poisoning issues.infact several ppl buy biryani here.ppl frm all class come and and get it packed.highly recommended.
for that cost - its way way too cheap.they parcel in silver foils
and dont charge for packing
good for take away ONLY.



Very average.

I read the featured review and went by last sunday...
It's definitely value for money but the taste of the biriyani is very average. Was not as mouthwatering as described.


Yummy, this is what you call value for money.

First of all... This is a place where the common man eats.... The auto rickshaw drivers, courier people, Office assistants, job hunters etc.
I go past this place every day on my way back from the office. Have noticed this board and the shop used to have its shutters down always. Being studied in Chennai, I know how good Ambur Biriyanis are. So really wanted to try once.
One Saturday afternoon, we were coming back from some shopping and saw that the shop was open. There were some 20 people standing around a person who was standing behind this big vessel. The guy was busy taking orders from those who were standing around him. Some 30+ people were sitting or standing in side the room busy eating from plates lined with thin polythene sheets . Most of the people were taking packets of biriyani which are neatly packed in foil bags. I parked the car on a lane near by and joined the crowd standing around that big vessel. first few minutes I just watched what was going on...The guy who was serving the food was working like a machine... one swing to the front he grabs a steel plate, next swing a polythene sheet and one swing to left one swing to right, he places the sheet neatly on the plate. bends a bit to reach the vessel and a few more swings accompanied by ting tong sounds of the spatula hitting the sides of the vessel, and what you see is a nice serve of steaming biriyani with a couple of small chicken pieces in the plate. People were just shouting what they want "ek chicken biriyani", "Ek Mutton biriyani", "One Full kebab" , "ek Khushka" Khushka is just the biriyani rice without any meat pieces in it. And then I saw some one telling "bhaiya 16 chicken biriyani and 4 khuska parcel". And then I realized, its time for action, If I want to taste this divinely fragrant biriyani, I need to act. So I also shouted, "Bhaiya one chicken biriyani and one mutton biriyani parcel" he heard me but was still busy swinging and filling plates and packets. After some 10 mins of wait he asked me to repeat my order and I did. He looked in to a smaller vessel to his left, and I realized thats the mutton biriyani vessel and its almost empty. But I was happy that I will be getting those last serve from the bottom of the vessel, trust me thats the tastiest portion of biriyani (thats from my experience at various family parties that we used to have at home).
I got my packets and I asked how much. He said Rs.120/- sir. I thought thats less than what I pay for a normal chicken biriyani in a so called decent restaurant. I think I should get the site admin to change the price to cheap. I happily paid the money and rushed back home. The moment I reached home I asked my wife to get two plates and unpacked the biriyani, took one handful and tasted it. mmmmmmm that was the reaction. the taste was the best when I recollected all the biriyanis I had in Bangalore. it was not too greasy, not too spicy, and just cooked to the right.
If you are just bothered about the taste , value for money and not about any thing else you should try this place. you won't be disappointed. Next I have in my list is their chicken kabab just waiting for the weekend to try that.
Note: I told about this place to one of my friend and he went there last weekend. He reached there by 1:30 and the food was sold out. I was there at around 12:30 and the mutton biriyani was almost sold out and chicken biriyani was almost 70% sold. So be there by 12:00-12:30.