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> > > Anand Sweets

Anand Sweets

Commercial Street    & IN 6 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 25588992, 41132515
  • Shop No. 8, Commercial Street, Shivajinagar, Bangalore
  • Fastfood, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 300

6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Anand Sweets Reviews






Anand hi anand !!!

Weekends or festive occasions, while growing up in Bangalore during the late 80s & 90s, meant visits to Commercial Street, the original "Mall" of Bangalore. And no visit to Comm Street was complete without a pop-in to Anand S&S.

Crispy, hot Samosas with spicy+sweet chutneys were invariably ordered, every single time. I feel these are one of the best Samosas served in Bangalore. The Kachori too is a pretty good option. Chaats are another popular choice along with Dhoklas, Cutlets etc.

Those were the days when good quality sweet shops were far and few between. And Anand had a pretty good collection of amazing sweets from burfis to laddoos. Assorted sweet boxes often found their way as gifts on special occasions and were very much appreciated by the recipients.

Chilled Badam Milk & Lassis here were other favourites of mine- quite refreshing after a hard day of shopping & walking the length & breadth of Comm Street.

The 90s were simpler times with visits to little places like Anand being genuine treats, unlike today, when nothing short of KFC or McD or Pizza Hut would do good. I'm glad to see that places like Anand still manage to survive and do well in today's times.


srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

December 05,2013






Very Hygienic and Clean and Inviting Ambiance

Anand on commercial street has improved a lot on its cleanliness and ambiance..We were happy to shop for snacks and sweets from here today...
Best part of the deal: is Kaju based sweets.


Roopali  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 19,2011


Awesome Chats !!

Recently I visited Anand in coomercial and I love the sandwich dhokla ,samosa chat and badam milk!!
Now every time I visit commercial it is mandatory for me to eat there!! :)


Yummy Chaats n Sweets!

I’ve been to commercial street so many times but, never bothered to get into Anand Sweets. But, since the time I went there a few months back, I goto Anand Sweets first and then think of my work on commercial street. They have some of the yummiest chaats and sweets in Bangalore. I am in love with all those chaats which has curd in it as they make it to perfection and I cant get enough of it!

And the sweets are out of the world. I would like specifically mention about Malai Gulla (it has the gulla of the rasagulla in malai). Initially I was so hesitant to try sweets and I had decided I would only taste it from my friends’ bowl, after relishing a few spoons, I not just finished the entire sweet from my friend’s but, also ordered a few more for myself.
Apart from the sweets and chaats, they also make some good Dhoklas and other stuffs.

All in all, Anand Sweets is a cool place and one must not miss whenever you are around commercial street!



Yum, Chaat!

Sometimes you just want to a little snack after a long day shopping and Anand Sweets is perfectly located on Commercial Street for just that. Lots of different sweets and chaat options. Wish I knew the difference and what was in each one but I suppose you can't go wrong with any of them. Plus for less than Rs 50 you can always try something different. Plus, there aren't too many places that I feel comfortable ordering chaat. The shop is clean and popular. I feel safe eating there...if only there were more seating.


Noone can eat just one!

Whoever said woodys is the biggest relief on Commercial! i think Anand Sweets is the best relief in the street of shopping paradise and aching legged women... but yea for those who don care a damn bout their figure! Well u enter and u can keep on gorging on the sweets and chaat and snacks here...

My favourites - gulab jamun is yummy! the chena-pie are those white balls in milk.. different and not too sweet and perfect to finish and leave without wantin to have something spicy after that and even if u do, there is a gobi samosa which is a must-try and the veg stuffed sandwich kinda thing is yummy too. There is a big list and u need many days to finish the entire menu and still feel incomplete...

Service is good too. You can bill and get your sweets or vice versa and they've no hard and fast rule bout it, i think thts very sweet of a sweet shop thts so crowded all the time. My only problem here is that the place is very small for the crowd they get and its time they realise the need to have chairs and tables for ppl to dine-in...