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> > > > Anand Sweets & Savouries

Anand Sweets & Savouries

JayanagarSouth Bangalore  


3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Anand Sweets & Savouries Reviews


Cold Onion Pakodas

As a hungry soul one evening I walked into the outlet at Old Airport road and decided to savour Onion Pakodas. And @18 Rs. a plate that pakoda was cold and hard as stone. Dumped it into the dustbin and walked out, HUNGRY. Being a north indian in bangalore you long for north indian snacks and when you get a chain of snack outlets like Anand you expect it to be value for money. And the service at the counter sucked as well. They could have told me that the Pakodas are cold and could have advised me to go for something else instead. But they didn't. So all in all poor service and cold pakodas was what I learnt about Anand on my first and possibly the last visit to Anand.


Sweets, Chaats n Savouries

A quick call from a colleague asking me to join him and his friends for a evening casual chaat landed me in Anand Sweets. After eating the similar stuffs at A2B, this was definitely on my mind to binge on. After reaching the place when there was no power (load shedding times in Bangalore), we waited outside for a while for the crowd to clear up inside. We decided to go in, and the power lit up the entire road! We all had a grin on our face as though we were the reason for the power to be back!

Looked at the menu and they had listed many mouth watering chaats. I zeroed in on Puchku Chaat – later, I realized it’s the same as Alu chaat. The other friends tried Alu Tikki with Channa, Rasamalai – we all felt, the sweetness that day was a little less in this. A little more of sugar in it would have created wonders. The Alu Tikki Chaat was spicy and sour with a tinge on sweetner in it.

The Kaala Jamoon tasted good as well. They also had Paranthas and Dhoklas on the list which we dint try. It did look yummy on somebody else’s plate though.
For a evening chaat / snack, one could head here and the total damage would be around 100 bucks!



good but expensive

the sweets and the namkins are tasty but are a bit expensive