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> > > > Aromas of China

Aromas of China

Brigade RoadCentral Bangalore    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 41118422, 41118466
  • 5th Floor, Eva Mall,Eva Mall,60,Brigade Road, Bangalore
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

26 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Aromas of China Reviews

Nandini Rao - Burrp User

Nandini Rao

1 Reviews

November 07,2012


The wait!!!

I have been a regular visitor to cafe masala and Vaayu. Last night after a few drinks at vaaya, My friend and I decided to have dinner at Aromas of China (Bad choice!!). We reached there at about 8 pm, ordered for a Assorted steam boat - lemongrass and chilli broth, shrimp fried rice and red snapper with chilli and bean sauce. That's when it all started, It was almost 8.45 and all we had on the table kimchi and some pickled cucumbers...then the waited gets the wrong order - Sigh!!!! After about 30 mins he gets the wrong order again. We decided to speak to the manager, who graciously apologized and asked us to wait for 2 more mins. Guess wat, it was 10 already!!! With no mood to eat anymore, we decided to pack the food. Settled the bill and got the parking. Then the real drama starts, the guy who packed the food, hadn't closed the lid properly, so there goes all the food on the parking floor!!! So we spent 2500 bucks just for a bowl of kimchi and cucumbers!!!! An expensive meal indeed!!!!!



The Aromas of China a dinner to cherish..!!!

the Ambiance gets u in the mood for some romance..!! the place is jus perfect for the spl 2 ;) the service and the management are generous and kind hearted, have had the best of my experience when it comes to Hospitality they move and mark before u think its time for another serving..! its like they are having dinner with you they know wat to and when..!! the place is a bit expensive but yea..!! its worth the pleasure..!! i would love to visit again..!!! the starters and the main courses were brilliantly cooked..!! the spices and the flavors still make my mouth water..!!! its a personal choice and a must visit again place..!!! cheers and love..!! ( exiting with happy bells..!! )


Damn good

Had buffet lunch here, it was very good, especially the starters. Must have.



Love it

Good ambiance, good food, good service. Love the food at AOC and I keep returning. Keep from eating the regular Chinese far and dare to try something different.



Food not worth the price

It was one of the most unsatisfying food outing for me and my friends. We all love food specially good Chinese food. Had a lot about the place so decided to go there.
We went for a buffet, the soup and starters we decent, i would not say good nor bad.

We it came to main course food was taste less. The containers for noodles were empty.When we asked the waiters they were passing the buck, after some 10-15 min it was supposedly filled but it seemed they were out of it or were least interested to fill it up. Some how we finished the main course and went to desserts.
n dessert even though we had variety but again half of the desserts were over and there was no re fill for it. We had to ask n times before Darashan was re filled and after the refill it was like they had refilled for 2-3 people only.

We were really disappointed with the service and food. Moreover wit the price they charge and the experience. Highly disappointing. I would never visit nor would suggest anyone to go there, specially to people who loved good food and look out for the value of the money they pay.


Sagarika  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 29,2012


Truely Aromatic

Aromas of China keeps up to its name.......
the food is awsome,ambience is good
it is expensive....dinner for two with starters, main course and drinks would cost around 3000 bucks(including taxes)....
but overall it was a wonderful experience....


cleohubert - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 15,2012


Chinese Chinese

The food is great here. My favorite is the Roasted Duck. It comes with the little pancakes, sweet soy sauce and all the other ingredients to make your wrap. Absolute heaven. I order this every time i go there.

Love it



Had a nice lunch

I went with my team for lunch. Ambiance, food, service everything was accurate. It was my first time and i enjoyed a lot.




Awesome Sunday Buffet...

Had been to this place several times before on weekdays, but the sunday lunch this is the first time...
For the price, the buffet was awesome...
apart from soups, and 4Veg and 4 Nveg starters served at the table, they have a live salad and grill counter, where u could choose your own veges or meat.
The main course had 5 Veg and 5 NVeg dishes... which had choice of lamb, fish, prawns and chicken for Non veg.
The dessert also were good and plenty and a live Sundae counter where you order your choice of ice cream, sundae and toppings..
Overall, full value for money...


Good Chinese fare

Went to Aromas of China today for the Weekday Lunch Buffet... At about 390 per head it has good variety in its food - there were Momos (both veg & chicken), 2 non-veg & 2 veg starters which were good in taste but could have been served a little hot... The main course constituted of prawns, chicken and lamb. The options for vegetarians are a little limited to tofu, babycorn and sweet & sour veg.. There was also a live counter preparing stir-fried vegetables. Finally, the desserts section - could have been better in my opinion. The marshmelow was not soft enough... The choc mousse cake tasted of garam masala... The overall presentation of the dessert counter could have been much better - like their next door Cafe Masala does, given that both are run by the same BJN group. Overall a good experience, but there is scope for improvement.


vivekv - Burrp User


19 Reviews

October 26,2011


Just normal and pricey

The spread is very less if you are a vegetarian. Even the desserts are so very less. Hence the value for money is pretty low. I would at any point of time rate Cafe Massala, next door, several times better and value for money.



Buffet lunch - just okay

Had been to this place on Wednesday for a lunch buffet.

First, we had non veg soup. It was mesmerizing. Non veg starters included chicken, fish and momos. The non-veg momos were fresh and they melted in my mouth. The veg momos on the other hand were bland and tasteless. The baby corn fry was okay. All the starters (except for the momos) were present in the main course as well. The stir fried vegetables were really very good.

Did not taste the salads. Nothing looked tempting.

The main course was good. It had prawns, chicken, shredded lamb and fish. The fried rice was amazing and so were the butter garlic noodles, hakka noodles with roasted chicken, chicken and cashew and mushroom and tofu. Dumpling in sauce was unique.

There were only a few desserts. There were no bowls for ice creams.

Overall, it was an okay experience. The place was spacious and beautiful. Service was prompt. Price Rs.299 + tax which is around Rs.385.



pricey...with out a usp

went on a sat. ended up ordering the chilly chicken (think they call it 'general chang or chung chicken'), which was a pretty simple dish, was told tht the other starters have a waiting time of 20 min (was a lie!!). otherwise the ambience is nice, service is good and main course was palatable but expensive..there are other decent places. no usp to visit the place again!!


Lunch Buffets - the Best Value for Money!

Huge huge spread! There are the soups, the starters about 4-5 + hot fresh momos being made continuously, Veg and Non-veg fried rices, noodles, chop suey, myriad of delicious gravies, the list goes on and on. There is fish, lamb, chicken, prawns glorious prawns and a huge variety of wonderful vegetables. They make fresh stir-fried veggies as well...I am getting all drooly as write this!

Amazing spread of desserts tool which are definitely not Chinese - but a super treat nevertheless!

The service is exquisite - glasses are refilled, food is brought to the table on request, plates cleared briskly! No wonder that we all love the BJN Group! Kudos!


Pricey but food not so Nicey..

We just went there on a weekend night and reached quite early.. The ambience was good and lifted my hopes up :-) but after having the food.... :-( the prices are high and the taste of food can be rated at best as average, if not low... Definitely not worth the money... Would recommend to visit other better places to have nice Chinese food...


Priyamegha - Burrp User


15 Reviews

December 21,2010


aromas of excellent food!!

Aromas of China ....the only name i can think of while associating with Chinese cuisine!!

Have visted this place n no. of times but with each time the experience has grown over me .... i love the food the ambience ...just want them to remain the best forever!!!personal favourite :aromatic chicken


Decent ambience but Avg food

Took my friend for dinner here after she badly wanted to eat @ aromas because of its ambience. We ordered 2 starters - The chicken wings or the drums of heaven and crispy chilly potatoes both were pretty good. Then we ordered the regular chicken fried rice which was too dry n the chicken in it was awful. I guess Beijing bites or Chungs would make this better as it is such a simple dish. Over all not a very satisfying dinner. We had no space for desserts. The damage was Rs. 950 without drinks. Not worth a try again!!! Mainland China is any day better for its food.


OK place for Chinese

Today we went to Aromas of China in Eva mall.
Most the the shops in this mall are either closed or near closure except the restaurants and the coffe world and fudge ice cream place.

The decor is nice. Service needs improvement. Most people take buffet and waiters are eager to clear the plates. we took a la carte and it was twice that the waiter almost picked up our plates though we hadn't finished.

Place is pricy, better service would have helped.

Lemon corriander Soup was good. Dumplings were good too. The main course was just ok - missed the aroma part in the chinese food.

A/C doesn't seem to work too well here - place is stuffy though the restaurant was not really crowded today.



Delicious buffet!

The weekday buffet here is certainly worth the price, even for vegetarians. Wonderful food and a fantastic variety!

I wish they had better dessert options for vegans, but that is asking for too much.


spacious,neat,good sevice

we three of us went to have some good chinese food.We reached there at around 10.30pm on 31st dec.surprisingly we got seat without waiting.May be because its quite was bigger than we thought.service is fast,food is is loud but matching the ambiance...staff is polite and have knowledge of the food they are serving.We were bill for 2200/-.we'll visit here again ...for sure....


Lousy service and horrible food

It was over four years ago but unfortunately still we remember the frightful dinner we had there.. or maybe the day was bad for us.. the location was at Richmond Circle then..

The chicken corn coup and chicken/prawn(I dont remember) on black bean sauce we had really brought our day down coupled with their lousy service. The ambience was too dark.

Its several years now I think they improvised and have improved a lot going by the good reviews recently here..

Will try again here soon to check out.


Always good

Each one of our visits to this place, left us with a feeling to come back soon. Decor is outstanding, and food superlative.

Never ever had a disappointment in quality, taste or service.

The Americal Chilli Corn is an absolute hit. So much so that we make it now at home very often. The Bamboo rice is also v good.

Haven't tried their buffet yet, but would go soon.


Lovely little Chinese place

I had a great meal here tonight at 1400 it was the most 'filling' experience ever (the portions are very large). The service is a very attentive one where you don't have to lift a finger to serve yourself because the waiters keep a continous watch over your needs. Although I could do without being asked repeatedly how the food is. We ordered American Chilli Corn starters then Bamboo Rice, Chilli Butter Noodles and Vegetable Dumpling Gravy for main course. The food was well made and served promptly. All in all a good experience.



Chinese cuisine as it should be

Once Mainland China went down the drain,I was quite perturbed as to where I should head to when I wanted that perfect soup to lift up the tired spirits.I decided to try out Aromas of China and I think I am going to be a frequent customer here for many years to come.

There are two seating areas in this restaurant with one outdoor seating with cabanas opposite the bar and the other quieter seating area which is aircoed.I ordered a Sichuan Sour and Pepper soup which was a thick soup with some noodles and shitake mushrooms thrown in, with just the right amount of spice.I love shitake mushrooms and they are a rareity to find in Bangalore,therefore was pleasantly surprised to note that the menu had many dishes made with these mushrooms.For the main course, I ordered the Chilli Butter Noodles, Bamboo rice and a spicy Broccoli,Shitake mushroom,baby corn gravy.The Bamboo rice is probably the best I've eaten in the city and I must insist everyone who reads this review, order it when you are at Aromas of China :)!

The huge plus point of this place is the very quick and efficient service,it almost feels like they read our minds before we ordered the dishes!Be warned, the portions are very large and more often than not you will be taking a doggy-bag home.A meal for 3 came upto Rs.1600, so pretty pricey considering we didnt even have desert but I did not have any regret paying the price for great quality food.

The only crib I had was the rather artificial tasting fresh lime soda that they serve here, tasted a lot like the lemon Rasna powder thrown into water.But since the food was delicious, I do not want to pull down the rating of this restaurant.


You'll fall in love with the Bamboo Rice

I’ve fallen in love with BJN group of restaurants so much these days, I generally end up opting and indulging myself in their amazing service, food, ambience and the theme.

It was time to try out the Aromas of China in Eva Mall. The restaurant has the usual crimson red color all over with the feng shui hangings here and there.
We tried the Sichuan Sour and Pepper Soup (Chef’s recommendation) – Similar to hot and sour soup, but this was thick and had a different kind of mushroom which is supposed to be imported from China.
For the starters, we blindly had the chef’s recommendation and it was Vegetable Suimai which was like momos in a different shape.

For the main course, we wanted to try out something different and had the Bamboo Rice. Believe me; the aroma was just too amazing!! The name of the restaurant really stands by what they claim!!! The flavor was out of the world and all of gave a thumbs up for this. In combination with this, we were served Seasonal Vegetable with Brocolli in sauce (again the chef’s recommendation and my friends’ love for broccoli). Looks like, am gonna go there just to enjoy the Bamboo Rice again :)

Though, my stomach was protruding with the amount of food I had eaten, I still managed to squeeze in the dessert – Frozen vanilla scoop with cherry dipped in Brandy.

Since, we had the printout of an email sent by the BJN Group, we could also avail a discount of 20% on the bill!

Overall, a good experience and a must try for people who love Chinese food


foodie  - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 16,2007


Highly Recommended

When you feel like chinese, nothing to beat aromas of china among chinese restaurants. The new one at eva mall, brigade road has a really nice ambience. Perfect for a date or an outing with the family. The table served lunch buffet priced at just 199/- is a steal! YOU MUST TRY THE CHICKEN WINGS! YUMMY would be an understatement.... Right from starters to desserts.. you should surely try them out...
Happy Eating!