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> > > Aromas Of China

Aromas Of China

Richmond Road    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 41113355
  • 19, Shivshankar Plaza, Richmond Circle, Richmond Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

23 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Aromas Of China Reviews

Great chinese food but expensive

I love Aroma of china as much as other BJN group restaurants. Lat Mei Kai is amazing chicken dish I have been having from the beginning. For all non-veg people you have give this a try. Staff is cordial. Priced too high but worth it for a great dining experience. :)



nice dining experience

good food, good portions, pleasant ambiance, service could have been better,


dsandie - Burrp User


5 Reviews

August 17,2012


Good food,priced too high.

Went there during my last visit to Bangalore.Had a veg. fried rice , baby corn fried with something(Dont remember) and Tofu with a hunan sauce. The portions were enormous, and the food was very good. But I was shocked when I got the bill. A bottle of mineral water added to the above mentioned items cost me a whopping 1,300 Rs. I definitely recommend the place if your willing to spend something extra.



Not Bad

The food is good but a bit over priced I think, there are some other not so fancy places around with good/similar food not priced as high. Good for an occasional visit



Good chinese food

This is an age old joint for chinese food in Bangalore, and over the years they have maintained the food quality while constantly expanding their menu.
It is now one of the largest variety of chinese cuisine you can find in the city, and the taste is as good as always.
The ambience is nothing to write about, though service is quite good.




excellent food, ambience and food,, price is on the higher side but once in a while cool



nice & VFM

Had been there for a buffet lunch n i must say it was great...we reached around 2.30 PM(3 is the closing time) and managed to find a table near entrance..the steamed chicken momo(dunno d exct name) was a li’l hard and warm...but the chicken lollpop(dunno d exct name again :) ) that followed was delicious to say the least...i had too many of those, leavin less space for the remainin dishes to follow...i love the starters they always prepare with chicken leg pieces.. then i tried the salads and main course(a smal morsel of each) which were so so...thy were gettin cold since it was closin came the best part-the desserts... i had loads of brownies, fresh fruits, mousse, ice cream, cakes wit choc sauce etc... My friend tried the main course and found it good..all in all it was a good meal according to me coz i always concentr8 on the starters(only chicjken n egg) n desserts in a buffet..
the buffet was priced around Rs. 420 incl of taxes which is a lil expensive but worth it....


ragpicker1 - Burrp User


148 Reviews

September 14,2010


Not Bad

After a gap of many years, I made my way to Aromas of China, along with a friend for whom this is a frequent dining spot. We entered, were greeted by the hostess and ushered to our seats. The menus - drinks and food - were handed to us and we proceeded to peruse them. I decided on a soup in a bamboo basket and my friend chose a normal, unpretentious sounding one. We ordered rice and a spicy chicken dish for our main courses. The soup arrived fairly quickly and I most enthusiastically started on mine. Unfortunately, I didn't like the taste of it and after swallowing about half of the soup, I decided to start on the main courses. My friend enjoyed his soup though and spooned up every mouthful. The main courses were delicious though disappointingly the spicy chicken wasn't very spicy and I had to smother it in chilli sauce, to get some sort of flavour. The food didnt take very long to arrive but for the price paid, I feel it could have been much better prepared. The service was ok. The waiter was very charming but he did sort of stand over us and hurry us into ordering. However, I prefer over zealousness to being ignored. The ambience is lovely. All in all, this is a nice place to visit, if you are big on ambience and service and not much bothered about the authenticity of the food and the taste.


Surprisingly good food, very good service

I'd been to AoC once before with friends and family and wasn't very impressed, though I couldn't find too much wrong with them either. My experience then was just "average".

I decided to try them once again, 2 months later, this time with colleagues in a corporate setting. Having read the more recent reviews and having spoken to some friends who went there recently, it seemed a safe place to do a "team lunch".

Boy, was I impressed! Although their phone reservation service could do with some improvement, the rest of the afternoon went of quite well. The captain was appropriately attentive without being too intrusive, and the rest of the staff were courteous, though they could do with a little bit of training on monitoring the needs of tables.

A common problem when going to an a la carte place with a team of colleagues is what to order and how much to order - who likes what, who eats meat, who's a vegetarian,... questions that can stump the best of people managers. At AoC, the captain was astute enough to anticipate our needs and suggested the appropriate dishes, many of which were delicious.

Amongst the soups, the crabmeat soup and the soup and pepper soup were above average. Amongst the starters. the Singapore prawns and the "Lati..." (something, I forget) chicken were excellent! Most of us filled our stomachs on these.

The main course was not bad - we order non-spicy rice and vegetarian dishes to cater to the who group. Normally, this is a mistake, since at most restaurants, the "bland" vegetarian food is, well, tasteless. But here, the mixed vegetables in the white sauce were not bad at all. The taste was subtle, and not the powerful taste of say, a hunan or a schezwan sauce.

Overall, a good place to visit, and one that I'd go to again, and recommend to others.


malpilu - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 23,2010


Well.. read on

had high expectations just because its a BJN group product. Wasnt very happy with either food and service. Mainland China serves better food.


rmdrao - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 11,2010


Beware of Goof Ups

I really loved the food here until my desserts came. My Date Pancake cames with a very interesting covering of plastic carry bag deep fried.
The Manager was on leave and all that the staff could muster was a polite "we will replace it Sir" . When you pay for your meal and such extreme carelessness takes place, it just makes you forget the food and think about that one incident.
Aromas missed an opportunity to make an example of that moment and displayed carelessness and callousness. They earned themself a detractor now.



Lovely place

Went here for dinner today..I'm not a great chinese food lover, but this place is amazing. The interiors are soo nice..not too bright n not too dark...the waiters are really nice and not at all nosy..
Had something called kung pao potato and okra (not sure if i got the name right) was jus yummmmmmmm...
perfect place for a quiet dinner.....


sajigeo - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 17,2009


A Class apart

i've always been a great lover of chinese cusine and 'Aromas of China' here is the best that i've been to so far.
The place always leaves me wanting for more.. and here's why:

1) The staff were warm and courteous.The waiter simply seemed to pop beside us only when we needed him (No nosy waiters who hang around and stare at your food.)
2) the variety in the cuisine.the waiter was patient enough to answer all my queries ( well..some items on the menu do look dubious! :) )
3) The food was just perfectly done. Nothing overdone or undercooked...
4) Neat and classy.
5) Sort of summed up what i wanted .. an amazing time with a loved one and great food..
Slightly expensive, but i guess you cant put a price on everything.



Consistency is the word.

I have been a patron of this place for years! Still the tastiest Chinese in town with a well maintained decor. Service standards have kept up Thank you for keeping up the good work..


LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


106 Reviews

September 21,2009


Happy to find a good Chinese restaurant in B'lore

After several pretty poor experience with Chinese food in Bangalore a friend recommended I try Aromas of China. I was not disappointed! The food was good, although the peking duck does not begin to compare to this one place in Chinatown, NYC. The only down side to the evening was an extremely pushy waiter. He just kept insisting we order more than we wanted.



I have been a frequent visitor to this place as they serve the best chinese food. Both me and my husband love this place. I just love the ambience, service and the food. its finger licking n lip smacking good.. The last time we visited, I had the Lemon coriander soup which was made perfectly.. not too spice not too bland..just the right taste... we ordered our fav starter.. hot and soft corn cubes.. I must tell tha this is one of the best starters.. the cubes made from corn are jus crisp outside and soft inside that once u take a bite u cant stop yrself from sayin mmmmmmmmmm.... every bite is so juicy and tasty.. if let i'd fill my stomach with only this starter... n then we had a mushroom starter which the steward suggested... i think it was mushroom pepper and salt... even thats worth every paisa they charge... then for the main course we had garlic noodles with some "happy/hungry buddha" gravy... i must say though i was filled with soup n starters i forced myself to go beyond my stomach's limit to eat the main course coz it was so soo sooo tasty... and i have visited this place so many times n everytime the food has been awesome!! So thumbs up to this place from myside..



Food at it's best

visited Aromas of China last night with family. Food great, service warm and nice Ambience. we all enjoyed the starters until we ordered for the main course....when we did, this is what happened..... :

Ordered for the main course, requesting the steward to make it spicy. He suggested a gravy in "devil" sauce. The sauce, he said, contains kashmir chillies, hot and spicy!

That, believe u me, was the spicest food i've ever had.

Overall, great experience. Loved every minute of it.


Good, But the one in Eva Mall is better!

Surprise! Surprise!
Relocation of my work invited a lot of cribbing from my end. Dint want to for umpteen number of reasons. Had no choice but to relocate. With an ugly face, landed in the morning on a Saturday and was making sure, my cubicle is ok, the system is configured, and trying to get familiar with the people here. And that’s when an ex-colleague calls to tell me he’s on MG Road and we must catch up for lunch. With no second thoughts, I was in agreement with him. How nice it would be to meet a friend when you are thinking there’s nobody whom you know around you!!

Richmond road is a one way and the car was already a little ahead. So, moved ahead and I suggested we should barge into “Aromas of China”

The janitor took care of the valet parking and the courteous staff welcomed and took us towards our table. The dining area is only on the ground floor and looks neat with the huge green pillars, the walls with the Chinese monuments, nicely made up curtains and some Feng Shui hangings. The wall opposite the main entrance has a huge mirror on it making the dining hall look much bigger!
The drink menu was handed over to my friend and the food menu to me. Since it was noon and neither of us prefer taking drinks in the noon, we started looking at what we could eat. The one by two asparagus soup (I’m in love with asparagus offlate). Mushroom Pepper and Salt made our starters and this one was totally delectable. I ate this so much, there was hardly any space left for the main course.

Parallely, we wanted to sip some mocktail. Since, both of us love litchi, he ordered Alice in China – A litchi mocktail that made our day! Every sip of it made us feel, we are savoring original litchi. For the main course, the waiter suggested we try the Moon Faan (Vegetable Rice) with the Assorted Vegetables in Sauce of Garlic. Well, this did taste really good with some of the exotic vegetables used. But, unfortunately, both of us were too full to relish is thoroughly. Since, I was keen on using the chop sticks; the waiter taught me how to use it. But, I was too slow and switched to the fork and the spoon after a few trials.
We were too full and said a BIG NO to the second servings. The fortune cookies were on sense of humor and patience for me and him respectively. The china tea served was the usual.

The damage for the two of us was Rs.1500/- incl 10% Service Charge and VAT

A nice place for dining, though I prefer Aromas of China in the Eva Mall


krishi - Burrp User


2 Reviews

March 08,2009


best chinese restarau....

well this is best chinese restaurant in town with authentic chinese food.... it has also been awarded for the same....

the food is light and very very tasty..... it make ur mouth water anytime..... should try chinese here but yaa meal for two ll cost 600 to 1000 rs....
the ambience is classy for family n partner


Chinese food of China

The authentic chinese restaurant of bangalore with amazing chinese food...meal for two will cost u around 800 bugs without drinks....lovely ambience and food...



Andhra Chinese at their buffet

Visited the Aromas of China at Eva Mall a few days back to try out their buffet priced at Rs.253. Starters were excellent, service great, but the food was no different from the Spicy Andhra food. It was more like andhra chinese. Every dish including their noodles were red in colour and teeming with red chillies. Even their fish was so pungent, I spent more time wiping the sweat of my brow than enjoying my chinese lunch. Only their fried rice was bland and tasted anything like chinese.... Wonder from which Andhra restaurant their Chef landed from ! very dissapointing coming from some place like the Aromas of China - more like the Aromas of Andhra to me !


Cruising21  - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 17,2007



Very good chinese although the interiors could do with a facelift. Starters are excellent . Try the Singapore noodles for the main course.


Foodie Das - Burrp User

Foodie Das

6 Reviews

February 05,2007


Great Chinese Food

Aromas of China on Richmond Road near the flyover is a regular place for us when we feel for Chinese. Our three favourite Chinese joints in Bangalore- Aromas of China, Mainland China and Bamboo Shoots.
Food in Aromas of China is just lip smacking. Service is prompt and courteous.
All time favourite is the pan fried shreded duck.