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> > > > Arsalan


KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 25703366, 42005111
  • 158, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Bengali, Mughlai

17 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Arsalan Reviews

Rimpa123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 19,2013


Best Biriyani in Bangalore...

I forgot the taste of Biriyani in bangalore ans i dint find a good restaurant..I dint love the taste of biriyani in bangalore and kept myself away from it near about 3 years.. and suddenly a miracle happened..once a friend gave me a challenge of 1000 bugs telling me i will love biriyani in Bangalore and i accepted it knowing will get 1000 my surprise i lost the bet.. the awesome taste..i loved it so much that now its unforgettable...
guys u will love having it...the best biriyani in bangalore...i have stopped having biriyani in any other restaurant.. as i dont get the pleasure which i have in Aalishan in kormangla...



Not As Expected !

The name is Alishaan in Bangalore and its nowhere close to the Arslaan in Calcutta. Horrible service, simply atrocious. I saw people waiting 20 mins to get their bill!
Coming to the food, the Biryani is ok, specially Chicken. I did not like their Mutton Biryani, which is supposed to be their best.
Hardly any veggie option here. The Quantity is high for a single person.


Not like the original

Got here after a much delayed plan since months.

1st thing, the directions are not entirely correct. Get to the road which leads to Forum mall, with HDFC to your left; you'll notice a small lane to your right on the other side, its at the end of that lane, barely 2-3 mins on HDFC, or very close to the "Coorg" restaurant.

Now to the food.


Some quick points

This place is not Arsalan anymore but Alishan.

Biriyani here is not Spicy. So weigh your spicy expectation before you visit.
Quantity of Biriyani is just TOO MUCH for one person. 2 Plates=3 persons, 3 Plates= 5 persons. While we (I and my 2 colleagues) were there we noticed excess (not finishable) portions of Biriyani getting parceled.
For starter try out the Kebabs, namely THE Cheese Kebab (on menu it is Chicken Alishan Kabab). It is Reshmi Tikka nicely coated in Mozarella.
The ambiance is OK. The stewards are well mannered and well dressed.
Not sure if the place can accommodate a big group of people. They are on 4 floors in the building, Ground floor is the kitchen, 1st floor was locked, 2nd floor was not ready for service, so we went to 3rd floor; no lift and so you have to climb up the stairs.
If you are in group, try Kabab platter, it is worth the money.
Cost of food is moderate, nothing is expensive here when you compare to other standard restaurants in Koramangala area.
For a 3/5 quality food, this place is advisable for friends and family both.



Arsalan -- fine place for Kolkatans

This place is inexpensive. Went with a friend and it cost me just 450 for 2 mutton biriyanis and 2 chicken chaaps. The best thing I loved here is the original Mughlai Biriyani, which is available at restaurants in Kolkata's restaurants and served with no gravies and raitas. It's great for Bengalis :D Thank God! It's here in Bangalore now. Chicken Chaap was really good. It was my first visit and I want to explore the other dishes as well pretty soon ;) Though biriyani was not up to the mark, still it was pretty good after starving for real Kolkata Biriyani.



Aami Kolkata :)

Me : I'm at Forum...How do I get to your place??
The guy on the other end : Come down, take a right and its right next to Ammi's Biryani...

After this rather surprising mention of a competitor as part of the address, we did manage to find Arsalan... It is laid out on 3 floors and we chose seating on the second floor. I could notice a fair few Bengalis around....

Now i havent been to the Kolkata Arsalan but my friends from Cal keep raving about the biryani. So that was a cert. We also ordered for a chicken chaap and went for the Arsalan kabab upon the steward's recommendation.

The kababs arrived pretty quickly and were essentially the cheese kababs that were talked about in one of the earlier reviews. They were done pretty well and the chicken was succulent and juicy.

The rest of the order took its own sweet time to arrive. Now I am not aware of the way biryani is made in Kolkata but this was a little too bland for my liking considering the fact that I thrive on Hyderabadi Biryani. The chaap was again a little low on spice and high on oil. We had also ordered for a chicken egg roll which we couldn't get started on and thus got it parceled.

Now the downsides....Firni - a dessert I hear is made really well here wasn't available. They didn't have roomali rotis too. Also there is an absurd Rs 15 extra charge levied on rolls if they are served in the restaurant since rolls are not allowed in the restaurant (paradoxical !!!)

Overall, from what I've heard from my Kolkata friends, unlike the Kolkata restaurant(s), this seems like a deliberate effort to cater not just to the bourgeios but also to the upper echelons of the Bangalore crowd. Surprisingly though, the total tab came up to just Rs 540, that including 4 cokes.

Very very good VFM and great kababs too...I would definitely visit from wherever in Bangalore till petrol prices go up to at least a 100 a liter :D


A must visit for people from Kolkata

well,if you are from calcutta the name ARSALAN will definitely ring a is synonymous to mouthwatering biriyani,kebabs.the first thing that came to my mind after hearing that ARSALAN is now in bangalore was WOW! headed straightaway to the place to have the taste of Kolkata.And boy, I wasnt disappointed.The same mouthwatering biriyani and the kebabs,easily the best kebabs in bangalore.well,the only drawback of this place is that it doesnt present to you a great ambience.But the food makes it up for you.Friendly waiters,good service,excellent food.This is a place to be.Also easy on your pockets.Bengalis out there,you can get a taste of kolkata in this,do visit.
well,coming to the food,the chicken biriyani is nice.kolkata mughlai.they should improve the chicken they give in the biriyani,rest it's all right.kebabs are juicy and tasty.reshmi and chicken tikka are the best ones.there's also arsalan special kebab which is cheesy.only cheese lovers will like it.go for the tikka kabab,it wont disappoint you.chicken bada kabab is also worth a try.mutton reshmi kabab is awesome.melts in your mouth kinds.coming to the gravy,chicken butter masala is are the other gravies.i can barely take out a flaw in the food department.all I would say is this place is definitely worth a try!



Awesum Biryani n Kebabs

we went there wid a couple of both Bong n non Bong freinds..... All of us luved the Biryani n d kebabs..... service is prompt n its good value for money......
Most importantly, leaves Bhojohari Manna n Bangaliyaana way behind in terms of taste, value, service, bloddy everything yaar......




eat there if you've grown up in Calcutta and heart the typical Mughlai Khaana you get there. Otherwise avoid. Everything is going to swim in a gallon of oil:). No apologies. We Bongs love our oil-practically every bloody thing we eat is fried before it is cooked even in our native cuisine, and we even eat fried stuff on the side, so obviously in a cuisine which just cries out for oil, nobody is going to stint. Arsalan birianis are of course an old favourite both in Cal as well as here, but in Bangalore I have tried their rezala as well (good) and some paneer thing which was tasty. and their roles are not too bad either, though if you are a koramangalite, Lazeez rolls are cheaper.I used to thoroughly dislike this kind of stuff when I lived in Cal, but now am totally in love with it.
Don't know what rating to give. It's probably awful food, but heaven for a Calcuttan in exile. For the sake of sheer nostalgia, for bringing a dekchiful of Calcutta back to us exiles,I give it4 stars, well at least till Shiraz comes to Bangalore :))



Good Food and worth the price

5 Rotis (big ones!!!)
1 Daal Makhani
1 Mix Veg Curry
1 Ghee Rice
Rs 300/- only
Taste of all Items 4/5
Need I say more????


Awsome cheese Kabab

I have been to this place on May 29 2010 for lunch.

The decors were really good. Spacious and not crammed like many others in the locality. However I found one of the A/C was not working so it was a bit hot. But i think the other A/C made it up.

I ordered a Special Arsalan Kabab for starter. This is a Kabab which was covered with cheese. This was a very innovative dish I had in long time.

We ordered 2 biriyani for main course.

1)Hyrabadi Chicken Biriyani: This was OK as there are several good Hyd Biriyani joints nearby and compared to them it was average.

2)Lucknowi Mutton biriyani: This was good and spicy. A very nice and different biriyani available in the vicinity.

The quantity of the biriyani was really good and 2 biriyani would suffice 3 people with average apetite.

At the end the floor supervisor came and asked if the food was good and how was the experience? A really nice gesture that is missing from lot of restaurants.

With all these + 2 coke the bill came to .520 which i felt was very reasonable.

Must try: Arsalan Special Kabab.Rs-150/- (Also known as cheese kabab)



Way too expensive for a small piece of meat

I had gone there last week to eat chicken chaps. they make it down below the restaurant in an open place displaying big pieces. I asked them how is it and they told me its a complete meal with a big chicken piece.

The interiors and the decor is nice, but when they gave me the stuff was amazed to see that it was a very small piece and it costed me 80 bucks. i would tell you it is not at all worth it.

Another time i had their biriyani and i would say it is very bland and teh best part is that they serve it without any gravy or raitha. I wonder how to eat a biriyani like that without any gravy.

The only thing i liked about theirs is their egg chicken rolls, other than that i personally dont think anything else is worth it.



Average restaurant

I too visited the place for dinner on the date that I saw review in TOI. But I did not find the place good. Food was pretty average. I had biriyanis. I am not sure how TOI people rated the restaurant as good. It is equal to any average eatery that you see in any nook and corner in bangalore. Exagerrated ratings provided by TOI :-(


Above Average Rotis / Starters

I had visited this place about 10 days back after reading reviews in TOI; The rotis/breads were authentic, the starters too tasted good and authentic but the main course and biryani were just a disappointment. The ambience is decent and a good place for families to dine out. The prices are also moderate hence, a value for money restaurant in some ways.


Just Average - Nothing Special

We went there yesterday for dinner.

We had these items:

- Lemon based Mocktail (Good)

- Chicken Platter (Just Okay, All different types of pieces tasted same)

- Chicken Biryani (Too bland, No flavour, No spice)

- Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani (Too bland, No flavour, No spice and no way Hyderabadi)

The taste was just average. Food was too bland and not served hot.

To my surprise, they did not give either Raitha or Gravy along with Biryani. When we asked specifically, we got Raitha.

Biryani without Raitha ? Ohhh ! I don't know what they were trying to do.

Service was not attentive. The waiters seem to be uninterested. Seating was not comfortable. Only one cool drink was available. And only one mocktail was available.

The only positive factor was the 'price' that was reasonable (moderate prices).


@weekend foodie

rely nice place. cut out the ambience of ne upmrkt place- straight n simple. Drinks served wer warm(power cut.:).Awesum starters [chk out 1 chiken cheese arsalam spcl].Biryani ws much betr than whtevr is served in biryanis name in BNGLr. Curry Dishes 3/5. Rotis: awesum (had such only after @ KARIMS. Value fr money place..wud recommed fr sumtim eatin


Expectations were more

We went to Arsalan twice, and found the biriyani cold on both the occasions. The Chicken cheese Kabab and Arsalan Kabab is excellent and trully delectable. The ambience is much better than u would get in any such Biriyani joints like Lazeez. The pricing is attractive. Service can be better. Couldnt understand why there are grills in the table. Just wonder what an effect BBQ nation has on all budding restauranters.