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> > > > Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain

WhitefieldEast Bangalore    & IN 24 MORE LOCATIONS


8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Au Bon Pain Reviews

jiboy_v - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 04,2013






Unclean and Unhealthy Outlet

Just today went to Au Bon Pain for breakfast, After ordering a club sandwich and the guy started making it, I saw a cockroach running around on the sandwich desk. Later when the guy picked up the olives, the Olive can was rusty and cut roughly using something other than a can opener. Can't say how much Rust must have fallen into the olives.
Had to just cancel the order and walk away. The fact that it is a Monday morning, gives me a nauseating feeling that all the ingredients were lying open on the desks for the weekend, where the cockroaches might have had a field day Diwali celebrations on the counter.



Au Bon Pain..good sandwiches

I had a Pilato Sandwich last week in Au Bon Pain, & it was awesome. You never feel when the sandwich gets over. And also you may defiantely may try Sankwich, which is of the very good taste. Yunny food.


Worst biryani tasted ever

Visited this place on monday and as the guidance of the personnel there we tried veg biryani (as per them it was the first day of introduction to biryani's) good heavens the moment we had see the it we were shocked .......#$#$#$.. no words it taken from a packet and they punch it keep it in a oven and then serve the customers ....zzzzzzz... its not their own product ... all i can say is its the worst veg biryani i have ever tasted til date ...



Unbelievable - insect in the food !

Truly disgusting ... i do like the food this place has to offer until today !!

I bot a Harvest rice bowl - Kashmiri Rajma masala (take away). To my utter horror, i found this visibly-big winged dead insect when i was half-way thru the supposedly-tasty food !
I am in no mood to go back to them to complain. Tried to reach them on the phone number listed in the bill, but there is no response at the other end !

Rs.78 and now a dis-satisfied customer !



Awesome is the word!

I visited "au bon pain" at the ITPL food court as well, it has opened recently. The food looks and tastes very fresh. I like thier concept of displaying the food. I didnt waste much time in getting my meal ready. I'm a hard core coffee person, I loved thier coffee, it was hard to believe that it is much cheaper and better tasting than whats available at CCD. Overall i would rate them good as they exactly know what we want. In sum its awesome!!!!!!!!


John34 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 05,2009


love it!

its new n has more options!! i was so tired of the food at the food joints in ITPL n am happy that au bon pain has finally come to india...ive visited them thrice already n particularly like their rice bowls n the sandwiches esp the breakfast variety ... Also the seating near the fountain is a huge relief from the stuffy restaurants inside!!!



Food at Au Bon Pain

I went to AU Bon Pain today evening for evening snacks and felt disgusting at the menu and price list . Most of my friends felt the food served was under expectation and taste was not good



Way below expectations...

I visited Au Bon Pain cafe in the ITPL campus today in the evening. I was expecting this to be a place for good-quality breads, but it turned out to be below what I expected.

I took a Corn and Tomato soup in a bread bowl (a big bun cut open and soup poured in it). The soup had an ordinary flavour, and was slightly cold. The bread was stiff, and crispier than it should have been. This cost me Rs. 84, which I think is high for such a combo.

One would have probably felt okay to pay up so much, had the stuff on offer differentiated itself from other bakery-produce sellers, like Daily Breads, Just Bake, etc. My friends ordered a muffin which was good, but not worth the Rs. 49. The Paneer Panini was average too, again not justifying the price.

I would probably visit this place again, but try out something like a Danish or a croissant, which better be good, to keep me engaged.

Overall, the ambience is good (Blore weather helps!), but for me, it has to be the food which needs to hold my attention!