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> > > > Azure, Vivanta By Taj

Azure, Vivanta By Taj

YeshwanthpurNorth Bangalore  


4 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Azure, Vivanta By Taj Reviews

Kavi Madan - Burrp User

Kavi Madan

10 Reviews

November 19,2014







must eat here !

The experience is awesome. We went for buffet lunch on a weekday. I had steamed rice with alleppey fish curry. Jut loved it ! Also, had chicken - Khata aam which was equally good. Tried braised pork ribs - very juicy and tender, soaked well with masala. Chicken biryani was not spicy and was very light which is imp for me as I want to keep cholesterol down. The desert needs 1 big winner though I gorged on kaju pista barfi and sugar free sandesh and malai raspberry type.


The Mediterranean Sea of Exquisite Food!

Special occasions should be celebrated in Special Places. This is normally my motto when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries. So our Anniversary Celebration this year took place at Azure Restaurant in Vivanta by Taj - Yeshwantpur.

Azure is a restaurant that serves Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Greek, and Mediterranean Cuisines. One thing that I had predicted about this restaurant is that there would be lots of blues, beiges, and yellows. Sure enough I was right as these are the main colors of the Mediterranean. The restaurant is located on the 1st Floor in Vivanta by Taj.

As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with a smile and a friendly 'good afternoon' as well. Azure has outdoor and indoor seating. If the weather was not so hot outside, I am sure we would have sat there. But due to the heat in Bengaluru, we decided to settle for a table inside near the window. The ambience is very serene and beautiful. It is decorated with minimal items hanging on the wall. The table arrangements were very pretty and the tablemats, cutlery, and crockery complement each other as well. One unique quality of Azure is the open show kitchen where a brick-based Italforni oven bakes oak-flavoured pizzas.

We decided to start off with some delicious appetizers. But before we could order, the server brought a plate of bread with tomatoes on top and served with a butter dip filled with rosemary and thyme. The dip was something I had never tasted before and went well with the bread. I had ordered Hummus - Chickpeas, Tahina, Olive Oil. This is served with either a portion of pita bread or herbed focaccia. I went with the Pita Bread which comes in a cute little basket filled with white, brown, and crispy bread. If you are a person who is used to eating this, then you will love it. The hummus tasted wonderful and I must say, it's quite filling as well. My husband ordered for Panko-crusted chicken escallop with spiced tahina. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the taste was out of this world (so I heard as I am a vegetarian). The presentation of the dish is quite pleasing to the eye. The chicken escallop comes with a small bowl of ketchup on the side.

Now onto the Main Course! I was keen on having Italian for the main course, as I had ordered Lebanese for the appetizer. So decided to order Rigatoni pasta with spiced tomato, mozzarella and pepperoncini chillies. The size of the Rigatoni is humongous! It was served with tomatoes, cheese and pepperoncini chilli on the side. I devoured every bite and though it doesn't look like a lot, the dish really fills your stomach. They also served a plate with two pieces of foccasia bread which I happily ate with the tomato pieces. If you order pasta, you also get a small platter of Antipasto items such as Parmesan Cheese, Aubergines, Green Olives, Avocado, and much more. Antipasto means "before the meal" and is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal.

My husband ordered a dish called Sheesh Taouk. This consists of Creamy char-grilled chicken served in a creamy cheese sauce. On the side, you get a small portion of cilantro rice. If you want, you can eat both the items separately or together. I heard the cilantro rice was filled with lots of flavor and complemented the dish very well. The chicken was char grilled just right and the sauce was oh so creamy!

All my meals are not complete without dessert. Though I had about 5% of space left in my stomach, I thought I would order it as it was a special occasion. There were about 6 desserts to choose from. 3 were vegetarian and 3 were non-vegetarian because it contained egg. It took me a while to decide, and finally settled on Rose and chocolate damask. This is a dish with rose and chocolate semi-fredo (mousse) with toasted nuts. I am not a fan of rose flavoured dishes, but this one tasted good and since there was also chocolate mousse, I was able to enjoy it even more. I felt the quantity was a bit less, but that's probably because restaurants like this normally offer huge portions of appetizers and main courses, and cut back the quantity on the desserts!

While we were waiting for the bill, the head chef came over to find out if we enjoyed the food. It's always nice to get compliments, and it's even better when we have to give them. We told him that we enjoyed the food a lot and plan on coming back again.

In the section on the feedback form, where we had to mention our birthday and anniversary, I had written our anniversary date as July 6th, so the server informed us that a small surprise from the staff will be brought to the table shortly. We told them that our anniversary is already over, but they were keen on giving us a cake from their side!

As we were waiting for the cake, the server brought us a plate of another dessert from the menu. This time it was Assorted Baklava which is a plate of baked crisp layered filo dough with nuts and attar syrup.

The long wait had come to an end! It was very sweet of them to present us with a Chocolate Mousse cake, which not only look beautiful, but tasted delicious as well!

A meal for two without alcohol will cost about Rs. 2000 plus. Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to Azure.

Ambience: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5

The servers were very friendly and were always at our service from the beginning of the meal to the end. They will help you decide on what you want to order if you are confused after reading the vast menu. Another thing I realized about each and every dish was that it not only tasted good, but the presentation was pleasing to the eye as well. The chefs should get a pat on the back for cooking up extraordinary dishes and making them look great. We really appreciate it. :-)


a mediterrean heaven in bangalore

Very modern and elegant ambience, but the plates and cutlery transports you back to the elizabethan era. The expat chef cooks up his specialitys and leaves you longing for more. absolutely competitive prices. Eye-opening food and a must try... will be back soon!!!!




certainly not value for money; food surely not up to Taj standards and portions way too small..redeeming feature was the falafel and pitta bread..not likely to return in a hurry.