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> > > > Bacchus


St. Marks RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 40333888
  • F&B, Rt Before Vital Mallya Road, Papanna Street, St. Marks Road, Bangalore
  • Mexican, Lebanese, Italian

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Bacchus Reviews


Was Brilliant ,is Pathetic

Hi, write this with a very heavy heart. this is one place me and my friends used to frequent the most since past 4 years. have had great times there while the dance floor was is a pale shadow of what it used to be. 2 months back , neither is the crowd tht good nor is the ambience or range of drinks available tht comprehensive nor the used to be buzzing on weekends now looks deserted. please get rid of the karoke and get back to the old DJ and music with the dance floor.



Lacking exceptional quality

Bacchus is situated in the same building as the global tree house cafe, reading the review that most of the burppers have written i beg to differ.
I did not find the place appealing.
First the ambience is so corporate, the seats are uncomfortable.
Music is a tad too loud, i had to scream for my friend to hear me.
About the food , wat do i say, we ordered some chicken tikka ( i guess) and baby corn fry. My My was the corn stale or wat. None of the starters were good (read NONE) .
Coming to drinks i only found the shooters good, other cocktails were well below average.
Overall this place is not that great honestly.
My rating :
Food 1/5
Drinks 3/5
Ambiance : 2.5 /5
Date spot : are u kidding
Hangout : Nothing different or unique about this place, regular loud music playing place
Value for money : 2/5


Happening, tasty fun!

I'm nearly a wednesday night regular at Bacchus, not my kind of music, but really gets the crowd going! 500Rs entry for which you could squeeze about three beers or a mixed drink and a beer. However, after recently devouring food instead of ordering drinks, I highly recommend ordering off their menu. I wish everything on it was always available, but the Gnocchi is excellent as is the pizza. But but but, dont forget their oh so delicious huge piece of blueberry cheesecake! The food is so good, it may even make you forget that you came to drink and dance, you are warned! Nice ambience, good servers, always bustling about keeping you happy.



Hip and happening!

I really like this place! Not many people know about the place.. Go there on wednesday evenings.. They have a special night... Moreover, Spiga is next door so its a conveniently located.


I really like this place

Didn't get to try any food besides the papar (spelling?) but a great crowd and good food. Generally if you set that kind of stage early the rest will follow.


confused stewards, great hummus

nice place, the interiors seemed a little bare to me though.
the waiter here, got confused about the drink i was ordering and took ages to realise they did not have a certain scotch mentioned on the menu... but those to me are pardonable mistakes
the Hummus i had here is among the BEST i've had in bangalore, i would defly recommend this place.



A lively place to hang out with friends.

I had been to Bacchus with few of my friends couple of months back. This was my first visit since i reside in Chennai. I had heard about this place from a few friends in Chennai, so decided to try out Bacchus. We were a group of 8 and were a bit early for the evening. There wasn't much of a crowd unlike other small dingy places. Bacchus was well maintained with neat seating and courteous staff. We decided to take the 1st floor open air area since all of us were meeting after a long time and wanted to chat over couple of drinks and food.

The ladies went for their Martinis and the guys ordered Bacardi and i had a few Breezers. We drank and chatted for a long time by when Bacchus got crowded and the music got hotter. Food was good. The portion sizes were good. Finished our dinner there and left the place happy after a fun-filled evening.

I would strongly recommend this place for any occasion or for just a gulp of your favorite drink.



My friend and I, confused on where to head in the evening, but knew we wanted to go somewhere near the Richmond and Residency road. That’s when F & B came into my mind and there were no second thoughts about it!
As we entered, there we were with one more confusion. Where to go!!!

At the reception, we were told we have 3 options. Global Tree Cafe - Restaurant (decided not to go as we were too early for the dinner), Pastry Shop and Bacchus – The Lounge Bar. My friend gave me a weird stare and said, Bacchus!! The guy in the reception guided us till the lounge bar. The door and the walls were painted with shiny leafy kinda things. There was hardly anybody when we went there and the Bar Counter was totally empty. Huge and well cushioned seats with low tables occupied the place. On the 1st floor, we had 2 options. One a smaller lounger supported by a huge horizontal column / pillar and the other one was open terrace with some greenery. We opted for the latter. It was a cute lounge with huge cushiony settee similar to what we found in the ground floor. The added attraction here was, there’s another kinda low seated bench covered with bright and colorful mats with contrast cushions over it. This one was really nice and apt for the bigger groups. Since, we were just the 2 of us, we dint opt for it. Well, I someday want to go occupy that space with my close friends.

They have an extensive menu card but, the waiter hardly has any knowledge on the same. He looked totally blank when questions were asked. My friend placed an order for a mocktail, and I wanted to try shooter named B2. After 10 minutes he came to let us know, its not available. After a few permutation and combination, my friend picked on Mai Tai. Drinks were pretty good though I loved my friends drink better. A small cup full of salted peanuts is complimentary. To munch along, we ordered The Oriental Platter which had the spring roll, vegetable deep fried and one more fried item. This, I felt was nowhere close to good. The spring rolls were ok but the deep fried vegetable was over-fried and tasted bitter.

By this time, I’d liked my friend’s drink so much, I ordered for the same in addition to the same drink my friend again ordered. Sipped and thoroughly enjoyed this one. This area of Bacchus got totally filled and the rest still remain unoccupied. Music was good and not too loud.

A projector towards the huge wall continuously plays some of the interesting sports. This big screen out there is visible from all the corners of the lounge.

Drinks for two along with some munchies would approximately cost around Rs.1300/-

A good place to handout once in a while!!


mudpuppy - Burrp User


38 Reviews

December 06,2007


Great atmosphere on the deck upstairs

Nice place for drinks and food (from F&B). The music inside gets too loud to enjoy, and the smoke in the bar area inside is also thick.

But the outdoor area upstairs is quite pleasant. Nice tunes from the DJ and not too loud or smoky. Reminds me of sitting poolside at the Park Hotel. (with better food)

One note: The bartender had a nasty habit of putting beer bottles in the ice to chill them down. What's wrong with that? It was the same ice he was using to mix drinks with. When I pointed it out, he claimed the bottles were clean! Yeah, right. I drank beer only after that. No more ice for me.