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> > > > Banana Beach Bar

Banana Beach Bar

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


30 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Happy Hours Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Banana Beach Bar presents to you Happy Hours. Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer on drinks.


    Weekdays: 4pm to 7:30pm

    Weekends: 4pm to 7pm

Friday Karaoke Night Jul 31

  • Banana Beach Bar presents Friday Karaoke Night. Rock the night, sing your hearts out & get free shooters on the house. Hosted by KJ Santosh.
    Time: 8pm onwards

Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Banana Beach Bar presents to you Happy Hours. Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer on drinks.


    Weekdays: 4pm to 7:30pm

    Weekends: 4pm to 7pm

Mid Week Bollywood Party Aug 05

  • Its Bollywood Wednesday Nite at Banana Beach Bar with Dvj Sameer spinning the latest Bollywood tunes.
    Time: 7pm onwards

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Banana Beach Bar Reviews

Favorite Beach in Bangalore

Truly my favorite bar in Bangalore. Love the whole beach feel.

It's our favorite joint. Perfect to unwind after a long day's work. A Caribbean band plays live music on Wednesday evenings. We mostly never miss this. Good bar food and, best of all, service is spot on!!



Best avoided unless you have no where else 2go

Seems to have started with some great ideas in mind but seems to be clue less now.
Karaoke sucked the night we were there. Choice of beers n drinks was nothing out of the way n limited. Gaps in the floor wooden boards where stiletto's can get struck. Average food. don't sit near the road side. You get the sewage stench masked with agarbattis !!! Why would one want to pay cover charge to smell sewage?? Snacks was just so so.


Art of Chiling!

I am literally reminded of beach, owing to lounge chairs to small bar area and what looked like a snack bar seating :) I am happy about the happy hours, thanks to "FOSTERS" would definitely recommend :)


zuzu007 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 31,2012


Best Friday Nights

Been there 3 Fridays out of the last 4... and this place has been wonderful every single time.. the staff is friendly.. and the DJ Rajesh plays some really great and happening tunes.. for Karaoke, they try to be as accommodating as possible.. A great overall experience for me and my friends :D



Sad but true!

Was really excited to go to Banana Beach for the Karaoke night. Had been there last night, and the experience was terrible. The karaoke started late, the DJ was horrible. Not only was he unaccommodating, his taste in music was mediocre. They seemed to have a few favorites for the Karaoke. We wanted to celebrate a friend's birthday, and requested the DJ to show us a list of songs we could choose from. All he said was- I don't have time for that, just tell me what you want me to play. The dance floor was opened at 23.15 and closed by 23.30. He played just 3 songs. Overall a disappointing experience. Would never want to go there again.


Reiterate the saga

I was damn curious to see the burrp reviews post my visit here last week to validate if my thoughts were right. Bingo!! This is super duper awful. Insectomania. People have found cockroaches, mosquitos and what not. And here I am who finds a housefly sailing like a pirate in our cocktail.
And guess what? We complain about this and the waiter takes back the cocktail and stays mum. WTH? Should we remind him to give us a replacement? The beer menu is boring and the foreign beers are expensive. Doesn't suit the name "beach bar".
To recount my experiences:
1. The front desk comes to us and asks us to vacate the place before 730PM since she has a reservation when we were half way through. Why couldn't they be modest to tell this while we enter the bar
2. The appetizers are not that great to mention. We ordered grilled chicken and they get us minced grilled chicken and they say this is how they serve it. Hahaha..


BMK123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 20,2012


Will never go again

been hear on a thursday night the only thing that is decent is the ambiance...apart from that this place is the worst i have been in a long time....the food and drinks are way too expensive and they only have fosters bottled beer, no draught....

There was a so called DJ who was playing the worst songs i ever heard and he is so arrogant as if he is a real dj... the place is not worth to wast your time and money


vollavolla - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 07,2011


The best stinking bar

This is the best stinking bar in Bangalore. They have some water landscape inside the bar which breeds mosquitoes and really stinks due to bad hygiene. They probably are used to the smell so don't get it. The problem doesn't stop there:

The food is awful. Really awful. We got stomach problems after eating a non-veg platter. You're better off eating from roadside. The beer is fine because they don't make it there...



Worst place ever!

If you want to spoil your Sunday afternoon - which should have been awesome considering it is your birthday treat - please go ahead and visit this place.
The following chain of events took place and by the end of it I started hating myself for trusting my instincts and going for this much hyped place
1. A friend emailed me the burrp web link for an event - The Sunday Brunch Buffet @ the Banana Beach Bar
2. The reviews were okay-ish and because i trust Burrp I decided to have my Birthday treat at this place
3. Made the reservation on Saturday for a table for 4 at 1pm - specifically asked the female over the phone that the event is happening or not - confirmed the prices etc as well - I now think that she did not understand English & only knew to say "Yes Ma'am" in a weird mixed accent for everything.
4. Dragged myself out of bed on a Sunday morning, got ready and reached this place at 12.55
5. It looked a little shady from the outside but i wanted to give it the benefit if doubt so didn't pay much attention to it
6. Went in and was completely shocked to find the place empty - the grill was packed and made to stand on the side - I felt my worst fears coming true - asked the host ( a non-chalant waiter made to stand at the entrance) whether this is the correct place and when he said yes - I told him that i have a reservation for 4 people for the Brunch buffet.
7. He looked as shocked as I was and finally told me that the event has been cancelled.
8. I was seething with rage and took a look at the register where under the brunch buffet heading - there was only one entry with my name on it.

Finally the host went and asked the head waiter and he shouted that who has made the reservation - tough luck dude - even i want to know that.

I went outside (to cool down and not slap anyone) and called my friends who were not yet there. While I was on the call, the head waiter had the guts to come out and make the worst apology ever in the history of apologising ( with a smirk on his face which again made my blood boil).

I stormed off and went to Barbequeue Nation, Indiranagar - though we had to wait for 30 minutes to get a place - it was totally worth it.

My two cents to the "Banana Beach Bar" management -
1. Do not advertise events that you cannot afford to sponsor on websites like burrp - People like me use it to make eat out decisions
2. Hire staff which knows english to take reservations over the phone and not just say "Yes Ma'am"
3. Have etiquette learning programmes for the staff so that they know how to make a sincere apology (even if they dont mean it)



Doesn't hit the spot.

We went to BBB in mid August, on a weekday afternoon. The place was empty and we were happy, having heard how crowded it usually is. We were seated at one of the tables near the entrance but had to shift as we saw a huge cockroach making merry on the parapet next to our table! Yes, insects are common at places that have outdoor seating amidst plants but I do hope the management takes enough precaution to avoid creepy crawlies.

Anyway, while the table of our choice was being cleaned, we took a look around the place. One of the inner walls has a HUGE portrait of Jim Morrison. As a fan, I was impressed but it kinda doesn't go with the Caribbean aura BBB is known for. The music they that day (cliche pop numbers and 'club hits') lacked adherance to the theme..didn't get either beachy or tropical fruit related vibes from Kesha. I expected something with Caribbean or Cuban influences. I just don't get the ambiance!

We were then seated at another outdoor table, a raised bamboo seating which was unique and did its bit in lifting our mood. There's place to lie down, stretch your legs and unwind on a warm August afternoon. The drinks were very promptly brought to us - an excellent Volcano, mediocre Cosmopolitan and Breezer. We didn't order food here as lunch would be had shortly at Oye Amritsar next door. Also, their starter menu had nothing special (read exotic). You get this stuff everywhere at much lesser prices.

Go there for the comfortable raised seating, Volcano and a pitcher of KF, perhaps.
Decent place to relax. I would have rated them better if they hadn't gone chinsy on my expensive Cosmo.



best relax with foster's beer - crowded

one of the few places you can get a good Foster's beer (not that it is usually bad, but hard to find!). some service issues but no wonder: the place was jammedm - but that is why you have to stay chilled out: the ambiance and crowd makes up for it. maybe the result of being popular? some new colorful art of chilling stuff there - how can I nick the Foster's bean bag.....?!



Art of Chilling at its best!

I met up with a couple of friends here while in Bangalore for business and absolutely loved the place. The music was chilled out, crowd was great and simply enjoying a cold beer with friends was fantastic.
The Art of Chilling theme by Foster's made me order a Foster's just for kicks and I was pleasantly surprised. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to a lot more Foster's and hopefully a similarly themed bar in Bombay and Pune as well...


Great Place

This Foster's Art of Chilling themed bar is fantastic. Great beer and food. Lively in the evenings and a great place to hang out with friends while enjoying a nice evening breeze. The Chill Heads as Foster's call them look fun and lend to the chilled out atmosphere of the bar.


Badly managed

Inspite of prior reservation did not get the table requested. Food was awful. The plus was the drinks and ambience...this place will do better if its well managed.


Good times

My Fiance and i go there usually for the manager. He has become a dear friend over the years. However we love their kareoke nights and not to forget the "pink lungi"
Over the weekends I have bumped into many regulars and even took a few friends there.
I still have a few suggestions:
1. The grilled food is cold and bland at times.
2. Sheesha takes awefully long time.
3. When there is a huge crown. the sheesha is available for just 45 min. thats blasphemous.

Else I love the place.


teju666 - Burrp User


36 Reviews

February 21,2011


Hyped up ambience

A lot of reviews of this place have gone ga ga with the ambience and that is what led us to this place.
Not that the ambience is bad. But it is not as great as the reviews would make you feel. There a few places in Bangalore who can match if not beat the ambience. Makes me suspect the authenticity of the reviews. I wonder how great its going to feel in an open air place with not too many options for fresh breeze once the sultry summer hits us.

The crowd was nice and lively. Place felt alive. Music is a mixed bag. No real theme or thought. Michael jackson, Bryan Adams & GnR not too far apart. Its feel good music but not a place you would go to for it.

The menu is nice. Lot of cocktails and good finger food. Their beer choices need to be improved. I dont think they have too many choices between a Fosters on one end & a Corona on the other. Cocktails were a mixed bag too. Some just felt as if they lacked alcohol.
The food was good. We ordered a Chicken BBQ platter and it was nice though pricey. The veg platter was nice too. Sufficient qty.
Service was prompt. In fact our waiter was a little disappointed when someone in our group rated the service avg and he wanted us to justify what he did wrong.
Price is on the higher side esp for the food and some of the cocktails.

One complaint is that they have a table right in line of the door. This door was open through most of the evening giving us a not so pleasant view of the Koramangala traffic. This is something they need to fix. Also, we were asked to pay Rs 500/- as cover charge for a single guy accompanying us. Really dont get the logic of that move esp. if there are no only guy groups trying to enter.

Would rate it 3.5.


idreezz - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 30,2010


Sunday Brunch a total dissapointment

Was here for a sunday brunch quiet recently and as i stepped in i really liked wht i saw..The ambience was gr8 to laze around on a sunday afternoon..PERIOD. coming to the food i was very very dissapointed...for an exorbitant price of 750 bucks the starters were just about ok and the main course had very less varieties and for dessert they serve u jeelabis and vanilla icecream ...u kiddin me?...i wud rather go to a 5 star hotel pay the same price and enjoy a lavish spread which has varieties 3 times more than wht i saw here...These guys really need to work on the sunday brunch menu else it would be daylight robbery ...


Must visit

I am pretty much impressed by the decor and ambiance of this place. Great place to hangout. specially the seating arrangements are lovely and they give you quite good variety as a bar.
music as they say covers all genres, which is good for many people.
Food is not less, they have good enough variety and whatever they serve is yummy.
Staffs are polite and attentive.
All in all its value for money and soon this place will become your regular joint if you go there once.
Good job guys, keep it up!


December 29, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi sumanpat86,

We're extremely glad and pleased that you enjoyed yourselves. Making sure our customers are satisfied and have the urge to come again - is our utmost priority.

Please visit again and give us the pleasure of serving you. Happy New Year !

chen_0707 - Burrp User


17 Reviews

December 06,2010


to.... KP Groups Team

since u follow the reviews so closely i was wondering if u could give me information bout wats happening on the 31st night. i was looking for a place to be on new yrs night and ur place looks pretty good. i need a table for two so kindly tel me the best table i can get to make my new yr spl with my loved one. thank u.


December 6, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi chen_0707,

We're going to update the party go-ers of Bengaluru very soon, regarding our December events' line-up at The Banana Beach Bar.
However, please contact 9880077363 for all the information and booking queries.

Hope to see you soon ! Thank You



great time! especially got good laughs from the skinny guy, with the mustache wearing the red dress. he kept running around saying, "i LOVE IT" and giving women roses! i def recommend this place!


December 6, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi alealejandro10,

We're glad you had a nice time. Please do visit us again !

Thank You,

Step in once, might just become ur regular joint

Okay, so ive been wanting to hit this place for a long time now. Went in for my great want of cocktails and I wasnt dissapointed. The happy hours that runs up till 8 P.M is brilliant. The place has a Goa shack kind of feeling which obviously is awesome. Waiters are friendly. The cocktails were well made especially the Mojito, but bartender you really need to tilt that bottle for a little longer ( keep the drinking guy happy and he shall come back)


December 6, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi pranavgoyal,

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad you enjoyed yourself and we're equally happy that you will recommend The Banana Beach Bar to others as well !

Strike a smile at our bartenders and they'll tilt that bottle as much as you want :)

Thank you and hope to see you soon !

January 9, 2011response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hey, I stepped in your place recently and again had a wonderful time. Food was good and also quick drinks were served. Only thing, I went for happy hours but they wouldn't serve me Peroni or Corona beer on asking. The waiters decline it isnt available. After the happy hours ended, I see this guy ordering Peroni's on a nearby table and they serve it to him. That's really something of an issue I feel personally.
If you say that alcohol is 1 +1 in happy hours, I think you guys shud follow it too, and I dont get the differentiating between the

Kevin  - Burrp User


25 Reviews

November 22,2010



OMG i have had bad service in my time but this was unbelievable. No one really listens.

We had visited the place on Sunday evening at about 8.00 pm. Ambiance, i must say was top notch! It was all downhill from there. We asked for some cocktails, and KF beer. They had no KF! No reason as to why it’s on the menu but not available. We ordered some starters, Nachos and Onion Rings. The Nachos as they call it were Mad angles that were all crushed...and the salsa was tomato puree…The onion rings were oily stale and smelt and tasted like fish fry?

We decided that was enough and asked for the bill, I told him to hang on as I have not gone through the bill as yet but gave him my card. He went ahead and processed the payment. The guy apologised and further tried to up sell the rest of the weeks offerings…to which I clearly advised in as polite manner as possible that I was not interested as the service and food was pathetic. He went on rambling for 5 minutes and asked for my number to send me details of upcoming events. 100 as my number and it still didn’t strike him that I was an unhappy customer.

The upside was the live music and the smile the staff had on their face regardless of what was going on around them. I must say ignorance and lack of communication is BLISS!!!



Simply Amazin!!!!!!!!

a perfect 10 on 10........loved the settings....the food....the live music......n more over the swing out there.......great job guys......


November 22, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Thank You Mr Govind,

We're glad you had a wonderful time and enjoyed yourself. Please do visit us again !

PrakashJ - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 26,2010


Superb Music and Ambiance

I visited this lounge after reading about it online. I am amazed at the decor and ambiance. This is a fresh detour from the usual crowded bars and discos in the city with a calm, serene and great lighting feel.
The live music sessions are fun ! We enjoyed the yummy cocktails with some great appetizer platters. The service was friendly as well.
I would love to see what banana beach bar looks like during the day.
Great going !


November 8, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi PrakashJ,

Thank you for your feedback. We're glad that you enjoyed yourself and we would recommend a visit during lunch as well.
Come again, soon !

watanick - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 02,2010


For few cents more

I probably would had given a four but here it goes a star (and if there was a provision of giving negative points I would have opted for that). Our (3 of us) perspective about this place changed from good to worse since our last visit. I had visited this place several times. Even though I feel that its an expensive place (but then in Bangalore a lot small timers are competing 5 star hotels in terms of prices).
I read other reviews and couple of guys complaining about the bill. I am not sure if they meant discrepancy in the bill, but that was our experience here. These guys are bunch of thugs, who charged us for 8 large pegs. A brand that we specifically mentioned that we despise.
If you plan to get sloshed you may not want to visit this place. I think they have an eye for such customers. We in any case would not want to visit these folks.
Having said that few things about this place:-
- Staff courteous (be polite and con the customer later?)
- Limited stuff to eat but whatever they have to offer, its good.
- It follows lounge tradition, no pitchers, no 650 ml beer.
- Nice ambiance
- No ethics for music, different genre, from techno to rock. Who ever manages music here seems like a teenager still trying to figure out his taste.


October 2, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi Watanick,

We want you to understand that as a group of eateries and lounges we have no interest in trying to fleece our customers by over-charging them on their bills. And, by no means are we scouting for "sloshed" customers. However, having said that - if you could provide us with your bill number or any kind of proof so as to make the verification clarification process much easier.
The Banana Beach Bar is not pub like the others in the city and it does follow "lounge tradition" in terms of ambiance and seating arrangements.

October 7, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi Natasha,
it's a free world: to claim, "no interest in trying to fleece" customers. But then thats an opinion you have. Do you vouch for your staffs having same integrity? I thought it was quite evident from OP that we were "sloshed" and pissed about the incidence, hence no "interest" in preserving the bill (where we were conned). If it helps this incidence happened on 26th September, 2010. At around 11 PM, your bouncer and the waiter serving us, were on receiving end as I threw a volley of slurs on them. It's actually amazing that you in

October 8, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi Watanick,
As a group we try to ensure that everyone works towards satisfying the customers with ingerity and sincerity. We, obviously haven't lived up to that with regard to your experience.
We also do take our customers' comments constructively which is why we spend time reading what you have to say and respond as soon as possible.
Apologies again with an intivation extended once more.

Thank You !

G.Sam.. - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 28,2010


Awesome place for every celebrative moments...

An excellent place to hangout with our best butties,
Perfect place for Parties&Weekends...
Must visit atleast thrise in a week hereafter....
Good service,Nice cocktails, Exciting tricks from Abdul,a Bar tender,
and visual xcitement from another bartender kalai,he's making the bottles to obey him,

Planning to visit for the fridays atleast...

but here i found one negative thing tooooooo.......

That's on food.
The food items are not up to the quality&quantity of a good place.
We ordered Fish fingers we got them in the size of sausage,
i wondered as dey given me fish sausages,but realized aft the first bite.....

But who cares,
V all needs a nice place to hangout,
with nice drinks, with friendly bartenders, V have all at here,


September 29, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi G.Sam,

Thank you for your feedback and we're glad that you had a wonderful time at The Banana Beach Bar. We will ensure the quality and quantity of food served lives up to the expectations that people have from us.

Visit again and help us to serve you better !

fun_ppl - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 23,2010


might visit again....

Had been to this place with my friends last week end and the décor was absolutely wonderful n so was the hookah n service :) too expensive though and we had a problem with our bill and so did many others...I think its a common practice to extract more from customers unknowingly....I see the same in the other reviews too on Banana Beach....

well, all in all I might still visit this place again soon....


September 24, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Hi fun_ppl

We're glad that you enjoyed yourselves.
Regarding the prices of our items, we follow industry standards and cater to the needs of those that enjoy what we have to offer in terms of ambiance, music, food and beverages. Although, we apologize for the confusion regarding your bill; please note that we do not "extract more from customers" unkowingly or otherwise. The essential taxes are based on norms set by the government. It's our duty and privilege to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, spreads the word and continues

Book the Boat for seating

Liked the ambience, food, gentry and the staff. Hoping that these guys keep the charm for long. Everythg seemed too good as the place possibly is recently opened. Prices are sky high but of you are looking for some good time out with close cuppa of friends this place gets all the brownie points.

I went there on a Sunday 29/08/10 and there was a LIVE band crooning the best tracks. Simply loved it.


September 22, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Thank You Naveen.
We look forward to more good times and happy evenings serving you and your friends/family !

manirkhan - Burrp User


9 Reviews

September 02,2010


Great Please

Went with my Girlfriend on last saturday, must say a very nice Romantic place, perfectly suitable for a date. Very good cocktail, with great ambience.Thanks Banana Beach for introducing me to such a place! Will surely visit again.


September 22, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Mr. Khan, we're extremely glad that you enjoyed your special evening. Please continue coming as you are a valued customer !

Thank you !


Like a mean rich girl

I came here with some friends for the karaoke and comedy. One thing that has bugged me about a few places in Bangalore are when they try to jam "fun" down your throat. Think places that blast techno way too loud because they think that's what people enjoy (Hint: if your crowd is young professionals, skip the techno and let us enjoy spending our money with some class). I felt BBB is going through the same motions.

Good Sheesha
Nice decor
Decent food

Too expensive, even by Bangalore standards and especially for Koramangala
Lots of confusion with a big party and our bill
Sound system for karaoke kept messing up, made it hard to enjoy the night as songs and performers kept getting cut. When that's the case, cut your losses and let the night progress naturally.

I'm sure they'll do just fine, but wanted to share my experience.


September 22, 2010response from management at Banana Beach Bar:

Thank you for your constructive feedback.
We apologize for the confusion regarding your bill and hope to not repeat the same in the near future.
We're also looking into improving our sound system to avoid any kind of disturbances during a karaoke night.
Regarding the prices of our items, we follow industry standards and cater to the needs of those that enjoy what we have to offer in terms of ambiance, music, food and beverages.

Keep visiting and help us to serve you better !
Thank you !