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> > > > Bangalore Mandarin

Bangalore Mandarin

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 41161732
  • #197/A, Double Road, Lind Stage, Indiranagar
  • Chinese

15 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Bangalore Mandarin Reviews

athulbnair  - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 16,2012


Good food

Food is good. Lately they stopped the finger bowl system. Wash area really stings, which brings down the rating.


1maas - Burrp User


5 Reviews

August 11,2012


Food's Good, Attitude sucks

I have been to this restaurant in Indiranagar quite a few times and as the other reviews go, I am fond of the food here. However, I got one of the rudest treatment this time. I and a colleague had been to this place for lunch and after having a heavy order of food, decided we couldn't have the second course. I requested the untouched meal to be packed so I could give it to someone as lunch. Was disgusted when the food came in a parcel of polythene cover.

This is how my conversation with the person at the counter went when I complained about it:
Moi: How can you parcel this food in a polythene cover? Can't you put it in a disposable plastic container?
Dude at counter: Sir, the containers are pricey. I thought you wouldn't need that
Moi: You should have given me the choice. I am the one who selects how my food is packaged
Dude: Sir, but this is left-overs. Customers usually get the left-overs for their dogs. So, we put them in polythene covers
Moi: (Trying to remain calm) This is not for a dog. It can be a meal for someone
Dude: Sir, when we actually ask customers if they want the "leftovers" to be parceled, they will be annoyed.
Moi: That is a not a proper reason. I don't know why they would get annoyed
Gal at the counter: (Laughing) Sir, now you are getting annoyed

I just saw no sense in carrying on the conversation since the whole point of my argument wasn't getting in. This tops the list of discourteous behavior in restaurants.

Update: Umm, called up the number listed for Mandarin and requested to speak to the owner of the store. Apparently, the guy at the counter is the owner. No wonder the hospitality here is going to the dogs (literally)!


the Shah Rukh Khan of Indiranagar cuisine.

A friend of mine has this theory that Chinese food is the Shah Rukh Khan of Indian cuisine - cos just like SRK is a regular in almost all current controversies coming out of Bollywood or cricket, Chinese food is similarly a default setting in almost every restaurants’ menu cards.

But in Bangalore, the so called “Chinese” food that are being served are way too indianized to be actually called real Chinese; cos lotsa people admit that real Chinese food may not be appetizing to our India tongues. And that’s the thing with Bangalore Mandarin – the food is pretty good but the more the taste moves away from the Indianized Chinese taste that we’re all used to, the less appealing it turns out to be.

But it’s definitely a place that I would classify as a “R-A-J recommends”. Here’s why:

Location and Parking – Bangalore Mandarin is one of those places that’s been around for a pretty long time and it has maintained its reputation for good food all this while. Somebody told me that the owners are Chinese and that they have their own way of quietly running the place. It’s located on double road, bang opposite to the CMH road HDFC Bank in Indiranagar. Parking space is quite scarce and since CMH road is notorious for the cops towing away wrongly parked vehicles, you better choose your parking space carefully. We parked a good 5 minute walk away near the Sri Krishna Sweets in one of the many nearby service roads.

Ambience – The Chinese consider the color red to denote prosperity and Mandarin is soaked in a warm shade of red and beige all around. Since there ain’t no natural light or windows, the place looks the same both during day and night and they have Chinese paper lamps hanging from the ceilings with Chinese characters scribbled on them. The ambience is very old world and very family-family types. The right side wall is completely mirrored so you get the feeling of red reflected all around you. A very cool conversation starter that they have is on the plate mats of every table – based on the year of your birth, you can find a list of flattering attributes that you supposedly possess. So the Chinese calendar says I’m red, hot and sexy - wonder why other nationalities don’t recognize that.. :)

The best seat in the house: That’ll be both the corner seats on the right side– for the sheer pleasure of feeling like you own the place as you can see the whole room from the corners - however these seats can only seat four. I found the seats on the left a tad stuffy.

Service – the service comes across as very mannered and helpful – there usually have an ample number of servers around so you can always signal to one of them to help you with the water, the food or just to remind them about your order. Good service in my books.

Food – The food is good – but what really gets you is the quantity – they’re very generous with their quantity – so if you are having starters, then two main course dishes can be easily shared between three people. For our Friday lunch between 3 carnivorous n 2 cows (ok, I’ll behave - 3 non vegetarians and 2 vegetarians :) ), we started off with Crispy Corn Fritters, Bacon Wrap Prawns, crispy shredded pork and Spring Rolls (Veg) – the first two we loved, the third we liked and the last we hated. For the main course, we had Hakka noodles (veg), Veg balls, Peking Ja Mein(chicken and pork NV) and mixed NV Mei Foon Thai – again, we loved the first three but the third one was yuck - methinks that it tasted that way cos it was too bland, wet and tasted too fresh – you know, not the Indianized Chinese that we all associate Chinese to be. In fact, I now wish that we could have had some crispy sides along with the wet noodles dishes. But other than these fancy selections, the rest of the food was pretty good (another friend had recommended the Singapore and Malaysia noodles). Another thing to remember is to ask them if the dish is sweet or not. Now in addition to the above, one of us ordered a Cool Blue drink which was ok (a lil too sweet though) and another ordered two bottles of mineral water. So in conclusion, with most of the dishes, you should find the food to be very yummy and the quantity to be pretty awesome. And what makes you still go for more trips to this place is the next point.

Bill – For all of the above, we paid just Rs 1488/-, a bargain for the quantity and taste. Definitely, we five satisfied stomachs found the bill to be pretty awesome.

So the R-A-J recommendations for Mandarin are:

1) Well this place has managed to hold on to a good reputation for all these years – so obviously they’re doing something right – so they could just choose to not do anything and simply maintain whatever they’re doing right all this while. Methinks the only thing that they could improve is perhaps a lil more marketing - to take a leaf out of better marketed Chinese joints in Indiranagar like Mainland China or Beijing Bites, they could increase their marketing with more flyers, promotions, corporate discounts etc as there are still quite a many people who haven’t heard of them. But of course, one thing that I’ve noticed with many suddenly-successful eating joints is this – the more people that come in, the faster the quality of food drops. So maybe Bangalore Mandarin is just doing great with whatever they’re doing now.

But the thing is that these guys have an awesome location – they’re the only Chinese joint on the extremely popular CMH road (no I won’t even say Wanley in the same breath) and with the metro, that makes more people to consider. But the irony is that for whatever reasons, when you think of Chinese in Indiranagar, the mind automatically goes to either Mainland China or even Beijing Bites – though I think Mandarin scores over the former two on an overall level - in fact, I’d consider these guys as one of the better restaurants in Indiranagar. But sadly, they’re not top of mind.

2) I once called these guys for a home delivery and they told me that they would not deliver beyond 80 feet road, Indiranagar. I tried explaining to them that I just live only 10-15 meters away from 80 feet road and they stubbornly refused to deliver and even told me to come down to 80feet road and pick the food from the delivery boy!!! I mean, if I have to dress up and come down to pick up food, then why would I want a home delivery? I ordered that day from the much more flexible Beijing Bites. Mandarin could rid away from such stupid stubbornness.

So finally, the verdict – like SRK movies, Bangalore Mandarin is definitely paisa vasool – good food with good quantity at a good price. Trust me, if you go there once, it won’t be the last. :)



Kinda good. Not great.

This restaurant doesn't even display it's name in English. So when my friend and i entered the restaurant yesterday, we didn't even know what it was called.

The menu has good variety of dishes even for veggies.
The service is quick.
Neat ambiance.
Good generous quantity of the food in whatever you order (unlike most places that charge you a bomb for just a morsel).

They open only at 12:15 pm. So if you reach even a few minutes earlier, they'll make you wait outside and won't take an exception to let you in.
The stewards are very ill-informed about what a dish consists of - Not much help to first-timers and people who are new to the cuisine.
Limited Thai dishes to choose from - and they taste nothing like Thai.

Unless you are a regular there, you won't remember the names of a few dishes :P



Good Chinesse

Good food , decent price and the good choice in the menu.


A D - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 21,2011


Oriental Legacy....


Here comes another Friday, we ditch our daily home-made lunch bags and head-out for some lip-smacking adventure. This place was suggested by an old office colleague of ours. Easy to locate, bang opp. to HDFC Bank, Indiranagar Branch.

Let me quickly put in the verdicts -

1. Food - Soups and Starters are good. Try "drums of heaven" in starters its without the batter or food color, unlike the commercialized red ones you might have tried. We ordered rice (veg. / n-veg). The Veg rice was way too better than the N-Veg. Surprisingly, couldn't find any prawns in the n-veg rice. The quantity is good for the price you pay one rice dish would be sufficient for 2 pax.

2. Ambiance - Slightly Upmarket, Lots of space, Lots of red too, clean and a very profound table mat - you will enjoy reading until your food arrives.

3. Service - Quick, Mannered and Served with care. The staff is very nice, attentive and well informed about the food on the menu.

4. Price - Slightly on the higher side Soups at Rs. 95 onwards, Starters at Rs. 120, and Main Course - Rs. 145 all this exclusive of taxes. (they charge VAT - 14%)

Overall, the food is good for the price you pay and the service you get here. I will rate them Average since the n-veg rice was a disappointment to us. Parking is a pain here - one has to fetch their own parking spot as the hotel is located just few inches away from a traffic light and they have no provisions.

PS : - Also try the "fresh lime honey" found it very refreshing.

Tip - Try your luck on one of the cross roads, opp. Nagarjuna restaurant which is few meters away (read behind) from Bangalore Mandarin.


Puneita - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 30,2011



The food is just OK and they do not deliver even if it is 0.25 kms beyond indiranagar. Annoying!!



Bad Chinese food !!

We ordered home delivery from here last night, the food came on time . We had ordered crispy vegetables, chicken dragon rolls, general tso's chicken, egg hakka noodles and thai fried rice . The starters were the only thing that we could really eat. They were just ok. Nothing to recommend them by. The noodles and chicken gravy was salty. We are not able to eat more than 2 spoons of the food. The Thai fried rice did not taste anything like how it is supposed to, but the only saving grace for that was it was not salty . I have never has such bad chinese food. Seeing the reviews below I am amazed that we could have gotten such awful food. Maybe it was the chef's bad day in the kitchen.Or the standards are dropped since.
But for sure never ordering food from here ever again.


Good! If you value your pocket...

Good Chinese food...No never authentic but then who cares so long as it tastes good!

It is a small setup...good people, good food and good pricing strategy...

On the flip side menu card does not have anything that can surprise you... If you wish to experience a good ambience...This is not the right place for you...they don't target class rather it is for the mass...

Enjoy your food here!



Consistently Good

As I live in Indiranagar, I have been visiting this place for years. The food here has always been of a consistently good quality and the service is terrific. Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go here as my friend has never visited this place before and I felt that we needed to rectify that lapse immediately. Sitting down in the restaurant, we ordered my all-time favorite - Bacon Wrapped Prawns - as our starter. For our main course we ordered General Tso's Chicken and a Chicken Fried Rice. Our drink of choice was a pot of Chinese Tea. The tea arrived quickly, in a little stainless steel jug and with two cups and saucers. Both of us happily sipped our tea while we discussed the week at our respective work places and looked around the restaurant. The decor is quite nice and there is a showcase near one corner of the restaurant which has a lovely collection of ornaments which look most Asian. The food soon arrived and we enjoyed every mouthful of it. I also love the chilly sauce at this restaurant. The prices here are quite reasonable and the quantity is good - quite sufficient for two people. The crowd is also nice and the place is always packed to capacity on Friday nights and weekends. It would pay to go early on these days if one wishes to have a table and specially one of one's choice. Alternately to reserve. Definitely a place I would return to and would recommend to anyone looking for a great Chinese place at reasonable rates. For Indiranagarites who would be familiar with the many Chinese restaurants in the area, I would say that this place falls between Wan Ley and Mainland China, in terms of food quality and price.


yummie - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 05,2010


yumm chinese

yumm chinese food. But parking could be a problem. we usually go for dinner late so we kinda manage to park within 300mts of the restaurant.

Decent dinner for 2 would cost you abt 500-600rs.
We are Vegetarian and love the fact that we can still enjoy Chinese food and remain Vegetarians. our all time favorites are hot and sour veg soup (many times the spiciness of the soup has poured out of the bowl. but it might help if you have a cold :) so you might want to tell them your desirable spice factor while ordering)
Crispy schezwan vegetables as starter and main course as veg american chopsuey with crispy noodles and dragon chopsuey with soft noodles. Overall very yumm except for the soup


Simple and delightful

It has been a long time since we had the original "Indian" Chinese - simple stuff like Sweet Corn Chicken Soup!. Although the new authentic upmarket Chinese restaurants serve good food as well (under fancier names), it's the little things that go missing.
This place serves good Chinese at reasonable rates! The portions are good enough too, so you won't find yourself ordering often.

The place is usually full on weekends for both lunch and dinner. Only disappointing thing was that the waiter couldn't answer any questions related to menu (I think he didn't really understand the questions). However, the good thing about Chinese menus is that you won't go too wrong even if you order something you're not completely sure of. Certainly recommended.


Not bad

If you want to go this restaurant. then first find a place to park your car or bike. This place has very simple three row seating with one side of the wall being mirrors. That is used to make the place look bigger. Pork is super here. One of the rare chinese restaurants that serve pork. Overll not a bad restaurant to be in. Satisfactory service and just there. Thats all.


anndcosta - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 17,2009


good chinese fare

A very good restaurant ..enjoyed the steamed wantons n the stir fried chinese greens..
Ambiance n service was good n warm.
A very good change from the usual manchurians.
Decent place ,great value for food n price.


yurrp - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 18,2008


Not bad

Ambiance was good. Food was ok. If you wanna try chinese food You can try it. Little costly though.

Extravagant Meal for 4 costed 700/-