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> > > > Berries & Barrels

Berries & Barrels

RajajinagarWest Bangalore  

  • 9886617871, 42060437
  • Ground Floor of Galaxy Club , Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar, Bangalore
  • Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 500

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Berries & Barrels Reviews


Horrible Attention to Detail!

Horrible attention to detail!
I ordered a chili cheese corn dish and I repeated the waitress that I don’t want any capsicum. She said I could get mushrooms, corn, broccoli and carrots instead so I agreed. I ended up with my favorite dish being ruined as there were no carrots, broccoli but instead there was yellow and green zucchini. When I questioned her she gave me some lame reason that broccoli wasn't there.

I returned the dish and had to pay for it - Pathetic customer service. I will never go there or recommend that anyone else does either.


Baggie - Burrp User


13 Reviews

January 26,2013


Coffee or wine, they have it!

Tucked away in the ground floor of Galaxyclub, hard to notice as it is away from the hustle bustle of the mall, Berries and Barrels is an ideal cafe according to me. This is the place to be if you want to spend some quality time with friends or family away from the crowd.
We ordered -
Olive chicken : chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and generous amount of cheese and also olives. Loved it.
Crisp Chicken Wrap : ingredients were fresh and I just loved it for being so fresh. Mildly seasoned.
Coffee : mocha Mita and raspberry white chocolate shake. My friend seemed quite happy with mocha Mita.. But I was disappointed with my raspberry shake. There was no hint of white chocolate and worse, excess amount of raspberry crush / syrup.

Service is attentive and good.
I would visit again to try their wine cocktails.
They serve filter kaapi traditional style and you might want to try it.
Food deserves 4 stars.
The bill was around Rs.700/ inclusive of 14% VAT and 5% service charge. Pricing is on the expensive side.



Discover the joys of culinary delight!

Where have we ever seen such delightful combinations? Have we even heard of wine cocktails before? My guess - Never! This is one place where you can experience the pure bliss of tasting these cocktails. The coffees are some of the finest and yummiest cuppas coming to you straight from the aromatic belts of Chikmagalur. Truly smell-boggling! And thats not all. The food menu here is simply awesome, sending you into a culinary delirium of sorts.
The ambience is a world apart and one of the most inviting. Be it the indoor confluence of wood and coffee beans or the pure outdoor magic of the serene lake waters, it just doesnt make you want to get up. Perfect for a quiet word or two and for gatherings, BnB is one place that should definitely be on your must-visit lists.




One of your off beat cafes. Perfect date spot. Plenty to choose from. Coffees from the usual cappuccinos to the black forest gateaux, smoothies to refreshing mojitos, top of the line wines to an interesting array of wine cocktails, You get it all here!

As for the Olive chicken that every1s been talking about, I gotta give it to em. Hands down one of the best things I have eaten (Along with a whole lotta other available options)!

After all that wine and dine, when its time to leave but you wanna spend that extra few minutes with your date, make sure you order the desserts. They are so good that you are just gonna sit there ordering more n more (if you are not full already. maybe you ll take some home)!

The ambiance is brilliant. The lake view definitely adds to it.

All in all, its a kick #$^ place and a must try!



Rahul466 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 21,2011


In a different league altogether

Captain snickers (snicker bar shake).. brilliant is not the word.... PERFECT.. but I like to call it RICH...
Lamb chops and olive chicken.. best I have ever had.. flavored and spiced to perfection..and Its not the regular fries which you get here..!!!.. and also the variety of wine cocktails speaks for itself.


eshanya - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 20,2011


Give me some of that Olive Chicken anytime!

The fresh ingredients, the careful detailing, the presentation and the variety (not your run of the mill) really makes this place a must visit.

The smoothies and the coffee drinks are to die for but my favourites are the wine cocktails because I haven't tasted anything like them anywhere else in Bangalore.


Berries and Barrels - a delight!

Excellent citrus wine cocktail - a must try! They also have other wine based cocktails and an interesting selection of coffees, food and deserts.

The proprietress has assured me that they intend to get a beer licence soon. So if you live in Malleshwaram or surrounding areas you should be checking out this place.


Culinary Brilliance

Brilliant Snicker Bar shake. Leaps & bounds over the variants available in other cafe's.
Also make sure to try the lamb chops & olive chicken.
It will surely have you ordering for more & gaining the pounds.. :P