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> > > Berry'd Alive

Berry'd Alive

HAL 2nd Stage  

  • 9611348003
  • No. 1079, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 280

24 Reviews / 27 Ratings

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Berry'd Alive Reviews







Could NOT be better

I am rarely impressed with dessert places. They aren’t really a restaurant or a coffee shop where one can hang for hours ordering one thing after another unless one is born with sweet teeth! Berry’d Alive proved me wrong. I was there purely to try out the dessert craze that I am caught in midst of where all my friends swear by this and other places. I went and ordered the hazel nut crème pot, one of their signature offerings the person at the counter informed me. While I waited at the counter of this really small dessert joint right inside 12th Main, beyond Habanero and Humming Tree, I was really impressed with their diverse menu. They have NOT kept things mundane at ice creams and cakes and pastries, albeit they DO have all of the above. Instead they’ve come out with this really nice, innovative, and around the world dessert creations and brought them home. Brilliant!

My dessert was great. It didn’t have a very strong flavor of hazelnut. The hint of hazelnut in the chocolate was mild, though rich, soft and creamy. Every spoon of it effortlessly pleased my palate while being savored in the mouth even after. There was no inconsistency in the cream at all. But the nutty crunchy brown base pot was a bit of a show stealer, being so fabulously done, and being the final perfect finish to every bite. The perfect contrast to the smooth cream!

Their desserts don’t have egg, which will be a welcome change for my vegetarian friends! Prices range from 115-150. Thumbs up!






Burried Alive in Bad Dessert after Dessert: What does everyone see in this place?

Endless Appetite
Eating away the sweet tooth
By Poonam Vaidya and Meghna Hegde
Appetite’s friend had come home after a long time in the US and asked her if she would like to grab a quick bite after lunch. So began the online research and watsapping of friends for recommendations. There was a lot of hype about this place when Appetite enquired about it. Indeed, a Google search on Zomato lead to it being the top place for dessert in Koramangla, with a rating of 4.2. Appetite mentally kicked herself for never having done the search before…. After all, she loved dessert and lived in Koramangala. Why hadn’t she been here before?
Ready to take on the menu, Appetite arrived with her friend Salsa at the place after aimlessly roaming around JNC road. It was a spacious shop and only one family was there. The two mentally high-fived themselves. Then began the menu cruise. There were just too many options. As they scanned the menu, the shop began to fill up. Finally, Appetite went for a Passion Fruit Parfait,
, which the grossly uninformed counter person summarized as ‘layers’ and Salsa took a blind shot at trying out the Mochalate Cookie Parfait.
The two were underimpressed with the place. While Appetite’s Parfait was nothing but passion fruit ice-cream topped with bananas, Salsa’s dessert was toneless chocolate that went on and on and didn’t taste good after she was half way through the dish. The hype surrounding the place made them still more unsatisfied, so they decided to order the almost signature dish of the place called Hazelnut Cream pot. The resteraunt had become really crowded now, and was becoming suffocating.
Still, Salsa and Appetite wanted to try one more before they went. The counter person was not curious and heavily hinted to Salsa that she get the dessert packed, because there was a rush. She ignored him. When it arrived, the dish was good, but very tiny. The two were supposed to share the dessert, which took less than 2 minutes for the pair. They left unsatisfied.

Later that day, on the way back, Appetite would grab yet another dessert. At the place, she ate Blueberries with icecream, which was so average, it made her cry. The counter person showed his ineffieciency yet again here. Appitite was sweating as soon as she got into the place, so she told the counter guy to make it cooler. He increased the temperature to 30 degrees instead of reducing it. This made Appitite wonder how the resteraunt really trained and picked its staff. The two at the counter were rather weird as well, singing and acting a bit too much like no one was there. There were a couple of tables that seemed not to have been cleared up for a long time. She packed for tomorrow a Kiwi and lemon nest. This was actually recommended to her by a friend. After dinner, she sampled the dessert. It was accompanied with a fluffy, sugary base and tart, super strong lemony flavour, which was quite definitely badly blended lemon Tang with geletin. Appetite shrugged, still disappointed. The dessert was not terrible, but not nice, either.

However, always the optimist, Appetite told herself there must, simply must be something about this place that everyone was raving about it. Perhaps she just needed to find the right dessert that was big and yet tasty, which would fully and completely satisfy her?







Good Desserts

A lovely lunch at Phobidden Fruit was decided to be followed by some great desserts and having been to Corner House very often (still love it though !), we decided to try something different and so just walked down the road to Berry'd Alive.

BA is a small colourful place with minimal seating and plain decor. Though the LCD display of various mouth-watering desserts more than makes up for the lack of decor. The menu seems interesting with colourful descriptions (textual only) of their offerings. I couldn't help but wonder how great it would be if they would combine the visual treat from the LCD with the detailed Menu descriptions, thus offering us patrons a better idea about the dessert and a better (drooling :D) experience !!!

We went light on the order, thanks to the stuffing at Phobidden Fruit, and ordered for the Dark Chocolate Delice and Strawberry Mango Verrine. Both of them turned out to be good choices, though the Verrine could have been larger in size. Prices are moderately expensive considering portion sizes.

Would love to try out their offerings and maybe form a better opinion.







Yummy Desserts

Wanted to try desserts from this place. The ambience is good enough with good seating arrangement. I love my chocolate and so ordered a double Decker brownie. That was heavenly. I loved that chocolate mousse

I had also tried the Hazel Nut Creme Pot. I think I liked the double Decker brownie more than this.

I had visited the place on a rainy day, and the place smelled a little "egg"y. I think this needs to be taken care of. Or else, it is a decent place to spend some time over coffee/desserts.


OMG I Was in Heaven After a Bite!

All their stuff is worth a try.. It's very expensive and one serving may look small but the stuff is damn potent... You won't be able to finish it alone. So beware of a sugar rush... Share and enjoy the brilliance! And if it's shared dessert, suddenly the bill will look feasible and totally worth it!




I am not really a dessert person but this place has to be rated all the way high for its unique flavor,quality and taste. Brilliant. Been here some ten times already but I will never get bored. Menu is limited and they have added new flavors lately. Must Must try!


An average first experience

Discovered this place on burrp yesterday and landed up late evening for a post-dinner dessert. Since this was unplanned and we did not have too much appetite, we decided to share a dessert between me and my wife. We went with the popular choice there, the Salted Caramel Mousse.
Given the very high expectations that we had gone with, I was a little underwhelmed with the choice. While there was nothing wrong with the Mousse, there was nothing to rave about it either.
Given the largely positive feedback of the place, we will definitely go back there to try out the other offerings. I hope to have a better experience the next time around!




You've eaten a good main course at any restaurant and you decide to have something different for dessert. So you decide to head out to Berry'd Alive. You have made the right choice. The unique desserts offered here are simply amazing. Give it a try!


My new go to Dessert place

For a man with a huge bias towards anything berry the name its self saw this place make its way onto my wish list. Having been in the neighbourhood last week I though it was a good opportunity to finally strike this of my list and sample the highly rated desserts this place had on offer.

Its a short distance down the road from Habanero on 12th main its quite easy to spot. With a colourful entrance and simple and elegant decor to match. The place screams dessert bar through and through. We were welcomed by the owner and he politely took our order while also making some friendly recommendations and offering tips on how best to enjoy the deserts since we were taking them away and not indulging our selves on the spot.

At first glance I must say the menu though exhaustive can be confusing owing to the sheer choice of items available and the fact that each one looks and sounds better than the next. It is helpful though that they have a screen that displays each dessert so you can see what your order will look like in high definition before you decide.

We finally settled on one portion each of the coffee cream rolls, the salted caramel mouse, the strawberry lemon custard parfait and the strawberry mango verrine. The presentation from picture to what we actually got were very accurate considering it was a take away package and my god did they taste good.

My two absolute favourites were the coffee rolls and the caramel mouse because of my preference for strong flavours. The coffee rolls had a smooth coffee cream wrapped in a perfectly baked tuile that was soft crunchy and crispy at the same time. The salted caramel mouse had those irresistible deep caramel tones with the hint of salt at the end set in an edible chocolate cup. The other two desserts were more smooth and creamy with subtle layers of flavour and perfect palette cleansers post a heavy meal. The strawberry added a great tang with the cream to balance it out and they were equally heavenly.

To end it all we were pleasantly surprised to see the pricing. For the kind of skill, quality of ingredients and presentation involved any other fancy restaurant/ hotel would easily have gotten away with 2-3 times the pricing. The average price for one item is just under the 150 range and worth every last rupee.

The man here is a genius I know for a fact this is my new favourite dessert place in town and I cannot wait to go back for more and to try everything else on the menu.

Pros: - Unique menu totally off the regular path
- Very reasonably priced for the kind of gourmet food on offer
- Well located in an upmarket part of town

Cons: - just wish they were closer to my side of town


AlphaSu - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 17,2013



If you have a sweet tooth, you MUST try this. Perhaps the first place in Bangalore that has good cheesecakes - cheesy, baked and not over sweet. The Raspberry Coffee Yogurt was awesome! Yes, its slightly pricy, but totally worth it. It has helpful staff, laid-back ambiance and a menu so different from the run-of-the-mill desserts we see everywhere that it took us quite a while to decide! Will be back for sure.



Leaves you craving for more!

THere are very few times that I have stepped out of a dessert shopping wanting more. Berry'd alive does just that to you - atleast the Hazelnut creme pot. Since I have first tasted it, I cant bring myself to order anything other than that on the menu. The staff is extremely helpful and is ready to help in case your unable to decide.
My only complaint would be with the blueberry crumble - it tasted rather ordinary. Minor disappointment, but we will be back.


bumpy1927 - Burrp User


30 Reviews

December 11,2012


Awesome place

Absolutely good place with completely unique set of desserts. can always go back to try everything on the menu.


mangotree1 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 15,2012


Looks and tases good

Tried chocolate wontons for the first time here and loved them! Perfect mix of warm, melty chocolate, soft bananas in that fried batter. Somehow I didn't feel guilty having one piece after another! The crumble was yummy too, as was the hazelnut creme pot. The latter was rich but it seemed too small a helping for the price. Most desserts are quite expensive, so go only when you can leave the guilt behind.



Sugar High Guaranteed

It's rare for a dessert place to leave behind the usual chocolate and ice cream combinations and go for something outside the box to pamper your sweet tooth, and that's exactly what this place does.

The interiors of this place are rather funky. Neon orange and white furniture dot the place, lending it a rather bright feel that instantly lifts your mood. The menu does not go on for pages, but still you'll have a hard time making your choice since they all sound delectable. If you have trouble deciding, then I suggest that you take a look at the electronic photo frame that displays the goodies, it does help a bit. Also, take a large group of friends so that you can all order your favourites and dig in.

The passion parfait that I tried was light as air. The layers of whipped cream especially has a melt in the mouth texture to it. But after a few bites, even the most ardent sweet tooth will find the dessert a bit too sweet. Same with the chocolate wontons, although done well, with a crispy outer layer covering gooey chocolate, it can get a bit too much. You can probably share the desserts so that you don't have to be on a sugar high for the rest of the day.

Still, this place is worth it, the desserts are well-made and also not run of the mill. But, be warned, your sweet tooth will be spoilt rotten.


Manu Hegde - Burrp User

Manu Hegde

3 Reviews

September 23,2012


Overpriced, Under-innovative

To be honest, the prices are not so bad - but for this price we would expect some very good quality- considering the quantity is not something out of the world.

Our dish was a small plate of Blueberry almond crumble. When we eat desserts outside, they should not taste and look pedestrian. I have eaten better desserts for much less across Bangalore. This place might be worth a visit, but there isn't the value for money.


September 24, 2012response from management at Berry'd Alive:

Thank you for taking the time to feedback. If you had also let us know across the counter we would have tried to make it up to you for the experience you have not enjoyed with us.

This crumble dessert has its own steady following of fans who come back for it because they love it. We wish there were some pointers we could gather from you and go back to the dessert to change it to better. But then we'd worry about the regulars that we'd disappoint by doing that.

We're disappointed you haven't enjoyed the experience with us and

menu_mania - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 09,2012



Team Berry'd Alive take a bow please!

You have hit the bulls eye on quality, presentation and innovation!

We had an after dinner stopover with our 5 year old daughter. All of us were simply bowled over.

The Hazelnut stuff was out of this world. Mind blowing!


Yum Chocolate Cheese Cake

Have been there once and tried their chocolate cheese cake ... it was yum! liked it :-)
Saw some interesting items on their menu I would like to try out
Recommended this place to some friends in office too
Also loved their funky furniture ...


oottaguy - Burrp User


9 Reviews

August 16,2012


Got Berryd Alive in Desserts

Top find of the season! Amazing choice of desserts and everything on the menu is absolutely great. moderately priced and filling. Great stuff. Going back again and again!:D



My favorite place in Bangalore

After discovering Berry'd Alive a few weeks ago, a friend and I began a challenge for our remaining time in Bangalore to have everything on the menu. Now we've got two left! Needless to say, I think this place is incredible. I haven't had a single thing on the menu that I didn't like. Perhaps most memorable and unique is the spicy banana sundae; otherwise the 'brownie and a bomb', strawberry ricotta layers, and blueberry cheesecake are particularly delicious. I'd recommend this place to anyone -- it's served especially well as the last stop after a night out. The beautiful dessert presentation and super quick/friendly service are (huge) added bonuses. Go see for yourself!!




One of the best desert places in town for sure. I tried their chocolate caramel tart and I must say it was out of the world. The tart just melted in my mouth and the caramel went very well with it. Would surely visit it again. Thanks to burrp as it was instrumental in getting me there. amazing experience :)


milindvk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 08,2012



We tried the tangy mango and passion fruit cake. We actually got it as a birthday cake for a colleague's birthday celebrations. I must say the cake was one of the really great desserts I've had in a while. The taste is perfect - just the right tang with the mango and passion fruit. There are even some surprises in the crumb-filled base of the dessert that had people scooping up the remains even after the cake was gone.


Highly impressed

Some places make you want to go back repeatedly! Berry'd Alive is definitely one of them. A simple menu with not so simple desserts is what they have. Absolutely LOVED the spicy banana sundae. It has become, without a doubt, my new favorite dessert. Who would have ever guessed that combination of flavours would work so wonderfully.The frozen strawberry pudding too was quite delightful. I have to mention the 20 layered cake we had. I'm hoping its added to the menu soon. Although, one tiny suggestion, I think it would be a little better with ice cream. Becomes a tad bit dry after a point. Just a suggestion! Loved it nonetheless!
No complaints about this place. Simple, functional, comfortable and affordable. It has been a can't-stop-licking-the-spoon experience. Cannot wait to go back and try everything on their menu!


Berryed Alive

Frozen Strawberry Pudding was Yummm. I dont get their passion for Banana's in almost all the desserts.


June 20, 2012response from management at Berry'd Alive:

Thank you for being with us and tons of more thanks for letting us know of your experience. Glad you loved the strawberry pudding. It's been a favorite with the kids.

You caught us out on the banana overdose :-). We assure you, of the 16 items on the menu today, we're only serving banana in 3. We should have taken care to warn you on taking your order. Sorry we missed it.

We'll look forward to serving you the more 'different' stuff on your next visit. We'll have the milk shakes, smoothies and coffee flowing with a more elabora


Very nice desserts

We visited berr'yd alive on a whim- to try out a new place. We were pleasantly surprised. The ambience is straight forward and functional. funky looking furniture was, for a change, comfortable to sit on as well. The menu is straight forward desserts- some very unique and interesting ones as well, for example the spicy banana sundae - was mind blowing - but not my cup of tea, made from chillies, banana and ice-cream.

The cheesecake was very nice, though the base was made from chocolate and topped off with a blackberry sauce- the combination was a little overwhelming. I would have preferred a plain baked cheese cake with the blackberry sauce which would have been a home run! I was, to be fair, sounded off by the good folks at the counter that the base is chocolate, and I went ahead nonetheless, wanting to experiment with this dessert.

Another must try is the coffee and walnut creame rolls. The delicate toffee rolls filled with the coffee cream - has not knocked off Cheesecake from my list of favorite continental desserts!

I wouldve loved to finish up with a shot of double expresso - but it was already quite late- atleast now I have a reason to go back there- to benchmark their coffee! :)

Overall - a lovely experience, nice desserts. Definitely a must visit again joint!

Ambience - 4/5
Food - 4.5/5
Hygiene - 5/5
Experience - 5/5
Overall - 4.5/5

Being new, this is surely a must try place for nice desserts.


June 20, 2012response from management at Berry'd Alive:

We're thoroughly glad you enjoyed the experience with us. Thank you for being THE FIRST to let us know. We are very very encouraged.

Do visit us again soon and we will have the milk shakes, smoothies and coffee flowing by then. We're putting our hearts into making 'em all yummy! See you soon!