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Home/bangalore/Bflat Bar and Dining

Bflat Bar and Dining

HAL 2nd Stage  


40 Reviews / 40 Ratings

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Perfect Strangers - Classic/Melodic Rock Jul 26

  • Perfect Strangers - Classic/Melodic Rock (Originals Plus covers of Toto, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and more!) Shaapla Sen - vocals, Manu Shrivastava - keyboards, Chiranjeev Brahma - bass, Savisesh M - drums and Debjeet Basu - guitars and vocals. A classic/blues rock/melody rock band based out of Bangalore, Perfect Strangers are a band that know how to give you a good time! Although young, the band has developed quite a following in the city, doing a mix of classic/hard rock covers and their originals which speak about contemporary issues, girlfriend problems, anti EDM... basically whatever bothers them! They define their genre as 'raw,melodic rock 'n roll with a contemporary feel'. Prepare to rock out to the classics from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Toto, Journey, The Beatles and all the Gods of Hard Rock and Classic Rock along with some twisted original stuff thrown in! The band says ...'The almighty Dio once said 'Don't talk to strangers'..but yeah this Saturday make an exception'...!

Syncopate by Unnayanaa Jul 30

  • Unnayanaa (AKA Prashanth Pallemoni) will showcase his skills in a weekly affair at BFlat to bring together his interpretation of dance music at a night called Syncopate. Expect to hear Afro, Funk, Soul, Disco, House, Electronic and Experimental syncopated in interesting proportions. As an avid listener/collector of music and a DJ Prashanth Pallemoni started to treat sounds that emerged from playback sources(tape machine,turntables, laptops, etc.) as instruments themselves and discovered quirky ways of using them as performance tools while DJing.

    Tickets: Rs. 200

Happy Hours Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Bflat Bar and Dining presents to you Happy Hours. Enjoy 1 + 1 offer on IMFL drinks.

    Days: Monday to Thursday

Bflat Bar and Dining Reviews

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