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Bflat Bar and Dining

HAL 2nd Stage  


40 Reviews / 40 Ratings

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Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Bflat Bar and Dining presents to you Happy Hours. Enjoy 1 + 1 offer on IMFL drinks.

    Days: Monday to Thursday

Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip - Rock Poetry Aug 07

  • Bflat Bar and Dining presents Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip. A journey of rock poetry that resonates with global citizens everywhere, Suraj Mani's Tattva Trip is a one-of-a-kind rock pilgrimage.

    Widely acknowledged as one of the most mature and evolved singer - songwriters in the country, Suraj's name is firmly etched in Indian rock history, for having been the iconic front man of cult rock band Motherjane, for a decade (2001-11) .

    The concert features Suraj Mani- vocals/acoustic guitar, Dinkar Nayak- bass/backing vocals, John Melvin - drums/percussions with special appearances by Parth Chandiramani- flute/saxophone and Alwyn Fernandes - guitar.

    If you're looking for more than just a gig, don't miss The Tattva Trip!

    Time: 9pm onwards

Aswekeepsearching (Post-rock/experimental) + EP Launch by 'Grey Matter' (Funk/Alt Rock) + Farfetch'd (Post-rock) Aug 08

  • Rolling Stone presents Aswekeepsearching (Ahmedabad) Post rock/experimental. Supporting acts by Farfetch'd (Post-rock/Space rock/Instrumental) - Bangalore & Grey Matter EP Launch 'Hooked' - (Funk/Alternative Rock/Dance) - Bangalore.

    AWKS - aswekeepsearching:
    The sound of Ahmedabad band, aswekeepsearching, can be characterised by languid ripples building up to powerful sonic waves with even the human voice used as a texture. Hard working and quite plainly loving every single second, the band are now set to shake up charts with a feverishly anticipated debut album, a euphoric widescreen classic of epic-post rock proportions. From their image, to their music, to their lyrics, everything slots together with deft precision. They should be on your ‘one to see’ list.

    Grey Matter:
    Launches their new EP 'HOOKED' at BFlat this evening. Their sound is described as a high energy alternative hard funk with lot of hard rock influences.

    Farfetch’d is a post-rock/ambient Trio from Bangalore, that began as a bedroom studio project. This 3 piece band works a simple blend of progressive guitar melodies, looping and ambient shoe gaze touches, which result in luscious sounds that both soothe and inspire. Groovy bass lines, trippy visuals and a tight rhythm section, make this band worth a listen. The Band is heavily influenced by post-rock giants such as Tides from Nebula, sleepmakeswaves and Explosions in the Sky.

    Time: 8.30pm onwards
    Tickets: Rs. 500/- (Entry Rs. 350/- + Rs. 150/- Redeemable cover)

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Bflat Bar and Dining Reviews


Laudable For Their Efforts

I have to admit that I have been to B Flat several times but have never eaten there. My time at the place has been to check out the performances that happen there and put a few down. Of course, I've had a few snacks and short-eats there, but haven't really tasted the food to review that.

As a performance venue, Bflat must be lauded for giving artists a stage to perform. The performances I have experienced there have ranged from famous, to well known in the city and even rank unknown artists. Creative art often is found in want of a place to showcase itself. Bflat gives the opportunity.

The ambience is good. It has a posh bar like atmosphere. The seating often changes based on the nature of the performance and is usually packed.

The only downside is the smoking section where the AC vents are placed, making it extremely hot.


Awesome lunch!

Our Bangalore trip had many highlights, besides of course the awesome Comiccon that we were part of. We were treated to a fab lunch at Highnote by one of our relatives, and my, what a lunch it was. This place is amazing. Right from its very comfortable looking interiors (or rather exterior, since it is an open space restaurant at the top of the building). the menu is a big mix of bengali, chinese and continental, and although im not a big fan of amalgamated menus, i didnt mind going through this one. i feel a restaurant should stick to one style of cooking, and not have too many things to "add to the variety". but this one did not disappoint. Our starters and desserts were chinese and the main course was bengali. We tried the Pork chili dry (my favourite) and it was simply worth it! Probably the best version iv had ever. There were stuffed mushrooms for the vegetarians and that too was good. We had a soup, Manchow chicken, and that too was wonderful. again im not a big fan of soups at restaurants, but this was v v tasty. The main course was seer fish Shorshe gravy, and steamed rice. Simple and yum. There was shahi pulao too, which was good. And the dessert was the best part. Do try the Sticky Toffee with Icecream. Out of this world! So do go and do try!


Slevin - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 22,2012


Update on previous Review

Thanks Sunil - I did speak with management, - it was more or less cleared. We had made extra purchases but still some discrepancy but that can be for many reasons - could also be that i just dropped some cash somewhere - I'm not gonna dwell on it longer - looking forward to more interesting shows rather. Hope you see the updated review. I want to put in on the public domain to make things clear.


devour - Burrp User


12 Reviews

February 22,2012


fell sick eating the prawns here!

I fell sick eating the prawns here! nothing more to say! Wish I could give ZERO stars


Slevin - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 22,2012


An unpleasant experience - Update.

Thanks Sunil - I did speak with management, - it was more or less cleared. We had made extra purchases but still some discrepancy but that can be for many reasons - could also be that i just dropped some cash somewhere. Hope you see the updated review. I want to put in on the public domain to make things clear.

I had gone on Monday night with 3 friends, the place was more or less empty and we were the only customers. After a few drinks we were kinda buzzed and decided to leave - the bill came to around 5K, and my friend put in some cash and I gave my credit card to cover the rest.

The next morning, I realized that they had charged the whole amount on my CC and I did not get the cash back. I will not point fingers yet and I have spoken to the management who have promised to make enquiries. I will be following this thread. I like the place for its live shows, but this really rocked me in a bad way. I hope it was a result of confusion and no malicious intent.


February 22, 2012response from management at Bflat Bar and Dining:

Hi Slevin. That is a serious allegation. Will certainly look into the matter immediately.

0 Flat and Low note!

My daughter and a close family friend decided to drop in for dinner last Sunday. I had been to this restaurant a year ago and had quite liked it then.

However, this time the experience was terribly disgusting! First of all the waiter who served us did not understand English and had to be addressed in Hindi all the time...which really wasn't a bother for me as I'm very comfortable with my National language. However, how do you explain Chef's Special Roast Chicken in Hindi!!

Anyway, we ordered for a beer and a long island. Both came together, was delivered and the waiter, whose name was Shyam, quite shamelessly walked away without opening the beer bottle! We had to call him back and then he directed another waiter to open the bottle.

We then ordered the main course which included my Chef's Special Roast Chicken. While everything ordered came on time, my Roast Chicken took a little longer. But when it finally appeared it was stone cold! I called Shyam and told him it was cold and he then lifted the plate felt underneath and replied in Hindi that it was hot because the bottom of the plate was warm!!!!

The rest is not worth talking about. The Manager who came to the rescue was brilliant. After having spoken to us, and admonishing the waiter, he took away the bowl of onions and pickles that had come along with what my daughter had ordered without even asking her!!!

Ye Gods...



telephone etiquette zero

we called to check if there was a jazz group playing tonight at the place. it mentions today's date and venue. The person on the other end was impolite and tells me that "you have all the wrong information and i have not read the details properly" .. talk about basic courteous behaviour??? where is it?


Happening spot on 100 Ft. Rd.

Went to B Flat a while back with some friends. Live music was so loud we couldn't hear each other talk. Had hoped for jazz but some heavy rock music instead. Had a few drinks but not exactly the vibe we were going for so decided to check out Highnote for a more social atmosphere. Quite a popular restaurant/bar. Was told it would be an hour wait, so we decided to bail and go to another bar instead. Finally made it back to Highnote for dinner (made a reservation this time) and was overall found it to be a perfectly satisfactory restaurant. Can't really say anything glowing or too negative. Food was ok. Drinks were ok. Service was ok. I liked the rooftop concept- however, it was sweltering out and no fans to circulate the air.



Amazing food, good ambience

I and 3 of my friends met after a long time and wanted to hang out in a nice place. We had chose this place as none of us had visited this place. So we went to Highnote on a sunday night for drinks and dinner.

The roof top ambiance was just awesome. We got a table on the lower level, and the waiters were very fast in asking us if we preferred bottled water or tap water and served us tap water which we had asked for.

Then we ordered our drinks and starters. The drinks were served to us in no time. The starters we had was Indian style Prawn and it tasted really good. We also ordered a veg starter which was good as well.

The main course we ordered was rice and parathas along with the indian style prawn curry and Palak paneer. The prawn curry was really amazing. The Palak paneer wasnt no less as well.

We didnt order any desserts but we were stuffed and happy. The bill was also much cheaper than we expected it to be. It was 2200 for 4 people (with one drink each).

Very happy with this place will visit it again!!


very happy

This place deserves a 5 start for what it offers at this price. The ambiance is really good, food is very good and price very reasonable.
we were a group of 8 who went there for dinner. all ordered different items, and surprisingly all were good.

The service was a average though. I guess it was a newbie try to attend to a large table. But no big complaints.



Super ambience

There were 3 things that really impressed us
- ambience of the place, there was the bright moon and a lovely cool breeze
- choice of drinks and food, every one taken care of
- most of the food ordered was excellent
The service was ok and the overall feeling was
super value for money


food: good. service: needs improvement

we've been here twice in the last month so I have a good idea about this place now.

first of all, love the ambiance and the live performances look interesting as well.

on to the food: we had indian on our first visit. i think the quality of the food was ok, but the punch factor was missing. i think there's better options for indian all over indiranagar. they have a bengali menu as well, so maybe that might be worth trying next time.

2nd visit: switched to chinese and italian. the chilli chicken, veg noodles were very nice. the eggplant parmesano and fusilli in green pesto were exceptional. i plan to stick to the italian menu now on.

drinks: huge drinks menu. lot of options. no bud :(

pricing: food is very moderately priced, considering the ambiance. drinks are a little expensive.

A few complaints about the service now:
1. we asked for french fries. the server said they didn't serve ff. i saw a potato basket in the menu and asked about it. upon asking i was told that this had ff included. i found it odd because this info should have come from the server himself.

2. i thought this place was non-smoking completely. we however did see a few people smoking.

3. the point of a non-smoking section is to insulate non-smokers from the smoking section. it makes no sense to leave the door open so that cig smoke can float in. we asked the server to shut the door, he nodded, moved away and completely ignored this request.

overall, lots of positives. we like this place. service could do with a booster shot though.


bavya183 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 07,2011


Not so great experience

restaurant ambience is pretty good. But the food is jus average, may be rated as lil below average too. Roti and nan were very hard, starters served was not hot. Pita bread with assorted dips (one of the starters we'd ordered) was pathetic. As mentioned by one of the reviews here, management should make it non-smoking. It makes it a very bad experience for other people who come out there!


sherin75 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 25,2010


disappointing lunch. .

The restaurant seemed to have a wide range of cuisines: Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental . . We were a big group; so everybody could make their choice of cuisine. Started with dimsums which were quite tasty. The Awadhi food was actually not too bad.
Disaster however was the pasta; dry and insipid sauce with no flavours. The fish was way overdone and the desserts were appauling; seriously think they need to get a new range of desserts in.

Think i'd rather just stick to their bar downstairs ..


B flat Bar

So I am only talking B flat Bar here not Highnote.
I am giving it four stars for its great sound quality and fantastic gigs! Music lover? get onto the B flat mailing list. If anyone is doing anything for the music scene in bangalore its them.
They have a no reservation policy so get there early!
If you're the cocktail type go for the mojito, they're probably the only bar in town that gets it right everytime!
Hungry? some of the starters are great but i suggest you stick to the thai curry and rice. It comes with your choice of meat and this great bowl of beautifully cooked tangy vegetables.
Entry for gigs? a mere 200 rupees! go ahead enjoy the show!


Good, value for money, weekend visit

Hey it was an amazing evening in Bflat. Cozy atmosphere, not a very large area though. Comfortable chairs, relaxed ambience, candlelight nd awesome music by parvaaz yesterday. Dont know if they have live bands playing everyday. Pork ribs and chicken wings in plum sauce were mouth watering. Not bad, average pricing nd nice crowd. Good for couples.


My worst experience in Bangalore

To be honest, the first time i had been to this place, they served me with good stuff. Good chicken dishes and caramel custard, which made me take my friends along next time. And by god I had the worst meal in this city. Every dish we ordered was pathetic , not at all worth the price tag, and the waiters very rude. The dishes were half cooked and when told to the manager he did not pay heed, instead was in a hyper mood with high voice. After that fiasco with the manager and the staff and the disgusting food, I am sure never to go there again


anilkarat - Burrp User


25 Reviews

September 30,2010


Pretty ok, but wont call it great

Went there on a friday night when a good french jazz band was playing.
The ambience was good and so was the crowd. The food we ordered(we had just starters) was also good.
The bar-tenders were also good because they custom-made some cocktails for us as per our instructions
But i do feel bad about the fact that the cover charge was Rs.300 that night and that too i did not get a bill for that.
I hope all that money is accounted for and does not go in as some black-money


Left on a high note

Ambience was great. We went on a full moon night and the moon was just between the roof slopes... beautiful. Food was delicious esp. the pork starters. Both Mediterranean as well as Indian items lived upto the pricing. Service was good as well. Beer collection good. The only 2 negative aspects were- the cosmopolitan tasted like lip sauce and the music is too loud on weekends. Works well for group as well as couple eat out



High on Ambience, Medium on Food

Was at High Note a few weeks back. I simply was taken aback by the ambience. The place is very well done up, but unfortunately it was a bustling saturday evening and we forgot to reserve a table at the terrace, so has to sit inside which I wasn't in for. Coming to the service,they took such a long time to even get the starters, so that can let you imagine about the time they took to get us the maincourse. Food is pretty decent, nothing much to rave about though. My experience on the whole is lil more than average.Will visit again o atleast sit outside and enjoy a nice evening with my pals.It's a good place and has a huge scope for improvement.



Okay food, terrible service.

I went here a few months ago with some friends. The place was packed so it was a little difficult to get seating. We finally were seated in B-flat. Then no one came to take our order for quite a while. And people were smoking. When we brought this to the notice of the manager, or I think it was the owner - he basically brushed us off saying that no one comes here if the `No smoking' rule is enforced. In spite of the fact that there were infants on the table next to ours they didnt seem to care.

When we protested a little more they said they would seat us up stairs but then nothing really seemed to happen for another half an hour.

To say the least I was a little disappointed as I had been here a couple of times before and had had pleasant experiences. After this unpleasant experience we left and went elsewhere since it was clear that they were not interested in our patronage.

Unfortunately, after this terrible experience I am wary of going there again and cannot really recommend it to others.


July 15, 2010response from management at Bflat Bar and Dining:

Dear Quayler
I remember your visit a few months ago. Yes, we did allow smoking in Bflat due to pressure from patrons but soon after your complaint and giving the matter some thought we have disallowed smoking inside and strictly enforce the same.

July 16, 2010response from management at Bflat Bar and Dining:

Well, I'm glad that you have decided to not allow smoking - considering its the law ! Nevertheless I was quite upset with the way we were treated - which had little to do with the smoking. I was in an embarrassing position as I had invited the people to go there with the promise that it was a nice place with good food. And by the time we managed to leave - after all the delay in getting served a couple of beers and then getting the bill - it was rather late and we were quite tired and annoyed. So I dont know if I want to risk going there again

Hopeless Service!

I went to B-flat recently as someone told me they have good live music. Well, I walked in at 9.30PM, and there was really good crowd and a jazz band playing which was good as well. This is all that was good, untill I got hold of a waiter after 35 minutes, as no one was bothered to come! and then I placed my order for a J&B and Daiquiri cocktail...and after 25 mins they come back and say both are not available!! I mean it takes 30 mins for someone to say the drink is not there!! Finally, we got a whiskey and a LI ice tea, and the LI ise tea was pathetic!! I wont suggest this place to anyone- not worth your time or money!


May 30, 2010response from management at Bflat Bar and Dining:

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for your bad experience at our establishment and hope that you give us another opportunity to serve you better.

Thumbs up for this one!!

I love to sit and dine at open spaces and if its on Indiranagar I like it more coz then I don't have to drive for an hour to get to any decent place on M G Road. For those who like a similar setting High Note will not disappoint, in fact I'm quite certain, the food won't either...High Note has top notch food and lots to choose from. The friendly staff and prompt service is definitely worth a mention. Once, I went for a Bengali style fish preparation with mustard gravy on a bed of steamed rice and boy! was I happy! Another time we went there in a group of six, just to drink and ordered a whole lot of starters...their platters are wholesome and the meat was succulent. The chilli chicken was outstanding. Haven't been to B-Flat yet (just peeped in once and it was deserted) so can't comment on that...but High Note is totally 'high' up on my list of 'must visit again'.


Excellent food

My girlfriend and I visited this place for our New Year lunch. This was a place where we wanted to visit since a long time. We always kept telling each other that we will come here someday every time we passed by. New Year sounded like a perfect day to check out a new restaurant.

Location: In terms of location, this place is located in the ever crowded 100ft road in Indiranagar, Bangalore. This particular road has numerous restaurants to choose from. This restaurant does not have valet parking. Well, that was the case when we visited. Am not sure whether they have for the evening customers. Parking might be a problem. This place has 2 sections. B-flat is on the first floor, which is the bar and Highnote is on the 2nd floor with an open air seating arrangement. Location wise, I will give a good.

Ambiance: The roof seating arrangement has 2 sections. The 2nd floor roof itself and a half of the 3rd floor roof. The whole place is covered and is very windy. Brown, maroon and the shades of it is the color theme. An L-shaped seating arrangement is there on the right side of the restaurant just as you enter. Right behind that, there are plants planted carefully. The plants are too near to the seat. The L-shaped sofa has a black leather cover and cushions with suede covers. The tables are placed too near to each other. You can overhear the conversations on the other table. Privacy was an issue for us. The place is not highly decorated, yet it gives out a mellow appeal. Nice for a good comfortable meal, good for the ambiance

Food: I ordered lamp chops medium and a beer, she ordered Potato Au Gratin for the main course. Crisp Hunan Cauliflower was the starter. The presentation of the starter was good but the portion was a disappointment. The main course was served within no time of us finishing the starters. Here again, the presentation was superb. The lamp was just perfect for my liking and she loved the potatoes. The main courses had the right portion and it was really good. Excellent for the food

Music: I could not hear the music properly. It was on low volume. Besides that, the street noise was louder than the music. Therefore, I am going to be neutral on this one.

Staff: Well, this seems to be a big problem. Whenever I walk in a restaurant, the first thing I get is the glare and the question on the faces of people that how come a chinky is walking in. Yeah, I got an oriental face, is there a problem. Whatever! Here too the reception wasn’t that good. Just as we came out of the lift, there were several waiters and none of them greeted us. It took about 1 minute for them to realize that I am a customer and not someone else. The steward was no better. I said, “Table for two,” and he said, “You can sit anywhere you want,” Uh huh, that’s good but don’t you have any suggestions? I teach customer service and I am more demanding that any other customer. Average will be my rating for the staff.

Crowd: well, this place seems to be a hangout place for some of the city’s celebrities. My girlfriend noticed some local film actors. The crowd is nice. No wonder, the staff was acting weird when they saw a commoner walking in.

Overall: The first rule of customer service in a restaurant is that if someone walks in your restaurant, he can pay. If he can’t then he will never walk in. There is no window shopping in a restaurant. The place is a very nice place overall, to sit down and unwind for a while. Good food and a good ambiance. I am sure that the place will be a different place in the evening. Overall rating- Very good


ad_an80 - Burrp User


41 Reviews

January 26,2010


High Note = High price!

Without a doubt, this would be classified as a classy place. Great ambeience, nice decor, dim lighting and it had everything that it needed to work for this place. You would think..!

We were there Monday night for an event - An evening of contemporary Reunionese music. While the show was the highlight of the evening, we really didnt care much for the food and drinks or the service.

I ordered beer, and my wife had a cosmo and a shooter, they said that they didnt have most of the cocktails mentioned because of the event. We were there at 8pm - happy hours were till 8.30pm, but again we were told that there would be no happy hours becasue of the event. Wouldnt it be logical to try and attract more people and make money and create an impression, assuming that there would be several first timers at the event.
Service - definietely need more polite people to assist with your customer. The guy was just plain rude and not welcoming in any form.

The tab for our(2 of us) drinks + 2 starters = 1720Rs, and plus we paid 400RS for our entry just becuase of the special event.
I will commend the fact that they brought the great band for an interesting evening, and that was 400Rs well spent. But other than that, I would think twice is I would have to go here again, unless there is another great event.


bad food worse service

I had been to high note last weekend with my friend. initially wanted to go to b-flat but there was 400 buck entry & some live jazz was being played. so decided to go to the roof top high note instead. they have a pretty decent spread of indian,oriental & continental (or so we thought).ordered a chicken mexicana (was nothing but crumb fried chicken) and chilli potato (was like deeper fried french fries). for the main course we were confused with all the dishes (cos they had fancy names) but nothing appealing in particular. ordered dragon fried chopsuey instead (was told it will have lots of gravy) with another dry chicken side dish. but the chopsuey had to be the most dry and horrible tasting ive ever had. To top it all, service was pathetic, really slow (it took us 10 minutes for a glass of water) and nobody would come to serve the food. The next day my friend & I ended up with a bad stomach upset as well. Im sure it was the horrible chopsuey.i would never recommend this place to anyone. bad experience for sure!


Multicuisine can be good as well ;)

I always believed that multicuisne restaurants are left searching for the ideal menu and unable to do justice to any cuisine.

This new roof top restaurant is one of the few reaturants in Bangalore which does justice to all the cuisine it serves - Bengali, North Indian, Chinese, Continental.

We had the amritsari fish, posk chops, chicken steak, long island tea and a margarita. Evreything was nicely done, neatly presented, the drinks were very good. They added a 10% service charge. Service and ambience was top class. The bill came upto 1850/- incl taxes and drinks.


foodi - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 19,2009


Best Music Gigs + American Microbrewery Beers

Perhaps B Flat and High Note had a bad start with booze - but 6 months later they have the best music gigs in Bangalore with super bands. The atmosphere is electric on gig nights.

The bar is well stocked and they have a great selection of American microbrewry beers as well as Belgians.

Food is good - the best stuff on the menu are the roti rolls imo - but with awesome music and great beer - this place is one of the best in Bangalore to spend a weekend evening. Try going there when they have a gig - you will not be disappointed. Suggestion to Arati, Sunil and James the owners - please have your own website with a calender of music or a facebook page or whatever.


priya.gautam - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 01,2009


Not too good!

The first experience on entering b-flat was wow..great ambience. The coctails were a big disappointment, not much choices in the menu either.
High note was again a good open air experience, one might take 15 minutes to relate to the menu and order.
The service is very slow, and people not friendly. If u complain they take it too personally.
So, my first experience was overall BAD.


amfer - Burrp User


4 Reviews

August 24,2009


Great music and vibe

Have been twice now, and the music has been sensational each time. Am pretty sure I'll be back again.

Service can be quite slow, however the food and cocktails are very good.

Get there early if you don't want to stand-up all night!


vineetha - Burrp User


3 Reviews

August 20,2009


been there. done that! would want to do it again!

I am surprised at the few harsh reviews on this new place in town - High Note Bar. This place has everything going. Its open, spacious yet cozy. There are options on the seating too including the B flat option. The menu is elaborate enough to keep one happy. Only area they need to work on is the staff. That too will be sorted out with james around. This is surely a place one can go time and again.



Great ambience, food n value, service varies

Since the place is close to my office, we tend to go there pretty often. The ambience is good, they play good rock and pop music and the prices for drinks are quite reasonable (~250 for 60 ml of hard liquor). Food is particularly good, right from the snacks (stuff like Chicken Mexicana) to the main course, which comes from Highnote's kitchen above. The continental dishes are really awesome (example : Chicken LeRoy and Spicy Lamb Chops ~ 250).

The only area of concern is the service. The waiters are generally good and polite. Some of the stewards are really bad and not attentive. While some are really very good. So its your luck whom you get. A word to the General Manager does help and he ensures that they are pulled up, but you cant keep doing that.


'A-major' disappointment

B-flat and High Note Bar with the musically inspired name (and all that jazz) promised to be interesting. Four of us after much 'soul' searching zeroed in on the new joint. The ambiance and decor certainly looked classy. The music pepped us up and the lighting set the mood. The menu also seemed comprehensive with little details about the constituents of each dish. There was considerable excitement between the four of us as we discussed the menu and ordered our respective dishes.

I sensed the beginning of some off-key notes when things took a long time coming to the table. We had ordered Sweet Corn Veggie Soup, Veg steamed Momos, Fish and Chips, A non-veg Mix grill, Chefs Special Chicken, a couple of Lemon sodas and a cocktail. The presentation was good and the portions looked just about enough.

It was the taste that made the entire affair 'A-Minor' disaster. My mix grill platter completely cheesed me off. The sausages tasted horrible. The Momos were good. The chef's special chicken.... is something he shouldn't have shared. Fish and chips were boring. Almost everything tasted commonplace like some ready-to-eat fare!

The bill pointing north-wards of 2K made us love the blues more. This over-priced restaurant experience just did not strike a chord with us. Indiranagar today, surely has better joints.

D-Major reasons for the negative verdict:
1. Flat tasting food
2. High on notes (INR) for no apparent reason




The Worst Possible Service Ever

Worst Possible Service I have ever received ever. The Partner Shetty wanted us to eat Cold food, refused to be polite or admit the restaurants fault in serving cold food and instead wanted us to eat reheated food. They never once agreed to change the food and instead stated that anything else we ordered was not available. The drinks came without the Mixers and Ice, the Steaks came without the Knives and they had the gall of trying to overcharge on the bill. Despite the fact that the food is supposed to be good, I would recommed Noone ever go there. Considering that we have eaten in all types of restaurants all over the world, including in places where there is a language barrier, the service has never been this appaling and we have till today NEVER left a restaurant HUNGRY. The OWNER never Once apologized for the Applauding service and We say India is the Service Industry to the World. High Note. Should be called A Shit Hole.



High note is fun

I love the ambience here. It is beautifully decorated. the food was good and the prices reasonable. Well sort of. Their chicken fried rice was yummy. The chicken and black fungus excellent.
It is breezy and easy to be here..... hahahha
I like the place


Thanks for the response...

..... and that too so very fast!!

Would definitely visit this place again. The food menu looked mighty impressive!



To Thindipota

Thank you for your feedback. We will look into the isssues raised by you and hope you will not have any cause for complaint when you visit us next.

Highnote and b-flat Bar


To the owners, if they are reading this...

1. Yours is a newly opened place, therefore it makes a lot of sense to please your customers by serving them what they ask for.

2. And this, you can do, only if you have enough stock of everything which are required to make things you have in your menu.

3. I dont know if this was an aberration, but when we walked into your restaurant on Saturday afternoon, you were not having stuff to serve us with the cocktails we ordered. When people walk in, hungry and thirsty, the last thing they want to hear is you have run out of something. You are not a cheap, wall in the hole kinda place, are you?

4. And what we ordered was pretty regular stuff like Martinis and peach schnapps cocktail. Nothing exotic, nothing out of the way..

5. There are umpteen other restaurants/bars/lounges which are in business in the same league as yours in the same area.

6. And people will walk out to other options, like we did, if they don't get what they order for.

7. BOB at 200 bucks??? For what??? The place we went to after walking out from yours, served the same BOB at 115 bucks!!! And while you had 3 tables occupied on a saturday afternoon, we had to wait to get our tables in this place. And we gladly did. For the food, for the drinks and for the experience.

8. And finally, rethink on the 10% service charge. Give a great service and people will tip you on their own. Don't impose it on them. I know a lot of places in Bangalore are getting away with this kind of robbery, but you can stand out. Can't you?


True-value for money in every way

Okay, disclaimer first: The owners are very close friends, and I have been going to their bars (this is the third Incarnation) since it was Take 5 off Racecourse Road back in 1994 when I first came to India. But then, it is actually because they have always created such warm and comfortable places for people to meet (and kept the prices at a level that has resisted the Bangalore greed-fest that has infested most of the bars in town) that originally led me to get to know them so well. Each place they have run and developed (their other places were called Take 5) has been nicer than the last. This latest avtar is no exception, it is gorgeous. One of the best things about it is that you can choose from 4 different environments. You have the B-Flat bar, which reminds me of my favorite Blues bars in Los Angeles, on the first level. This will be THE music venue in town as long as we get this government to move out of the last century and recognize that music is everyone's "culture". Then there is the Highnote restaurant upstairs. Even in this balmy hot weather it has been consistently windy to make this a great place to eat even for lunch. The mangalore tiles give the place a completely open feel and the furniture and all of the settings show that they have spared no expense in making this into the restaurant that they have always envisioned. There is a small airconditioned area on this level which can easily double as a private party area or for those that still feel that they need AC. Then there is a mezzanine that could be for a larger private party or just a nice place to sit and observe the outside crowd. The place is a great option for office parties, birthdays, or any time that you just want to get together with friends in a private, yet public, scene.

The menu is very easy to navigate based on what kind of food you want, East-Asian (called Oriental in there menu), Indian and Continental. Now this combination is usually an immediate turn-off to me because so many places that have this mix seem to not know how to cook any of them!! But I am happy to say that I have eaten from each (I have been here over a dozen times since it opened) and I feel that as opposed to quantity over quality, James Ho (the Chef and co-owner) and Arati and Sunil Shetty could not reject any of these options because they are all great. If I had to be critical, it would be on the pasta's, but then my wife is Italian and we generally eat pasta like it is going out of style. They have probably created the flavors for the Indian palette (clearly in the case of the curry penne:-) so give it a shot if you sometimes feel that Italian pasta's are too plain and simple. They do meat very well!! Best Wiener Schnitzel (I generally know it as cottelette Milanese) in town! Pork and Lamb Chops are also awesome. My wife will not go to the Highnote without ordering the sesame prawns, and sometimes twice. I loved the Indian food, but guess that this is probably not going to draw in the crowds because of the options in town. They are going to get the LCD projector for large screen Cricket matches ~ an offer completely lost on me but I hear rumors of possible film parties in the future which would be awesome. Best thing about the place is that it is total value for money. Great portions, great prices, and that seems to be the focus of the restaurant.

Indiranagar has arrived as a destination, no longer a "make do" place for those who dont want to venture to the center, but a delightful alternative to the trendy "couldn't care less" service of the Bangalore pub scene. I believe that the Highnote, like their predecessor bars, will be like a Cheers style place where you can go alone and count on meeting someone that you know.


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March 30,2009


Refreshing new set-up

Have been seeing the "opening shorty" board for some time and the moment it changed to "now open" we decided to check it out. It is divided into 3 levels...2nd is the bar/lounge (b-flat) area (very similar to Take5..actually the management is a split-off from take5)..there is a well equipped bar, a live band stage and a open smoking area outside.
Great selection of drinks and starters!!
Then the 3rd floor has the dining is on the roof-top...there is a split level where you can host small parties. There is also seperate enclosed dining area.
The menu is great..starters ranging from Thai, chinese, indian to continental. There is a whole lot to choose from...we enjoyed the dumplings and the satay chicken. The table next to ours had ordered Tandoor starters and were also very happy with them and their north indian main course!!!
The main course menu is exhausive...chinese, thai, indian, italian, continental and more....
On the whole there service was good..but the waiters need to be educated abt the menu...too many things to offer and they need to figure out the fine difference.
Since the dining area is open, smoking is allowed..but you can also go and smoke in the balcony area.
There are no high chairs available for children and no child menu.
A must try and the exhausive menu makes you look forward to the next visit!!! I am definitely going back!!!