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> > > > Blue Fin Seafood Cafe

Blue Fin Seafood Cafe

Brigade RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 65593377, 65592266
  • Atrium, 5th Avenue Mall, Ground Floor, Brigade Road, Bangalore
  • Fastfood

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Blue Fin Seafood Cafe Reviews


nice place for fast sea food

had some of the snacks here. all were good. i would recommend this for everyone who wants a quick bite of seafood
almost everything here is between 50-100 rupees so it is not expensive either.
they even have maincourse dishes which i will try next time


Great place for seafood

After going thru the 2 reviews posted earlier went to this place yesterday. Great place for seafood - crabs, prawns and fish. Not exactly great ambiance for a romantic outing but if it is Value for Money you are looking for then this is the place for all seafood lovers.
My pick - Prawn Burger & Crab cutlets



Good prawns

I have only tried the prawns here, so far- the prawn burger, the Chworinghee Prawn(prawns in Kasundi-fiery Bengali mustard), the Malpe Prawn(kind of like aghee roast), and the Serangoon prawns(prawns in a black peppery sauce). As well as packets of their prawn chips which transports me back to my birthplace where these are so popular;)

The prawn burger rocks! chunks of prawns welded into a largish crumb-fried patty. Thank god, one can actually taste the prawns, and of course anything deep fried in crumbs would have to try really hard to go wrong...
for the rest, I had two problems:
The sauces were just a bit too pungent(not to spicy but had a slightly raw smell) and need to be tempered more. I am no authority on how prawns are cooked in Malpe or Rangoon/Serangoon? but I can say for a fact that the mustard in the Chowringhee prawns was just a bit too strong too be an authentic Bengali dish:)- the other thing is, it seems that the prawns were separately cooked and then thrown into the sauce rather than cooked in the sauce itself.
However-I will give this place four stars, because of the concept (my Bong heart jumps in joy at the idea of a cafe solely for seafood) their sincerity-the prawns were fresh , fleshy and well cooked not raw, cleaned and de-veined properly which is often a rarity in this town-Helpings are good too, for Bangalore, six medium prawns for Rs99. Hopefully with a little practice they can improve their cooking and then they can easily achieve full marks
Another suggestion-please give customers the choice of Seer Fish. I don't like Tilapia ;(.


CherryBurry - Burrp User


56 Reviews

September 25,2010


Nice Seafood @ Reasonable Price...

We went there yesterday night and tasted almost all in menu.

It's a open Cafe in a shopping mall, so nothing to write about ambience.

The food was very good and reasonably priced. Most of the items are priced at 99 Rs. I felt their Fish items were better than Prawn items.

We had :
• Kerala Parota (Good)
• Crab Cutlets (Very Good)
• Chowringhee Prawns (Very Good)
• Karaikudi Prawns (Good)
• Malpe Prawns (Good)
• Serangoon Prawns (Good)
• Karaikudi Fish (Very Good)
• Malpe Fish (Very Good)
• Rechado Fish (Good)
• Tandoori Fish Burger (Average - bun can be better)
• Fish & Chips (Average - too oily)
• Indian Berry Drink (It's okay, but I didn't like it)

They have only one drink (Indian Berry), and they should seriously consider at least Soft Drinks.

The Quantity of food is reasonable, but I felt can be slightly higher.