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Home/bangalore/Blue Ginger, The Taj West End

Blue Ginger, The Taj West End

Race Course RoadCentral Bangalore  


25 Reviews / 25 Ratings

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The Kari Kulture Jul 11 - Jul 31

  • Blue Ginger, India's first Vietnamese restaurant, is a celebration of vibrant food, colour and life. Every detail, from the cuisine to the service and decor is exquisite. Pick up the nuances of preparing a delicious authentic Vietnamese meal with their chefs at Blue Ginger. And after the class and your efforts enjoy a lovely set lunch!

    Price: Rs. 850 + taxes

Banh Bao and Banh Xeo Festival Jul 23 - Aug 03

  • Blue Ginger offers Banh Bao & Banh Xeo festival, a menu featuring steamed dumpling and Pan Cakes or Crepes with Vietnamese origins. The name translates literally to 'covering cake. 'And 'sizzling cake'. Banh Bao fillings of the round-shaped dumpling can vary widely there is usually some sort of ground meat and vegetable mixture present. Ground pork or chicken and vegetables such as diced cabbage, onions, and mushrooms are all in a typical filling. Sometimes an egg is added as a binder to the mixture before the dough surrounds the filling and the whole thing is steamed. Banh xeo are Vietnamese savoury fried pancakes made of rice flour, water, turmeric powder, stuffed with slivers of fatty pork along with shrimp, diced green onion, and bean sprouts. Southern-style banh xeo contains coconut milk and certain Central regions skip the turmeric powder altogether. They are served wrapped in mustard leaf, lettuce leaves or wrappers, and stuffed with mint leaves, basil, fish leaf and/or other herbs, and dipped in a sweet and sour diluted fish sauce.

    Price: Rs. 1000 (Approx for two people)

Blue Ginger, The Taj West End Reviews