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> > > > Blue Ginger, The Taj West End

Blue Ginger, The Taj West End

Race Course RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 66605660
  • The Taj West End,#25,Race Course Road, Bangalore
  • Vietnamese
  • Meal for 2 - 4500

26 Reviews / 27 Ratings

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Blue Ginger, The Taj West End Reviews







Authentic Vietnamese cuisine

Blue ginger right from start to finish offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine coupled with beautiful ambience & lovely service.. Excellent food different from the traditional Chinese available in most restaurants in India. Nice ambience for cosy dinner in a dimly lit Modern décor. The drinks card is extensive. The menu is extensive and there something for everyone. Our servers were very helpful in making recommendations. Pancakes stuffed with mushrooms and basil were yummy The best part of the meal, was the deserts. Particularly a mandarin creme brulee. To die for.






Superb ambience.. as well as food!!

Amazing ambience and food is available at this restaurant.. Green papaya salad is a must have here.. I have visited this place twice and it serves good Vietnamese food. The ambience makes you forget that you are in a busy city.. Its calm and quite environment along with its amazing food lets you get mesmerised in your own little world..


Romance personified

The Blue Ginger is an experience in its self ..... Much like the rest of the hotel this restaurant is shrouded in greenery and has a rainforest like setting. The low lit extremely pleasant atmosphere it creates for dinner is unbelievable. The soft banter of other diners around you the creaking and crackling noises of all the nature that surrounds you make you believe you are on a tropical island much less in the heart of Bangalore.

The service is exemplary as is expected from the Taj group of hotels and their menu and wine list is one of the most extensive i have experienced yet. Having said that i must warn you that Vietnamese cuisine that the restaurant serves is something of an acquired taste it might seem bland at first to the Indian Palette but if you are used to different cuisines believe me the depth and complexity that these subtle flavours offer is quite a different experience. Because the food is so lightly flavored it leaves you feeling strangely light but satisfied. At least we seemed to enjoy the food enough. Keep in mind though if you are an Andra chilly chicken kind of person this place may not really be your cup of tea and you might find the food flat and tasteless. for something different try the starters prepared with Rice paper rolls, very interesting texture and a great hoysin sauce.

All in all a good experience but be warned this place can blow a hole through your pocket that is pretty wide a meal for two on my wifes birth day with no alcohol or dessert i.e. 2 starters a main course gravy and some fried rice (all seafood items) set us back Rs. 6000.

Pros: - best atmosphere most romantic place
- Great change from the regular chinese/Thai
- huge menu and wine list
- exemplary service

Cons: - A bit expensive


Urv84 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 18,2012


Great ambiance

The starters were yummy, especially the corn cakes. I was a little disappointed with my lychee drink and panna cotta dessert but the ambiance, courteous staff and good food made up for it.


kapslock20 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 28,2012


Great Ambience but Overpriced

Food was average as compared to the price. Seems like the restaurant charges for the ambience rather than the food. Hope they can do something about it.



Overpriced tasteless food. Good ambience and decent service. Totally not worth it. Bartender can screw up even simple drinks like sangria!


Excellent Food and Ambiance

Spending an evening at blue ginger is an experience in its own. They just dont cook food, but its handcrafted to perfection.

The place is not at all overpriced as per my opinion. no doubt it is expensive, but then it is so much worth it. All good things have a price !

It is a world class dining experience @ Blue Ginger. Loved it !



Did not leave a mark

Blue Ginger has a special place in Bangalore's eat-out history. In the years gone bt it was Paradise Island, for a long time the only place that served Thai cuisine in the city. And what a place it was. For some reason that all changed a few years back and in came Blue Ginger as a Vietnamese place.

Blue Ginger too has won a lot of accolades and one naturally goes in with a lot of expectations

For starters, I do wish that a meal for three would cost at least half of what it does. Close to 9000 rupees. That is something which has to qualify as day-light robbery

Anyway, we tried the Pho Noodle Meal which was flavourful and light but it did not leave a great impression with us. We ordered a couple of starters - the Fresh Rice Paper Roll and one of the Pancakes. The Pancakes were most disappointing and rather dry. The rolls were quite nice and fresh, the dipping sauce being excellent

For main course we ordered a Chicken Dish which had a Lemon Grass flavour, a Prawn Cari and some plain sticky rice. The Chicken was tough and while the flavours were nice the chicken spoilt it. The Prawn Cari, while good, left us with the feeling of having had some Goan Prawn Curry

So basically, the meal did not leave us with the impression that reading about the cuisine gave us. There should be something wrong. Either with the place or maybe on the day we went there. Either ways, we paid a heavy price to figure that out!


nesto - Burrp User


9 Reviews

October 27,2010


Excellent service, very good food, overpriced?

Staying at the Taj West End, I tried their in-house vietnamese restaurant.
The waiters were attentive and friendly. They even brought a fish in a fishbowl to my table to give me company :-)
The place is nice. Even though it is located outside, yet you get a chance to see what happens in the kitchen. One point that might get improved is that the music from the bar nearby is quite loud and this spoils the ambient a bit.
The food was really good, yet it felt a bit over-expensive (Rs. 750 for fried rice).


tummytweak - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 21,2010


completely awesome !

they made my day ! the staff was so nice and helped me plan a special day for my husband's birthday making it a remarkable evening to remember for both of us. they helped me plan a special menu in advance and went out of the way to help me plan. they gave me awesome options and i finally settled on this cozy nook where they lighted the whole place with candles and covered it in romantic white drapes floating in the breeze and put two special comfortable chairs. the food was perfect, the wine was perfect and so was the flaming cake. a perfect day ! i recommend it to everyone who wants to plan a special day...a heartfelt thanks to the entire team of blue ginger for making it soooo special for me and my husband!


hari_nj - Burrp User


63 Reviews

January 21,2010


A retreat away from the hustle and bustle

This place is like an oasis...calm and peaceful. I like the bar in the nights. The decor and food are great. Love this place.


an "alright" place

good food (not exactly spectacular), decent range of drinks, great ambience occasionally marred by the adjacent pub with their loud music or the traffic...!


Soup Meals

Where do you get a place that's bang in the middle of greenery with less pollution,smart lighting,creative huge asian vases & a bit of privacy.

I find the soup meals incredibly filling that one dish is sufficient for two when you are having it with starters & drinks.Dig the munchies that they give with drinks.Find the dessert section not upto the mark but happy with the other fare.

Its mainly frequented by corporate honchos but they did give me a complementary Bday cake.


Poor alcohol choices, average food quality

Firstly, the food wasn't Vietnamese. I've been to Vietnam, and this certainly was not Vietnamese.

We went there on a parent's birthday, and I'd rate it as follows:
Alcohol choice: 3/10
Soup quality: 7/10
Food quality: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 5/10

The ambiance was disappointing; cluttered tables and cramped areas surrounded by a lot of greenery and water. The place is probably more appropriate for a corporate gettogether than a family or romantic evening.

We were disappointed when the bartender told us that most of the beers and wines on the list were not available. Neither were most of the cocktails. I settled for a Diet Coke - poor show!!

The soups were not bad, the starters were average, and the main course was average too - overall, just average, which is not saying much for a high-priced restaurant in a 5-star hotel.


vivek_jois - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 05,2009


Try the Toddy

As a hardcore South Indian the toddy (not exactly made of coconut) is out of this world. It turned out to be a hot rasam with brandy in it and I am telling you that knocked my socks out. Pepper saru with a kick kudos to the bar tender. Food was great. We had the glass noodles with something I cant spell. The only reason why this gets 4 is the price which well considering its in taj west end is sorta fair but its just a once in a while experience.



Good food...even if not Vietnamese

It seems like everybody is all in a tissy because Blue Ginger is not authentic Vietnamese. I say, So What. As long as the food is good, I'm going to keep going. Blue Ginger is pan-asian/asian fusion and it's delicious, and the decor is awesome, and the service is excellent. What is there to complain about?!?!

Sure the prices are steep, but no more than every other single hotel restaurant in Bangalore. I whole heartedly agree with a previous reviewer who says they have no problem paying for something that is hard to come by. If Blue Ginger was just another continental restaurant my feelings would be very different but to have some ethnic options in India is worth it to me.

That being said, we tried the shrimp cakes and calamari Nha Trang- style starters. Then sampled the salmon in a tamarind mango sauce and soft shell crabs in a pineapple sauce and a side of chicken fried rice. We ordered a reasonably-priced bottle of French wine (same price as Indian wines). Everything was very good and there were so many other interesting sounding things on the menu I would also like to try in the future. It's not like any Vietnamese food I've ever had (and I've been there 3 times) but I was happy with the quality and flavors.

I have to mention the service was excellent. Since Blue Ginger is located outdoors, they provided me a shawl when they noticed I was a little chilly and lowered a clear plastic screen to block the wind but I could still enjoy the ambiance. The decor was pretty unique as well.

The best part of the meal occurred when I was surprised by the waiters who brought me a flaming chocolate cake for my birthday!



Not really vietnamese

Guys dont be fooled if it was vietnamese where is Pho ..... ? the most common and wonderful noodle soup. i have lived in Australia and visited VietNam and i'm telling you this is not vietnamese



10/10 for service, 8/10 for food, 9/10 for ambienc

Great ambience!! The trees, water and decor and lighting is wonderful. None of those bright lights that you are subjected to many of the "new style" places.

Service was great.. sublime in fact after my bad experience at Mosaic at the Taj Residency.

The best damn wine list in Bangalore (over 250 labels and 500 wines to choose from!!). The house savignon from Chile was pretty good!!

Being a non-seafood guy puts me at a disadvantage as they are the best at it.

The chilly lamb was commendable, the stir fry noodles with beef was excellent, the lemongrass chicken was just ok and the coconut caramel custard was average. But on the whole above average on the gastronomical scale.

A wholesomely feel-good experience.




First off, the ambience here is a big let down after you are told this is a very romantic place to go to.The setting is very cluttered and cramped though it sits amidst some lush greenery and a water body all around.This is probably best to go to for a corporate meeting rather than a personal event or to celebrate anything.

I am a wine connoisseur and was delighted when a sommelier from France helped us out with wines after I described to him what sort of flavor I was looking for.This is a first in Bangalore, I dont know any restaurant where they have a dedicated sommelier to help patrons out with wine.

Food on the whole was very average.Soup was watery and not rich and the food,be it veg or non veg turned out to be bland, maybe Vietnamese food is just not for the Indian palate.The dessert however was coconut based and was very good and innovative.To sum up, excellent service(huge plus point!), good china, lousy ambience and very average food.


Num Num Vietnam

Being the only Vietnamese restaurant in the country,the restaurant wins brownie points at the outset for sheer origiality. It also boasts of possibly the best setting in the city! Nestled in the midst
of thick foliage within the compound of The Taj WestEnd Hotel, The Blue Ginger is arguably the best restaurant in town.
It is situated away from the main building and compliments the Blue Bar which is it’s neighbour and again a very happening pub in the city.

The decor is typical of Vietnam complete with large blue urns and oriental decor. I would recommend the lunch set menu. Very good for a quick business lunch. Although the beauty of the place emerges at night when candles line the walkway to the restaurant and the water fountain around the place is in full spurt!They light a fire in the middle of the restaurant and that lends an ethereal glow to guests as well as the place itself.The neighbouring Blue Bar plays very good House music which complimets the setting of the restaurant as well.

Van, the Vietnamese hostess and now a dear friend, greets every guest with great enthusiasm and warmth - a trait that becomes the Vietnamese/Asian culture.
The staff is courteous and very clued in on the menu and immediately "get" what you would like to have. They help you through the menu to ensure you understand the various ingredients and that you don’t end up over ordering or worse yet - ordering something you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. What I like is that the staff is attentive without being intrusive or in-your-face.

The food,as the cuisine suggests, is Vietnamese. Vietamese food has a lot of thai and chinese influence so you will recognize a lot of dishes. I particularly recommend the meat platter, the raw mango salad and the fish curry which comes with rice.
I would like to warn you though - they serve complimentary prawn and vegetable crackers when you sit down and one can easily eat the whole lot before the food arrives!

I haven’t really liked any of their desserts and we usually skip that course.

The weekends are very busy and I recommed that you make reservations. If you don’t have a reservation, you could hve a bit of a wait but they ensure you’re comfortable even there. There is an overstuffed couch upholstered in warm red and orange tones that relaxes the most irate guest....

Blue Ginger is an expensive restaurant. A meal for two which includes two main courses and noodles and a couple of glasses of wine could set you back by about 2500 per head. Hey. believe me - it’s worth every rupee.

I would highly recommend this restaurant. For it’s ambiance,food,staff and originality.


gaziggi - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 15,2008


Too Expensive For Vietnamese But Nice

If you are thinking that Vietnamese in Bangalore would be cheap because most other things in India are cheap? Well think again.

I am accustomed to spending about Rs.280 for a dosa back home in Australia. However since we have a large Vietnamese community in Australia, we don't pay as much for the food you get in Blue Ginger.

So quite frankly, I don't see a problem with paying an exorbattant price for Vietnamese in a country where the Vietnamese population is either small or non existant.

Anyway, back to the topic of this restaurant, I found the food to be nice, the waiter service attentive like any other place I have been to in Bangalore and the ambience will make you feel like you're in another country. So if you want tasty and hygenic food and an experience without paying for a plane ticket to Vietnam, go to Blue Ginger.

I hope this type of food will take over the rotten Indian Chinese that is common in India and I hope it will bring the prices down once the demand is there.


Beautiful Ambience

Beautiful Place, Delicious Food, Fantastic Service.....BUT! Vietnamese?


Poor value for money

Our experience left us quite shocked at what Rs 2000+ will fetch you these days in Bangalore. The food was displayed and served with a lot of fanfare in a pretty outdoor seating environment, but the service was quite terrible. The food itself was decent, but certainly nothing you couldn't pick up at for less than $20 in a self respecting Vietnamese rest on the other side of the Pacific (unfortunately, my points of calibration for Vietnamese food are not in Vietnam, but in the United States).

Most upsetting was the fact that the staff, initially friendly and prompt, decided completely ignore us once a bunch of celebrities showed up a few tables away.

Oh yes, the Sangria had as much alcohol as there is snowfall in Chennai.

Overall, not recommended.


quayler - Burrp User


31 Reviews

January 24,2007


Not really Vietnamese - and pricey

I went to this place courtesy of a well known multinational whose products you are probably using to read this, unfortunately. Anyway, the ambiance is very nice - and even though it is open air there are no mosquitoes - the've probably been priced out.

Service is a bit pushy - we were a large group and they essentially forced us to take the Prie Fixe menu - which was around 2500 per person, even though not all of us were that keen on it.

The most disappointing thing was most of the food was not really Vietnamese. The salad was good - but Thai, and the rest was mediocre Chinese.

The price is also quite ridiculous. For the meal, it was roughly Rs 4000 per head which included a little bit,but not too much, wine.
Which is about $100 - for which one can have a really excellent meal in many Michelin three star restaurants.

Its a nice place - but go there only when someone else is paying.

This is representative of a larger problem which exists in Bangalore - places are in short supply and so a nice place can charge the earth and get away with it without really giving one ones moneys worth.
Maybe in a few years things will improve.



authentic, delicious, romantic!

Completely agreed with aarti - this spot has some amazing Vietnamese food - probably the only place where I can find it. Try the fresh steamed vegetarian spring rolls (not the deep fried ones) and the brothy Vietnamese classic noodle soup, Pho. Needless to say, the ambiance is very romantic - perfect for a date. Be prepared to spend here, to be expected at a 5 star hotel.



Exclusively Blue

The one place in town you MUST visit for an exquisite experience. The food, the ambiance, the service, everything is simply awesome! For those of you who don't know, blue ginger serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Feel free to sneak around in the beautiful West End lawns after your meal for a complete experience! :)