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> > > > Blue Spice

Blue Spice

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Blue Spice Reviews

Pathetic food and over priced.

Bad food and simply over priced. Never ever buy any deal to this place and drop in. they will not only cheat you in quality but also in quantity.
Chick tikka with 4 pieces is chared around 180 (with taxes). The sea food platter is around 500, but does not have crab or prawn in it. Instead you will get to eat gobi and fish in the sea food platter. The mutton in the biryani was like a rubber.

The fruit punch presented so badly, in a normal glass with a basic straw. Guess they just added some strawberry sauce and mixed with some water and milk and served.

The music played is so loud, that u feel ur in a pub. When u enter, you will feel ur entering some lodge.

Not worth trying even once. Since i bought the deal paying 400 which promised me to buy anything worth 1000, i still feel i could have got better food for 400 in any other restaurant.

My suggession, not worth the try at all, you will get better joints in koramangala.


Aurie - Burrp User


7 Reviews

June 17,2011


Decent food!

My fiancé and I happened to have lunch at Blue Spice today and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food.

I stared of with a KF beer priced at Rs 110. The beer came quick but was warm. I “do not” like my beer warm. Anyway I decided to let that pass and have it anyway because I was thirsty after the not so long drive from the other side of town.

My fiancé ordered the fruit punch (Rs 120). We were happy with the flavors.

We then ordered the Seafood platter (Priced at Rs 450). It came with fish fingers, Golden fried prawns, Tikka prawns, a whole tikka pomfret fish and ofcourse the usual salad to fill in the gaps on the plate. The 25 minutes was worth waiting for that platter. The flavors were great and the fish was well marinated.

We also ordered the fresh green salad (Rs 45).
Stuffed Paneer Tikka (Rs 120) - This dish too was well made. Slabs of paneer filled with mashed potatoes and peas with other spice and Herbs.

For the main course we ordered the butter chicken (Rs 170). The flavors were great but did not live up the name of “BUTTER” chicken. Not sure how many of you have tried the butter chicken in any small joint in Hyderabad. Melted butter generally floats all over the dish. But anyway, Let’s say butter chicken for the “Diet conscious”. We also ordered the Pudhina Roti (Rs 35 each) and Lacchedar paratha (Rs 40 each).
On the whole a nice experience. The damage was about Rs 1300. I know, that is a bit steep for a meal for two but considering the quantity and the quality we were ok with the price.

Oh! Just to add, their menu is has a wide spread with Chinese and Indian.

Would I go back to Blue Spice? Yes, I would give it a 60% chance. I would go there if I was in Koramangala for some other work and happened to feel hungry at that time.

The ambience gets a thumbs up and so does the prompt service.



Elegant fine dining Experience

I had a great family time at the New and improved Blue Spice. We were a vegetraian family and the food spoke to for it self. The staff was extremely friendly and took care of every small request. We had couple of mocktails and starters which was very well presented and the taste didnt disappoint.. All n all it was a great family outing i am sure u will enjoy it.



Used to be a great pace - no longer :(

Times have changed. To be very honest the quantity of meat have reduced, there are these staffs with a pathetic attitude and the liquor prices have gone up. With a moderate liquor, and a decent food for 4 people the bill came to 3600 - Damn!! I would be spending that kind of money in Barbeque Nation for heaven's sake. And is there a reason why is it overpriced - earlier they used to have some performances - now it's so shitty. I won't visit that place again, neither would recommend it to anyone. It doesn't take much time to create a bad impressions - Not sure why the owners aren't so bothered.