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> > > > Bobby's Dhaba

Bobby's Dhaba

UlsoorEast Bangalore  

  • 69935021, 9663678382
  • Kingston Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore
  • Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 200

32 Reviews / 32 Ratings

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Bobby's Dhaba Reviews

anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 18,2012


reminds me of punjab food !!!!!

The reason I like going to Bobby's Dhaba is the feel. Being a Punjabi, I get some kind of comfort from being in a Punju Dhaba so far away from Punjab.
It can get extremely hot sitting in here - since it is in an enclosed space and the smoke and steam from the cooking has no outlet. But if you don't have high expectations you'll be fine.


asli paranthe and heavenly kheer

one place where u get the real paranthas. with makkhan sailing on the top parantha. very very tasty food. rajma, daal most things i ate were awesome. has a limited menu.. kadhi pakkoda was the only disappointment. even if ur not goin for a meal, just take home some kheer. just like home, not very sweet and tastes just amazing.. die for kheer.



Excellent Punjabi veg food

This place has very short menu card, sub-standard ambience and lack of space.
Yet, food is excellent (both clean and tasty). Alu Paratha, Paneer Paratha and Shahi Paneer are my favorites here. Kheer is also superb. In simple words taste of food here make up for the everything else this place lacks. A must try for all Bangaloreans.
(btw, this restaurant is now moved to St. John's road)


Cheap n Very good punjabi Place. Veg Only though!!

This is one of our regular places from our office. When we are in a mood to eat good food and not willing to shell out a lot of money, then this is the place to head.

The options are limited to 4-5 variety of paranthas and some veg curries. But whatever they provide is really very good. We generally end up holding ur stomach when we come out of the hotel.

The Aloo and Gobhi parantha with the Dal tadka is one of my favorites. Others also like the Baigan bharta but I am not that much a fan of that. The paranthas are server blazing hot and be prepared to burn your hand when you try to munch of these. Also you need an appointment with your cardio soon - as the amount of butter each parantha is served with will give him a heart attack. Top the paranthas with the Curd and you have had a very authentic (veg) punjabi food.

This may not be the most hygienic place, but in case you are like me whose stomach can take some risk then please head to this place and ENJOY!!!!


True Burrp spot... not for the fancy ones

Good Food is what they really are about. If you want the cleanliness and facilities, please proceed to other places. But, if you are a foodie (psst.. at low prices), this is the place to be.

Cons - Long waiting




Popular dhaba with normal food in taste and famous for long queues.Only Shahi Paneer, Aloo Gobhi, Baigan Bharta & Chana Masala is good in taste.Paranthas are good only in Aloo & Onion. Best thing is Kheer & Lassi. In short dont waste time in long queues ,go for another one near Gurudwara but there u wont get Kheer .
Go with empty stomach and eat DABAKE....!!!!



Good for heavy bouts of cheap n good punjabi food

I heard of Bobby's dhaba from a friend who used to live in Ulsoor. We decided to travel from Ramamurthy Nagar to Ulsoor to try it out.

On reaching the gurudwara we found just a destroyed remains,and realized that the dhaba has been relocated to St.John's Road, Opposite Lake View supermarket. It is near the fast food joint "Shanti Sagar'.

It is clean setup there. And once you manage to get seats, the service is quite fast and precise.

It was after a long time that I was eating good punjabi food, so I enjoyed it very well. And we kept on eating until there was no space left in our stomachs.

Good taste, hygienic and good service. Recommend for a heavy bout of punjabi food. Special mention the jug-like tumbler in which butter milk was served..omg!

And note that they serve only vegetarian stuff..


lokoko - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 10,2011


hog manje hog

typical north Indian stuffed parathas are its speciality. its a bit overrated. agreed that the parathas are tasty and cheap but you expect some sense of cleanliness and that seems to be lacking. its a small house converted to a dhaba. with smoke all around it doesn't give you the joy of having a good contemptuous meal.


pier39lab - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 10,2011


Pretty good eh?

Me and my buddies for a really long time wanted to taste all that hype that we used to hear. And one hot afternoon we randomly decided to go there. We were surprised to see a guy there redirecting people to their new location that they recently moved to, a little more than a mile away just across the Ulsoor lake. The new place seemed better and cleaner compared to what I read on the reviews based on their ex-hut (the new location is into a small house on the first floor). I'm not sure why it wasn't crowded but we were glad we didn't have to wait. The food was being prepared as we spoke, smoke filled the room but not choking. We anticipated for tasty hot food and I must say, it did live upto our expectations. Oh and the menu doesn't have too many to choose from, but I'd guess whatever they make tastes good.
I've been to many restaurants that make good Dalh Makhni but this probably is the best (yea, I dont think it can get any better). The stuffed Paranthas were extraordinary! The stuffing was STUFFED!! uniformly spread across very unlike some other restaurants that stuff more flour than anything else. Not too hard on the pockets either.
I'm going there soon.



snobs stay away

This place pure desi food in a complete desi setting. Smoke, crowd you name it this place has it. But at last the food you get here is yummy. It is one hell of an experience. It is not for faint hearted. You have to wait in queue for an hour in the outside, but when you are in, you are in. Food just keeps coming, piping hot and mouth watering tasty. Go here for an experience. And yes the place is immensely light on pocket. We 7 people ate like pigs for a meager 500 bucks.


Ujwal  - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 11,2011


Simply Overhyped

i had heared a lot about this place and finally decided to go for it one day...they have a token system and i had to wait for almost 2 hours to get in. once in again around 20mins of wait.
this place is very unhygenic, food was good but not as fabulous as hyped by people...
worst part is that you dont get punjabi lassi they just serve buttermilk...yet its called a punjabi dhaba :P

agreed that it matches the normal north indian taste which u can find across streets of Punjab but its too much overrated


Ren-C  - Burrp User


33 Reviews

November 19,2010


Bobby's - Not for a dining experience...'s just for food!

So if you're heading to Bobby's for an 'experience', stop in your tracks. DO NOT! The dhaba is a dhaba is a dhaba is a dhaba; lousy in terms of decor, hygiene and service. I'm not sure when was the last time they had painted the walls. You'd find cobwebs, the spiders associated with them and other varieties of their species. If you get turned off with eating inside an eatery as such, it's best avoided, maybe a takeaway?

For the others, who look for dollops of ghee on your parantha and a tumbler full of lassi that go for more than half a foot long and couldn't care less whether you are sitting on a wooden that might crumble with one more roti you down or whether the wash basin is actually a bucket and a mug, Bobby's dhaba will have you completely satiated.

The rotis kept coming and I thought the lassi would never get over. I remember licking my fingers cleaning off the rajma before I passed out. They don't claim authenticity. They're probably popular due the long standing business. Whether you like the food or not, they couldn't care less because people are going to flock, nonetheless. This is a regular dhaba, with no frills, long queues and crowded beyond its capacity even on weekdays, strategically located next to the only Gurudwara in Bangalore.


GastroGod - Burrp User


10 Reviews

November 17,2010


Farewell Bobby's.

I have been going to this place ever since I've shifted to Bangalore. And over a period of time I've seen and experienced and tasted the dying quality of food that you get there. Ordered Alu Parantha and Mooli Parantha to go with Baigan ka Bharta and Rajma. Both paranthas felt like lump of dough, weren't cooked properly at all. Rajma dal had stones in it. I crackled my teeth twice. And the baigan ka bharta was like Haldi ki sabji. Bad, very bad. Thank you Bobby for the fantastic food experiences in the past. Farewell.


mo_hit4u - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 06,2010


over hyped. just average.

Simply over hyped. Long queue is not worth the food. It has got typical dhaba environment but not a food like a very gud dhaba as we get in north india, its just average. Oil and spice will try their best to mess with your health.
Overall average food for which i won't wait for more than 10 min (I waited for more than 30 min :( ).


Filthy - this is a health hazard.

This place is minimal - extremely minimal & I don't mind that. But having lizards crawling on the walls about 2 feet away from your plate is a little too much. As is having a waiter bring you water with fingers dipped into the glass. As is dirty/unwashed plates having food stuck to them.
And to top it all off, the food sucks. I went here once immediately after moving to BLR from Delhi - big mistake.


iaFoodie - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 22,2009


The Dhaba is a Dhabba on punjabi food

Bobby Dhaba is seriously bad!!! We waited for like 2 hours and when we finally got a chance to eat the food, it was such a disappointment...

I wonder why there was such a looong queue outside. Guess ppl wonder why the others are waiting and join in (atleast we did!!).
The food was unhygenic- (for sure), tasteless and the "dhaba wala" was not even courteous.
Overall- a disappointment



I'd heard so much about this place for about a year before i visited it..i almost got what i expected.Bad ambience, small place, inexpensive. But the food has been highly overated. Prices are it's USP. Kheer is supposed to be a speciality but i didn't find it any different from my mum's or any other's except that it's more sweetened..parathas and sabji were excellent.I had mooli and aalu parathas with rajma and mixed veg dishes.It has a very hazy ambience and after a while the smoke gets to u.If you're looking for authentic gourmet food, this is the last place you'd want to go to, but if you're broke, must go..



Once bitten,Twice shy.

With a lot of fanfare,we decided to bunk a couple of hours and head off to Bobby Dhaba.Getting to the place wasnt difficult,everybody knows where the Gurudwara is,but once you get to the place,you cant locate it even though its in front of your eyes.The place is known for its food,not for its ambiance.How bad can it be,I had thought.Need I say more? It was a complete jolt,a tiny hut with an asbestos roof and for some reason,maybe on that day,it had an awful stench.

We got the little paper from inside and patiently waited for over 40 minutes,and each minute I questioned myself whether I still wanted to eat there.It'll be worth it,was my gut feeling.

Once again,I was wrong.The food wasnt great,and the authentic Punjabi tag on the food left me puzzled.What have I been eating all these years? The Parathas came with a mound of butter on top,which perhaps helped add to the taste.

All in all,a negative experience,and I wont be going there again.


The best "hole in the wall"

If you wondered where the term "Hole in the wall kind of place" came about, then you must visit Bobby da Dhaba.

If you are an elite foodie who values cleanliness, politeness etc. then this is not the place for you.

But if you a true foodie who can enjoy a road-side restaurant just as much as a 5-star. And all that matters to you is good food. Then this is the place.

The food was yummy. But the best part was the attitude of the owner. Loved it. His arrogant dialogues were entertaining.

My favourite were...
"Ik ya teen parathay nahi milange. Do ya char milange'.
"Maine mere baap ko kabhi khana pack kar ke nahi diya to tuzha kya doonga".
"Aap ko pack karke doonga to bahar jo khade hain unko kya barat mein khilaoonga".

With "sweet" punjabi on my ears and tasty food... that's it... we were in heaven.

If you are a Seinfeld fan... you can relate this experience to the "Soup Nazi" episode :-)


shabz - Burrp User


15 Reviews

April 08,2009


Cheap place, cheap price

Does the following matter even an ounce to you when eating out:
Good food
Personal Hygiene

If you answer Yes to any of the options, then Bobby's Dhaba is not for YOU!


Cheating...bad food...

This is a place abt which i heard a lot from my college friends but was never able to fine saturday evening i was getting bored...i assembled 8 of my friends and went to bobby's dhaba by saying them that it has the best food at the cheapest soon as we went there we all were SHOCKED by seeing the place...


But the crowd outside was like dying to eat its food...we were been handed over a piece of white paper and pen on which u need to write ur order and give them inorder to be in line...when ur turn comes they call ur name...

We all thought that lets leave this place and go but by seeing the crowd over there we thought that food must be really nice so lets have it...We gave our orders and we were been told that our turn will come in 0ne and half hour and finally our turn came in 2 hours...we all were dying out of hunger...finally we went inside and our food came...we ordered for paneer buttter masala,chana masala,dal makhni,aloo paratha,paneer paratha,gobi paratha,butter milk and kheer....All the items except butter milk and kheer were garnished with lots of butter...As soon as we started to have our food,we came to realise that the panneer and dal sabji was burnt...the parathas were ok...nuthing friends started telling me that i am responsible for bringing them to this place...if something was good there then it was its buttermilk...the kheer had too much of sugar...


Finally we had somehow something and had something...the bill for 8 of us came for 1100 bugs...this is not even that cheap...


NOTE:-If u want to have good food then its better that u go to gurudwara and have free langar food but dont go to bobby's dhaba...Its Sick...


munna.jay - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 27,2008


Ek dham jhakkas!!!

Great food, fast moving, etc. Only if you are in the mood to eat your heart out regardless of ambiance and service you should hit this place. A personal favorite of mine, surprised how one can stereotype a restaurant as dirty,dingy ,etc. just cause it doesnt stand for one's fancies. You need goo, food, great ambiance, please spend more friends and find another place ;)


vizznu82 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 22,2008



This is one of the most disgusting place In BANGALORE .... R u eating food for free..... ??????????


My sunday mood was completely shattered looking at this crampy , dirty, unhygenic place..... huh !!!!

HATS OFF TO All my Dear Friends who have taken great pain to write such awsome reviews about this place......

Overcrowded, lots of cheap and Tapori kind crowd who were waiting in queue to eat for free was the atmosphere on the sunday evening at around 8:30 pm .....

Yuck Is all that i can say......

Sorry if someone who likes this place is hurt by all that I am saying.... But U know the actual ambiance there..... soooo nevermind .....


chakde phatte!!

definitely food that leaves one a satisfied soul..went there on a saturday and early at that so it saves waiting time but it was already packed!!they say look for crowded generally means the food is good..all very true..a humongous glass of buttermilk to quench ur thirst which will last all thro the meal i might add...piping hot and buttery parathas(mooli,methi,paneer,alu,onion) or plain phulkas with a platter or cucumber and onion..pickle and green assortment of veg curries,typical punjabi fare..chole,alu,baingan,panner..and jeera rice for those with a slightly bigger appetite cos i doubt if there will be room left after the parathas.. a kheer done just right..what more can one ask for..
right from writing down ur orders and the wooden table n stool..its a cosy down to earth place in a city of do visit it and eat to ur hearts content and dont for a moment worry bout the bill..u can eat all u could wish for for 150/- Rs and leave a happy soul



So many good reviews, so many praises and so many finger licking goodies, helped me made up my mind, and I was bent upon trying this place for sure for the Sunday dinner. MY friend and I reached there at 7:45PM on the dot. Its adjacent to the Gurudwara and there’s no board to indicate its Bobby’s Dhaba. Looking at the crowd, I realized it cant be any other place and just barged in. found the menu on the wall with not too many varieties listed. They give you a small chit, where one has to write down the list of things one wishes to eat with their name. This is handed over to the person who takes the order. Looking at the menu, he asks us if we need curd along with it – “Saath mein dahi chaahiye Maharaj / Madam Ji”

After, I placed my order, I was told it would take a minimum of 1 hour!!!!! Though I had a strange expression on my face, my friend said, we’ll wait. He wanted to see if so many people come here, there has to be something very special about it and we need to check it out! During our wait, we noticed, its such a small place and they can accommodate maximum of 25 people. People just come there to enjoy the food. One can’t afford to sit and relax, enjoy the ambience (FYI - there’s no ambience)

We were finally called to occupy our seats by 9:15PM. A small table with wooden stools is what you would find there. I was too hungry and was just waiting for them to serve my food asap. A plate full of salad (cucumber and onion) was served. Then it was a big glass of butter milk. I placed the order assuming, they’d it would be Punjabi type lassi. But, it was the masala lassi by nandhini. Then, it was the turn of the kheer. This was made of rice and one of the yummiest I’ve ever had. Following this, we were served the main course – alu parantha, methi parantha, shahi paneer and alu gobi. The parantha was topped with a huge block of butter. Though I was shocked to see the amount of butter generously served, I realized after a few minutes, the paranthas would not have tasted so good without it. The shahi paneer, again with oodles of butter, is the best I’ve ever had. Ordered 2 more paranthas and lassi, we were completely full with satisfaction and glee in our eyes!

The best part is all this relishing experience cost us Rs.190 bucks!! The only drawback is the waiting time. Anybody, planning to go there, get there early to avoid waiting for a longer time!

I also happened to see a print out there which said, very soon they are coming up with another branch of theirs, opposite ulsoor lake near photo flash. This is definitely a good news all the foodies


Bobby Punjabi Dhaba - Life Is Beautiful!

Aaah! Now this is a place that actually serves authentic Punjabi fare here in Bangalore. Bobby Punjabi Dhaba is the place. I went there for lunch this afternoon with the family. As usual had to wait for around 20-25 mins to get a table. But the wait's worth it and to keep you occupied you can pick up a copy of the Mid-Day.

Now before I go any further, let me tell you this is not a fancy place (no expensive chinaware, snooty waiters etc). Also not a place for people who carry their calorie calculators with them while eating out. This place is a no-nonsense eat-and-go kind of a place. Quite dark and dingy. Nestled near the Gurudwara near Ulsoor lake, this place is a few steps away from the entrance of the Gurudwara. No name board proclaiming it's existence either. Just a square hole in the wall. What you are greeted with at the entrance is a piece of paper and a pen to list down what you'd like to eat. Then hand this over to the guy who manages the place, a Punjabi who takes his business seriously and ends every sentence of his with a "maharaaj" (parantho ke saath dahi loge maharaaj?). I asked him how long would it take for us to taste the food and he thunders "aadha ghanta". Not to incur his wrath lest he chose not to let us savour the food there, we solemnly await to be called by his highness. This is one of the very few places in Bangalore that can afford to lose out on impatient lunchers/diners.

To choose from is an array of paranthas (plain, alu, paneer, methi etc) and subzis like the usual makhni/yellow daal, rajma masala, palak paneer, shahi paneer etc. What we settled down with was an assorted batch of paranthas....paneer, methi,onion,alu and plain. These are served piping hot with a generous dollops of butter. At last we heard what was music to our ears, a table was ready. As said earlier the food is served piping hot and finger-licking-good. Did I say that this is not a fancy place? It certainly isn't. You got to sit on these age old rickety wooden stools and eat off steel plates and spoons (no chinaware...oh I already said that). No complaints though, it actually adds to the whole experience. Also the must have here is the buttermilk or "mattha" as they call it here. It comes in huge steel glasses typical of a Punjabi dhaba. They do not have a lot of rice dishes on their menu, but the paranthas are to die for. Dessert here is Kheer (rice and sweetened milk). A fitting finale for a feast. The service is quick and efficient. The food...excellent. Warning...a lunch here, definitely calls for a snooze once you get back home. Tried watching "Life is Beautiful" after getting back home, couldn't keep my eyes open after a while. For foodies out there, Bobby's dhaba is a must visit. Hmmm....Life is indeed beautiful!


total value for money!!!!

have been here many no. of times and de experience is getting better.. :)
the ambience is not worth mentioning one bit!!! but the food tat arrives on ur table does all the talking.... ammmazing punjabi food.... plus its a pure veg dhaba....
heavily crowded during weekends and don be amazed if u've been waiting for close to 45 mins n still not got ur turn!!!
extremely reasonably priced and this is bobby dhaba's USP...
not tat hygenic as well.... but once de food goes down ur throat.... its one hell of a heavenly experience.... :)
a HEAVY n filling meal for 2 wont cost more than 175....


Taste of home Made Punjabi food

I would certify Bobbys dhaba as a place for home made Punjabi food, like kaali daal, gobi, aaloo and mulli parantha..and finally the Lassi.
You can count on me, I am married to a Jath Sikh family and get spoiled by my Sasu-maa's pure Punjabi Khhana.

Those who complains about extra oil, ghee and butter, actually should stay away from Punjabi food. Punjabi food is incomplete without a generous dollop of butter in every preparation.

The food is so good, that you don't look for decor....



Cheap n Yummy

Great food, does not score great on ambience and hygiene. The service is jus average.
We had the paneer parathas and they rock. Watch out this place aint for those on a diet as all the dishes are served with a blob of butter which of course adds to the taste. Egg burji is yummy n a favourite for most here. The Lassi comes in huge glass and is also worth it,
Ther is huge q outside at most times and hence u feel rushed to finish up your meal
A sumptuous meal for two costs just between Rs 120- 160 and hence its dirt cheap.
A place worth trying especially at the end of the month when you are low on cash!



mouth watering Punjabi food

awesome place, with good punjabi food. don't go by the looks, i made that mistake once. its got really tasty food , without too much masala and no fuss.
its very popular though, so better get there early (lunch or dinner) you are sure to eat much more than your normal quantity!


Like Punjabi home food !

I have visited here long back, around 7 years back. That time it was almost like one of dear Punjabi's home with cart and one dining. I still remember the taste of that, mouth watering methi parathas with egg burji, Cooked by the elder lady must be the mother of that young man. That time itself, we use to wait for the space due lac of space. It must have grown now, I got to visit this place again!!!


Roshan K - Burrp User

Roshan K

1 Reviews

December 12,2006


Good tasty food

This place is located right next to a Gurudwara in Ulsoor. Like any true blue Punjabi place the service is warm and the food is rich in oils and butter. Try any of their parathas with Paneer Bhurji.

This place serves only pure vegetarian food. This place is really really popular for dinner, but go there early to avoid the crowds.