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HebbalNorth Bangalore    & IN 7 MORE LOCATIONS


6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Breadworks Reviews


Best Breads -but expensive

Have stayed all my life in western india - so when i first came to Bangalore it was an utter dissappointment when i bought bread- the bread was sweet and to eat normal bread i had to but sandwich bread :-( .

I just bumped into this outlet which was a blessing for me- I love the place - I have tried almost all breads and they are really yummy - the staff is courteous and knows me by now - they have recently started a daily bread which the staff told me stays upto 5 days- i must say I was impressed as it really stayed for 5 days -

broons is something that i haven't come across here - i wish they reduce prices on the sour dough breads .

Garlic bread is different than the other breads in the market ,not in the dough overall but in the middle- works just fine for me.

Bagel Pizza is good so is panini sandwiches , roast chicken -

Keep up the good work .Reduce the prices you will have larger customers.can we pleassssse add bagel with cream chesse on the menu


January 11, 2013response from management at Breadworks:

Thank you very much for your comments- We are very happy to hear this. Breadworks is precisely doing what you mentioned. Creating the best breads , pastries and other products in town which are natural, low on sugar and healthy. It was a tough road so far for us trying to change the taste patterns and we really needed to stick to our guns when it came to our recipes inspite of a lot of people telling us they need more sweeter breads. WE have one sweet variety which is milk bread but all our other breads are low on sugar . Thank you again for y

shakes4u - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 07,2013


Awesome donuts

hi i had been to this bakery/store recently, loved their donuts, family bread ( brown) was excellent. bit disappointed with the sandwiches as there are not much choices for the veggies, so i have taken 1 star out of my review.


January 11, 2013response from management at Breadworks:

Thank you for your comments - We appreciate it. We are adding 10 more vegetarian items to our menu in the next months. Mid February with the opening of our 3 stores in Namma Metro Stations - Trinity , indiranagar and Ulsoor. / Thank you again for your comments and suggestions. /breadworks team.

webgenius - Burrp User


8 Reviews

January 06,2013


Best option in North bangalore

Probably the only baker with different bread choices in North Bangalore. I was missing European bakery items and I chanced upon this place during a casual visit to Esteem mall in Hebbal. Tried Paine here, and it tasted good.

Nothing much to complain about this place. Food is not that exceptional. Maybe it is because of the fact that I have tasted European food for some time and my expectation from bakers has increased manifold. Anyway I don't see any such bakers around this place. So this one wins the competition hands down!


January 6, 2013response from management at Breadworks:

Thank u for your comments . Will u pls share what u had at our
Outlet and also sign up for our news letter on / we will send u a gift card
For ur next visit./ breadworks team

oottaguy - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 06,2012


Best bread in town

Been on the search for good bread place since we shifted to hebbal area. This was exactly the place I been looking for.Perfect soft bread. my Nephew loves it. Every time I come to esteem mall I make sure I buy something from this place. Perfect place. Keep the good work going.


February 6, 2012response from management at Breadworks:

Thank you- happy to serve you/ Also join our face book page bread works boulangerie for special offers . Best/Breadworks Team.


Decent but overpriced.

Decent variety of bread..garlic bread and panini are good but their sour dough bread was impossible to bite into. The crust is too thick.

About the Hebbal outlet which is located on the ground floor of Esteem mall, it has the complete menu available alright but only 3 tables. The couches are comfortable..but its not the kind of ambiance that makes you hang around for a while. The whole seems to shout out 'gulp your sandwich and leave'. I have been to other Breadworks outlets and this is not the case. The price of food for such a place is justified only if the customer gets to spend a good amount of time here.

There's no music played (I haven't heard any on three visits) and it seems like a feeble attempt to merge the concept of bakery with a cafe, if that's what they're aiming at (else, enlighten me).

Apple crumble is really good when served warm. The rest of the desserts are just ho-hum. Pastries DEFINITELY overpriced. I'm not paying 60 INR for a donut when I can get the same a hundred metres away for about half the price, with a much better ambiance.

You seriously need to do something about mosquitoes in the Esteem mall branch. I shall be visitng soon and hope to see no insects around my apple crumble. Or my feet.

Oh and I'd originally given this place 3 stars but reduced it to 2 after reading the very rude reply given by the management to the review just below this. I'm (not) sorry but it is completely unacceptable to say things like "by the way we did not start yesterday.. We are the best bread in town.. Talk to anyone who understand what a good bread is about." to a customer, especially when he is unhappy. Display of arrogance on a place like Burrp only hits you where it hurts. Please see how other businesses have handled negative reviews. They're so polite even when they receive a single star. I have, of course, flagged the response.

You are definitely NOT the best bread in town. Stop kidding yourselves and work on the sour dough recipe.


September 29, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

'I have been on the search for good sourdough bread since we moved back from the US. My search stopped at Breadworks. It's crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Chewy and the right hint of sourness. Great plain, as a sandwich or with soup. I highly recommend it. "

Comment by a customer on our lavelle road outlet . ( READ THE REVIEW ON OUR LAVELLE ROAD AND INDIRANAGAR OUTLETS )

Please let us know where we could find a sourdough bread of your standard. Thank you for your comments and possibly our outlet is not the righ

September 29, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

Sourdough bread to die for.

@70 bucks for a small loaf, its not cheap. For those who have had the real deal, this is THE best in B'lore - beats any cakeshop of the five stars hollow.
Wonderful texture with crisp outside and chewy inside with that amazing taste of superb sourdough. Had it with some cold homemade cheese spread--super combo for a rainy afternoon :-)

Comment by another customer.. please read it on our indiranagar outlet reviews.

September 30, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

Is there a need to point out what other people have said? Maybe you should check the bread at your Hebbal outlet instead of pointing to me what Indira Nagar and Lavelle Road outlets sell. Like I said in the review, I have been to multiple outlets of Breadworks and will even rate them high.
Each customer has his or her own opinion and there's no need for you to point out that of others.

Now, should I point out how other establishments have handled negative criticism? Here's how you respond to a review:

First, you THANK t

September 30, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

All our outlets get bread made in esteem mall
Bakery. We don't accept criticism which has no
Basis especially about our bread which we take alot
Of pain to make and we know our bread .That is not being rude. I did thank u for ur
Comments and thank u again for being our customer.

October 1, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

Then the only explanation is that the Esteem Mall outlet sells old bread. Atleast, the samples are old enough to dry out. Was it the AC? You need to look into it.

Let me give you a fair second chance. I'll be visiting on Sunday afternoon as usual (a regular customer). If the entire experience is great, it shall be reviewed here honestly to make amends for this review. If it is anything less than spectacular, that will be worded as well.

October 6, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

WE don't want to drag this discussion endlessly. Note that all our artisan breads are made fresh everyday and we don't sell them beyond 8-12 hours ( our sliced breads are exceptions to this which is sold beyond 12 hours. ) All our unsold bread if any are distributed to various orphanages and charity organizations in Bangalore. If we are so far not able to convince you on bread works it is a pity. We will keep trying everyday to make more and more delighted customers.

srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

September 28,2011


Could be Better...Disappointing Service & Variety

I must update my review to reflect the current reality ie the woefully intolerant attitude of this joint in accepting the genuinue user experience and to top it the dismissive and arrogance about the user's experiences and background. Till then it is not worth checking out this joint atleast from their chain....

Review given on 28th Sep: We just happened to check in this outlet with all the earnestness...however we are disappointed after ordering Panini Grilled Veg and Panini Cheese n Veg sandwiches...
Location: its well on the ground floor
Ambience: could be much better specially on the cleanliness, brightness and overall comfort..
Variety: definitely can be better with varied variety of breads

Service: its another sore point on which we are disappointed. Wish there is someone who can clearly attend to the customer or atleast inform if its going to be self-service or as per order etc...Attendants to be trained on the product mix and customer service.

Simple suggestion: perhaps, it is a good starting point for this venture.... but would be better if they can compare and contrast with Au Bon Pain on all aspects to provide much better experience which am hoping to try out in near future...


September 28, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

Thank you for your suggestion.. Our competitors are yet to catch up with us in terms of quality of
our products and ambience. Au bon pain is not our role model . If you are specific on what was the issue with grilled panini veg sandwich , we will be happy to know that. We could possibly use you as consultant from the detailed comments you have made on a variety of issues. Let us know how we could contact you... by the way we did not start yesterday.. We are the best bread in town.. Talk to anyone who understand what a good bread is about

September 29, 2011response from management at Breadworks:

Thanks for the note.
I have made amply clear on the sore points which can be improved in the interest of the joint, purely from the point of a user's experience.
Now its upto the firms/ specific joint's management to either accept and reflect on how to better the user's experience or continue to believe in one's own misplaced notion and miss out on an opportunity to improve.

Thanks once again for the invitation for the consulting opportunity; However, much as we do consult with the leading firms of the economy, we do believe